And here be another one-shot fresh off the presses! The initial outline for this story was a single sentence: 'Ruby gets a new next door neighbour'. Suffice it to say, that information was less than helpful when trying to remember my thought process to actually write this thing. But overall, I think it came out very sweet. If this does well, I may turn it into a mini multi-chapter series. Hope you all enjoy.

The Girl Next Door

Ruby's eyes couldn't leave her window, as she watched the moving trucks roll in and the movers unload. It was a lot of stuff. Well, it was a lot of room that needed to be filled up. Ruby was proud of her father's job and was grateful when they moved to such a nice neighbourhood, but it still felt weird to have the smallest house of the block. Finally, a new car drove in, passed the moving trucks and into the lengthy driveway. It was a nice car too. Almost like a limousine. Ruby wondered if it was being driven by a-

Yup. It was definitely a butler who parked the car and ran around to the other side to open the doors for the real house owners. First a man with white hair, followed by a woman with a matching hair colour. Strange, they definitely didn't look to be that old. The man looked back into the car and frowned. Then said something which Ruby couldn't quite make out.

Continuing to watch as the man and wife started heading into the house, she almost missed as three more individuals stepped out of the vehicle. The first was a little boy. Probably eight or nine, maybe older if he was like Ruby; that meaning small for her age. Then a girl. Definitely an older teenager, judging from her complete gaze on her cellphone and nothing else around her. The girl was tall. The boy and girl both had matching white hair, just like their parents.

"Huh," Ruby mused. "Funky hair."

"What was that Rubes?" Came Ruby's older sister Yang, from the other side of the den, paying more attention to her video game then anything else.

"Nothing Yang, just talking to myself. The new neighbours just arrived."

"Cool, cool. Any cute guys?"

"One, super adorable."

"Finally! Ruby is finally crushing on a boy!" Yang fist-pumped.

"No! Nothing like that, he looks like an eight-year-old. Adorable in the little kids are adorable sort of way, not in the-" Ruby paused as she noticed a new person climbing out of the vehicle.

The new girl looked around, bowing her head to the butler who was still holding the door open as well as saying thank you to him, which the butler graciously accepted with a bow of his own. She was definitely a middle child, maybe the same age as Ruby, at least from what Ruby could tell. She shared the same hair colouration as the rest of her strangely haired family, but hers was long, tied back into an off-center ponytail which descended well passed her mid-back. It looked so soft. Ruby just wanted to run her fingers through it and…

"Earth to Ruby. Come in Ruby." Yang's voice suddenly shook Ruby from her stupor.

"Sorry, what did you say?"

"Nothing, just wondering why you stopped talking just then."

Ruby turned from Yang back to the window. And back to the girl. The girl who was calmly walking towards her new house, hands held in front of her and hair swinging gently with each step.

"Oh, it was nothing. Must have just lost my train of thought just now."

Yang eyed her sister suspiciously. It wasn't often that Ruby lost her train of thought. More so, she went off on obscure tangents that only geniuses could even hope to comprehend, but she would always return to her original idea in the end. The last time she was truly left speechless was when the principal asked her if she wanted to jump ahead two grades. Something was up. And Yang would be the one to get to the bottom of it.

It wasn't long before their father called the two sisters to the kitchen to set up the table for dinner. Yang immediately paused her game and stood up.

"Rubes? Supper?"

"Ya. Sure. Be there in a minute." Her eyes had not left the window, nor the girl who closed the front door to her new home.

"Honestly Rubes, how in the hell were you able to do question fourteen? I've been stuck on it for the last hour." Yang tapped the back of her pencil on her chin.

Ruby was sitting on her bed, doodling in her sketch-book by the window, while Yang was lying on her own bed, math textbook to one side of her, notebook to the other.

"It hasn't really been that long. I told you to just reread chapter two and it'll all make sense." Ruby commented, her eyes not even lifting up from her doodle.

Yang groaned, rolling onto her back. "But that's like, an entire chapter to reread! Come on sis! Give your big sis some… a-sister-ance."

Ruby dropped her book, glaring at her older sister. "Seriously? That wasn't even a very good pun!"

Yang shrugged. "I didn't think you would get it if I just said as-sis-tance."

"At least that would have made sense!" Ruby chucked her pillow at Yang, who caught it and threw it back, smacking her in the face.

"Oof!" She gasped, falling backwards.

"Very much deserved. My genius of a sister has refused to help me with my homework and is instead drawing boys and hearts in her notebook. I do get it. The guys in our class are really… filling out nicely if you know what I mean." Yang accented her opinion with an overly dramatic wink.

One which Ruby rolled her eyes at.

"No Yang, I really don't know what you mean."

"You will. Give it time and it'll smack you in your face just like a runaway... runaway..."

"Runaway pillow?" Ruby suggested.

"Bingo." Yang snapped her fingers. "Speaking of, you more into guys like Sun Wukong or Jaune?"

"Can I say neither? Jaune's my best friend; kinda like a brother and Pyrrha is crushing on him hard already. And I've seen you ogle Sun the moment he steps out of the pool, so I'm not getting between you and your man."

"I like looking. He ain't mine yet. He needs to get better at the game before he as a chance with all of this."

Ruby laughed at the way Yang gestured to herself. The laugh almost immediately stopped as her gaze shifted to their bedroom window. On the other side, she could see straight into their new neighbour's house. More so, she could see straight into their neighbour's bedroom.

A specific neighbour who was happening to be sitting at a night table brushing her insanely long white hair.

"Wow, already peeping on the neighbours." Yang smirked, pulling Ruby out of her thoughts.

"it's not like that! I was just... admiring her hair."

"Hmm..." Yang agreed. "It is nice. Still prefer my hair though. She's got the straight and smooth thing going, but this curly 'just got out of bed and ready to take on the world' look? Nobody beats Yang Xiao Long."

"Hmm, yeah." Ruby said, attention still transfixed on the new neighbour girl. Something was perplexing to her. Her mind was bouncing between wishing she was that girl and having hair that long to brush, or wishing she was the comb, so she could brush that girl's hair. She just wanted to finger comb her hair. Give her head a pleasant massage. Ruby could almost hear the other girl's sighs of joy; the girl leaning back into her, completely relaxed. Maybe holding her hand, or just lying down beside each other.

"Ruby!" Yang sounded worried. "Rubes, are you okay? Feeling a little sick? I've never seen you space out this much before."

Ruby felt herself blushing, yet she was unsure why.

Yang touched her forehead, concern written all over her face.

"Maybe I'm coming down with something. I think I'll turn in for the night. I'll help you with your homework tomorrow during homeroom."

"Thanks Rubes. Feel better."

The school day had come and gone, and yet Ruby was still not feeling like her usual self. Actually, she was feeling worse. Homeroom was probably the hardest for her, as her neighbour just so happened to be the new girl in class. Her name was Weiss Schnee and Ruby could not help but think of it as the most beautiful name she had ever heard.

And she didn't understand why.

Weiss was polite, if a bit soft-spoken, and was very conservative. If the long dress, covered shoulder and hidden ankles said anything in that regard, her proper voice and perfect mannerisms completed the picture. For anyone else, Ruby might have thought the way the girl behaved would be snobby or prissy. But with Weiss? It just seemed to suit her all the more.

Weiss was Yang's age. Ruby didn't know why that fact bothered her so much. Maybe it made her feel young; less mature to the new girl. Again, Ruby was unsure why that bothered her. She had never had a problem being two years younger than everyone else before. Why did it matter now?

Weiss also sat beside her in art class. It was Ruby's absolutely favourite class with her absolutely favourite teacher, and yet she could not hear a single word Ms. Liebe was saying the entire time. Every few minutes, Ruby would catch herself drifting to that new girl with the soft white hair and beautiful name.

How she sat with her back straight; perfect posture. How her attention never wavered from the teacher, unless she was drawing in her sketchbook, at Ms. Liebe's instruction. Ruby's face was pink the entire class. And it truly, deeply, fully annoyed her.

What was going on! Ruby loved school. She was good at it. She paid attention and got good grades. She did NOT ogle another student, no matter how pretty she was.

Wait, what?

Ruby held her head, this was all too confusing for her. Slumping back down on her bed, and opening up her laptop, she typed in something she never expected she would do in her life.

What is my sexuality?

Her eyes darted around the room. The door was closed, which was good, but Yang could barge in at any second. The thought scared her. What would Yang say if she saw Ruby looking into this sort of stuff? What would she say if Ruby actually was gay?

Ruby involuntarily shivered. She loved her sister; and her father, but would they be okay with... her?

Opening up the first link, she read through the entire questionnaire. The first few questions were easy. What was your gender? Have you ever dated anybody? If so, what were their genders?

Ruby nearly yelled at her laptop, "if I dated somebody I really hope I was attracted to them!" Finally, the questions got a little harder.

Have you ever felt yourself staring at a guy's chest?

She knew Yang did all the time. Had she ever? Well, when she and Jaune went swimming as children, she remembered staring at his chest and asking why he didn't need to wear a top. Did that count? No, Ruby was intelligent enough to know that the questionnaire probably meant that in a more sexual or romantic sense.

No, she ticked off the bow.

The question repeated itself, this time with a girl's chest. She blushed, but also ticked off no. The only time she ever did was staring at Yang, and that was because she was jealous. Milk was not working as well as she was hoping!

The questions continued, each getting a little more complex, and each taking a little longer for her to answer. Some were about boys, some about girls. Most just asked pretty generic questions. Finally, reaching the bottom of the screen, she clicked enter and allowed the website to work its magic.

The screen changed and her answer was revealed. She was... most likely not straight. Well, that wasn't as definitive as she was hoping for.

At least it confirmed to her, that she wasn't just going crazy. It did make sense. Ruby remembered Yang still being into boys two years ago. Even three years ago she and her father saw Yang starting to look at the boys in her class with fascination. Ruby knew she never felt that way. For a while she thought she might even lack romantic... or sexual... feelings entirely.

No, Ruby shook her head, her short hair spinning around her face. She was always slower to mature than Yang. It would make more sense that she just wasn't yet at the age where that type of thing struck her fancy. Maybe in a few years she would start noticing boys the same way Yang did.

Now though, she sighed. Weiss would not leave her head and there was nothing she could do about it. She hadn't even said one word to the girl the entire day!

She heard a tap on her window.

Turning to see what was going on, she saw a pair of familiar blue eyes staring at her. In her hand was a small pebble, which she then used to pelt the window, repeating the tapping sound from a moment before. The girl next door gave a small smile and a wave.

Ruby, blushing, gave a small wave in return. Her heart was thumping rapidly in her chest.

The white haired girl held up a small whiteboard to her window.

Hey, I'm Weiss. I just moved to Vale. We sit beside each other in a few classes.

Ruby's blush deepened. Quickly rushing from the window, she grabbed her sketchbook and some thick coloured markers from her school bag. Launching herself back onto her bed and next to the window, she wrote down her own little message.

I'm Ruby. It's great to meet you.

Ruby almost fainted from joy, watching Weiss's small smirk turn into a full blown smile. Thinking of what next to write, she jotted a few things down on the next page of her sketchbook. When she looked up again, Weiss was gone, her blinds closed and lights off. Ruby frowned.

Saturdays in the Xiao-Long/Rose household were usually times of peace and quiet. That was most usually due to the two sisters enjoying lazy mornings, filled with sleeping in, and lazy afternoons, filled with Yang still refusing to get out of bed. This Saturday seemed to be altogether the same as every other one. Yang was still in her bed on her side of the room. Blankets were strewn around her, as if she got into a battle with them during the night; a battle which she had almost certainly lost. Her right arm and leg were dangling off the side of the bed, her left arm tucked underneath her pillow, her foot being the only thing still covered in her blanket.

How Yang had managed to get into that position almost every night still alluded Ruby, but she could still smile at the sight. Ruby for once, was awake before noon. She still yawned frequently, grumbling to herself at being up at such an unreasonable hour, but she could not bring herself to go back to sleep. Not with the dream she had last night.

There wasn't even a single cookie in it!

Instead, it was her and Yang playing in a park, like they used to do all the time as little kids. First in the sandbox, building sandcastles, and then on the swings. Yang was pushing her higher and higher, the two of them laughing wildly. Then, it was no longer Yang pushing her, but a faceless girl with long white hair. There was less laughter between the two, but the smiles remained genuine. And wherever the white haired girl touched her back, warmth blossomed.

Then the two were no longer in a park, but a fancy restaurant. The same one her dad had taken her to as a present for skipping two grades. She was sitting across from the other girl and their hands were entwined on the table. Even with food in front of them, their hands never parted.

And then they were dancing. To what, Ruby could not remember, but she could recall the other girl's head on her shoulder, and hands on her waist. They were spinning on some large ballroom floor, straight out of a movie.

And then Ruby had woken up.

It was the first time she had dreamt about anyone so blatantly; well, anybody besides Yang and her dad. It was pretty obvious who the faceless white haired girl was, even though the only feature Ruby could remember about the girl in her dream was her hair. Even asleep, Weiss Schnee was in Ruby's head.

And still, Ruby did not know how to feel about that.

Yang shifted in bed, "abs..." she murmured. That brought a blush to Ruby's face.

"I guess we're both thinking about our crushes." Ruby whispered. Then she froze.

When had Weiss gone from the girl next door to someone she had a crush on? It was perfectly normal to think about someone new, especially a neighbour and new classmate. There was definitely something totally reasonable and logical about her dream and Weiss's fiercely blue eyes and super pretty white hair. It wasn't a crush. Not like the one Yang had for Sun.

It was just normal new-girl curiousity. Simple as that. And she knew just how to prove it.

Her, Ruby Rose, would go on a date.

A date with a boy.

Normal people went on dates with boys all the time. It would be perfectly... normal.

So why was the idea twisting her stomach into uncomfortable knots?

Texting Jaune and asking him for a favour was a piece of cake. Actually asking him to go have dinner and see a movie with her was also much easier than she had expected. But trying to convince Jaune not to bring along the whole gang? That took a bit longer than Ruby thought it would. How did Pyrrha have a crush on him again?

Jaune Arc was in fact Ruby's best friend and had been since she was in first grade and Jaune was the first person Yang saved from a bully. The two of them had always been on the same wave length. They liked the same movies and the same foods. They laughed at the same jokes and both groaned at any of Yang's puns.

There was nobody else in the world; save for Yang, who Ruby trusted more. And there was nobody who Ruby trusted more than Jaune to take her out on her first date and maybe help her figure out what was going on in her brain.

As soon as Ruby cleared up everything with Jaune, she immediately received a call from him.

"Hey explosion girl." Came the voice from other the phone.

"Morning vomit boy." Ruby replied with a laugh.

"Just making sure I'm reading this right. You, Ruby Rose, want to go on a date. With me."


"Jaune Arc, best friend since elementary school."

"Uh huh."

"The same Jaune Arc who you repeatedly call your honourary big brother."


"Ruby, what's this really about?"

"It's nothing! Honest," Ruby rushed to say. "I've just never been on a date before and I thought you would be the best person to help me... figure some things out. Please? For me?"

Jaune sighed and Ruby heard him shuffle his phone against his ear. "Alright, I trust you. How about we go to that burger place beside the theatre then catch something after we eat? I'll pay. I am the one taking you out, of course."

Ruby chuckled. "Thanks Jaune. You're the best. See you tomorrow for our date?"

"See you."

With that, Ruby hung up the phone and fell backwards onto her pillow. She even smiled a little. This was what normal people did right?

"Aww, Rubes! You have a date, and with vomit boy no less!" Yang squealed. Ruby spun around, not even sure when her sister had woken up.

"Should I tell Pyrrha? Make her jealous that my sister stole her man?"

"it's not like that!" Ruby shouted.

"It's not like what, my dear sister? Did you not ask a one, Jaune Arc, to get dinner and see a movie? Two classic first date options? Should I sit nearby and make sure there isn't any funny business between you two? No sneaking smooches in a dark theatre?"

Ruby turned crimson. "there will be n-no smooches of any kind!"

"Right. I get you now. You want to make him chase for it. Didn't know you were picking things up from me! I'm so proud of you!" Yang winked and Ruby's heart sunk a little bit more.

This was just first date jitters. Nothing else. Girls went on dates with boys. They did not spend their time thinking about girls.

Ruby would be going on a date, with her bestest friend in the whole world and she was going to have a great time. There would be no thinking about Weiss.


"Okay, you've been strangely quiet this entire night." Jaune said, wiping some ketchup off his cheek. The burgers were much larger than he remembered.

Ruby snapped to attention. "Oh, sorry. It's just... a lot on my mind."

"Weirded out about eating dinner with me?"

"No. Not at all. We've gone to movies together before and eaten loads of dinners and it wasn't so weird." Ruby slumped in her seat. Even her burger, which would have usually been demolished at this point, still sat on her plate, barely touched.

"Maybe it's because we're calling it a date."

"Maybe." Ruby agreed.

"Wishing I was someone else?"

"Ya," Ruby agreed, before realizing what she had said. Wide eyed, she waved her hands in front of her face. "No! That's not it at all!"

Jaune just stared at his friend. "Ruby, how long have I known you for?"

"A long time?"

"Do you honestly think you can hide anything from me?"

"No," Ruby grumbled, folding her arms in front of her and choosing to look anywhere but Jaune.

"It's about Weiss, isn't it."

Immediately, she turned scarlet "Who-what... how?"

"We sit beside each other in literally every class? It's how we get through homeroom, English and math? Masters at passing notes, remember?"

Ruby nodded slowly.

"Every class with Weiss, you've stared at her. It was pretty obvious to me you like her."

"And how could you know that?"

"Seven sisters."

"But she's a girl! I can't like really a girl, can I?" Ruby had never been so scared in her life. This was... this was wrong. She was wrong.

"Have you ever met my eldest sister Saphron?"

Ruby shook her head. "She's living in Argus right?"

Jaune nodded, taking a sip from his drink, then dipping a fry in ketchup. "Yup. She moved out there to live with her fiancée. The two of them had been dating for a couple years while away at college in Atlas. Saph hasn't been home for quite a long time now, but the family visits every once in a while. She's marrying a girl named Terra."


"There's nothing weird about dating a girl, or wanting to date a girl. It might not be super common, but that doesn't make it strange or wrong or anything. Trust me, I remember Saph dating plenty of guys before Terra as well. Guess it is kind of neat to be on the other side of things for once."

"But I'm not even sure I am... that." Ruby's voice was barely a whisper.

"The word is gay, Ruby. Or lesbian. Whichever you prefer." Jaune chastised, for once acting truly his age. It was at times like these that Ruby remembered why she called him her big brother. "The word shouldn't scare you. If it does, you should ask yourself why."

Ruby sat quietly for a moment, thoughts and feelings tumbling through her head.

"What would you think if I was... gay."

"I'd think you were a dork. But, hey. I already think that, so nothing's going to change." He smiled.

Ruby did too. "I'm still not sure... what I am. But, thanks for that. It really helped."

"It's what I'm here for. Now, why don't we forget about this whole date nonsense and go back to being best buds out on the town again."

Ruby's smile truly shined through. "I'd like that very much."

Ruby paced around her room. It was Thursday night. Almost a week had gone by since her date-not-a-date with Jaune. Four days sitting in the same classes; Jaune on one side of her and Weiss on the other. Weiss barely spoke in class, but the two of them did share some words while walking down the halls. Weiss even agreed to have lunch with them, though that was more thanks to Jaune asking than anything Ruby had done.

By now, thanks to her first conversation with Jaune, and the few more via text they had over the week, she was a little more certain about herself. She definitely had a crush on Weiss and it wasn't going away any time soon. More so, she definitely did not think about boys the same way Yang did. Or Pyrrha.

Boy, that was an awkward lunch. Yang just had to make things weird between everyone by telling the entire table about her 'date' with vomit boy. Ruby had never been glared at harder by Pyrrha than during that half hour. Of course Yang continued to make it worse with every passing minute, guessing if they just held hands the entire time or had a full-blown make-out session during the slow parts of the movie.

Ruby still wasn't sure what was worse. Jaune's own blush, which matched hers to a 'T'. Or Pyrrha scowling at her. Or, the fact that Weiss was sitting right there beside Yang, listening to everything she was saying and not saying a word in turn.

Yang was just way too into Ruby's love-life, as fake as it was. And now what? Ruby had to tell somebody what she was. Jaune knew. Ruby may not have fully admitted it out loud to him, or to herself for that matter, but he knew.

Yang though? What would she think? Yang always said that Ruby just hadn't found the right guy yet. That in a couple years she would have boys hanging off her, like they did Yang. That Ruby would find abs as hot as she did.

Then Ruby thought of Weiss with abs like Sun's and heat started pooling in her stomach.

She... she had to tell Yang. It didn't matter what it would do to their relationship. Ruby could never lie to her big sister and never wanted to. And as their dad always said, a lie by omission was still a lie.

Ruby continued pacing. Nervousness and stress just continued to rise up, like bile in her throat. She would have to say it out loud. Like, really say it. Not just as a question, but as a statement. A fact. Something she couldn't take back once it was out.

"Guess who's back. Back again. Yang is back. Your punny friend-" Yang sang with glee as she barged into their shared room. Tossing her open bag onto her bed and letting its contents spill out, she noticed Ruby's nervous pacing.

"You doing alright Rubes?"

"Huh," Ruby stopped to acknowledge the cause of her current fears. "I'm doing fine," she noticeably lied.

Yang, easily picking up on Ruby's mood, she balked at her sister, hand on her hip. "C'mon. I may be dumb, but I'm not that dumb. Gimme a little credit."

"Sorry." Ruby stuttered, tapping her pointer fingers together, looking at the ground by her feet. She sucked in a deep breath, holding it for a moment then letting all the air out of her lungs at once.

Just tell her. It was that simple.

She glanced quickly up at her big sister, who still stared at her from her seat on her bed, not saying anything. This was Ruby's chance to have the first word in this conversation, whatever she wanted that conversation to be about.

This was not simple.

This was... Ruby didn't know what this was. Maybe it was all just in her head. A total non-issue that would disappear in a little bit. Ruby was just confusing the feelings of wanting a new school friend with her natural shyness and inability to talk to people she hadn't met as little kids. All her strange feelings of wanting friendship with Yang and puberty emotions and maybe also her cycle? Yes, they were all just playing with her head.

Then she remembered the first time she noticed that girl with white hair as she stepped out of that car. How they had spoken to each other through their windows. With nothing but paper and marker. How amazing it was to even say two words to her. To see her every day in school, and through her window at home. That girl who lived next door. Just being nearby left Ruby's legs weak and heart beating heavily.

She had to stop accepting, then rejecting herself.

Ruby didn't know if she would ever stop herself.

But, she knew someone who could.

"Yang." She finally mustered.

"Yes, Ruby?" Yang was calm and concerned. No jokes, no playful smirk. Only an aura of safety which a big sister could manage.

"I'm... I'm..." Ruby shook.

"It's okay Rubes. Just take your time." When Ruby finally looked into Yang's eyes, there was comfort there. She saw their first home in Patch reflected in them.

"I... I didn't go on a date with Jaune." This was easier. A story was easier than the truth. "I asked him out t-to help me with something. To help me figure out something about myself."

Yang was quiet, giving her the time to collect her thoughts. Ruby appreciated that.

"I realized that I couldn't look at Jaune or Sun or any guy like that. Not.. not the way you do. I-I also don't think it's something I will grow into. Not ever." Ruby's shaking turned into trembling as her nervousness mounted.


"Rubes," Yang whispered. "Trust me."

"I like girls."

Yang said nothing, only standing up from her bed. She took a slow step forward. Towards Ruby. Ruby squeezed her eyes shut, turning away from Yang. Ready for the condemnation. The laughter. The... anything.

Ruby jolted when she felt a pair of warm arms wrap around her, pulling her into a tight embrace.

"I'm so proud of you Ruby." Yang said, refusing to let go of the hug. "I'm so sorry I ever made you feel embarrassed or ashamed about who you liked. But Ruby? Know that I will always support you. Always. Whether it's a relationship with a boy, or girl, or someone in between."

Ruby giggled behind tears she had not realized were starting to fall.

"You are my little sister and nothing will ever take away that fact. Thank you for trusting me."

Those words finally opened the torrent of hidden feelings Ruby did not realize she had locked away. Ruby returned yang's hug, both sisters descending to the floor in their embrace, refusing to part for anything.

The Saturday morning air was crisp, but in a way that foretold of a warmer midday approaching. The grassy lawn of the Schnee household was covered in fresh dew, giving off a faint yet wonderful smell. Though there had not been any rain for the last few days, the pavement was darker and sparkling as if recently washed and the flowers in the flowerbeds along the courtyard were clean and vibrant in colouration, only possible after weathering a storm.

Ruby slowly trudged through the opened metal gate, her hands switching between clenched fists and open palms, rubbing sweat and nervousness on her jeans. She glanced behind her, where two smiling blondes were watching her. One gave her a smile and a pushing wave. The other, a wink and a thumbs up. Ruby felt herself smile lightly at the two of them.

That was good. That was their purpose. She had asked them to come with her for moral support after all. It wasn't every day that Ruby walked up to a girl's house, talk to that girl and potentially ask her out on a date.


Even that word was sending small tingles and chills through her. Was this what Yang felt when thinking about Sun? Was it what Pyrrha felt when looking at Jaune? Ruby could only ask herself those questions as she slowly progressed on her journey. She hoped she wasn't blushing or anything.

"Cool. Respectable. Confident," she whispered those words like a mantra. That's what Yang had said. Well, Jaune said the last one, but she did not think that his father's words of 'all you need is a little confidence' was a valid answer to everything. Not if the way the two of them had met had anything to say about it.

As much as Ruby wished the pathway from gate to door was longer, she finally arrived at the place she was dreaming or dreading to reach. Her mind buzzed with questions, all unhelpful.

What if she's not gay? What if she thinks I'm strange? What if she doesn't even want to be my friend after this? Are we even friends at all?

Ruby could feel her heart hammering in her chest. It was not a feeling she enjoyed at all. "No, Ruby." She warned herself, "this is for your own good. You, Ruby Rose are... are... gay. And proud of it. Go ask the girl of your dreams out."

And with that, she knocked.

"Hello." Came the voice she had dreamt about. Her long white hair fell down on shoulder and a beautiful, warm smile touched her lips. Ruby could only stare and smile at the girl.

That girl next door.