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Theme: In the hospital

Go bag. Where the hell is the go bag? Isadora was panicking, and logical thoughts weren't coming easy. She looked up in realisation, searching for her phone before finding it in her hand. Frustrated and in pain, she called the first person on her mind: "Klaus" she sighed in relief. She had rung through many times and was worried he wouldn't pick up. She was met with a storm, "Is? This better be an emergency, I've told you not to call me at work. It compromised my whole meeting!" While Isadora wanted to make him regret his words and then some, she barely had enough energy as it was. " Sorry. Where is the go bag? My waters broke." "What? I mean sorry I... can you hold for 45 minutes? I'm coming as fast as I can." "Glad you got your priorities straight! And I am not sure I have a choice as to baby-pumping speed unfortunately babe." Klaus could tell the pain and anger in her voice, and tried a softer approach "Maybe call Violet. She's close by... with your brother. The go bag is in the car, just in case we weren't home. I love you." Isadora softened at this "Ok. Ugh they sicken me the cuties! See as soon as you can!" "Bye Is" "Goodbye Klaus, love you." Isadora was mentally kicking herself for forgetting her own logic in the go-bag's placement, but she couldn't dwell on it long because another contraction hit. Minutes later, helping hands guided her of the floor, supporting her to the nearest chair. "Violet, how did you know to be here?" Isadora asked as her contraction eased. "Klaus texted me." "He has no chill" "You're in labor! By the way, are you ok?" "I'm fine. Wheres my brother, Klaus said you were with him." Violet turned crimson, responding "He snuck put of work to catch up. He was due back at any moment." "Oh." They grabbed the go-bag and got to the car, with Violet assisting Isadora to the passenger side. Half an hour later, at the hospital, Isadora was cared for and found a bed. She was tested, measured and questioned. After a long and painful 10 minutes, a nurse came up to Isadora. "I have an exciting surprise for you. You're expecting triplets!" "I guess it runs in the family." Violet quipped. "Where is Klaus," Isadora shouted as she caught a look of the time; "he should be here by now!" Violet called him instantly "Hey where are you? You should have showed up already!" "Sorry. Traffic. Tell her to cross her legs her legs or something until I arrive." Though Violet knew he was joking, she was having none of it, and she hung up instantly. "He's stuck in traffic Issu. He tells you to 'cross your legs'." she said in air quotes. "Well I have a little something for him!" Isadora exclaimed. She motioned for pen and paper, where she did her best work, and she wrote:

"The babies aren't here yet, ain't that just your luck

I won't cross my legs, so shut the hell up!"

Violet sent it immediately. She loved her brother, but he had it coming. 15 minutes later, Klaus finally showed up. He pushed through people in the hospital, frantically searching for Isadora. Memories from previous experiences of hospitals resurfaced, and he wanted nothing more than to get out of there. But for his Isadora, he pressed on. "Isadora" he let out finally. "Klaus!" she exhaled, exhausted. "Violet." stated Violet, because she could. The world was at peace once again, but not yet quiet as Isadora's shrieks were soon matched by the babies'. Klaus did a double take. "I just re-counted, and we seem to have multiple children!" "Yes Klaus," a very tired Isadora responded "Triplets." That one word rocked Klaus's world. He stood utterly in awe. Soon came time to name the children. There were two girls and one boy. Isadora spoke first "Kit saved my life, and brought Quigley back to me and Duncan. I want to tribute to her." Klaus nodded, the spoke next; "On the island, I read a diary my parents wrote. If Violet was a boy, they would have named her Lemony. While I am not sure how I ended up as 'Klaus', if the name meant something to her, I want to respect that." "Wait a second. Back up. LEMONY. As in the the flavour of my fourth favourite tea? What kind of name is that!" "I don't know... I guess not-" "I love it! Odd names are a weird favourite of mine." "Speaking of weird," Violet spoke up "apparently your family has this -may I say very odd- tradition of having their eldest child's name start with a 'Q'." "That's right! I forgot." said Isadora, searching her brain right there and then for names. "What's odd is that you're thinking of baby names for Quagmire children!" said Klaus, milking the opportunity to tease Violet. "Her brother brought it up." she muttered, interrupted by Isadora's sudden outburst "What do you think about Quiana?""Yes! What a quirky and beautiful name!" "Quirky is one name for it." mumbled Violet, ignored by the ecstatic Klaus who enthusiastically nodded. Anything that made his wife happy made him happy. Finally some fortunate events.

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