She was determined, it was her future that was at stake, and the brunette had always cherished her professional growth, so she had gotten to where she was today. So, with everything wrapped up in her personal life, she had decided to accept the CIA proposal and would leave the next morning. She had managed to put all her personal things in suitcases and boxes and would be taken to a warehouse and return the apartment key to the owner before leaving. Her work at the CIA in partnership with the FBI was very intense, she relived many good things with her former team, and also with Reade, they worked in partnership, went to the countryside, also drank together, as in the old days, watched games, and it was getting harder and harder for her to keep her feelings, she herself felt it was all stamped on her face. All this time was like a farewell, now it was moving on and accepting the changes. She knew she was leaving with a broken heart, but in time it would hurt less and then it would all be just a blur, a reminder of a life she had lived and would never come back to.

Reade was heart in hand, couldn't miss Tasha, not this time. He would do anything to make her stay. When Patterson told her of her intentions to leave he knew it was time to act. Since she had told him that she loved him, he knew he wanted to be with her and that he could no longer take his relationship with Meg, for the love he had already felt for Tasha returned with everything and he knew she would always be the one in his heart. Reade just didn't talk to her immediately after breaking up with Meg to give her a break and didn't want her to feel used or pressured. Now he was standing outside her apartment insisting, but she refused to open it.

"Please, Tasha, open the door!"

"Go away Reade. I don't wanna say goodbye to you."

"Tasha, just let me talk to you. Then I'll leave."

"I don't know if I can do that, Reade. I can't look you in the eyes again. Leave me."

She was quiet inside leaning against the wall by the door waiting for him to leave. Silence settled outside, and after a while she thought he was gone.


"I still here. Open, please. I just want to talk."

She gave up and opened the door. Tasha had all her hair in a messy bun, which he thought was beautiful, he wanted to hug her and say everything he felt. Reade stared at her and saw that her eyes were red. He knew that was one of the reasons she cried and decided he needed to change that. He didn't want her crying for him.

Reade looked at the bags and boxes stacked in one corner. "Tasha, you don't have to leave."

Reade's gaze conveyed some peace to her, but Tasha didn't want to stare at him, knowing that her feelings would betray her again. She didn't want to feel weak around him.

"I need to go, Reade, is the best thing to do. I don't have much reason to stay."

"You have the team, our team will always be yours too. Your position at the FBI will always be waiting for you. I know you probably won't have the same salary as the CIA, but you have a lot of friends here and your family nearby too."

"Neither the FBI nor my family really needs me. It's not like they really want me to stay."

"Then stay for me, Tash." The dark-haired boy looked at her and tried to convey love and sincerity in his request. "I didn't have the heart to ask you in the past, I don't want to lose you again."

"What are you talking about? You don't need me, Reade." She felt the tears coming to her eyes and decided to let them roll freely down her face. "Do you have Meg..." Tasha's voice came out as a whisper and she wasn't even sure if he could hear.

"Tasha. Meg left me more than a week ago." He saw her look into his eyes and remain silent.

"But you were engaged." She didn't understand.

"Yes, but after you told me... I couldn't go on, so we broke up." Reade finally, confessed.

"But she is OK?"

"It is. I mean, I didn't talk to her anymore, but she had a lot of plans, so I think everything will work out for her."

"You mean you came to ask me to stay..."

"Yes, to stay with me, Tasha! We have already spent too much time apart. It's time for us to be happy, together."

Reade pulled her to him and the tears kept rolling in her eyes. The hug was so strong and warm, there was so much love between them. They stared at each other and Reade wiped the tears from her face with her fingertips and very gently and lovingly.

"I don't want to see you crying anymore. Did you hear me?" Reade asked and she agreed smiling through tears that insisted on keep falling.

Saying that he closed the space between them and kissed her. She loved him so much and not even in her greatest dreams did she imagine the delicacy and love embedded in that kiss. Tasha waited too long for this moment and still didn't believe it was happening. The boy took her in his lap and carried her to the room where they exchanged caresses and confidences, hot kisses and ardent love. They consummated the long-held feeling and slept in each other's arms.