June 1985

"You okay?"

Billy asked, sitting up in the backseat of his Camaro. They had driven to the outskirts of town, found an old closed off dirt road, and pulled off killing the lights. Billy had taken plenty of girls here since he moved to town to screw around without the sheriff or anybody else disturbing them. It was dark, private, and somewhat peaceful. The forest loomed over the car as Billy backed into a clearing near some overgrown bushes and killed the engine and lights. He didn't want to admit it, but he had never honestly felt this nervous before in his entire life. He had smoked a cigarette right down to it's filter, before looking over trying to see if the eyes staring back were as scared as he was. Now less than an hour later, both had finished up, crammed in the backseat, fumbling, feeling, exploring, gasping, clutching, kissing, moaning, and stiffening back cries of both pain and pleasure.

Billy sat back, lighting another cigarette, breathing in deeply, before sitting back, shirtless, just in his white cotton boxers, looking at the fogged up windows, and how insanely sticky and hot it felt in here. Reaching over to the front seat, he turned the key, and pressed down in the switches to roll down the front windows. It was a hot June night, but he figured at this time of night they might get lucky and have a bit of a cross breeze to cool them down. Sitting back against the vinyl seats, he took a drag of his smoke, before running his hand through his tangled mess of dirty blond curls. This was the longest he had ever grown out his hair, and looked over.

"You okay?" He asked again.

Sitting beside him, sat Steve Harrington. He had pulled on his boxer briefs a few minutes ago, the rest of their crumpled up clothes laying in wrinkled heaps on the car floor. He hadn't said anything since Billy finished, both slick with sweat, and chests heaving for air. Now suddenly a pit of worry filled Billy's stomach. The same nervous twisting feel of dread he often felt whenever he knew his father was around ready to snap and lash out over the smallest thing. This was the nervous filling of dread, waiting for Steve to say something. This had been Steve's first time ever being with a guy. Billy on the other hand had been with a guy before, in fact it was the whole reason why Neil took the job offer, forcing them to move here to begin with. This had been Billy's dirty little secret, and he still couldn't believe that entire mess was still just a year ago. That little scandal had resulted in Neil breaking most of Billy's ribs, and causing him to piss blood for nearly a week. He never spoke about what happened, neither did Neil, or Susan, or Max...but that shadow still lingered over the family. It was all this strange little secret that Billy didn't quite know how he felt about. Alex was on his basketball team back in California He liked him well enough, he drove a Duster, liked to surf, and one evening after a few cheap beers one thing led to another. At first Billy was furious, pushing him away, roughly wiping his mouth and shouting...then Alex's smooth hands were cupping his face and suddenly his lips were on him and everything seemed to fade away. This sneaking around lasted a few months and then that little shit Max decided to get even with him after that night she acted like a complete spaz.

This resulted in them getting found out, and after Neil nearly beat Billy to death, he accepted the job in Hawkins, and so everything was ruined. Billy was threanted by his father if he ever acted like a "queer" again he would kill him, and the scary thing was...Billy actually believed him. So he spent the last year dating local girls, having mindless sex, staying angry, and privately putting up with the abusive of his father. He last heard from Alex right before the move, since then his only reminders of what happened was the occasionally punch or kick from Neil, grabbing a handful of his hair, asking him if he was a fairy like that kid back on the West Coast? Billy tried to move on, but the truth still lingered... Now after a year of playful doing the whole cat and mouse act with Harrington, before finally he took a risk, the biggest of all...and it paid off. Steve had been confused, but by graduation they had privately actually begun whatever this thing was. Billy knew this was different than it had been with Alex. He felt differently with Steve. It was as if...he was teaching him everything, guiding him, truly behind closed doors to lower this bad boy image of himself and actually have fun with Steve. Something about the sneaking around, and everything at risk made it dangerous and so much more fun. He never thought in a million years that he could actually feel this way about "King Steve" after last October...but here they were. Steve blew a deep breath, blowing his bangs, before running his hands through his thick messy hair and looking over.

"Does it always hurt that bad?" Billy smirked before he flicked his cigarette out the open window.

Turning slightly, he gazed at Steve with hungry eyes, loving how adorable he looked.

"It gets better trust me. Plus there's things we can do it make it better..."

"So, when do we...like...do it the other way around with me...you know..."

Billy tilted his head back and laughed before looking at him.

"You mean, you on top?"

Steve smirked.


Billy made a face before leaning forward, pressing his forehead against Steve's.

"One step at a time Harrington..."

Steve chuckled, slowly running his hands over Billy's tanned and muscular chest before reaching to the waistband of his boxers and reaching down making Billy stiffen, snapping his eyes shut. Steve laughed before taking his hands out and loosely wrapping his arms around Billy's neck. Playfully he started kissing the side of Billy's neck, licking, and kissing him. Steve being the only one to know how ticklish he was, Billy laughed as Steve continued doing so.

"God I love you..."

Steve pulled away and instantly Billy knew what an idiot he sounded like. He had usually been able to play it cool and tough with Steve, but as of lately he had really been letting his guard down. Just last week the two lied saying they were going to a concert with separate friends in Ohio, when in reality they went with each other. They went to see a Van Halen show that Billy had splurged for, and spent the night at a cheap motel, where Billy had hoped would be Steve and his first time together. He had scored some cases of beer, and both had smoked a joint getting the giggles, but after some heavy petting Steve had freeze up and apologized. Billy was frustrated, but agreed to go slow. Instead they fell asleep in each other's arms. That weekend they got to see each other naked for the first time, and in the shower the following morning gave each other both blow jobs.

Watching Steve moan, tilting his head back underneath the pouring showered and gripping his hair pulling at it drove him absolutely mad. Here they decided on taking the plunge and doing it tonight. Billy wanted to make it special for Steve, but private. The sneaking around killed them, but sadly that was what they had to live with. Before heading back to town, Billy decided he wanted to mark this occasion and dragged Steve into a tattoo shop downtown. Steve watched amused, shaking his head as Billy picked a skull smoking cigarette and got it tattooed on him. The whole ride back Steve kept rolling up Billy's sleeve, laughing, unable to believe that he actually went ahead and did it. He asked if Neil would kill him and Billy shrugged. The sad truth of the matter was as long as Billy stayed out of Neil's way, he didn't care what he did. Steve was one of the few people who had learned about why they had ended up moving here.

Billy took a second and closed his eyes hating that his big mouth had made him loose his cool.

"Um...I mean."

"You love me?"

Billy opened his eyes and glared at him, ready to let his temper get the best of him. Instead Steve smiled and leaned forward softly kissing him, pressing him back against the seat.

"I love you to Billy...once we save up...we're outta here, just a few more months and we're gone."

It had been a pipe dream they had shared, and now Billy couldn't believe his ears. He pulled back.

"You...mean it?"

Steve pulled away for a second and smirked, his bangs hanging in his face.

"Yeah...my dad made me get that stupid job at the mall since I couldn't get into any good schools. I know you're saving...we'll head to California, get a place on the beach. We'll get jobs...and maybe won't have to keep sneaking around so much."

Billy grinned unable to believe his ears. He honestly felt as if he was dreaming. Suddenly a hungry need for Steve over took him. He saw his plump pouty lips, and needed to devour them. He grabbed him roughly and pulled him closer to him, mouth cover mouth, moaning as his hands clutched onto him. He all ready had a plan, a secret plan he knew he had to hide from Steve...but it was truly the only way the two of them could leave this town together.

"I love you Steve..."

He moaned between kisses. Steve smiled, running his hands through Billy's hair, pinning him down as he straddled over him.

"I love you too Billy...now shut up and kiss me..."

Together they continued kissing as the windows of the Camaro began to fog up again.