Something Just Like This 10

Break Up

Chapter 3


Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi

Listen to Your Heart - D.H.T.

Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright

The Bones - Maren Morris

Lillian couldn't believe she was about to do this. She honestly could not. It had taken hours to get rid of the men Lex had following her.

She could not allow her son's actions to stand, and that was a thought she had never believed would cross her mind. He had gone too far and he had to be stopped.

Her feelings for Lena were varied and convoluted, but the girl had been her daughter. Lex had had no right to kill her. There were other methods, other ways.

She had seen the footage. She knew what Lex had done and how he had done it. She had watched as Lena had gone over the edge, but thankfully either none of the cameras had caught the landing or the alien rotgut had done its job before it had happened.

A bullet would have been cleaner, more befitting.

She really had focused on the wrong child.

Steeling herself, Lillian entered the apartment complex where Lena's Kryptonian lived. It was a pity that the two had not been able to reconcile before, but she had warned the girl. It would make this overture easier if they had, but the weeping heart would agree in Lena's memory if nothing else.

Knocking on the ordinary-looking door, Lillian pulled herself up. That Lex had forced her to this was demeaning. However, they had worked together once before to save Lena. They could do so again in order to avenge her.

The door cracked open, a familiar face glared at her.

"Mrs. Luthor." Director Danvers greeted coldly. "What are you doing here."

Lillian grit her teeth, trying to put on a sincere and non-threatening smile. "I'm here to offer my assistance. I'm certain this isn't something you want to discuss in an open hallway."

Kara Danvers face appeared above her sister's. The blue eyes glared at her.

"She's clean," Kara announced. "Let me ask, and then you can let her in." The woman disappeared. Lillian heard a murmur of voices, but they were too low for her human hearing to make out.

Alex stared the older woman down. Lillian met her gaze evenly.

This was humiliating, having to come to her enemies for assistance. At least the worse they would do would be to lock her away. She would escape eventually, but it was hardly worth it to even get angry over that obvious double-cross. The heroes were notorious for honoring their deals.

"Not a word," Alex told her, closing the door in order to unchain it. Reopening it, she stepped aside to allow Lillian entrance.

Entering, Lillian took a look around the loft apartment. It was…quaint, she supposed. She could see what soft-hearted Lena might like about the place, despite her daughter's own home being the usual Luthor ice palace.

"You said you wanted to help. Why?" Alex stood with her arms crossed, watching Lillian for any move that could be taken as hostile.

"My son has finally gone beyond anything reasonable. He must be stopped, and your little group is the one most likely capable of doing so." Lillian set the briefcase down. "This is everything I could get, evidence of his connections with Leviathan, the human experiments, his involvement with Lena's murder."

"You know this puts a target on your back." Alex didn't move from her position.

"Don't waste my time stating the obvious. I'm as good as dead already, given his paranoia."

"I don't know mother, perhaps he's already using you."

"Don't be ridic-" Lillian lost her composure for a moment, taking in her daughter leaning against Supergirl. "Oh my girl, you're alive."

"Barely," Lena muttered. "Kara?"

"I'll get the meds," Kara nodded, gently placing Lena back into the mountain of pillows taking over the couch.

"Meds?" Lillian questioned.

"Lex went for overkill and still failed." Lena didn't want to relax around Lillian, but she didn't have much choice in the matter. One of the aftereffects of the Garticilite was that her abdominal muscles reacted poorly to being tense. Stress was never anyone's friend, but it now caused her physical torment. Alex and Dr. Hamilton both assured her that most of it would fade as she healed.

Kara passed over a small pill and a can of flavored seltzer water. Lena took both with a grimace.

"I saw the video, but nothing was recorded of you being rescued by Supergirl." Lillian was, admittedly, relieved to see Lena alive.

"Yea, the DEO scrubbed that footage as soon as we found it," Alex admitted. "Lex had already declared her dead and we want to keep it that way for now. Not sorry about this."

Lillian didn't even get a chance to turn to see what the agent meant before she collapsed onto the floor unconscious.

"Localized EMP burst that mimics an MRI," Alex explained. "She's going to have a hell of a headache when she wakes up, but if there are any nanites in her system they're now useless." She nudged the briefcase. "Do we trust that?"

"No, but we should still open it." Kara picked it up and scanned it. She blinked in surprise. It wasn't lined in lead. "It's…it's what she said it was."

"Okay, so either she's actually being honest or Lex knows and wants us to know he knows because he doesn't think we can actually do anything about it." Alex took the briefcase and opened it after setting it onto the table. "Which do we think is more likely?"

"Not my brother's MO," Lena said after a few moments of thought. "I think as impossible as it may seem, she's being a decent human being. It must be killing her."

"Can we please not joke about death like that?" Kara asked softly.

Both women sobered.

"Right, bring the documents to me please Alex." Lena held out her hands.

"Food first," Alex admonished her.

"Can I at least have some salt and pepper on my eggs this time?"

"A little, yes. Kara, want to make our guest comfortable?"

"If I must," Kara agreed with a sigh. With far more care than she thought Lillian Luthor warranted, she settled the older woman on the cot Alex had been crashing on whenever she was observing Lena overnight.

Lena ate slowly, savoring the second helping of solid food she'd had in a week. If she never had to eat jello again it would be far too soon. It also put off the nutrient shake Kara had pointedly placed beside her plate.

Alex snickered at her face until Kara set one down beside her as well.

"Why?" She poked it with her fork.

"Because you're just as bad at remembering to eat as Lena is," Kara replied.

"This is payback for all the times I made you drink one, isn't it?" Alex was glancing around to see if there was anywhere she might be able to dispose of it without Kara noticing.

"No, it's chocolate and I even added in some syrup to make it sweeter."

"How is that an answer?" Alex questioned her, taking a reluctant sip of the concoction. Huh…actually it wasn't that bad. It was certainly better than the ones at the DEO. She took a larger drink.

"Chocolate makes everything better," Kara replied, settling down with her second plate. "Even vegetables."

Alex paused mid drink. She glanced at the cup on Lena's tray. It was decidedly green, light enough that enough chocolate syrup would both hide the taste and not be discolored.

She set her half-drunk cup down. "Kara," she said slowly, "what's in this?"

"Not telling," Kara responded, sticking her tongue out at her sister. "It's good for you, and Lena likes it."

"Leave me out of this," Lena sat back, sipping at her own shake. Kara was getting better at making them. The chalky taste was gone, although hers was certainly not as sweet as Alex's.

Alex grumbled but did as her sister bid. She would let her get away with it this time.

Lillian began to regain consciousness just as they finished eating and had begun going through the briefcase.

"Was that truly necessary?" She asked as she glared at the elder Danvers sister.

Alex shrugged. "Maybe not, but none of us trust Lex or you as far as Kara can throw either of you."

Lillian conceded that they did have a point with that argument. Her mind did wonder for a brief moment just how far a Kryptonian could throw a human body, but wisely did not voice the question. She had no desire to be a test subject to find out.

Instead, she settled into one of the armchairs and watched them examine the information she had brought with her. Lena was already on a laptop with the flash drive. The sisters were organizing the printouts into some kind of order that escaped her at the moment.

"That…" Kara said something that had a parent heard it they would have washed her mouth out.

Lena and Alex openly gaped at her; Kara didn't curse. They both knew the blonde knew the words, she just refrained from using them. Lillian merely raised an eyebrow, mildly amused that she was the indirect cause of such an occurrence.

"English Kara," Alex finally got out. "What did you find?"

Kara just managed to set the paper down with minimal damage. "Myriad," which they already knew, "but on a scale that will bring Earth to destruction."

"What?" Lena paled. She had done as much as she'd been able in order to get Non-Nocere scrapped. Not only would it not work as intended, but it opened very dangerous doors that were much better left closed. It was a mistake, one that she desperately wished she had never thought of.

"Explain," Alex demanded, reaching for her phone to call J'onn.

"If he succeeds, Lex will bring exactly the kind of danger he fears. There are Intergalactic Laws being broken with these plans, Laws that won't just bring a Lantern or even a whole platoon of them, but whole fleets to either gain control of the technology or wipe out the planet."

Kara shook where she stood. As powerful as she was, as her cousin and their friends were, they would fail. She would lose another planet, another family, that she loved.

"So we destroy it," Lena said firmly, "all of it." She swallowed. "If…if possible, we find a way to wipe it from memory."

"Agreed," Lillian spoke, agreeing with her daughter for one of the few times in their lives. "Oh don't look so shocked," she told them at the looks they sent her way. "I may have similar concerns as my son, but I would not risk the entirety of humanity just to get rid of a handful of undesirables."

Lena scrutinized her mother. She had very little trust or affection for the woman who had made her childhood practically loveless and cold, but the woman in front of her now just looked tired. Defeated.

This was a Lillian, Lena thought, that had just reached the understanding of just what kind of monster she had raised. It was startling to see, a crack in the woman's stoic façade that Lena had never before witnessed.

"I think she actually means it," she said slowly, not entirely certain if she really believed Lillian was being truthful or if Lena was seeing what she wanted to see.

"Right," Alex nodded. "Kara, Lena, gather that up and summarize it." She pulled a pair of handcuffs from somewhere, "Lillian, you are coming with me."

"Really Director Danvers?" Lillian raised an eyebrow.

"You are going to assist in leading Lex on a wild goose chase while they," she nodded to the pair already at work, "narrow everything down." She turned to Lena. "I still don't trust you, but we're going to need your form of chaos. Just don't do anything stupid." She glared at her sister. "That goes for both of you."

"And you," Kara retorted. "You aren't allowed to die."

"Not planning on it."

It had taken a week and several more nerve-wracking hours, but they got there.

Kara, Alex, and the rest of National City's heroes were out taking care of Lex's minions and freeing the unwilling from his control. Lillian was currently freeing Brainy and wiping out the servers of LexCorp and all of Lex's hidden bunkers.

She had found them once. They really hadn't been all that difficult to find again in this new universe.

Andrea, in a surprise twist (and with the assurance from Lillian that she could fix Russell), had become their ally. She was currently taking out Lex's supporters from Leviathan alongside DEO agents that had defected with Alex and J'onn.

Lena, gun in hand, found herself in a very familiar situation with Lex.

"I'm almost disappointed Lena, didn't we already do this?" Lex had been shocked to see her alive, but that had faded quickly when he saw the gun in her hand. "Are you really going to kill me again?"

"I want to," Lena admitted, "you certainly deserve it."

"And you don't?" He eyed her. "It was your original research that led us here. All that useless pain you poured into trying to 'fix' humanity." He sneered. "Humanity can't be fixed Ace."

"Maybe not," Lena agreed, "but you are insane." She raised the gun. She was tempted to shoot him just to shut him up.

"Could you really do it Ace? Kill your own brother, again?" He laughed at her. "Over a girl who lied to you for years, laughing at your obliviousness behind your back."

"You don't know Kara at all," Lena replied, "or me." She pulled the trigger.

Lex went down clutching his ruined knee. "Torture Ace? How low."

"Low is trying to stage my suicide," Lena walked over to him, knelt down, pulled her fist back, and punched him. "Low is using my own emotions to manipulate me, make me believe that you ever cared for me." She straightened up, ignoring the blood now on her clothing.

With more calm than she actually felt, she raised the gun again. This time, there would be no coming back from the dead for him. If she was going to have to face the consequences of her actions, then she was at least going to ensure he was gone.

A shot rang out, but not from her gun. Lena turned, surprised, to find herself facing Alex. Lex's blank face stared at them, the bullet hole between his eyes beginning to drip blood as his body caught up with the fact he was dead.

"Kara told me," Alex said in place of a greeting, "you shouldn't have to carry that guilt again." She reached over and took the gun from Lena's hand, tucking it into a spare holster on her leg. "Come on," she wrapped an arm around the shorter woman, "I'll call it in."

"Alex…why?" Lena said once they were out of the room and her brain had caught up with what had just happened.

"If anyone asks, revenge for my father," she replied.

Lena could understand that. Revenge for Jerimiah Danvers, protecting Kara, there were many reasons why Alex would want to be the one to take the final shot. Why spare her the guilt then?

Alex sighed, ending the call to report Lex's demise. "Look, I'm not the best with sharing my feelings. Kara and Kelly being the exceptions." Lena nodded. "But I failed as your friend in more than one way, and not just for lying and refusing to let Kara tell you anything. Which as her older sister I don't regret, just so we're clear."

"I understand," and in some way she did.

"As your older sister, it means I failed to protect you from pain that I could have. So," Alex shrugged, "this is me trying to do better."

"By becoming my new sibling?" Lena asked slowly, uncertain if she actually understood anything.

"Basically," Alex took her hand to tug her towards the entry, moving them past the cleanup team that had arrived. "Someone needs to look after you."

Lena had nothing to say. She let Alex lead her away from the site of Lex's final demise. Eventually, they ended up back in Kara's apartment.

They all eventually ended up in Kara's apartment. Couples were curled up together, singles sprawled out in whatever open space they could find in their exhaustion. Lena found herself ensconced in Kara's arms, a place she was happy to be.

Lillian was back in jail, leaving Lena to take control of the family business once again. Every scrap of information about Myriad and Non-Nocere was gone. J'onn had left only enough information in her mind to know it was gone and the world was better for it. Lillian, to everyone's surprise, had submitted to having everything wiped. She had something to J'onn about the reason why, but he wouldn't say what it was. Lena wasn't certain that she wanted to know.

She was officially alive again. Someone had come up with an elaborate story on what had happened. Lena had just smiled and nodded along, agreeing that an official statement would be forthcoming.

Leviathan had been defeated. Between Supergirl and Acrata the National City base had been razed to the ground.

Andrea was at the DEO with Russell. He was recovering well. Lillian had fulfilled that promise, removing the excess tech and mind-control elements.

The city had calmed in the aftermath, clean up already beginning. The actual battles had been well contained, so it was not as bad as it could have been. None of Lex's bombs had gone off. The nanites those bombs had contained had been neutralized.

"We should get food," M'gann spoke into the quiet. "We all fought well today."

"I don't think any of us are ready to move just yet," Kelly told her. She certainly wasn't. She was perfectly content if she didn't have to move from where she and Alex were sprawled out on Kara's couch.

"Pizza?" Nia suggested, reaching for her phone. "I think Jose's is still delivering."

"Pizza's good," was the general consensus.

"Don't forget the potstickers," Kara added, "and we need ice cream."

"Can do, money?"

With groans, they all moved just enough to pull out their phones to transfer money to Nia to pay for everything.

"It's really over," Lena murmured.

"It is," Kara agreed in the same soft tone. "Now we can heal and rebuild, right?"

Lena nodded, sinking further into Kara. "Now we heal and rebuild."