Time ticked away slowly, so slowly in fact that she wondered if time had ceased to exist. She was alone in her misery, her dark thoughts crowding in her mind shouting to be heard. The only time her mind was clear was when daylight came and chased away the shadows.

"Line up. It's visiting time." A tall masculine guard barked out, her silver robes with the Azkaban emblem stitched on the breast pocket shining harshly under the poorly lit room.

A slow shuffle of feet echoed over the stone as the young residents formed a line against the wall just behind the female guard. Once the line was to the satisfaction of the head guard, the group slowly made their way down the corridor.

The young brunette rarely received visitors, usually on visiting day she would be made with a few of the other unfortunate souls who have no one to bother with them, sit in the recreation room. It came as a complete surprise to be led from the line and to a table where to her astonishment sat a familiar tall beautiful woman with long platinum hair that hugged her pale sharp features of her face highlighting the most stunning pair of blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Hello Miss Granger. Please have a seat." The woman softly spoke.

Hermione sat straight in the hard metal chair, shuffling in the seat trying to get comfortable. Cracking her knuckles under the table, her harden brown eyes latching on to the icy blue.

"I don't usually get a visitor." Clearing her throat, to remove the lodge of discomfort that had formed since sighting the pureblooded witch. "Sorry It has been sometime since I had to speak to someone, someone of your station anyway Lady Malfoy."

The elegant witch cocked her head to the side, her perfectly manicured nails tapping lightly against her chin, a mischievous smirk playing on her full plump lips. "When one is found guilty of murder one can not be shocked when one finds themselves alone."

Hermione gritted her teeth, anger surging through her veins. She felt the urge to fling herself across the table to throttle the older woman but instead she took a deep breath steadying herself.

Lady Malfoy raised her hand to silence the brunette. "I mean no disrespect Hermione. May I call you Hermione or do you prefer Miss Granger?"

"Hermione will do."

"Glad to clear that up Hermione." The way the woman said her given name sent shivers down her spine. She didn't want to dissect the reason why, refusing to let her mind wonder. "I suppose you are wondering why I am here, when your former allies have turned their back."

"Yes the thought has crossed my mind." And why wouldn't it, she had no visitors bar her lawyer who just like everyone else in her former life has washed their hands of her. A lost cause they said, deserved the severe punishment they said. She started to believe it herself after all she had no future, only the walls that surrounded her every day threatening to crush her, to destroy her mind.

Lady Malfoy leant across the table, a sincere smile on her face. "I feel for you, I know how it feels to be alone.."

Hermione snorted "sorry if I don't believe you. How could you possibly understand how I feel, to be stuck in this brick prison with no hope of leaving but inside a coffin." She waved her hand around the room, catching the attention of her fellow inmates and their visitors. Blinking back the tears that threatened to escape.

"I don't need to be in Azkaban to be in prison. Hermione, I want to help you.."

"I don't want nor need your help lady." She growled, standing up from her chair motioning for the guard closest to her. "I have accepted my fate and when the time comes I shall accept my death."

The guard took her by the elbow, escorting her from the visiting room. Hermione held her head high feigning confidence even as her heart pounded away heavily in her chest.

Once alone in her cell, Hermione sat underneath the lone window in her room. The unbreakable flexi glass showed the darkness outside, covering her tiny room in shadows.

She remembered the day of her trial in bits and pieces.

The large underground chamber had been opened for her trial. The Wizengamot sat in their high seats in front of her while the chief stood calling for attention. Amelia Bones, the woman who had the power of Hermione's life in her very hands.

Curious onlookers sat in the benches behind her, many she didn't know and those she did sat on the opposite side. Anger, sadness and disbelief marred their faces, none of them could look her in the eye.

Hermione was magically bound to the hard back wooden seat in the centre of the chamber, her body confined in its invisible chains keeping her arms and legs lush up against the wood.

Her court appointed lawyer sat at her table, with a battered brief case resting on the scratched surface. Her lawyer was a witch in her sixties, her tight bun was showing strands of grey.

"Today I call upon the Wizengamot of the trial of one Hermione Granger who is accused of murdering her parents Doctor Alexi and Malcom Granger on the night of December 1st of this year. Members of the jury we will have the prosecution present evidence and witnesses of the accused." Amelia turned her sharp glaze upon Hermione. "And let us not forget the murder of Lucius Malfoy, while the accused has been proved of not murdering the deceased, the prosecution will show evidence of conspire to murder."

Hermione was numb.

The prosecution had a solid case, evidence was piling up against her while her lawyer sat in silence, a bored expression on her aging face.

The murder weapon, a kitchen knife had her prints on the handle and blade. Her parents were stabbed multiple times after the use of the Cruciatus repeatedly held upon them. Her wand conspicuously missing, no one could locate it.

Witnesses who she had never met took to the stand to confirm that she did in fact murder her parents in cold blood. Her shock continued when her childhood friend Harry Potter stood in front of everyone and told them she had plotted to kill Lucius Malfoy with his son and her childhood bully Draco Malfoy.

"Hermione Granger you have been found guilty of murdering your parents and the conspiracy to murder Lucius Malfoy. You will be sentenced to life in prison, your wand removed and snapped."

Her lawyer was useless, she had not once stepped in when the prosecution drilled her and the court onlookers sneered and jeered at her when she was dragged out the courtroom, her chains weighing heavily on her body.

she found out her wand was eventually found and confirmed that the Cruciatus charm was used. It never mattered that she was only fifteen not when she denied that she was involved. Her life was over and all she had to look forward to was the inside of the newly founded youth detention unit built onto Azkaban.

Hermione rubbed the permeant brand on her arm. The ink brand of Azkaban forever carved on her sickly pale skin. Her unique serial numbers ran the inside of her right arm with the Azkaban emblem, the one thing that she had and but many of her inmates had carved on their arm was the rune that dulled her magic. She was told by the prison govner that her magic would eventually disappear over the years. The rune was only used on those serving life and had no way of reversing it.