Small-town Boy - Bronski Beat

Steve nervously chewed on his bottom lip, staring at his reflection of his bathroom mirror as he finished applying the finishing touches on his hair. He stood back, looking at himself and had to chuckle. It seemed like an absolute lifetime before his parents finally left. He helped them load up their luggage, hugged both of them, before his father shot him a look.

"I hear of any parties and it will be your ass Steve. Let's not forget what happened last time you had a party. That Holland girl ended up getting killed."

This remark stung. But, instead of arguing, Steve simply nodded before his mother rolled her eyes, and told is father to start up the A.C in the car. Once he left them, his mother made a face causing him to crack a small smile. She waved her hand before she opened her purse and produced three crisp fifty dollar bills.

"Don't pay any attention to him, this heat just makes him grumpy. Now here is money for food. Don't just order pizza okay?"

Steve sighed taking the money.

"It's too much mom..."

"Nonsense. We'll be back next Friday. I'll try to call before we set off. Just remember to turn the pumps off for the pool, and lock up when you go to work okay?"

Steve nodded.

"Will do mom. Have fun."

She leaned over, kissing his cheek before smiling and going back to the car. Steve stood back and waved as his father's car rolled out of the driveway. Once the car had disappeared out of sight, he sighed loudly feeling a million times better. Sighing loudly, she rubbed his palms together before hurrying back inside. He had all ready requested more than enough time off at work, and was planning on making these next ten days very special for Billy and him. He had scored enough liquor to kill a small army, and had some pretty big ideas planned for the two of them. Going straight to the shower, he shaved, and conditioned his hair, going through his nearly hour long skin and hair routine that he had done just a few nights ago for his first time with Billy. Now he found himself a short time later, having dressed in basketball shorts, and a white T-shirt. He had been messing with his hair for the last twenty minutes, hitting it with the blowdryer and hairspray. Having spotted a small pimple, he groaned as he leaned over towards the mirror and squeezed and messed with it, making the skin around it red and sensitive. Putting some of his skin cream on lightly, he spent another ten minutes messing with his hair again, before knowing that was as good as it was going to get. He had chilled some glasses for the liquor, and had gone over to his stereo. As the music filled the air, he then heard the doorbell chime. Turning, he smirked before rubbing his palms against the legs of his jeans.

Taking a deep breath, he got himself together before walking towards the landing. Taking a deep breath, he reached and opened the door. Billy stood on his front porch. He had on that wine colored button down dress shirt that Steve loved. It wasn't buttoned at all, revealing his tanned his muscular chest and stomach. The sleeves were rolled up, showing his muscular biceps. He had on extremely tight jeans, where Steve could see the outline of his cock, bulging against his thigh. He had a duffle bag laying by his boots, his golden hair styled back, earring dangling, and a half sexy smirk on his face. The second he looked over, he smiled. Here Steve saw the real Billy. Not the tough guy he acted like, or the local Hawkins' local sex symbol. No, this was Billy Hargrove, the sweet, sexy, caring man who he knew he loved so badly it actually hurt. Steve couldn't help it, there was no playing cool here. Instantly the biggest stupid grin spread across his face. Billy smiled back, looking in at him. Slowly his eyes went up and down, taking all of Steve in, clearly enjoying the sight of Steve sporting those basketball shorts.


Steve kept smiling staring.



"Who do you belong to?"

Billy asked, jeans and boxers off, shirt open, barley hanging off his shoulders. He had Steve bent over the sofa. The blinds in the living room all drawn. The record player still playing and the A.C blasting despite the sweat that both boys had been working up. Billy had pried open Steve's thighs widely, hips flush against Steve's full plump ass. He yanked Steve's head back by the hair, and growled into his ear.

"I can't hear you."

Steve grabbed into the sofa, hands curled into fists as he cried out. For the last ten or so minutes Billy had been getting him nice and loose, inserting his fingers inside of him, fingering him while his other hand wrapped around his cock and began tightly squeezing and releasing. Just when Steve thought he was on the verge of climaxing, Billy had let go, leaving Steve panting, before positing himself and entering him. At first the pain was so bad, Steve actually screamed, snapping his eyes shut, cords in his neck straining as Billy grunted and slammed his hips into him again. Now Billy was thrusting away at a frighting rate. Steve felt his body getting pressed into the sofa, face down, Billy's hand firmly pressing down his head as he felt his cock bury deeply inside of him. His erection still hadn't gone down. It twitched, painfully getting pressed against the material of the sofa. He turned his head slightly, feeling Billy rock against his, the faint sound of slapping skin, and Billy's labored breathing. The record had now run out, record skipping on static faintly when Billy asked again, hissing into his ear...

"Who do you belong to?"

Steve felt the building of both pain and pleasure start to build. He licked his lips, before softly whimpering out...


Billy thrusted into him again, even harder.




Billy said through gritted teeth. Steve completely exhausted gave up completely before crying out in both pleasure and pain...


Billy grinned, a good sweat having worked up over his entire body, his curly dirty blond hair hanging slightly in his eyes as he felt himself coming close. Leaning down, wrapping his arms tightly around Steve, he ran his tongue over his tanned back, before kissing the tiny bumps from his spine. Overcome by Steve's tightness, he felt himself begin to tingle from all over as his thighs forced Steve's own legs further apart as he loudly grunted and continued thrusting away.


"You okay?"

Billy asked in a deep voice down to Steve who laid against him. Both were stretched out on a fold out lounge chair. This sat downstairs in the den, facing the sliding glass doors that opened up to the patio. All of the lights were off, and the only source of light came from outside from the pool lights from beneath the surface. Stunning shades of blue, rippling with the glimmering lights from under the water, casting against Billy and Steve who laid together looking out. Both had pulled on their boxers, and now laid together, Steve against Billy, laying between his two firm legs, and laying back against his stomach and chest. Billy absently stroked Steve's hair in silence. Steve smirked, this was the third time since they finished upstairs that Billy had asked him that. Smiling, he glanced up with his big round brown eyes.

"Might walk funny tomorrow, but I'm fine." Billy lightly chuckled, continuing stroking his boyfriend's hair.

"Must be doing something right then..."

Steve couldn't stop smiling as he continued staring out at the water.

"If we ever do get to it like this?"

Steve asked, still staring ahead. Gently lacing his hands into his. Billy smirked, kissing the top of Steve's head, smelling the sweet scent of his shampoo that drove him absolutely wild. One of Billy's favorite things about his boyfriend was his hair. He loved how thick it was, how soft it felt whenever he got a good handful of it whenever they were getting frisky. He loved how much effort he put into it whenever they were planning on going out, and how more than often it just flopped over in waves, perfectly framing his round face.

"Absolutely, even better. We'll get a place right on the beach. I'll teach you to surf, and it will just be the two of us..."

He gently tilted Steve's head back, before he leaned down tilting his head and slowly opened his mouth covering Steve's. Their lips made a loud smacking noise as they began to suck, his tongue deeply wiggling into his, darting, and tasting as Billy could all ready feel himself starting to harden from between his legs, pressing up against Steve's ass. Steve tightly squeezed Billy's, twisting and squirming. When the kiss broke, spittle trailed between their mouths, as they stared at each other breathless, and flushed. Billy smirked before he nudged Steve and motioned with his head towards the pool outside.

"Would love to cool down with you, but I think we better stay inside."

Steve sighed, staring out the sliding glass doors at the pool and the lights glowing beneath the surface.

"Yeah, better safe than sorry. Jonathan Bryers could be lurking around with his camera."

Billy raised an eyebrow and smiled.


Steve rolled his eyes.

"Never mind. How about a nice cool shower?"

Billy smiled, that same flickering hunger showing deeply in his eyes.

"Sounds amazing, come on pretty boy..."

Getting up, Billy offered his hand to Steve, letting him stand. Staring at each other, Steve took a deep breath before suddenly he stared up at Billy, color filling his cheeks.

"I love you Billy."

Billy, who seemed touched, smiled before reaching and brushing some of his bangs away.

"I love you too Steve, now come on...I want you stripped and in that shower stat...or I'll be angry...and you know what happens princess when I get angry."

Steve gulped, his wide brown doe eyes staring at him, before he smirked and reached down, cupping Billy's crotch through the thin material of his boxers. Completely caught off guard, Billy's eyes widened in shock before, before Steve gave a good squeeze, enough to knock the breath right out from him before Steve laughed and spun on his heels and ran through the doorway of the den and up the stairs. Making a face, Billy rubbed his chin, staring down at himself where a pretty impressive hard-on was pulsing between his legs. Smirking, he knew he was going to make damn sure that Steve would pay for that. Laughing, he cupped his hands around his mouth before shouting.

"Ready or not pretty boy! Here I come!"

He could faintly hear Steve laughing. Grinning, he took off running, thankful that for the time being Steve and him were away from all this outside bullshit. Nobody was here to bother them. Not his parents, or his dad. No, for this weekend the two were completely alone, able to walk around and pretend that this is what a future somehow, somewhere, someway could happen with them. Steve had changed Billy's outlook on the possibility that happiness could actually maybe happen for him. Laughing he ran through Steve's dark house, heading straight upstairs, all ready hearing the sound of the shower running.



Steve cried, slightly bent over in his shower upstairs with Billy right behind him, arms wrapped around his waist and stomach, his back to the pouring showered, water collecting in his curling hair as he bucked his hips roughly, his thighs slightly spreading Steve's, as he bent him over more, allowing Steve to reach out and firmly plant his open palms against the wall of the shower. Billy was going at it rougher than usual, but somehow from the second he entered the bathroom, he felt completely overcome with the need to take Steve, and take him hard. He watched as Steve's blurry outline of his body was standing in the shower. Spotting his boxers thrown to the ground, Billy yanked his down, and was pleasantly surprised to see his penis spring up nearly all the way up to his belly button. Walking over, he pulled back the glass shower door on the rail, and saw his boyfriend standing beneath the water. His thick hair soaking wet as he was in the middle of soaping himself up.

Billy grinned, clicking his tongue, as he held onto the metal frame of the shower looking in.

"Hi there."

Steve smiled before he looked down at his impressive erection sticking straight up. Notcing where Steve's eyes were, Billy smirked.

"Like what you see?"

Steve, who seemed almost transfixed nodded before Billy licked his lips and stepped in joining him beneath the refreshing cool water that continued to pour down. Now less than twenty minutes later, here they were. Steve whimpered, before Billy gave his stomach a squeeze.

"You like that?"

Steve who continued whimpering, hair hanging down, began to moan which sounded like the perfect mixture between pain and pleasure. Billy hadn't let up, instead he kept bucking his hips, before finally he felt himself coming close. Firmly grasping his sides, Billy struggled to hold off, but suddenly despite the cool water falling on his back, the entire bathroom seemed to feel as if it was thousands of degrees inside. Moaning, he climaxed roughly, his thighs feeling numb, as he felt himself empty out inside of him. Steve's hands nearly slipped, before he stayed there for a second as Billy continued holding onto him, trying not to let the aftermath of climaxing so hard to make him get light headed and slip. Standing, he leaned down slightly, kissed Steve's wet back where tiny beads of water were collecting, and sighed. That's when it hit him, he had been way too rough with him.

Taking a second, he pulled out, and saw a mixture of blood and semen as the water started washing it away. Feeling awful, he stood back as Steve continued staring ahead, holding the wall, head bowed. Billy stood back and saw the blood trickling down Steve's thighs and knew he had gone too far. Swallowing hard, he brushed his hair back, and suddenly didn't know what to say. The last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt Steve.


Steve took a deep breath before turning, his hair soaking wet. Billy suddenly didn't know what came over him, but the very idea of hurting him actually scared him. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Steve when he was supposed to hurt him.

"Wow...that I bleeding?"

Before he could say another word Billy grabbed him, pulling him close to him, and squeezing him as hard as he could. Holding him, he suddenly felt himself start to shake. He suddenly became frightened that at any second Steve would tell him he had been way too rough, that he was a nutcase and didn't want to see him anymore. That Billy was just like his father, only able to cause harm, and never have anyone around to love him or care if he lived or died. He knew if Steve had enough of him and ended things, he honestly didn't think he could handle it. Steve as much as he would never admit it was the love of his life. Billy squeezed Steve even harder underneath the shower, before Steve gave a small laugh.


Billy buried his face against his shoulder, and kissed his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry..."

Steve pulled back, his wet hair partly hanging in his face as he stared at him puzzled.

"What is it?"

Billy sighed, eyes bloodshot filling with tears. Sniffling beneath the water, he rolled his eyes at himself annoyed.

"I...I was too rough. I'm sorry..."

Steve smirked before he cocked his head.

"Billy Jesus Christ I'm fine..."

Billy took a deep breath before shaking his head.

"I...should have gone slow I'm sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you. It's just...when I'm around you...I..." Steve smiled. "Lose control?"

Billy suddenly saw that Steve was okay. Hating himself for being such a baby, he shot him a look before shrugging beneath the pouring water. Pinching his nose for a second, he popped his ears, before making a face.

"Yeah maybe..."

"Because...I'm the hottest thing you've ever seen. That...this body of mine absolutely drives you wild...that you're like those old ladies that pinch baby cheeks, I just drive you wild."

Billy saw Steve was holding back from laughing, before he glared at him.

"Yeah, something like that asshole...but the cheeks I'm thinking about and you're thinking about are completely different."

Steve laughed, even causing Billy to crack a smile. Laughing, Steve pushed his hair back, before he looked at him.

"Admit it. I drive you crazy...that you just wanna eat me up right?"

Billy continued glaring.

"Keep it up princess..."

Stepping closer, Billy leaned down, and playfully nipped at Steve's side, licking his wet soft skin. Squealing, Steve laughed, before Billy stood up straight and smiled at him. Brushing the last few fallen wet strands of hair plastered against his face, he stared into Steve's eyes, before tilting his head up and kissed him.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

He stared at him, concerned. Steve shrugged and rolled his eyes.

"It strung like a bastard, and like I said...I probably won't walk right for a few days but I'm okay."

Billy shut his eyes, looking humiliated before Steve brought him hand up and kissed it.

"No, I swear I'm fine."

Billy opened his eyes, still looking defeated.

"I'm so fucking sorry..."

Steve shrugged, before suddenly he smiled.

"Well...if you really wanna make it up to me..."

Instantly Billy stood back, raising an eyebrow.


Steve collapsed right against Billy. The two of them in Steve's bed with the A.C cranked up high. Steve's radio had just finished playing Frankie Goes To Hollywood as part of the Block Party Weekend. Steve had just finished, and had collapsed on top of him, shuddering, trying to catch his breath. Billy, who had only had sex with him as the receiver once before, had prepared himself, even though he always thought of himself as the "top" in any relationship. Tonight after the little shower episode, he had somehow gotten Steve to talk him into letting him be on top, even if it was just this once. It took Billy several beers, before finally he agreed, and jabbed his finger straight into Steve's face telling him if he chickened out, that was it, no begging or whining. Steve held back from laughing, drinking his own beer before agreeing.

Before they started, Billy who was tense, had stood on the back patio in just jeans sharing half a joint with Steve. Finally once he had enough courage, he took a drag of a cigarette he just lit, before making a face.

"Screw it, let's go."

Steve cheered, giddy like a kid on Christmas, and together they went upstairs. After making out for nearly a half an hour, things started getting hot and heavy, before finally Billy knew after he lit his second cig, if they didn't do it now he would lose his nerve. He instructed Steve on what to do, ready to have him maybe finger him back there so he would loosen up a bit. Instead as he laid on his stomach, ass up as he bent over with Steve on hi knees behind him, he felt Steve's cool dry hands reach around him and firmly grasp his cock. Stiffening, Billy stared forward, before he felt Steve's hand wrap around it tightly and start to slowly go up and down. This was far from the first time Steve played around with his dick, but somehow this felt different. His other hand reached underneath and cupped his balls, gently rolling up against the soft skin of his palm as he hunched over, grabbing one of Steve's pillows beneath him as he tried to speak. Instead, nothing came out, only heavy breathing. When Billy actually thought he was about to come right then and there on Steve's sheets, he felt Steve lean in, and then position himself before entering him.

There was pain of course, a searing pain that caught him off guard right from his entrance, all the way to the pit of his stomach. Still, it wasn't anything like his first time, and somehow Steve had known the perfect way to get him prepared. His cock painful stuck ups throbbing. Steve moaned loudly, and for a brief second Billy thought Steve would shoot his load right then and there. Instead, he felt him behind him try and fix his position, before Steve got his breathing under control. He leaned down, as another white hot lighting surge of pain came before Steve bucked his hips and thrusted. Billy laid there, hunched over on the bed, feeling sweat pour down his face despite the A.C, Billy hung his head down as Steve suddenly found a pace and began to thrust, again, and again, and again, and again. With each thrust, Billy hissed in pain, but felt the tingling of pleasure since the entire time Steve thrusted, his hands were still playing with his cock and balls. When Steve finally finished, Billy felt warmth, and the gentle weight of Steve collapsing against him. That's when he knew something special was going on here. Not in a million years would he have let anyone touch him like that, let alone allow them to have sex with him, and have them be in control. It hurt like Hell, but Billy was the first to admit it wasn't terrible. He felt that was simply because it had been with Steve, the only person he honestly knew deep down inside he could trust.

His legs suddenly felt like jello. He collapsed on his stomach, feeling the stinging of Steve pulling himself out. Laying on his stomach as well right beside him, Steve looked downright exhausted. Billy turned his head slightly and stared at him.

" was I?"

Billy turned and faced him, and saw the nervous and pure expression in his eyes. Smiling, he knew he could never love anyone like he loved Steve. Reaching, he gathered Steve closer, before kissing his forehead.

"You're such a head case princess."

Steve laughed before Billy pulled back a little and smiled at him. Steve looked at him, before he gulped.

"Seriously? How bad was I?"

"Are you kidding? That was amazing..."

"You mean it?"

"I do..."

Smiling, Billy pressed his forehead against Steve's, smiling ignoring the pulsing pain coming from within him. Instead, he simply smiled, exhausted, and in a warm haze from the sex being good. Steve draped his arm over Billy's back, and Billy watched as Steve shut his eyes, his long eyelashes resting on his cheek as he slowly began to drift off. Staring at him in complete wonder, Billy smiled, before nuzzling in close, closing his eyes, and listening to the soft gentle sounds of his boyfriend breathing as he started to drift off himself.

The next morning...

Billy sat just in his blue jeans on the counter of the kitchen, eating a bowl of ice cream from a pint Steve had brought home from work the other day. Both had woken up early, showered, and started fooling around again before they decided to head downstairs. Steve made Billy the bowl of ice cream, as he prepared pancakes. If it was one thing he knew how to cook, it was pancakes. Finishing up on the stove, he grinned as he shut it off, stepping back with two stacked plates. Bringing one over to Billy, he motioned to the syrup and butter that was sitting on the counter near him.

"All right, here's the world famous Steve special brought to you by yours truly."

Billy smirked before he licked his spoon.

"I think I had the Steve special last night."

Steve chuckled, before he leaned down and took a lick from Billy's spoon.

"Well, I hope it was tasty."

Billy smirked, before using his thumb to wipe the side of Steve's mouth.

"Oh trust me princess, it was delicious."

Both laughed before Billy slid off the counter, taking his bowl and spoon to the sink. While he did that, Steve prepared the pancakes, squirting syrup, and layering the stacks with enough butter to kill a small army. Billy washed up and placed the bowl and spoon in the dishwasher, before going to the fridge and poured two big milks, before asking if he wanted a shot of brandy in it? Steve thought it over, before shrugging and saying what the Hell, and agreed. Billy left the room for a moment, before returning and doctored up the milks, promising Steve it would taste great. The two brought everything to the tiny table in the kitchen nook, and turned on the radio, which was currently playing The Go-Gos. Together the two started eating, knowing they had the whole rest of the day to spend together locked up here, fooling around, and maybe even trying out Steve's parent's hot tub upstairs. They sat across from each other, before locking eyes for a second and smiling. As they began to eat, Billy motioned to Steve with his fork.

"You sleep okay last night?"

Steve chewed on his pancakes before smirking.

"Yeah like the dead, I think we wore each other out."

Billy smiled back before shrugging.

"I just heard you talking in your sleep..."

Steve raised an eyebrow.


"Yeah, you sounded like you were said my name a few times then must have fallen back asleep. You remember any of that?"

Steve shook his head.

"No, nothing...probably just re-living last night."

Billy smirked.

"Couldn't have been that bad...was it?"

Steve shook his head, not wanting to tease as he leaned over and deeply kissed Billy, tasting maple syrup.

"Not at all."

Billy smiled, kissing him again before the two went on eating. As they did so, talking, and listening to the radio, Steve kept thinking back on the nightmare he actually did remember having. It was weird but they were at the Starcourt Mall, right outside of Scoops actually. Steve was holding onto Billy who looked hurt and was splattered in black paint. Faintly in the distance, he kept hearing fireworks crackling and going off. He couldn't exactly piece together major details from the dream, only that yet again he had dreamed Billy was hurt, and staring up helplessly at him in his arms. When Steve woke, he felt himself shaking. Billy was fast asleep beside him, but he still felt unnerved. For almost a straight half an hour, Steve laid awake, staring at his boyfriend, frightened that if he closed his eyes for even a fraction of a second he might disappear. This scared him to death, and when morning came and he was woken to Billy kissing him, muttering in that deep voice of his...

"Morning princess..."

The dream was pushed away like some hazy old memory. Now in the morning light, the very thought of that same helpless expression in Billy's hurt eyes kept haunting Steve. Instead, Steve smiled as he watched Billy eat, before reaching across and gently squeezing his hand that rested on the table next to his plate. Raising an eyebrow, Billy smiled across at him.

"What's on your mind princess?" Steve smiled and shook his head.

"Nothing, just happy I guess."

Billy smiled at him before nodding as he continued eating.

" too." With that, they continued eating as the DJ on the radio station announced yet another heat wave coming up this week.