Memories of grubby hands, tiny footprints, and giggles invaded her senses as she stares at the tree. It looks smaller than she remembers, yet still carries the same magical energy Hamlet and she had felt the first time they wandered upon it.

Her hands clutch the flowers harder that she had picked earlier. Her feet carry her forward, almost on their own accord. The sun is setting, casting a warm glow on the stream, by which lilacs line the bank. The soft ground digs into her bare toes as she stands in front of the tree. It always has a beautiful view of the sunset.

She lifts herself onto the first branch as easily as she had done the first time. Her stop was coming up. The branch faces the west, wide and long enough for little Ophelia and Hamlet to comfortably sit on.

She almost fell in once.

A caterpillar inched on the branch directly over the stream. Ophelia stood, spreading her arms out to balance. It was furry, and Laertes would be afraid of it. Suddenly, she lost balance and started falling toward the stream, but a hand grabbed onto her before she plummeted. Her mouth wide-open in a scream, she looked up to see Hamlet struggling to heave her back up.

He isn't there to catch her now.

Maybe that's why she let the water enfold her. She welcomes it, in fact. The sharp slap on her skin on first contact, the coldness that engulfs her heart, the panic that rises up inside her as her lungs fill with the clear liquid.

She opens her eyes, looking up toward the sky. Her flowers float above her. The single daffodil, the yellow chrysanthemum and carnation, and the anemone. She closes her eyes.

Anemone's represent loss of hope and being forsaken. They originated from Aphrodite's tears as she cried after the death of Adonis. A single daffodil unrequited love and misfortune. A yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes slighted love. A yellow carnation represents rejection. Lilacs symbolize youthful innocence.

This has been sitting in my drafts since I read the book sophomore year. I still think Ophelia deserved so much more. I hope you enjoyed