October 30th 1984

Steve had kissed Nancy, staring into her beautiful eyes, truly putting his heart out on the line, pushing away any lingering or building worry that was slowly starting to take over. Panic rearing it's ugly head, as he felt as if his once certain firm grip on life had begun to loosen. Things weren't great at home, the pressure was on about applying to schools, and judging from Steve's grades, he knew the chances of that happening were pretty slim. He knew there was community college, but somehow his heart just wasn't in it. He suddenly was beginning to feel regret from all those wasted years worrying about partying, and being Mr. Popular, Mr. Cool. Never taking anything serious. He knew in just a few months graduation would happen, and everything he once held in high regard wouldn't matter anymore. Life was moving on, and suddenly being "King Steve" didn't seem all that important anymore. Nancy still had another year, and in the last few months ever since what happened last winter, he felt her slowly pulling away. Sure he was absolutely crazy about her, but he felt a distance starting to pull between the two of them, and no matter how hard Steve tried, he knew he was slowly losing her.

He saw the small flicker of panic in her eyes when he tried to mention working for his dad, being responsible, having benefits, insurance, maybe even saving up enough for them to get married...start a family? He always figured this was what Nancy wanted. Instead, she didn't look so sure. He felt as if things were slowly starting to fall apart, and he was losing her. When she said she loved him, he felt as if she was an actress performing in a stage play. That this response was just automatic. That's when they both heard the low rumble of a car engine approaching. Pausing, Steve raised an eyebrow and stared out the windshield. There he saw a blue Camaro pull into the parking-lot, music blasting. Steve and Nancy both climbed out of the car, and he saw Nancy staring. She was leaning against the open door looking in the car's direction as it pulled into a spot across the way.

Steve looked over the roof, feeling the chilly early October morning air. He watched as a little girl, roughly around Nancy's brother's age climb out of there passenger seat. She hopped onto a skateboard, and rolled past them headed towards the middle school building. She had bright red hair, and kept her head down as she continued pushing off one foot across the parking-lot. Looking back, that's when he saw him. The driver climbed out, boots stomping as he stood up. He was dressed head to toe in denim, and Steve couldn't quite explain it, but even from across the way he closely studied his features. He was tall, wearing a white T-shirt underneath his jean jacket. He had shoulder length dirty blond hair, and for just a brief moment, his eyes scanned over and stared at him. Steve felt his stomach twist, really not liking that feeling. He watched as the guy smirked, turned, and headed in the direction of the main building to the high school. Groups of girls stood back in awe and watched, as he slowly made his way down the hill. Steve found his eyes watching his ass slowly pump up and down with each step. Steve suddenly ripped his eyes away, cheeks burning, feeling as if he had been doing something terrible. He felt light headed, and strange, before Nancy's voice broke him out of his thoughts.


Steve blinked, looking across to his girlfriend.


"The bell, it just rang. You okay?"

She slammed her door, holding her books. Looking around the parking-lot, Steve saw students slowly starting to make their way towards the building. Huddles of groups taking the last drags of their cigarettes, as they all moved in the same direction. Taking a deep breath, Steve faked a smile and nodded, slipping his sunglasses out of his pocket and putting them on. Somehow beneath these stupid tinted black lenses, he felt as if he was hidden, protected from whatever he was just staring at. Nancy made a face laughing and shook her head as Steve began to hum the song from Risky Business. Circling around, he slipped his arm around her thin shoulders as they began walking towards the main entrance. All the meanwhile, in the back of his mind he couldn't quite understand why he was staring at that guy's ass as he walked into school.


Billy parked the Camaro in the back driveway, killing the engine as the block party weekend lineup was cut off. Tonight he had been in a pretty great mood. Sure work had dragged, but nevertheless it hadn't been horrible, and he had spent a good reminder of the day working on his tan. Tonight, he had been able to have sex with Steve for the second night in the row. He had sensed that Steve was still partly hesitant, and nervous. Still, Billy sensed he was allowing himself to completely trust him.

The gate was locked, which meant nobody was going to walk in on them. Billy had even put Steve's to mind even more when he locked the locker room door, telling Steve they wouldn't be interrupted at all. After some heavy petting in the hot tub, Billy had instructed Steve on what exactly to do. He first wrapped his hand around Steve's cock, giving him long slow strokes. As he did so, with his other hand he inserted one of his fingers inside Steve from beneath the hot bubbling water. Steve stiffened at first, but Billy whispered into his ear, pressing his body against him as he hung partly off the side of the hot tub. There he began to finger Steve as he did last night. The hot bubbling water helped, as he felt Steve's muscles relax, as he moaned. Billy inserted another finger, and once he felt Steve completely loosen up, he grinned.

When he entered him, Steve had cried out, and as hard as he tried Billy wanted to be gentle. Still, he was finding himself struggling to hold back. When he climaxed, he wrapped his arms tightly around Steve's waist, as he cried out himself, grunting, and bucking his hips against Steve's ass. When they dressed afterwards, Steve carefully pulled his shorts on, before rolling his eyes as he stared at them, laying over his arm. Billy saw that Steve was bleeding again very slightly, nothing like last night. Steve looked a little embarrassed, and mentioned he better run home before he ended up staining his uniform. Billy grinned, before walking over as Steve pulled up his shorts, and tried looking behind to see if he was bleeding through.

"Just toss them in the wash and set it to cold, always takes blood out."

Steve glanced in Billy's direction, and Billy saw the small flicking expression of knowing why Billy was such an expert on washing blood out of his clothes.

Because of Neil...because of that bastard named Neil.

Instead, Billy walked over and chuckled, before giving Steve an old pilling towel he kept to dry off whenever he used the showers, and told Steve to just sit on this for the ride home. Steve gave a small chuckle, before he rubbed his stomach.

"Jesus, is my stomach ever going to get used to this?"

Billy squeezed his shoulder, and pressed his forehead against his.

"It won't be pretty, but remember a little blood ain't gonna kill anyone. Just take a nice hot shower afterwards and get a good night rest. You gotta rest up for the weekend."

Instantly Steve grinned.


Billy laughed, nuzzling his face against his. He was happy the two were so comfortable with each other. It had been different when he had been with Alex. He hadn't been very prepared, and had to figure out everything, including the messy and painful stuff all by himself. With Steve, he felt it was his duty to look after him, prepare him for everything, and walk him through it. He knew this had been embarrassing for Steve, but he saw the trust in his eyes whenever he stared at him. Billy had walked him through prepping for last night, and told Steve what to expect in the following days. He felt better putting Steve's mind to ease, and didn't want to say anything yet...but he was planning on letting Steve fuck him at least once during their private weekend together. He had only been fucked once, and that was by Alex. It had hurt like Hell, and he swore to himself he would never bottom again.

Still, he had never felt this way about anyone before, and actually wanted to feel Steve inside of him. As they finished dressing, he kept watching him smiling. He planned on surprising him with the offer tomorrow night and see how Steve would react. He hated saying goodbye to him tonight, but they kissed, keeping a careful eye out in the dark parking-lot before climbing into their cars, and driving away. The entire ride over, Billy listened to the radio and drummed his fingers against the wheel, sitting back, and replaying that last hour in the hot tub. His balls ached, and he wanted nothing more than to rip Steve's clothes off, and fuck him as hard as he could. He couldn't wait to get him alone for the weekend, and really show him a good time. Now home, he killed the engine, grabbed his gym bag and climbed out just as Max was rolling into the driveway on her skateboard.

"Hey shit bird."

Max glanced over, and shot him a weird look. Billy ignored this, as he began to climb the back steps. Max grabbed her brand-new board that Billy had replaced for her earlier this year after destroying the last one, and followed behind him. Billy opened the back door, and both entered. The smell of Susan's cooking filled the house, as Billy and Max walked in. Susan was smiling, standing in the kitchen, drying her hands on a dishcloth.

"Hey guys, we grilled out, there's hamburgers and hotdogs on the table if you want any."

Billy thanked Susan, but told her he was going to get changed first. As he began headed towards his bedroom a firm hand grabbed the back of his hair and gave it a hard yank. Susan by then had returned into the kitchen answering the phone which had begun to ring. Faintly Billy could hear her talking on it. Some girlfriend of hers from the neighborhood. As always Susan was rarely a witness whenever things got like this. Whenever she did, she would drop her eyes both ashamed and embarrassed, but never say a word. It was Max who mostly witnessed this. Billy stopped, as Neil appeared from the doorway to the living room. He was holding a beer, and the other hand firmly grasping Billy's curly damp hair. His fingers tightened on it, painfuly yanking upward, hurting them against his scalp. Neil's hot beer smelling breath huffed against his skin as he stepped closer.

"Well, well, well...is that a nasty hickey I spy William?"

Billy knew what he was talking about. In the hot tub both had gotten pretty frisky resulting in this purplish broken cluster of broken blood vessels. He was guilty himself for giving Steve his fair share. Staring ahead, Billy knew it was best not to say a word. Neil chuckled again.

"I didn't think guys were supposed to get these. Looks like a real nasty one. She must suck pretty good huh? Like all whores do."

Billy saw Max entering the living room by the other door, her skateboard away. She glanced in their direction, and the same look of embarrassment seemed to fill her eyes, much like Susan. Billy gulped, hating whenever Neil did this shit in front of Susan and Max. Instead he just stared forward. Neil shook his head and leaned right up against him, tiny bits of spittle flying from his lips and hitting him.

"Tell whatever whore that is to focus on fucking your dick, not your neck like some faggot."

Neil then let go of Billy's hair before burping loudly and headed down the hall and towards the garage. Most nights that's where Neil would spend the remainder of the evening. He would drink a few beers from the old beaten up fridge from inside of there. He would play his radio, and putter around, really not doing anything. Sometimes Mr. Miller from across the street would come over and they would split a few more beers and sit on the old rusty lawn chairs Neil kept near his workbench. For Billy that was just as well. Neil would rarely come back in until after one in the morning at the earliest, and head straight to bed. This left Billy unhassled for the remainder of the night, which usually was great. Susan would go in the den to watch TV or knit, while Max either played in her room, or watched MTV with Billy in the side room while he worked out. Hearing Neil's own radio start from the garage, Billy sighed and rubbed his sore scalp.

The last thing he needed was Neil being some drunken asshole and putting his hands on him. He sighed, before glancing to the left and saw Max sitting on the couch with another teen magazine open on her lap. She glanced up, locking eyes with him for his a fraction of a second before ripping them away. Feeling a little embarrassed himself, he knew this wasn't anything new. He had been lucky that Neil hadn't pressed the issue about the hickey even more. The last thing he needed was some fight, and Neil refusing to let Billy go "camping" for the weekend. He felt a surge of anger bubble up inside of him, fighting one of his hands into a fist. He wished more than anything he could just scream to Neil that he had gotten this hickey from his boyfriend. That they had fucked like animals, and were planning on doing it over and over again this weekend. He would do anything to stand up to Neil and see the reaction in his eyes knowing what his son really was, and actually found someone who loved him, and treated him as if he was actually worth something.

Instead, he didn't dare. He didn't want to chance it, and just wanted to keep his head down until tomorrow evening. That's all he wanted. Looking down, he headed to his room where he shut the door and changed. He changed into a white T-shirt and rolled his sleeves up. He changed into his green basketball shorts, and rubbed his sore head, before tossing the rest of his clothes into his hamper which he planned on taking care of tomorrow morning. He had so much planned for Steve, he honestly couldn't wait. Winking at his reflection in his full length mirror, he smirked, before shuffling back out. He ate two hamburgers in the kitchen, Max nowhere to be found. Susan was still on the phone gabbing away as he cleaned up, and did the rest of the dishes, before heading into the side room. Clicking on the tiny television he switched it to MTV, before putting on his fifty pound weights. He figured he would lift for a half an hour, shower, and crawl into bed. His stomach was giddy with excitement over what he had planned for Steve and him, and once he grabbed the barbell, he began to flex his pulsing muscles, feeling himself slowly build up a sweat, as he silently counted, listening to the music videos play as he continued to mentally count.

He heard Susan in the den click on the other TV, as he counted counting through his other set. That's when Max finally walked in, head hung down low, clearly upset. Billy raised an eyebrow, before pausing.

"You get dinner?"

Max shook her head.

"Wasn't hungry..."

Billy continued to lift, when he saw Max glance in his direction. She was acting super weird tonight, and Billy felt himself starting to get annoyed. Knowing if Susan and Neil weren't home he probably would have either snapped at her or simply ignored it. Instead he saw her staring down at the floor, looking as if she wanted to say something. He hoped it wasn't Max attempting to talking about what happened earlier with Neil. They all understood this was the dirty little secret of the family, much like what happened back on the West Coast. Neil beat the ever living shit out of Billy, and when he wasn't physical, he was mentally and verbally abusing him any second he had. There was no stopping it, and all Billy could hope for was that he had just a couple of months left before he left this shitty little town and never looked back. Still, he knew this wasn't it.

Max had been acting weird even earlier this morning. Shooting a look, he set his barbell down and looked at her.

"What's wrong?"

Max looked over.


"You've been acting weird all day. What's wrong?"

Max suddenly blushed.


Billy shot her a look.

"Yeah? Doesn't seem to nothing. Somebody bother you?"

Billy grabbed his pack of smokes and shook one out before lighting it. He fixed his sleeves, waiting for Max to admit something had happened. Turning, he blew the smoke out before he saw Max standing and staring up at him. Her eyes looked frightened, and more than a little unsure. Cocking his head to the side, his eyes shifted over in the direction of the den before he lowered his voice and stared at her, looking a mixture of angry as well concerned.

"That little shit Lucas didn't do anything did he?"

Max raised an eyebrow.

"Wait...what? No!"

"None of his friends are giving you a hard time are they? I swear to God I'll fucking kill them..."

Max's eyes widened before she quickly shook her head.

"No, it's nothing..."

She went to walk out of the room when Billy's hand shot out like a bullet and firmly grasped her arm, fingers digging into her soft skin.

"You sure?"

Max nervously stared up at him, before nodding.

"Yeah...I'm fine..."

Pulling away from his grip, she shuffled down the hallway towards her bedroom. He heard her door close, and found himself alone now standing by his weights. Staring down the hallway he took another drag of his smoke wondering what could be bothering her so badly? He had really laid off this year with worrying about her, but he still felt a heavy sense of responsibility when it came to her. He stared, and knew it was only a matter of time before he got her to spill her guts if anyone was bothering him. He really didn't think it was Lucas and the other guys. Steve swore they were all harmless and actually pretty decent kids. Billy saw them as annoying little nerds.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Still...if anyone was giving Max shit, he was certain he would find out and deal with it. Shaking his head, he continued smoking his cigarette, thoughts lingering on his little sister... "Step-sister..." His mind whispered, even though he knew deep down inside he loved her just like a real sister, and he would absolutely kill anyone who even dared to hurt her.

Halloween Night 1984

The blue Camaro slowed to a stop in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Hawkins. Children dressed in costumes ran around carrying bags of candy as a cold autumn wind blew through the trees that lined the street. Parking, Billy sat behind the wheel, wearing jeans, and just his leather jacket. He had decided to take Tommy and Tina up on their offer to be invited to their Halloween party. He had been given a flyer, and played it off by shrugging and saying he might swing by. First, he had to drop Max off to go trick or treating with a few new kids she had met at school. Instantly he was annoyed that this became his responsibility.

Neil and Susan were at a party at Neil's work, so it was up to him to drive the little shit around. Parking, he glanced over at her feeling annoyed as she held onto her newly bought Michael Myers mask. He did find it funny that instead of dressing like a princess, or Madonna, or some makeup wearing rock star, Max was dressing up as Michael fucking Myers. Yet another reminder of why Max constantly was marching to a beat to her own drum. Billy and her currently couldn't stand each other, and for good reason, but nevertheless there had been a few good moments before the big move. He remembered last year before everything came crashing down, how they had rented Halloween 2. He remembered Max screaming and burying her face against Billy's side whenever the killer would appear on screen. Now a year later they sat side by side, an unspoken anger settled between the two of them as Billy shot her a look.

"I'll get you at ten right here. If you're late you're walking home and I don't wanna hear you bitch to Neil. Understood?"

Max shot him a look.

"Yeah fine..."

Billy rolled his eyes annoyed.

"Just watch out for cars shit bird...and remember ten on the dot."

Max climbed out of the car, and before she shut the door Billy called out to her. Max looked down annoyed, before Billy felt his glare twitch before he shrugged.

"Hey shit bird."

Max stopped and looked down. Billy sighed before shrugging.

"Be careful."

Max shot him a look back before nodding and slamming the door. Billy watched as she slid her mask on, gripped her bag and started down the street. Billy sat for a second watching her, feeling a strange feeling of hating her, and worrying about her. Shaking his head, he shifted it into drive, and turned around headed to Tommy and Tina's. Having no idea it was at this very party that he would truly lay eyes on "King Steve" and feel himself start falling head over heels for him.

Late February 1985

Steve grinned as he slid open his sliding glass door to his balcony. He had instructed Billy on when he sneak over. He had parked his car two streets back, and had walked the rest of the way. His parents were downstairs, entertaining guests yet again, all the way downstairs in the den. For the last two hours Steve had heard his father's jazz records, as well as laughter. Several of his father's business partners had come over along with their wives. His parents had thrown a dinner, and Steve had briefly seen all of them when he shuffled downstairs, pretending he had come down with a cold, and was planning on taking some cough syrup and turning in early for the night. His mother who had been walking out with a tray of deviled eggs, had frowned before feeling his forehead.

"You do feel clammy. Do you want me to make you some soup honey?" Steve wrinkled his nose as he grabbed a can of ginger ale from the fridge.

"I'm good mom, just gonna head upstairs, lock the door and get to bed early. I think I just need to sleep it off."

"Okay, but if you need anything please come downstairs okay?"

Steve nodded, knowing exactly how to act whenever he "faked" sick to his mother who nearly always believed him. He grabbed his can, before his mother smiled at him and wished him a good night. Steve was lucky to get away from downstairs. The guests had all ready come over and were mostly in the dinning room. Steve knew the routine, they would have dinner, before killing a few bottles of whiskey and wine before moving to the den. There they would listen to records, maybe play a few games of pool, before playing cards and getting drunker than a bunch of skunks. As of lately his dad had really been on his case since all ready it seemed as though Steve wouldn't be getting into any of the few colleges he had attempted to apply to. He had made plenty of remarks, mostly about how Steve was going to have to learn responsibility once he got into the real world. Steve feared his impressive allowance would be ending soon, and if he didn't get to find a school by the end of the spring after graduation he knew his father would want to teach him a lesson and make him get a job.

Still, thought all that stupid bullshit at home and school, Steve actually felt the happiest he had in forever. This reminded him of last year when things first started with Nancy. Somehow he now felt both giddy and nervous. He knew there was one reason and one reason alone for this. He was falling in love. Sure he was still confused, and more than a little scared...but here he was, falling head over heels for Billy Hargrove.

It had been a week since they took their little drive. A week since Billy scared the ever living shit out of Tommy who hadn't said a word to him at school. He had caught Carol staring, but figured after what happened in the parking-lot both didn't have the nerve to say nor do anything. That night they took a drive, both had made out on the side of the road for nearly a solid hour. The second Billy's hand reached down to his crotch of his jeans, gently squeezing, and twisting against the pulsing bulge that was building in there, Steve flinched and felt pure panic. Embarrassed, he dropped his eyes, hair a mess, face flushed.


He said, before Billy gently touched his chin, causing him to look over at him.

"Don't sweat it princess, we got all the time in the world..."

After class earlier today, Billy had walked with Steve towards the parking-lot, smoking a cigarette as people hurried out bundled and wrapped up in their winter coats. Steve had been watching Billy from afar this whole week, day dreaming about those firm lips that had tasted so good. He found himself day dreaming about him, and had woken up the night before from a pretty intense wet dream involving Billy in the locker rooms. The following morning at school, Steve felt his cheeks burn as he watched Billy from afar, wearing his brown leather jacket, strolling in the halls, aviator sunglasses tucked in his front pocket.

Steve had found himself staring, becoming lost in his own thoughts throughout the day. Once the final bell rang, he was surprised to find Billy walking beside him, smoking a cigarette. They had walked side by side, going up the hill towards the lot. Just then Steve almost slipped on a patch of black ice. His sneakers slid, before Billy's strong firm arm wrapped around Steve's waist and firmly held him from falling. Steve turned his face, and stared up at Billy who smirked.

"Whoa, easy there princess."

Steve blushed, before straightening himself up, careful to make sure nobody was watching. A flush of color filled his cheeks, before he straightened up and shot Billy a playful look.


"So, what is King Steve up to this fine weekend?"

Both continued to walk again. Steve eyed Billy and was almost certain if he slipped again, Billy would instantly be on him. He shrugged as he dug his car keys out.

"My old man is having some guys from work over. I'm planning on faking sick and locking myself in my bedroom all night."

Billy smirked.

"Want some company?"

Steve froze, before raising an eyebrow. Billy smiled back, enjoying his reaction.

"I mean, as long as we're not interrupted..."

Steve glanced around, nobody around, everyone heading towards their cars. Smiling, he stared at him.

"How about I call you around five?"

Billy smiled.

"Sounds like a plan princess."

Tapping a wink, he told him he would see him later, before walking away. Like clockwork, Billy had called, and both made the plan on where Billy should leave his car. Steve knew this was a huge risk with his parents right downstairs, but he couldn't count how many times he had snuck Nancy over here. Still, this seemed so much more dangerous, as well as exciting. So Steve had grabbed another ginger ale when his mother wasn't looking, knowing it was the best thing to mix with a handle of gin he had hidden in the bottom of his closet. He stood back smiling as he slid the glass door open, letting in a blast of cold air before Billy walked in, leather jacket still on and shoulders hunched.

Steve smiled as Billy turned, cupping his hands in front of his face and blowing into them.

"Jesus it's freezing out there."

Steve was tempted to ask if anyone had seen him, but he was certain that Billy actually knew what he was doing. Now he stood back, watching as Billy turned and shut the glass door behind him, before staring at him and smiling. Feeling his heart begin to hammer, it finally hit him. Billy Hargrove was standing in his bedroom. His mind drifted back to his locked door, and the faint sounds of music and laughter coming all the way downstairs. He stood there, cheeks burning as he shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans. Both stared at each other, before Billy smirked and motioned to his dresser where the handle of gin and ginger ale cans were.

"Playing bartender princess?"

Steve glanced over before he chuckled and ran his hand through his thick hair nervously.

"Yeah, figured you might be thirsty..."

Billy ran his tongue over his lips, before stepping forward.

"Oh I can think of different ways to quench my thirst..."

With that, he tilted his head to the side, and opened his lips against Steve's. Closing his eyes, Steve moaned softly through his mouth as Billy's hands firmly grasped the sides of Steve's face, pulling him closer as his lips smacked against his. Steve instantly felt fireworks again, goosebumps running up and down through him as he tasted the faint taste of cigarettes and chewing gum from Billy's tickling tongue that darted and plunged in his mouth. Pulling back, lips smacking, Steve sighed before closing his eyes and rocking back and forth on his heels. Billy chuckled, before tilting his head and brushing his hair back.

"How was that princess?"

Steve smiled, before taking a deep breath, looking both taken aback as well as overwhelmed. He blew out a deep breath, blowing back his bangs a bit. Billy chuckled, before he smiled and stared closely at his face. Steve felt his hand snake behind him, and begin to gently rub his scalp from beneath the heavy layers of his hair. Steve couldn't believe that this was the same Billy Hargrove that had nearly beaten him to death just a few months ago. Smiling, Steve reached forward and gently tugged Billy's jacket off his shoulders. Billy knew instantly what he was doing and smiled before shrugging it off. His jacket dropped to the carpet floor, where all he wore beneath was a navy blue button down shirt, that despite the freezing cold outside, hadn't bothered to button a single button. Instead he saw his tanned golden muscular chest and stomach. Steve stared down almost in a trance, before he reached forward, more than a little scared and curious.

His hands reached out before he opened his shirt partly and froze. There were bruised, all over his stomach, ugly purplish welts. Steve froze, staring down before Billy flinched and stepped back, quickly closing his shirt. Steve saw he was embarrassed, as Billy quickly buttoned his shirt and turned.

"Better not strip each other down with your fucking parents right below us. Besides King Steve...you might get a little loud and I don't want anyone thinking I'm fucking murdering you..."

Steve sighed as Billy remained turning away from him as he reached for the handle of gin on his dresser. Unscrewing it, he watched as he sniffed the booze, shrugged and grabbed his can of soda. Steve watched as he cracked open the can and took a big gulp before pouring gin into it. Not bothering to mix it, he turned and was mid-sip when he froze and raised an eyebrow at Steve. Right away, Steve saw he looked annoyed.


Steve chewed on his lip before sighing.

"How did you get those?"

He motioned to Billy's stomach. It took him a second, before Billy shrugged.

"Nothing, just played ball with the guys and some asshole from Mr. Victor's class hip checked me."

Steve stared at him, before Billy shrugged and sipped his soda some more before placing it back down on the dresser. "What?" He asked again, sounding more annoyed. Steve smirked, knowing this wasn't the time nor the place to push the issue. Still, he figured those marks had come from something else...more than likely Mr. Hargrove who he had heard was a grade A asshole. He smirked, before walking beside Billy, and fixing up his own drink. Turning, leaning against it he took a sip before raising an eyebrow.

"Jesus, that's awful."

Breaking the tension, Billy chuckled before he made a face.

"Yeah, I was gonna ask where the fuck did you even get this shit?"

Steve shrugged.

"Can't remember, stole it from my parents supply."

Billy smirked glancing at him as both leaned against the dresser sipping their sodas.

"Yeah well, your parents have shit for taste."

Laughing, Steve glanced in his direction as Billy looked back smiling. Somehow the weird moment had passed, and Steve was grateful...all the meanwhile meanly storing away those terrible ugly bruises.


Billy and Steve both laid on his bed. Billy's shirt remained buttoned up, but his arms were wrapped tightly around Steve, laying on top of him, pressing him into the mattress, legs wrapped around his, as he grinded his hips against Steve's. Steve's hair was a mess, as he moaned beneath Billy's mouth, both having been making out with each other for the last half an hour. Whenever Billy's hands went below Steve's belt line he would freeze up. Steve figured the only reason Billy hadn't gotten annoyed was because Steve had remained respectful and hadn't touched anywhere near his stomach where his bruises were. Instead, Billy had simply laid on the goodnesses old fashion charm, and had rolled on top of him, and had been roughly kissing him, hands running up and down his sides, pressing him into the mattress, and squeezing him as he established he was the one in control.

Steve had tried to control his moans, as he laid beneath him, feeling his weight pressing down on him as he smelled Billy's cologne, and raked his hands through the tangled mess of dirty blond hair. This make-out session hadn't been anything like it had been with any other girl. Instead he felt a pretty stiff erection pulsing beneath his jeans, as he laid back, back arching as Billy continued kissing him. He felt Billy's large hands reach underneath him, squeezing his ass as he panted.

That's when they heard a knock echo on the other side of the door. Instantly the kiss broke, as Billy's head snapped up as both froze. Steve waited, eyes widening.


He called out.

"Steve, are you okay honey? Wanted to see how you were feeling?"

Steve rolled his eyes in frustration as Billy smirked on top of him, both looking in the direction of the locked door. Flustered, Steve sighed before shaking his head.

"I'm fine mom, just trying to sleep. Goodnight!"

"Okay honey, if you need anything let me know!"

They heard the sound of his mother walking away and down the stairs. Laying back, Steve sighed, his hair pooling all around his pillow. Shaking his head, he rubbed his face.

"Jesus Christ."

Billy chuckled, propping himself up on his arms as he still laid on top of Steve.

"Awwww, mommy is worried about her little princess?"

Steve made a face looking up at Billy, before Billy shook his head still softly chuckling.

"No, it's actually really cute. That's nice she cares so much."

Steve sensed a sad flicker in his eyes for his a brief second, before he leaned down and loudly smacked Steve's lips. Lifting his head, Billy stared down.

"I better get going...you wanna meet up tomorrow?"

Steve smirked.

"Yeah sure...call me around noon?"

Billy smiled, before leaning down and kissing him again, his hands going down, before he playfully tickled Steve's sides making him laugh. Getting up, Billy swung his legs off the side, before pulling on his worn motorcycle boots he had kicked off before getting onto the bed. Pulling them on, he glanced over his shoulder and stared at Steve who sat up, hair still a flopping mess. Smirking, Billy reached back and gently squeezed his leg.

"That was fun...you enjoy yourself?"

Steve smiled before nodding.

"Yeah...actually I did. Sorry I wasn't more fun."

Billy smiled, before leaning over and gently kissing Steve's lips.

"Don't sweat it Harrington, remember...we got all the time in the world."

Steve smiled, before Billy made a face and motioned down to himself.

"Now excuse me, I'm gonna have to take an extremely cold shower to cure these blue balls of mine."

Steve laughed, enjoying seeing Billy actually smile. With that, Billy got up, grabbing his leather jacket off the floor, as Steve got up and circled around. Billy walked to the sliding glass door, before turning and facing Steve.

"I'll call you around noon tomorrow, sound good princess?"

Steve nodded, before standing back.

"Listen...I hope I'm not being a pain in the ass...I just...gotta go slow. This is all new to me okay?"

Billy tilted his head to the side again before he nodded.

"Like I said princess, don't sweat it. We're gonna have fun, I promise you that."

"Listen I..."

Billy leaned over and gently pressed his finger against Steve's lips.

"Don't worry Steve, trust me."

Steve found this weird that he called him by his first name, but somehow just by looking at him he knew he meant it. Trying not to get too emotional, he smirked. He then knew just by looking into Billy's loudly blue eyes it was now or never. He knew more than likely Billy would get annoyed and snap at him. He knew his secret, and these last few times of them together alone had been truly something wonderful. He was scared out of his mind, yet whenever he stared into Billy's eyes he somehow felt safe.

"Billy listen...tonight felt...well fucking amazing."

Billy chuckled as Steve took a deep breath and continued on.

"Like I said, I'm in some uncharted water right now, and more than a little overwhelmed...but whatever this is...it feels amazing. We're both risking a lot over...whatever this is. I trust you...I really do...I hope you can trust me."

Billy raised an eyebrow before Steve sighed and crossed his arms.

"I know you didn't get those marks from basketball...and I know you don't wanna talk about it. I know it's none of my business, but...I think I'm really starting to have feelings for you Billy. Feelings I never thought I could have. Maybe someday...you'll trust me enough to talk about it. If you don't want to...hey I get it. Just know...if...things get bad for you at home...you can come over here...anytime okay."

Billy blinked for a second, looking as if Steve had just spoken some unheard language to him. That's when Steve knew...Billy wasn't used to anyone being decent to him, even like this. He looked uncomfortable, and simply dropped his eyes, before he clicked his tongue Steve waited for him to lash out, but after a solid minute of silence, he finally lifted his eyes and looked right at Steve.


Steve nodded, before he chewed on his bottom lip again. Billy turned to leave, when Steve called out...



Billy snapped, now looking annoyed. Instead, Steve ignored it and walked forward. With one simple motion, he leaned over and gently kissed Billy's lips. He saw how surprised he was. Stepping back, he smiled slowly, before nodding.

"Talk to you tomorrow."

Billy looked partly stunned, before it took him a second. He locked eyes with Stephen, before he sadly smiled and let out a deep breath.

"Night princess."

He leaned over and actually kissed Steve's cheek. It wasn't rough, or sexual...just sweet. Steve stood back, as Billy dropped his eyes again and slid open the door. Cold air hit him for a second, before Billy closed the door behind him. Not bothering to turn around and look, he carefully climbed down and out of sight. Watching for another second, Steve deeply sighed before gathering the empty pop cans and tossing them in his tiny trash bin near his dresser. Putting the handle of gin away at the bottom of his closet, he sighed before changing into a T-shirt and sweats. He took a second before laying back in his bed. Putting his arms behind his head, he stared up at the ceiling feeling his heart pound as he faintly smelled cologne left behind by Billy.

Laying there, thinking of the bruises, he suddenly felt tears fill his eyes. Blinking them away, he turned over and stared ahead at the wall. If there was anyway he could break through this wall that Billy had put up...he knew he needed to at least try. Sighing, he closed his eyes, allowing sleep to take over.