Something Slimy , gooey was taking it's toll on the Hazzard Folks some of them thought it was the devil.

They was having a town meeting at this moment at the Boars Nest some folks even think they saw Ghosts.

" Okay Folk's calm down now i'm sure it is just a little prank now after all it is almost Halloween now . Assured Boss

" Boss how do you explain that green slim on my backporch it look's green , ugly like a goblin . Said Miss Dowilaby

" Um..., well maybe um ..., maybe your cat went for a swim , forgot to wipe his paw's off . Kidded Boss

" Boss I ..., don't reckon you think maybe this is the devil's doing now do you ?. Said Henny Honeysuckle

" I don't really know about that now it wouldn't surprize me none since it is almost Halloween .

Meanwhile O'l ugly britiches was making his rounds around town to collect more souls , he saw two people dressed

" Oh boy golly gee Cletus i ain't been this happy at Halloween since that time Daisy kissed me on the Ferris Wheel.

As Cletus was driving he saw what could only be a creature from the black lagoon not that it exist .

So Cletus quickly slammed on the brakes , he soon saw two kids being frozen , then being put into a sack.

" Holy Cow Enos i ain't got a clue as to what i just saw it sure don't look human it looked really spooky.

While back at the cave Luke was still frozen stiff , to make it worse he was the size of a pea , he couldn't speak.

Then monster arrived back , put the two kids on the shelf , then he smiled , laughed evilly.

" Soon I will be more powerful by the next full moon i will have hypnotized enough people to do my bidding.

Tonight Folks is the Halloween Hazzard Carnival hope y'all are ready to be spooked , scared it is a fun time.

So every Goblin , Ghost , Critter was havin' a ball at the Carnival Bo , Becky Mae was on the Ferris Wheel .

Their was this strange green glow coming from the fun house that Boss , Rosco were running charging 10.00 bucks for.

Enos , Cletus was just now arriving they was scared down to their britiches after seeing that horriable critter .

Suddenly their was a loud clash of Thunder , the Monster was standing on top of the funhouse he chanted a spell.

" Darkness falls Hallow moon rises and falls spirits now hear my call you are all under my power "

All of a Sudden everybody was hypnotized , they were not in their right frame of mind at all.

They were all headed into the Funhouse then suddenly they were all walking into a trap.

Bo , Becky Mae got off the ride , they noticed that everyone was acting strange , they were in the funhouse.

" What in the world is going on here now , why are they all walking into that funhouse ?. Wondered Bo

So Bo followed them , So did Becky Mae they were in for a surprize when they saw a green slimy ugly critter.

" ! Oh No!, it's that story that Uncle Jesse told us when we was really little. Luke was the only one fell for it.

" Okay you green , ugly bubble of slime i am gonna get you for taking my Cousin away Bo threw water at him.

Threw it at the monster , he snarled , growled , then laughed he started melting , all the people were then free .

Back at the cave everybody was set free , Luke was then back to his normal self , his normal size .

" ! Holy Cow I just had the strangest dream i ain't got a clue as to how i got here at all. " Said Luke confusingly

Hey Cousin you just missed out on a great time at the Halloween Carnival me , Becky Mae had a killer time.

And Daisy won Pumpkin Queen she and Enos took a ride out on the Ferris wheel they kissed.

" Bo um..., what happened i ain't got a clue as to how i got out here in the Swamp . Asked Luke

" Luke it's a long story i guess it's true about Halloween alot of strange stuff can happen on a Full Moon.