Welcome back to Hazzard Folks Their is an O'l Spooky legend in Hazzard that some people like to believe.

It is about this so called Troll Monster that lives in the swamp whoever touches it will be turned into a doll.

Which is said to give him his power luckily most folks find it to be a bunch of Hoggwash .

Hazzard was just sitting up for the annual Hazzard Halloween Carnival , the Dukes was really happy.

Meanwhile Bo and Luke was just getting back from picking up the Pumpkins from mister Pepper's Patch.

" Oh Cousin i tell you i can't wait to take Becky Mae McNickle to the carnival it'll be so much fun. Kidded Bo

" I'm gonna beat the pants off you this time at Bobbing for Apples you are gonna lose Bo. Luke said Kidding

" I don't know about that Luke since you lost twice so far to me , I am still Champ in my book .

All of Sudden something strange came up on the highway , the boys ain't got a clue as to who or what it is .

" Well what in the devil do you make of that critter he sure is ugly , he walks funny like he is drunk . Kidded Bo

" I ain't got a clue well whatever it is i say we stay away i don't wanna wind up supper . Luke said worriedly

" Little do the boys know that fate has other cards that it don't wanna show , the boys are in for a real scare."

Later on that nite the boys had arrived back at the farm just in time for some lip smackin' lamb chops, corn, biscuits.

As the Dukes was eating their supper a strange radio announcement claiming to look for a monster.

" Oh c'mon that is just a bunch of hogwash y'all probably Boss , Rosco are pulling another prank . Kidded Luke

" Well i don't know now it is almost Halloween. You know Luke and alot of strange stuff happens under a full moon.

So after Bo put dinner dishes into the dishwasher, Luke dried off the silverware he put the scarecrow out.

Then around 11 :00 o'clock that nite some howling , strange noises could be heard from the barn.

No sooner did Luke check it out did he regret it cause " AHHHH " a monster grabbed him , then Luke was frozen.

You couldn't hear a peep out of him since he was frozen stiff , the troll put him in his sack , carried him home.

When Luke didn't come back to bed Bo figured he would go check it out so got out his flash lite .

What Bo saw he couldn't believe his eyes some green goo was sticking to the barn floor.

" All that was left was some green goo from the monster , some footprints on the barn floor , Luke was gone.

Bo was stuck scratching his head trying to figure out where or what happened to Luke he was thrown for a real loop.

Meanwhile back at the Swamp the monster was putting the Luke statue in it's little cubby hole .

" Soon i will have my full power i just need to collect enough souls before midnight then i will have my revenge .

Bo couldn't help but worry about Luke as he decided to go to bed , try to think happy thoughts pray he was okay.

" I sure ain't got no clue where or what happend to you cousin i sure hope that your okay . Worried Bo

" I guess that O'l Jesse was right alot of strange stuff can happen under a Full Moon.