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Chapter 10: Infant Island Part 2.

Just on the North side of Infant Island stands a makeshift port. A large, wide steel bridge connecting to the shore halfway across the ocean where the Marleans could dock their large cargo ship. On the beach stood a single command tower and a cabin serving as a secondary communication base.

In front of the bridge a Marleyan ship was getting ready to unload their cargo. Standing by on said bridge is Zeke Yeager. On his left are two of his subordinates; Onyankopon and Yelena. On his right was the commander of operations on this island, Clark Nelson.

Onyankopon took a glance at the commander. He heard this man was only half Marleyan on his mother's side, while his farther was from Rolisica. Onyankopon knew only a little bit about that Nation. Apparently the people overthrew their monarchy in favor of a democracy, but what really caught the attention of the world was the young nation's decision of forgiving the Edlians living there for the actions of their ancestors.

Such an act impressed him, but knew that if it wasn't for the Kaiju situation Marley (and nearly all the world) would try to wipe Rolisica off the map.

So, because of this Nelson was sent to Infant Island, away from the sight of the higher-ups. Such a thing would cause great uproar, but ever since they got here Nelson had been all smiles and respect.

….it was kind of creepy.

The group watched the crewmen of the ship unload two large crates, carefully pulling with ropes so the cargo wouldn't slide off the ramp. The ship's Captain came down to talk with Nelson and Zeke.

"Welcome to Infant Island, Captain!"

Commander Nelson smiled with his arms wide open in welcome.

"I trust your journey here was safe?"

The Captain didn't respond to the greeting, save for a glare, while handing over the ship's manifest to Nelson. All the while he looked around his surroundings cautiously.

Nelson grinned.

"Oh, I see you wondering if there are Kaiju on this island," Nelson said smugly as he signed the manifest. "And you're right to, but so far we've had no trouble…unless you count trying to go over the Elder wall."

"Elder Wall?"

"That's what the natives call it," Zeke answered. "It's an old structure that's been on the island since our forces first set foot here centuries ago."

"Well, whatever," the captain stated eagerly. "You've got what you wanted, so we're shoving off!"

"Oh, come now, Captain. Stay awhile," Nelson offered. "I'm sure you must be tired after that storm last night."

"My orders where to deliver the cargo to you and get the metal loaded into the ship. Now that it is done, I'm leaving!"

The captain started his way back to the ship while ordering his men to pack up.

"Well then, safe travels Captain!" shouted Nelson. "And keep your eyes open, you know monsters can swim, don't you?"

Nelson laughed as the Captain flipped him off. Then he turned around and motioned with his hand to the Islanders to pull the large crates to base.

"Tell me Zeke, of all the time you've been on this damn island, have you ever fought one of those Kaiju?" Nelson asked.

"No sir, I haven't," Zeke reported. "My mission since stationed here was to stay out of sight, by both the devils and the monsters."

Nelson scoffed and pulled a cigar from his pocket and lit it.

"You know I wonder which is stronger, a Titan or a Kaiju? Though then again, seeing as we only have three Titan shifters left answers my question, doesn't it?"

"Guess that's why we've got the secret weapon, huh? By the way, heard anything new about it?"

Zeke shook his head.

"Other than it needing more metal than usual I know just as much as you do, Commander."

Nelson puffed out a smoke ring.

"Shame, I wonder how the brass are doing back home?"


General Calvi slammed his fist on the table in the war room after hearing news of another attack on a Marley outpost. These confrontations have become more frequent and shared the same outcome: bases burned and smashed with only a few survivors. None of them even Marleyan.

Now there are reports of Marley ships being destroyed. If this continues on the plans for the Great Marleyan Empire would go up in smoke.

"I agree," Theo Magath said holding his own frustration over the news. "I've already been given the order to contact all our ships to return home."

"How could one creature do all this?" Said one of the generals.

"It must be those Island devils," Said another one. "Our reports say they can control them."

"Perhaps, but I'm unsure," Theo said. "Reports seem to have narrowed it down. The only monster that seems to attack us exclusively matches that of the reports the Infiltration Unit sent us. The devils on Paradis gave it two names: The Great Predator and Godzilla."

"Well…at least we have something to call it," Calvi mocked. "But how do we deal with it?"

Theo frowned.

"Hard to say. Reports on this creature said that it's nearly indestructible, none of our weapons would be able to harm it. In fact, the Mid-East Allied forces' Anti-Titan artillery couldn't even scratch it"

The room was quiet after that. Hearing about this kaiju's strength left them stumped, they weren't prepared for such a powerful foe. If their Titans can't kill it, then what?

The silence ended when a Marley soldier entered the room, huffing.

"What are you doing here solider?" Theo demanded.

"Forgive me sir," the soldier reported. "But I brought a message to you sir."

"Is it from our ships?" Theo asked.

"No sir," The solider replied.

"From Zeke?"


"Don't keep us guessing," Calvi growled in annoyance. "Who's the message from Solider?!"

The young soldier looked at his superiors with his nervous look, opened the letter with shaky hands and handed it towards Theo.

"I-It's from the…Insects sir."

The whole room fell in a deaf silence as the faces of all the officers showed a mix of shock and fear.

"W-What?" Theo asked, hopping he misheard the soldier.

"We've received a message from the Insects to be sent to you sir."

The young man felt nervous with all eyes on him, but mostly on the paper.

Calvi looked at it and back at the soldier

"Are you certain it's from them?"

"Remind me Theo," Calvi asked. "Is there a telegraph at…their location?"

Theo nodded.

"But only soldiers are allowed access to it."

The silence ended with the voices of some of the generals worrying that the Nebulans have killed everyone and are taking control. Theo put a stop to those concerns by taking the telegram from the solder and read it to himself.

Theo's eyes widened as he looked over the words again and again.

"The Nebulans say that the weapon is nearly completed. They just need one thing from us."

Calvi walked towards Theo.

"And what is it? More material?"

Theo looked at Calvi, his eyes still open wide and said, "They need to look at the Warrior candidates."

Calvi then let a sigh of relief.

"Is that all? And here I thought they were going to threaten to use the weapon on us."

Many of the generals started to relax a little, even the soldier started calming down. Theo looked at his comrade with surprise.

"Aren't you a little worried as to how those bugs acquired the telegraph or how they know about our Warrior candidates, much less what they need them for?"

Calvi returned to the map on the table.

"Well, that is something for you to look up on when you take them to the bugs," he said. "Maybe they might have use for them. Hell, maybe they'll eat them I don't care."

Theo couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Sir, those four are the best we've got! If anything happens to-"

"So long as the bugs only take one of them, I don't care. Besides we'll still have enough to replace the three titans we have," Calvi remarked. "Plus, two extras. Why don't you collect those little devils and see to those bugs."

"Tell me Yeager, does that hurt?"

Nelson watched as Zeke stepped out of his Titan body as it started to dissolve.

"No sir, it doesn't."

Nelson smoked his cigar as he watched not only the Titan body crumble, but also as the natives started pulling the crates that Zeke carried.

"I've got to say," Nelson said. "Take away having to eat the previous holder, Ymir's curse, and the disfigurement, I wouldn't mind..."

He puffed out a smoke ring.

"... having that kind of power."

Nelson glanced at Onyankopon. He and Yelena chuckled.

"If your country had that kind of ability, then maybe you wouldn't be conquered!"

As Nelson laughed at that he missed Yelena glaring at him while Onyankopon tried to ignore him.


Nelson turned as Sargent Cook stood outside the wall to greet them.

"Ah, Sargent!" Nelson asked as he, Zeke, Onyankopon and Yelena walked towards the base. "How's the clean up going?"

"Fine sir, but we've had recent trouble with a large creature."

"Oh? Is it the one we've been trying to draw out?" Nelson asked.

"No sir," Cook answered. "We've seen it's like before, and easy to kill."

"Any casualties?"

"A few good men yes, God rest their souls. Thankfully, it was mostly a couple of savages."

Nelson tossed his cigar to ground as they entered the gateway.

"Well, make sure that not all of them are killed next time, we still need the man power. Or do you want to pick up their work load?"

Cook gulped as they continued on. They observed some of the natives cleaning the damage, picking up large feathers and debris.

"Where's the body?" Zeke asked.

Cook glared at him, but still answered.

"We had one of your freaks, the cannibal, take it…I think he's eating it."

Onyankopon gave a disgusted expression, trying to get the image out of his head.

"Well, anyway, today is call of celebration," Nelson announced. "Hopefully tonight we'll finally draw that nuisance out. But first, let's all head to my office for a drink!"

Nelson lead Cook, Zeke, Onyankopon, and Yelena to a cabin far from the Elias Designated Zones.

The cabin didn't look like much, but to Nelson it's his second home. Zeke knew that the reason for this was because of his heritage. As they entered the cabin Nelson stopped halfway into the doorway to his office.

"Sargent," he growled at Cook. "Why is there an Elias sitting in my chair?"

As the rest came, there was indeed an Elias sitting down patiently in a large chair in front of the fireplace. It was an old man, wearing a white feathered headdress and a necklace that comprised of hundreds of beads. His face showed a calm expression and nothing more.

"WHAT!?" Cook shouted. "How dare you come in-"

"COOK!" Nelson shouted causing Cook to stand straight and turn to his superior.

"I left you in charge because I felt I could rely on you to keep things the way I left them," Nelson started. "So, I'll ask again…why is a savage sitting in my chair?!"

Cook gulped.

"I-I don't know, sir?"

Nelson glared at Cook.

"You don't know?" He yelled. "Well, you'd better figure it out before I drag you over that wall myself!"

"I've come to speak with Zeke Yeager."

All eyes turned to the native. They were surprised to hear this one speaking clearly. Nelson walked up to the old man.

"The only thing you've came here to do is die," Nelson said, pulling out a riffle from his sidearm. "And now after this I'll have to get a new chair."

"Commander wait," Zeke advised. "He wants to speak to me. Not one of these natives wanted to speak to us before, perhaps we should hear what he has to say."

Nelson glared at Zeke then pulled his riffle back.

"You've got 5 minutes, maybe less."

Zeke stepped forward, the old native never taking his eyes off of him. He didn't even look at Nelson when the gun was pressed on his head.

"Shouldn't you be wearing a helmet, Yeager?" Cook asked. "I wouldn't risk-"

Zeke shushed him, knelling to the old man's level.

"So," Zeke said. "What did you have to say?"

The old man stared into Zeke's eyes.

"The time is near."

"The time for what?" Zeke asked, getting curious.

The old man gave no sign of hate or fear, not from his eyes or face.

"The time of the fool's agreement will end soon," he spoke.

His voice was gruff and heavy with the years of experience he had lived.

"The fool's agreement?" Zeke asked.

The old man nodded.

"That's what we call the curse of Ymir."

Zeke blinked.

"You know my name. You know about the curse of Ymir…what else do you know?"

The elder moved his left hand to his beads and plucked one of them off, dangling it in front of Zeke's face. Zeke glanced at the object and a chill ran up his spine, he started breathing heavily.

"You have never seen this before and yet it is familiar to you," the old man spoke softly. "You and your people deny her existence, keep her locked away, and yet you search for her all the same."

Zeke remained paralyzed as he went on.

"For three hundred years, we have stayed silent. We see them coming to free her, and the hate will end. But I wish to warn you that it's not too late."

'Please end the suffering.'

Suddenly Zeke wrapped his hands around the old man's throat, knocking him down and started choking him. Nelson, Cook, Onyankopon and Yelena were very surprised by this. They, or in fact anyone, have ever seen Zeke lose it before and yet here it was.

The old man did nothing. He didn't fight or push him off, he just allowed Zeke to choke him and just kept staring at him, looking at him with pity.

"It ...doesn't matter ...if I live... or die," The old man managed to say despite his situation. "She. Will. Wake."

"She. Is. Not. THERE!" Zeke yelled

"Enough, Yeager!"

Nelsons shouts managed to snap Zeke out of it. The Elias collapsed on the floor while Yelena and Onyankopon came up to him. Nelson walked between Zeke and the native.

"You finished?" Nelson asked.

Zeke took a couple of breaths and turned away from the old man.

"Yes, sir."



Onyankopon gasped as Nelson shot the native in the head, splattering blood onto Zeke's back.

"Don't be so surprised," Nelson said nonchalant. "That's how we deal with intruders. Now, why don't you and miss…what's her name there take this body and, I don't know, feed it to the cannibal or something."

Onyankopon nodded and looked to Yelena, still shocked after Zeke's reaction. He told Yelena to help him with the body, with him holding the arms and her holding the legs.

Nelson looked at Zeke with an eyebrow raised.

"Feeling better now?"

Zeke's breathing steadied a little and kept his gaze away from the bead on the floor. Cook pulled out a handkerchief and picked it up, looking at it curiously.

The bead was only a small stone object with a circular motif with a cross in its center, with lines simulating rays of light.

Cook then dangled the bead right in Zeke's face, causing the Titan shifter to jump back like a frightened cat, causing Cook to laugh.

"Now that's funny." He laughed. "Zeke Yeager, Marley's best Titan shifter who's faced armies and smaller kaiju, scared of a little piece of jewelry!"

Nelson snatched the bead from Cook.

"Enough, Sargent! Why don't you go beat up some natives or whatever you find entertaining?"

Cook saluted and went on his way while Nelson pocketed the bead.

"Not going native, are you Mr. Yeager?" He asked.

"Of course not," Zeke said, recollecting himself. "It's merely a superstition."

"One our superiors seems so intent on locating," Nathan sighed. "Waste of time and resources."

"Please keep in mind, sir," Zeke said as he adjusted his glasses. "While these 'superstitious folk' clearly have mythicized it, there is enough evidence to support this Anti-Titan element's existence."

"Then tell me Yeager," Nelson said. "What is this 'mystery element' according to your scientific expertise?"

"Hard to say. Some mineral, maybe a plant, or a natural phenomenon. One thing is for sure, everything in the observable world has an opposite: Positive energy and negative energy. Animals have their predators, insects and pesticide. If Ymir did in fact find the source of all living matter-"

"You mean the demon, Mr. Yeager."

"Well, we all have our own theories, don't we?" Zeke said, "Regardless, whatever the origin of the Titans might be, it stands to reason it too has an opposite, something that cancels it's power. One we can't allow our enemies to find."

"Which we are to find and destroy," Nelson said connecting the dots.

'You perhaps,' Zeke thought. 'But not if my plan works...'

"And your thoughts on this 'Thunder Guardian?" Nelson asked. "We can gather something is there, yet we're all shrugs on what it is."

"Unlikely a demigod of lightning as it's told," Zeke continued. "It's more likely a kaiju, or some rival tribe. The Elias did have their enemies before Marley came ashore after all. Either way, we'll penetrate that jungle and find out. If it is the former, our plan should draw it out. The latter will most likely be wiped out."

"In that case," Nelson said. "Pick yourself up and get clean, cause tonight we got devils to drop!"

Zeke slowly got up and walked out of the room, while a constant thought ran through his head.

'Why was I so scared and angry over that thing?'

As this was going on, at the far east side of the island the Gotengo floats in the ocean as the sun was setting.

A metal boat that could fit 10 individuals now holds Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Moll, Sanda, and Randy. They wore dark uniforms along with their 3d gear, with the exception of Randy who was still wearing his normal outfit. Randy and Eren were in charge of rowing.

"After all this you guys should really teach me how to work those things," Randy asked eyeing the grappling equipment.

Jean raised an eye brow while looking at Randy.

"I don't think it's going to work out, but hey, your life."

Randy frowned.

"You know, you and miss scary here really would hit it off."

Jean growled while trying to cover a blush as he sat next to Mikasa. She wasn't paying attention to the conversation, keeping her mind on other things. Mainly to Miki's teachings on not letting the memory of King Ghidorah control her.

During this Armin sat next to Randy, holding a telescope looking out for any signs of a Marely ship, or worse, while in front of him sat Eren, Sanda, and Moll.

Eren took careful glances at Mikasa and gave jealous glares at Jean while Sanda watched Moll as she kept her eyes mainly on the island.

"So…anyone know any good sea shanties?" Randy asked. "I know a couple back from my dimension that I'm sure you never heard of."

"Like this one for example..."

...row row your boat-


Randy turned to Armin.

"Please, keep quiet! We don't want to attract attention."

Randy nodded and folded his arms.

"Eh, it was a dumb song anyway."

"I can see why Gordon wants a break from you," Jean remarked.

Armin pointed alongside his telescope.

"I see the base now," he said. "Forest seems thickest over there, might provide the best cover. We'll set up camp there."

He looked to Sanda.

"How heavy security should we expect when we get there?" He asked.

"A-a-after a st-st-storm like th-th-that?" Sanda asked. "N-not much. T-t-tropical storms t-t-take too much clean-up. Th-th-they'll be busy."

"Good," Moll said. "That'll give us time for a little reconnaissance. I'll be able to scan a few minds at the same time."

'That won't work here', Sanda inside his head loud enough for Moll to hear.

'What?' Moll asked psychically. 'Why not?'

I'll explain later, he thought back to her.

While she was hanging her head in confusion the boat made landfall. Like a well organized machine, the group got out and began to search for materials to make a temporary base.

Eren followed Mikasa as she used her blade to hack at a thin tree.

"It's been a while since we talked," Eren said to her.

"It has." She said.

"So...about you and Jean."

"We're friends," she said as the tree came down.

"And is that all?" Eren probed.

Mikasa stayed silent as she knelt down to drag the fallen wood.

Eren watched as she continued. The whole time she faced away from him, even when answering his questions.

Eren took a deep breath. She had always been there for him, maybe it was time he repaid that.

"I need to show you something," he said.

Mikasa stopped as Eren came up to her. He removed his right glove to expose the scales on the back of his hand.

"It's been getting worse," he continued. "Ever since... three years ago. When I was on the Nebulan ship I was injected with something. I think it's affecting my Titan form, and maybe my sanity."

Mikasa just stood in surprise as he put his glove back on. She still said nothing and continued pulling the fallen tree to base. Just as Eren was about give up, she spoke up again.

"When we get back, you're going to get that looked at; the Gotengo crew, Miss Seagusa, I don't care who or what it takes. Until then..."

She finally looked him in the eyes.

"...Your secret is safe with me."

She looked away and walked on.

Did he get through to her?

Lora watched the Full moon shine over the base. She'd been waiting for hours in that tree, staying out of sight. While she couldn't see what was going on behind the walls, she did see the blimp go up, as well as hearing screams and gunfire in the distance.

It was too bad she couldn't see anyone to focus on, otherwise she could see through their eyes with her powers.

'Is Dayo just gonna keep me out here forever?' she thought.


Lora jumped at hearing Dayo's voice again. Lora spotted Dayo below her on the ground, pointing towards the entrance of the base.

'Quickly, run here. The guards will come soon.'

Trusting Dayo and her gut, Lora quickly slid down the trunk and made a bee line to Dayo. Once she reached her Dayo pulled her whilst running towards a part of the to the west of the entrance.

"Thanks, I was getting worried. Also, the mosquitoes would not stop taking a bite out of me."

Dayo quickly covered Lora's mouth.

'If you need to talk,' Dayo said telepathically. 'Then you must do it like this or they'll hear.'

'Right,' Lora nodded.

Days singled to follow her. They made their way to the wall. Dayo pulled back a metal panel on the wall, holding it in place to reveal an opening.

'Quickly now', she told Lora.

Lora, dove into the opening, revealing a short tunnel. Once everything was clear, Dayo followed, closing the panel behind her.

At the end of the tunnel was a large crate, which Dayo scooted out of their way.

They hid behind crates and uncleared rubble, making their way at a snail's pace.

Before they made their way to the open, Dayo kept a hand on Lora's chest.

'Solders,' Dayo said.

Lots peeked over the crate, seeing two helmet-wearing Marleyan troopers talking in front of a steel fence.

'I've got this,' Lora said, focusing on one of the guards.

Maybe she could get them to sleep, or even get them to fight each other.

Unfortunately, neither happened. Instead, she heard that same static noise in her brain like she heard back in the Gotengo.

'It's no use, Lora.' Dayo told her. 'The helmets block our gift.'

'What? How?'

'Metal,' Dayo said.

It then hit Lora. That's why she couldn't contact her sister before. The entire ship is metal, that's why she could only use her powers in close range when on board. Her powers can't penetrate metal walls.

While in her thoughts Days kept watch. As soon as the soldiers made it past, she reached into her bag, pulling out a pair of cloaks.

'Put this on,' she told Lora.

Lora nodded and took the cloak.

'So, you're Elias?' she asked while putting the hooded cape.

'Yes...we both are,' Dayo said rather confused.

Dayo put her cloak on as Lora kept probing.

'Is this where we're from? What's this place called?'

'Infant Island,' Dayo said rather annoyed. 'You two were sent to us, you should know this.'

'I don't know what you mean by "sent" exactly. Wait, you...two?'

This made Dayo concerned. She quickly grabbed Lora by the soldiers and looked her in the eyes.

'You don't know anything about us? Your people? Please tell me your sister is here somewhere?'

'I'm from Paradis,' Lora said. 'There's not all that many like me back home. And as for my sister...'

Dayo waited with bated breath.

'...I have no idea where she is. We got separated in the storm.'

Dayo slumped with her back to the wooden box they hid behind. She placed her hands to her head and clenched her hair, as if she were panicking inside her own brain. Lora tried to read her thoughts, but it seemed as though Dayo was blocking her.

Well, for a short while anyway. Slowly, her defenses wore down.

'...Marcus, you were right! Why can't I ever think something through? Calm down, calm down. The vision foretold outsiders coming...and she IS Elias. Maybe we still have a chance, maybe ONE can be enough...'

'Uh, Dayo?'

She snapped out of her fit when she heard Lora's mental voice.

'No turning back now,' Dayo said. 'I guess I'll have to explain later.'

Dayo stood up, pulling Lora up by the hand.

'I'm sorry for what you're about to see,' Dayo warned as she guided her.

The pair of guards had long since gotten away, allowing them an opening. Now she had to get Lora past Designated Zone 4.

They slowly made their way along the southern side of Zone 4's fence, pausing only to avoid being caught by the searchlights from the watch tower.

Thanks to those same lights Lora was able to get a decent look into the village inside. Small fires lit the faces of large groups of Elias huddling together for warmth. The space between most huts was miniscule.

Lora had to stop for a moment to soak it all in, seeing the look of pain on their faces. She didn't have to concentrate this time, her psychic talents caused her to feel every bit of misery emanating from them.

'Dayo,' she asked. 'Are these prisoners?'

'We all are here,' Dayo answered. 'As long as I can remember.'

Lora couldn't believe any of this. Her childhood wasn't the best, but the idea that someone had an upbringing like this caused her insides to twist.

As she gazed, a pair of Elias carried what she assumed was a large log. They proved her wrong after they dropped the object and stood it upright, showing it to be an effigy of some kind of worm standing erect.

The huddled natives turned to the effigy and bowed their heads. They must have been chanting psychically as Lora could hear a song inside her head.

Mosura ya Mosura

Dongan kasakuyan indo muu Rusuto uiraandoa, hanba hanbamuyan, randa banunradan Tounjukanraa Kasaku yaanmu.

'What is this song?' Lora asked as the song kept repeating itself.

'It's the song of our goddess,' Dayo told her. 'And of our people.'

Hearing this melody felt...surprisingly calm. As if she's known this song her whole life.

'Come,' Days said. 'We should keep moving.'

Lora noticed that Dayo was leading her to a much larger wall, one constructed of wood and much taller than the first.

After stopping twice to avoid more search lights, they finally made their way towards it. Lora grabbed Dayo when she spotted another guard holding a lantern.

'It's ok,' Dayo told her. 'He's with us.'

Before Lora could ask, she noticed this soldier looked familiar the closer they got. Then it hit her; this was the younger one from earlier that day, the one who took Dayo from before.

"Good, you made it," Marcus smiled.

"The other guards?" Dayo asked, taking off her hood.

"Don't worry, I told them that I saw another one those freak birds on the east side of the wall," Marcus said. "After today they're not taking any chances."

He soon took notice of Lora.

"Is this her?"

Dayo nodded. Lora looked at him with caution and he in turn did the same.

"Didn't you say there'd be two?"

"Yes," Dayo said nervously. "I did, but her sister...didn't show...up?"

Marcus started to get suspicious.

"Okay Dayo, I trust you, but who are YOU and how did you get here?"

"My name is Lora, and how I got here is none of your business!"

"Look, Dayo is risking a lot for you. I hope you know that! And if you're trying to take advantage of-"

"Quiet!" Dayo snapped at them. "Now is not the time to fight amongst ourselves. Now, did you tell the others?"

Marcus nodded.

"Yes. Though some of them chose to stay. Apparently, one of the elders was killed sneaking into Commander Nelson's cabin today."

"What?" Dayo gasped. "Why was he there?"

As Marcus explained to Dayo, Lora blinked her eyes and shook her head, she could hear…something in her head.

A voice? Singing? All at once she turned to the Elder Wall and walked up to a dark spot in front of her. She wiped her left hand across it, revealing the same cross symbol that she saw on the stone tablet under all that soot.

Marcus and Dayo's conversation stopped as they took notice of what Lora was doing. They watched as she grabbed the edges of the cross and started turning it clockwise, then pushed to open a secret door.

"A secret passageway?"

Marcus turned to Dayo and asked, "Did you know about it?"

Dayo shook her head and looked at Lora.

"How did you know it was there?"

Lora tried to think back, looking tired and a little confused.

"I didn't," She said. "Something- no, someone told me."

Dayo gave a soft gasp and grasped Lora's hands with hers.

"I knew it! The time really has come."

Lora looked confused.

"The Time has-what are you talking about?"

"Quiet!" Marcus hissed. "We don't want to get spotted remember?"

Dayo let go of Lora's hands and turned to Marcus.

"It's time Marcus. I have to go."

"Go? What do..." Marcus said. "Oh no, that wasn't the plan."

"It's the only-"

"The plan was to drop the twins here and see what happened, remember?" Marcus scolded, "I am not risking your life by letting you go in there!"

"We're out of options, Marcus!" Dayo yelled. "If this doesn't work my people have no hope!"

Marcus looked conflicted as he held Dayo's hand. Then he reached into his belt, pulling out a revolver and placed it in her hand.

"Take this with you," he said. "It's fully loaded."

"No, Marcus." Dayo said, "You know I don't like-"

"I am NOT letting you go in," Marcus said. "Without some kind of protection. Either you go with this, or you don't go at all! Understand?"

Dayo stayed quiet for a moment, but eventually she took the gun and placed it in her bag.

"Alright," she said.

"Just be careful, okay?" Marcus said as he kissed her palm, "I love you."

Dayo smiled as she caressed his left cheek.

"And I love you too. I promise I'll be back and when I do, we will finally have a future together."

Lora blinked at this scene. Among all the things that have happened to her on this journey she never expected to see something like this.

Before things could get more sentimental, they spotted someone coming in the distance.

Dayo quickly gave Marcus a kiss on the lips, took his lantern and took Lora through the door. Once they were out Marcus quickly close the door just as Marly soldier walked by.

"Hey you're Marcus, right?" The soldier asked.

Marcus kept his cool and turned to the soldier.

"Yes, your one of the newcomers here. Niccolo, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, worked for the navy but got reassigned here," Niccolo answered. "To be honest, I'm pretty glad just to be away from the sea."

"I hear you," Marcus nodded. "You want to avoid the swimming kind of Kaiju, but if you think you can escape from them here, don't count on it."

Niccolo gulped.

"I-I thought this island didn't have any kaiju?"

"Guess you missed the attack then," Marcus grinned as enjoyed teasing the latest edition to their ranks. "But I've heard Commander Nelson's planning some expedition or something."

"And that, gentlemen, is tonight!"

Marcus and Niccolo both stood in attention as Nelson walked over to them, with Zeke and Cook following behind.

"Grab you riffles men, get to the canons!"

'Oh no,' Marcus thought.

Nelson grinned as a few of the islanders where either carrying or dragging bodies. But at a closer look it was revealed that these men and women were breathing but petrified, and judging from the arm brand they were Eldians.

"Alright men, we're going to lure this 'Thunder Guardian' out with a large treat and then we're going to start shooting."

Nelson then looked at Zeke and said, "Well Mr. Yeager? We're waiting."

Zeke nodded and turned his shifter ring.

On the other side of the island, Eren and his crew sat around the fire as Sand drew a diagram in the sand with a stick. He's been explaining as much as he could recall about his experience (as little as it was) of being on base.

"I-i-if it's an-anything like the other m-m-military installments," he continued on. "Th-th-there'll be guard t-t-towers here, here, a-a-and here."

"Thank you, Sanda," Armin said. "I've got a few ideas as far as recon goes-"

Armin's strategy was interrupted by a bolt of lightning in the distance.

"That's shifter lightning," Eren said. "Zeke IS here!"

"Dayo, wait!" Lora cried as she was being dragged by Dayo.

At this point they were less than a hundred feet into the dimly lit jungle. A few nocturnal birds filled the air with noise as bioluminescent insects crawled about and flew into the air.

"You haven't answered any of my questions. Like, what's going on here? Why are we even running into the jungle? Where are we going, and why did you kiss that guy?!"

Dayo turned to Lora.

"Don't worry," she said. "All your questions will be answered as soon as we find-"

A bright orange light flashed, stopping them in their tracks. Dayo and Lora looked where the light appeared as it started to die down.

"What was that?" Dyao asked.

Lora knew the meaning clearly, there was a Titan shifter here, and it is most certainly not one of her friends.

Nelson smirked as he looked upon the Beast Titan. Its form was changed a bit since his first time seeing it, due mostly to Zeke's secret modifications.

The long arms seemed to be a bit more muscular, with sharp clear claws on his hands. On his shoulder were small crystal spikes sticking out from his fur. Similar to a cat, his eyes glowed in the dark. His skin seemed sickly, his veins blue and visible.

"Cook," Nelson called out. "Activate the search lights!"

From his tower the sergeant gave the signal. His men activated the large lights that had been secured onto the top of the walls. The soldiers operating them swung the lights to face the wall's interior, lighting the edge of the thick rainforest on the other side.

"Alright then, Mr. Yeager," Nelson said. "You're clear."

All watched as the Beast Titan grabbed the petrified Eldians with both hands. Marcus knew full well what was going to happen next, he had to give Dayo more time.

Uh, sir?"

Marcus walked up to Nelson.

"Not to question your methods sir, but if this plan works then whatever is out there will be very angry and attack us. And we already are fixing the damaged caused by the other one."

Nelson let out a frustrated sigh.

"What part of 'we have the Beast Titan to deal with any threats' don't you understand?"

"Yes sir, but remember what the higher up said," Marcus said. "Marley only has three Titan shifters and we shouldn't risk any casualties."

Nelson glared at him.

"That is only in case that-what did those devils called it again?"

"Godzilla." The Beast Titan spoke.

"Ah! That's right," Nelson smiled. "Now Yeager do your stuff!

The Beast Titan looked at the wall and raised both arms up and tossed the petrified Eldians over the wall. He repeated the process until every last paralyzed human was over the wall.

Zeke leapt up and dug his claws into the wall, climbing up to the top. Once perched on the edge, he let out a loud roar.

Dayo and Lora watched as another flash of light appeared behind them.

"Oh no," Lora gasped. "DAYO RUN!"

Lora grabbed Dayo's arm and they started running.

"What's going on?" Dayo asked.

"Titans," Lora said as rage filled her head.

"Titans?" Dayo asked as she tried to keep up. "Like in the old days? Like in the stories?"

"Not sure how to answer that," Lora said. "But if that sounds bad, then yes. Keep going! If we get enough space between us, we might be able to lose them, find somewhere to hide."

"Wait!" Dayo said, "Up that tree, I've got an idea."

Zeke watched his new brood of Titans gain their footing. There were at least a hundred in number. Most were typical, but there were some abnormals in the batch.

"They don't seem like much," Sargent Cook said from his post.

The Beast Titan heard him and turned to face his tower.

"You'd be surprised, Mr. Cook," Zeke answered. "I've modified the serum. These should be more durable. Well, durable enough."

The Titans scratched and pawed at the wall, sensing the soldiers stationed there. Instinct drove them to try to devour the puny humans, desperate to regain he humanity they lost.

The beast Titan shook his head and roared again, giving them clear command. This caused the giants to back away from the wall.

One of the Titans lifted its head, as if it was sniffing a scent in the air.

"So, there are humans in there," Zeke said eagerly. "In that case.."

For a third time The Beast Titan roared out, again giving a command.

At least thirty of the Titans turned away from the wall and trek into the jungle to search out their prey

Dayo sat on the thick branch with Lora, her eyes closed and her hands together to form some kind of mantra.

"And what are you trying to do exactly?" Lora asked.

"Please," Dayo said. "I'm trying to concentrate. If this works, the Thunder Guardian might come."

"Ok," Lora said annoyed. "Can I at least know who that is?"

"He's the one we were supposed to meet," Dayo said without breaking her form. "But if I can make contact, I may be able to bring him to us."

Well, it was an answer. Lora might not have known what this 'Thunder Guardian' was, but she had an idea what Dayo might be doing. She gently grabbed hold of Dayo's wrists and closed her eyes. Lora used her power in tandem with Dayo, making the signal stronger. It definitely felt the same as every other time she's done this.

It had been a good few minutes until the rustling of trees and gigantic footsteps broke their concentration.

Dayo smiled and made her way down the tree.

"What are you doing?!" Lora yelled, "It could be a Titan!"

Dayo smiled.

"No, he isn't."

Lora was going to ask, but her answer came as the footsteps came ever closer and a figure appeared through the jungle.

The figure came out of the brush, revealing to be an Abnormal Titan.

"Or, maybe it's not him," Dayo said as she scrambled back up the trunk.

The Titans gaping jaw hung open as it rushed in, noticing the humans in the massive tree.

Climbing just out of its reach Dayo made it half way up. The Titan gnashed its jaws in primal hunger as it flailed it's arms in a desperate attempt to get a hold of her.

Realizing it couldn't reach by hand the Abnormal grabbed onto the trunk and held tight, attempting to shake the women loose.

Unfortunately, it partially worked, causing Dayo to fall while Lora held on. Dayo fell onto the Titan's shoulder and slid down it's back onto the ground.

"Dayo!" Lora yelled.

The Abnormal Titan saw her on the ground and focused on Dayo. She stared in terror as she felt the footsteps as they came closer.

Actually, they felt...heavier.

Behind Dayo the trees began to shift. A large pair of hands parted them as the new creature approached.

By a quick glance Lora would think that this was the Beast Titan by its shape, but its features were different. The creature stood 45 meters in height, humanoid in shape and stature. The light of the moon showed its navy-blue colored fur and scarred chest.

The creature walked over Dayo and stood between her and the Titan. The abnormal jumped at the monster and it responded by grasping its jaw with both hands, easily splitting the Titan in two.

Lora watched in awe as Dayo smiled and bowed to the large creature.

"He is real!" Dayo said. "He will protect us, Kong, the Thunder Guardian"

Kong tossed the Titan halves on the ground and listened to his surroundings.

His instincts were proven right as more plants rattled and shifted in the distance, indicating more were approaching. Kong clenched his hands as a spark of electricity danced around the knuckles.

Kong started beating his chest four times and let out a loud roar at the oncoming Titans.

Author's Note. YEP KONG IS HERE….and would you believe that I planned to add him in way before Godzilla vs Kong was announced?...well it was either him or King Caesar, and I choose the more popular option.

So now that our heroes are finally on the Island, will they be able to reunite with Lora, or will the group wind up as chow for some of the Titans…and the other beasts of this island.

Stay tuned hopefully not to long!