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In Memory Of Me, Myself, And I


One morning, an eleven year old Usagi woke up with a whole new set of memories in her head.

Well, two actually. One set was from a thousand years ago, and the other seemed to be from a thousand years into the future. It was weird and confusing, and she wondered briefly if this was a sign that she was going crazy. But then what could have possibly happened to trigger that? She worried over it all day, until she lay in bed that night, going over what she remembered.

A thousand years ago, she was a Princess. At least, that's what the memories said. On the moon. The moon. Did anyone even live on the moon? Could they? Things she'd learned from school, and the occasional program on the television said that no, there was no way that anyone had ever lived on the moon. It was impossible.


But the memories disagreed, no matter what logic was applied. So, she cast logic aside so that she could concentrate on the memories, and not the impossibility of an entire living, breathing solar system.

So, if she was that Princess then, did that mean reincarnation was real? Usagi was raised with Shinto beliefs, and accordingly did not believe in reincarnation. Sure, there was a lot of it in her manga, but that didn't mean she granted it any real credibility. It was just fiction, after all! Thinking about all the existentialism hurt her head, so she put it aside for now.

The second set of memories from the future, unlike the past ones, were her. Usagi. As a Queen. The idea of living for a thousand plus years, and remaining as youthful and beautiful as ever (she did a fist pump at the idea of being beautiful when she was older, not to mention tall) was just as out there as the whole reincarnation thing. A little easier to accept, perhaps, since it was Usagi, and not some obscure princess.

With all the thoughts whirling around in her head, Usagi took a little longer to fall asleep that night, but still slept soundly when she finally did.

The next day at school, Usagi's attention was wandering, as it had started to lately. School had been losing its interest for her. But now with these extra memories, Usagi felt like she needed to pay attention, though she was struggling to do so. When her sensei called on her for an answer, she surprised both of them with the correct answer. The warmth that bloomed in Usagi's chest when her sensei smiled and told her she was correct was a starting point for her to want to do better. So she did.

Usagi was never going to be a straight A student, but hopefully she wouldn't be the girl the future her remembered almost failing out of school by fourteen.

Shortly after 'receiving' the memories, Usagi took up drawing. And then painting. She started out with graphite pencils, then moved to charcoal, coloured pencils and watercolour pencils, then paint. She sketched out images of the Princess and her Prince, of the Queen and her King. Of the beautiful yet ethereal Moon Kingdom. Of the sparkling and futuristic Neo Tokyo. Of the rose garden in the earth kingdom that had helped draw her attention to a certain Prince. Of the moon blossoms that grew in the garden outside her bedroom in the Moon Palace.

Of her mother, Queen Selenity of the Moon. Of her Senshi, both past and future. Of Luna and Artemis. Of her daughter, Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity. Of Naru and Umino, all grown up with two beautiful children of their own. Of her spore of a brother, bright and happy on his own wedding day. Of Sailor Moon and her Senshi battling Beryl, then Wiseman, and many others. Of the Three Lights, with the images of their Senshi forms behind them. Of Galaxia. Of Cosmos. Of Chaos and the galaxy cauldron.

Usagi's parents simply thought she had a very active imagination, and several of her pieces were 'archived' in the family vault, that being a 'very special' box to store 'Usagi memories'. Usagi reluctantly handed over a few pieces, but stubbornly held onto the others, creating her own portfolio of the memories.

Some of the memories were rather disturbing, she was only eleven when they came to her, after all. So Usagi asked her parents if she could take some self defence classes. She figured they'd come in handy if Luna really did come calling one day. Her mother was all for it, though her father was a little reluctant, until Usagi shamelessly mentioned in passing about boys one day hitting on her, then he was all for it.

Usagi and her mother only grinned at one another.

Jujitsu was what they settled on, and Usagi decided it was perfect, considering how everything was apparently going to go down. She loved it, it made her feel in control of herself, ready for what seemed to be coming. There was still that small part of her that was hoping that all of her future memories were just dreams, and that it wasn't actually going to happen. But then one day, that hope was dispelled. She wasn't too broken up about it, though. Honestly.

One day when she was thirteen, Usagi was walking down the street, on her way to school. She was allowed to walk to school on her own now that she was a teenager, even though she'd started middle school at twelve. Her mother had finally decided she was mature enough and trustworthy enough to get there and back again on her own. So Usagi was all smiles and sunshine, despite the threat of rain overhead.

Soon, the path she was taking began to niggle at her. There was something… familiar about it. Curiously, she looked around, and that's when she saw it. The Crown Arcade Game Centre, with its game machines, milkshakes, and even the café with that disgusting thing called coffee. A chill went up Usagi's spine as she stared in and saw… Furuhata Motoki. That was his name, right? Memories of crushing on him for a year came back to her, and she smiled slightly, remembering his obliviousness to it all.

Then, she wondered if he was in there.

No, he should be on his way to school. In fact, Motoki-san should be, too. Usagi frowned, and wondered why he wasn't, then shook her head. None of her business, after all. Usagi spent the day trying to decide if she should go there after school or not, and in the end, stood before the doors of the arcade, coins in hand and Naru rolling her eyes and reaching out to push her inside…

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