The world was swaying around her, the darkness that she had come to accept seemed to be crushing her very being. She tried to fight it, tried to pry her eyes open but her determination wasn't strong enough.

When she came to again, she found herself lying on her back on a very comfortable mattress with silk sheets draped over her nude body. Nude when had she ever gone to bed since entering her new life in nothing but her birthday suite. The guards will certainly have something to laugh about now.

"Where am I?" Hermione groggily asked, barely getting the words out. She was on her back staring at a high ceiling decorated with white beams that stretched across the room. Rather strange for Azkaban to have splurged out on such luxuries.

Someone coughed gaining her attention. Unfortunately she couldn't move her body, it seemed her limbs were heavy refusing to corporate with what her mind was screaming.

"Good morning Hermione." Damn that woman, she couldn't just leave her alone. The infuriating witch glided into Hermione's line of sight. "I don't take no for an answer, I'm sure you can appreciate that." The smugness in her tone grated on her nerves. "Don't panic much my dear, the slow working venom is still coursing through your blood stream."

Hermione was gripped with fear. How could someone who claimed to want to help her, poison her into obeying.

"To answer your question you are at Malfoy manor. Both you and my son will stay here till your names can be cleared. Once the venom has completed its job, Gertie will show you around." Narcissa informed her, her eyes trained on the shadowy figure that suddenly materialised behind her.

"Told you I would be seeing you again girl." Hermione recognised the gruff voice belonging to Gertie the burley guard from the detention unit.

Hermione remembered the first time she met the muscular woman and certainly wouldn't forget anytime soon.

Two days in to her sentence Hermione was escorted by a young guard who was fresh from the auror academy, wet behind his ears. The man was friendly which set her on edge. No guards should be friendly to their prisoners.

The communal shower was empty when she finally got her turn. The large shower room had multiple shower heads that lined the back wall. There was no privacy granted to the inmates, leaving them open for anyone to walk in.

Hermione quickly stripped bare, dumping her soiled uniform in the laundry shoot. Stepping under the Luke warm spray. She watched the grime drip off her form and on to the floor, the water and much swirling together down the large grate in the middle of the room.

"My, my princess." A tall, warrior like woman stepped into the room. A smirk plastered on her lips, her eyes roaming Hermione's naked wet body.

Hermione jumped in fright, crossing her arms over her budding chest desperately trying to hide her modesty.

"Don't think I had the pleasure of meeting you girl." The woman leered. "I'm Gertie head guard and you must be little Miss I killed my parents." She grinned, clicking her head to the side.

"Do you mind."

Gertie laughed stomping across the wet floor, thumping her hand on the switch to turn the shower off. Hermione shuffled back, backing herself against the cold tiles on the wall. The sudden movement didn't go unnoticed by the burley guard, the older woman smirked stepping forward to crowd Hermione's personal space. She realised then that she only came up to the guard's shoulders meaning Hermione had to crane her neck to look Gertie in the face.

"Don't be afraid girl I won't hurt you." Her fingers gripped Hermione's chin in a vice like grip, their eyes meeting. "As long as you do as you're told and remain on my good side. I can make your life pleasurable." Her hot breath skirted Hermione's neck. The way Gertie said pleasurable certainly didn't leave much to her imagination.

A mixture of emotions surged through her shaking form, fear, humiliation and to her utter horror arousal.

"I know you're awake girl, the venom has done its job."

Large feminine hands pulled her off the bed and onto her shakey legs. Her nude body glistening under the sun light that streamed in from the windows.

Hermione wobbled away from the guard, whipping the sheet off the bed and wrapping it around her body. "Where are my clothes?."

Gertie rolled her eyes. "I have seen you at your worst girl." She licked her lips. "Quite the screamer aren't we."

"Gertie why all the facade? I obviously had no choice in taking Lady Malfoy's offer, so why go to the extreme in bringing in Andromeda?"

A loud crash from far off in the manor interrupted them. Gertie rushed out the room leaving Hermione by herself. The brunette wasn't going to be left behind, wrapping the sheet tighter around her body she left the room.

The hallways blurred as the shouts echoed off the walls. Hermione quickened her steps as she followed the anxious guard down the stairs and straight in to the choas that had taken over what she assumed once resembled a dining room. Three Black sisters in a stand off, all three with their wands out but for some reason Hermione couldn't understand or believe was the three wands were trained upon the seated form of Lucius Malfoy. The man who was claimed to be dead, was indeed very much alive and the centre of the sisters ire.

"You bastard." Hermione growled, forgetting she was only in a sheet she leapt at the seated Lord. Her fist connected with his jaw, the arrogant man's head snapped back.

Gertie laughed, wrapping her arms around Hermione's waist she pulled the feisty brunette off the grumbling wizard. The sheet had come away leaving her bare to the room.

"Your son deserves better than you."

Lucius sneered barely sparing Hermione a glance. "Who allowed a murderer into my home?"

"That's rich coming from a pampered peacock like you." Bellatrix taunted, "oh how the Lord has fallen, my wittle brother in law." The mad witch took great delight in stepping on the man's thigh, not letting up as the fool screamed in pain.

"Enough Trixie. The man needs to be alive if you wish for our nephew to be cleared of murder." Andromeda muttered. Spinning on her heel, her eyes widening in mock surprise at seeing a naked Hermione still in the grip of Gertie. "Much as it pains me to say, why are you naked? Where your parents nudists?"

Narcissa calmly slipped her wand back in her sleeve. Sighing at the damage of the room as she turned her sight upon Hermione. "Sorry you had the infornute timing of meeting my foolish husband, the fool will get what's coming for him."

"A dead man walking I assume." Hermione bit back.

"Indeed my dear." Narcissa smiled, picking up the sheet and covering the brunette. "Why don't you get dressed, plenty of clothing in your room I prepared for you."

Hermione followed Gertie back to the room she woke up in. The guard stood watch by her door, refusing to allow Hermione privacy.

"I'm still in prison then?"

Gertie grinned, watching Hermione as the brunette stripped from the sheet. "I just enjoy the view girl."