Leorio noticed how quickly time was moving by with Killua's growth. From a squirmy infant to a curious toddler, it was a stark reminder how long he had been there when Killua began crawling, even more so when he started to toddle around and began walking. Especially with his mischievious streak of disappearing from his mother's sight as well as the butlers. Leorio only really knew this because the little toddler had a bad habit of finding Leorio and latching onto his leg. It had gotten so bad that Leorio could continue walking without stumbling from the little bugger attaching to his leg like a leech.

It was almost comical to see the not even ten year old walk with a toddler laughing as he was lifted into the air from Leorio's walking. As it was...

"Killua, are you hiding from your mom again?" Leorio asked, new medical supplies in hand and a snowy haired toddler on his leg. "Just because she is taking care of Alluka does not mean you should just slip away."

The small arms gripped tighter on his pants' leg. He could practically feel the glare for mentioning Kikyo Zoldyck. He knew she was a smothering woman when it came to Killua. Something about his silvery hair and his knack for silently sneaking away. as it was, he was the only child with white hair. Illumi, Milluki and Alluka had inherited their mother's raven locks while Killua's silver hair was almost a beacon for attention.

"You shouldn't worry her Killua," Leorio finished with a sigh.

"Snack?" Killua stated.

"No Killua. Snacks are for after checkups."

Killua pouted at the overheard comment. Leorio shuffled the medical supplies into one arm and reached his newly freed hand into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of candy. He lowered it slightly and felt it leave his hand. He could practically feel Killua's smirk on his leg.

"Just remember to brush your teeth Killua. And you might want to get off my leg. I need to give Alluka a check up-"

Killua jumped off his leg and ran in the other direction. Leorio rolled his eyes at the little boy's efforts to avoid his mother.

Leorio may have hated many of the ways of the Zoldyck family, namely their coldness and penchant for murder, but he could not deny thier methods of procuring medicinal training. The few who entered the base of Kukuroo mountain and lived to speak of it were sent to him to be taken care of.

The intense training academically to get him certain medical certificates. Basic schooling diplomas, and was working towards higher learning.

There was no time to waste in the Zoldyck household. Not even when Kalluto was born, or when Alluka proved to be the sunny polar opposite of the Zoldyck family with their unique ability.

It only pressured Leorio to be better.

On he other hand, he pressured others to be a little less emotionally constipated.

Leorio was thirteen years old when he noticed facial hair growing rather quickly on his face. Something he wasn't looking forward to in the least. He already had to wear the butler's uniform and on occasion a doctor's lab coat. He did not want to have to worry about dealing with the proper grooming of facial hair.

So like any "reasonable" teenager, he took it upon himself to deal with the unwanted hair. So he took the hunter's knife he was given to hunt certain pests on Kukuroo Mountain, and locked himself in a seldom unsed lavatory. With a steady hand and careful movement, he began to move the blade up his neck, attempting to cut the stubble insisting on growing there. The young teen felt some leave his face, but persistent hairs remained. He glared in the mirror at the offending hairs. He tried the same area again, getting a few more hairs shortened, but not the smoothness he was looking for.

Placing the blade of the knife on his neck he readied himself to try again.

"You know, there are easier ways to kill yourself."

Leorio let out a surprised cry. He jumped and his hold on his knife faltered, nicking his neck in the process. He turned to face the "innocently" smiling Killua.

"I am not trying to kill myself Killua. I know the better methods I have at my disposal if I were to try," Leorio stated before muttering, "Not that this family would let me stay dead..."

"So what are you doing?"

Leorio opened the cabinet behind the mirror and procured a sterile pad to put over the offending bleeding spot. As he secured the pad in place, he answered Killua. "Well, I was shaving."

"Shaving's for old men. You old?"

"I am not old!" Leorio defended hotly, "I'm thirteen!"

"Last time you were twelve."

"Yeah well, I had to become thirteen sometime," Leorio said vaguely. Truly March third wasn't all that long ago. He hadn't been thirteen for long when he found himself dealing with facial hair.

"You're not twelve so you must be old."

"Why you little!" Leorio attmepted to grab Killua who merely jumped. Laughter peeled from his lips as Leorio didn't catch him. Leorio never did, but he was always there. A sudden knock on the door paused Leorio's attempt at catching the snowy haired child.

"Leorio, would Master Killua be in there with you?"

Leorio's eyes darted over to Killua who huffed, looking incredibly irritated.

"What's going on Gotoh? Did he not eat his brussel sprouts again?" Leorio half joked, half threatened. Killua glared at Leorio. As their up and coming doctor, he had been responsible for proper nutrition plans. And when Killua had been extra troublesome, a mild revenge was the calling of certain vegetables.

"Master Silva requests he go to the gate."

The joking all melted away at the comment. Worry came to Leorio's face as he knew Killua was going to be sent to something dangerous. That was the only times he ever left the home. Heck it was the only time any member of the family left Kukuroo mountain.

"It's okay Old man. I'll be back in no time," Killua told him as he went to the door. Leorio watched as he unlocked it and stepped outside. Gotoh gave a small and respectful bow to Killuam then looked at Leorio.

"What are you doing?" Gotoh inquired with either amusement or annoyance. It was kind of hard to tell which.

"Um... That's not important! You should probably go with Master Killua to the gate!"

"He was trying to shave. Cause he's old."

Leorio glared at the snickering child. Gotoh's face remained impassive.

"Stay here. I will show you the proper tools and technique when I return."

Leorio blinked at the causal statement as Killua was led away.

"See yah old man!"

"I'm not that old!" Leorio snapped back.

"Whatever. Teen."

Leorio crossed his arms and muttered darkly to himself as Kilua left in a somewhat happy mood.

"So Gotoh has collected Killua."

"Gah!" Leorio yelped, finding Illumi invading his personal space in the bathroom. Somehow behind him. Leorio glared back at the eldest sibling with irritation.

"I swear you guys have secret passages to the strangest places."

"No. You're just unobservant."

"Well pardon me for not being raised as an assasin."

"And yet you still have quite the nose for blood."

"Injuries are a whole nother matter. No one's at a hundred percent with blood dripping, bone breaks and scrapes."

Illumi chuckled at the comment. Despite his ignorance on Nen, it appeared as though he was well on his way to developing a skill involving hunting down injuried individuals. Granted, he was a healer, not a killer. Slightly sadistic at times when he believed the injury was avoidable or obtained from doing something stupid like when Killua tried to fit twenty pieces of candy in his mouth at once and nearly choked. Sure Leorio had gotten there in record time and dislodged the treats from his throat, he didn't give Killua anything to soothe his then sore throat.

"I know. A weakened opponent to easier to kill."

"Not what I meant Master Illumi."

Illumi stared at Leorio blankly.

"You still refer to me as master and yet Killua as such only in front of certain company."

Leorio snorted.

"I have helped bring him and his younger siblings into the world. It's weird to call them master when I saw them being evicted from Mistress Kikyo's body."

"Hm. Now what were you doing with that knife. You know there are better ways to end your life. Not that your life is yours to end."

"Haha very funny. I'm trying to shave."

"Wilderness style is useful. Very well. I will instruct you."

"Please don't," Leorio deadpanned. A strong hand clasped his shoulder. Illumi's black eyes bore into his in a creepy manner.

"First, you make sure your blade is sharp enough-"

"Are you even listening to me-!?"

Illumi released a menacing aura to quiet Leorio. Leorio didn't appear frightened, but did grow quiet. So be his master's wishes, so it shall be. Illumi would teach him to shave.

So... we never see Leorio shave, but he has that knife. It is a decent knife, and technically you can shave with a knife. That was the idea that led to this chapter. It kind of got out of hand.