Chapter 4: Riley's Stormy Night

Riley was still kind of jumpy from earlier. She couldn't help but wonder what happened. She remember that weird void and a bright flash then woke up back outside. "Riley?" She jumped at the sound of her mom's voice. "You need to close your windows. It looks really stormy out there."

"Yeah I will," she nodded. Riley felt the hairs on her arm standing up, like she was some sort of scared cat. Her hand brushed past the metal base of her lamp. "Ouch! Why is there so much static in the air right now?" There was a flash of lightening in the distance. She dove under the blankets as the thunder sounded. She quickly ran over and slammed her window shut. She quickly jumped back under the covers. "Everything keeps getting weird and weirder. What even happened back there? I touched the glowy circle thingy, then it everyone else did and then it went insane. And cablam we were back there! And then we found that head, that was a robot head. It's just so overwhelming." She took a deep breath. Thunder roared outside. She ducked under the covers. "Why is the storm so bad?"

Just then her room was lit up with lightening so bright it was like day even under the covers. There was a sudden crash of breaking glass and a boom of thunder. Riley shrieked with fear. After a moment she peaked out from under her covers and saw a hammer sitting right in the middle of her room.

"AhhHHHH!" she panicked for a moment before careful putting a box over it. "It's not there, this just figment of your imagination. From Riley Town's evil twin sister city, Yelir Town." She then looked down at her hand. Energy crackled between her fingers. She stared then yelled, "MaaayyAAAA!" She quickly grabbed her phone and called her. While it was dialing she couldn't help but mumble, "What's happening to me."

Sorry for the long wait, I kinda forgot about it and just haven't really been want to work on fanfics very much. Also heads up, the next chapters are going to be kinda short.