Hello Series of Unfortunate Events fans! This is an author's note to let you know how this is going to work. The 50 locations challenge is a series of one-shots with an assigned OTP, (Klaus and Isadora), where the author is suggested a location in the reviews such as 'at a movie' or 'under a tree', and they write a sweet moment between the characters. For example if a review said 'at the movies' than i would write a small fic about a date night between them there, with fluff and a resolved ending. The goal is to collect and write about 50 different locations. Their ages may vary and Count Olaf will not be present, though occasionally referenced. Some fics, depending on the location, will be set in the book's universe. However, others may be in modern settings, with nothing but the characters in common with the books. Rated K+ Please review with your ideas for locations! I will give you a shoutout if I use the suggestion! Disclaimer: I do not own ASOUE.