Next chapter of this story will be in 3 weeks instead of 2 because of my week off due to business event. The story that would be next week (Beast of Beacon) will instead be pushed back a week into this story's next slot, with this story happening a week after. If in doubt refer to date at bottom.

Also, you know what this forum idea is actually a really easy way to skip what I usually have to do, which is show characters watching a tv news report as Lisa goes over the fallout.

Cover Art: Serox

Chapter 47


"Take a look under the mask"

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Topic: Latest Raid: White Fang hit dodgy hospital

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Arc (Forum Admin) (Stickied)

As per site guidelines we will now be announcing all our raids after the fact here both for discussion purposes and for accountability. We want to be as transparent as possible so that no one doubts our intentions.

Please keep all discussions on topic.

Thank you and have a good day!



I still maintain that striking at a hospital is a gross act of negligence on the White Fang's part. While your intentions may have been pure the possibility for damage up to and including loss of life was far too high. This should have been left to the proper authorities.



Oh yeah, because the cops have such a good record on this by now.



Fashionista got a point there…



Regardless of prior success, a hospital remains a polarising target.



Official news just in – the story has dropped (link here) and the news is out. The hospital is being officially investigated after irresponsible purchases, inexplicable drug usage and on charges of intentionally poisoning hundreds of people.



Welp. That's that, isn't it?



They're not proven guilty yet.



Dude, did you not SEE that video they posted? That doctor was shady as hell. Wouldn't even say what it was he was injecting the guy with, and then flat out told him he needed surgery. Which, according to the other doctor's report, he didn't need at all.

No way that isn't dodgy as fk.



It does seem like medical negligence.


Sienna_Khan (Forum Admin)

-reply- TheWitchInTheWardrobe – We completely understand your reticence regarding activity in a hospital and can assure you this was shared by ourselves. We took the highest precautions to cause no disturbance, including taking no weapons or combat specialists onto the premises. Jaune Arc and myself also stayed away.

I believe the results speak for themselves as we caused no disruption to the day-by-day running of the facility.



Whoah! Whoah! You seen the follow up story!? The Council have arrested the doctor who helped the WF expose the bad hospital. Link. Apparently they're saying she's charged with supporting domestic terrorism.




She did TWO blood tests. That's it. How is that terrorism?



I believe it is the part where she did it for the White Fang



Couldn't she say she was under duress? They came to her in her home. Not like she could tell the White Fang to gtfo



Yo. Yo. We're not standing for this are we?


Arc (Forum Admin)

No. We will not.






Um. That's kinda ominous. You're not going to do anything bad, are you?


Sienna_Khan (Forum Admin)

The White Fang has set up a petition and funding page for legal support for Samantha, the doctor we quite clearly coerced into working with us, and also demanding her release from unlawful charges. If you would like to sign down and support this cause please click the following link.

Please feel free to share this around. We'll hit the Council where it hurts.


Arc (Forum Admin)

Right in the public opinion!



You have my signature.





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Topic: Police mess up raid on illegal brothels. White Fang intel wasted.

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Thank you for visiting 4Fang

"The Council is well and truly trying to shoot itself in the foot." Ozpin remarked as he logged out of the website. No posting today, only browsing, but that itself made for a frustrating experience. "I'm not sure what they're thinking in arresting that young woman. At worst, she provided medical attention to criminals. They could just as easily have come to her unmasked and she would never know."

"I expect it's to send a message." Oobleck said. "They do not expect the case to go anywhere, but this warns people that they will not accept citizens supporting or working with the White Fang. No matter how noble their intentions at the time."

"Is that how it comes across?"

"No. It comes across draconian and aggressive. I believe this petition will gain quite the fair bit of traction. I've already seen another floating about put up by the MPA – the Medical Professional's Association. They're arguing that no doctor can be punished for performing their expected duty, not when many have sworn oaths to heal and treat patients regardless of species, nationality or allegiance."

Ozpin hummed. "Did you sign it?"

"Of course. I've signed both. What was this about another raid going wrong?"

"The police managed to muck up an offering the White Fang gave us." Ozpin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He'd had a feeling they would. James wouldn't be happy either. "The information was fed through Miss Rose to me, but the Council took it out my hands. They wanted to use it as a win for them. Criminal gangs taking in refugees from lost villages and using them as cheap sex labour."

Bart grimaced. "And what went wrong?"

"What didn't? The Council took it but then handed it off to the police, who began their usual procedures. I'm not sure where the mole is – the council, the police or the judicial system – but somewhere along the way the news leaked to the gang in question that a search warrant was being authorised."

"They moved all their illegal activities out?"

"Worse." Ozpin barked out a sharp laugh. "They engaged their legal teams against the police and stonewalled the warrant. They're taxpaying citizens after all. The police are still trying to work out whether they have sufficient cause to investigate the place. And by now they'll have hidden any evidence of wrongdoing. Not a single officer has stepped foot on their premises."

"A non-starter, then."

"Yes. It wouldn't go noticed by anyone if the White Fang hadn't announced the dual raid on their platform, citing Beacon as subduing an illegal prostitution ring targeting vulnerable people." Ozpin felt his gut churn as he said it. He wished nothing more to have had his teams there. Politics. It ruined everything. "The fact they trusted us enough to assume we had completed the job is pleasant, but once they found out we hadn't…" Ozpin sighed. "Well, it seems my account on their site isn't exactly hidden. I had a rather upset private message from Mr Arc."

"He's blaming the council instead of you."

"Of course. Did you think I was going to take the blame for their actions? I flat out told the White Fang what happened. Let the Council deal with the consequences of their own actions for once. James isn't happy either."

"With which part?"

"All of it. You know him. If the intel had been sent his way, he would have had teams storming the place first and looking for evidence after. If it went well, he'd have claimed the glory. If it was erroneous, he would blame the White Fang. At the very least he would have been proactive about it. He's ripping the Council a new one as we speak."

Which was a nice change. He and James had been at odds so much lately that it was a relief to have some common ground, even if that ground was hating the petty bureaucracy and stupidity that so commonly came hand in hand with politics. As an effective employee of the Council, Ozpin couldn't share his mind freely, but James was a commander of an allied Kingdom and was well in his rights to make his feelings clear.

"Is this going to impact your efforts to ease tensions?" Bart asked.

"Possibly. Right now, the White Fang haven't done wrong, and they've also not engaged in insulting the authorities. That is mostly the visitors to their forum, many of which are regular people. If nothing else it's going to influence how much or how little they tell us in the future."

"That's a shame." Bart said. "It was such good progress to be working alongside them toward improving lives."

"Officially, I cannot agree with that, but you know my stance. I'm having a meeting with the Council later today to discuss. I'll be sure to ask if they're ready to hand this back to Beacon yet."

"Do you think they will?"

"Not until they've thoroughly shot themselves in the foot."

"Ah. And how are Team RWBY taking this?"

"Poorly. They're blaming me, which I can't fault them for, and not at all pleased that people may be in danger because of my giving up to the Council. I wouldn't be surprised if they seek to take matters into their own hands."

"Won't that get you in trouble?"

"I can't be held responsible for what my students choose to do in their own time."

"No, but they can be. The Council might try and charge them."

Ozpin chuckled. "And then they'll be shooting themselves in the head. I don't think taking action against Miss Rose will be seen as very democratic, not after her recent surge in popularity. Why, people might start to wonder if the mayor isn't trying to remove a political rival."

He'd love to see how that went down.


"A petition…" Jaune said. "Do those even work?"

"Not really." Sienna replied, typing away on her laptop. She was in love with 4Fang. He'd never seen her so glued to a screen before, and she was always grinning when she read through it. Usually the pages of well wishes and support for the White Fang, many of which were almost certainly from humans as well as faunus. "Petitions aren't binding and even if there is a promise to look at any that reach a certain level, they're almost never put into law."

"So what's the point? We should really help Samantha if she's in trouble because of us. I don't care what they're saying – she did the right thing in helping Sun."

"I agree completely. The problem is that the Council are likely trying to goad us into attacking them."

Jaune stilled. "It's a trap?"

"More of a bait. They'd probably even let us succeed, but that would still allow them to paint us as a group who resorts to violence to achieve their aims." Sienna paused in her typing. "Which we are. Or were. But your cell is trying to change that, and I don't want to see it falter."

"Right. So, they're hoping we'll go off the deep end and look like nutcases."

"Exactly. A petition won't do much in the long run, but it will raise awareness of her plight and also show that we're prepared to rally the people behind us if we have to."

"But how do we help her out."


"That's it?"

"Yes. The funding page is already at a high enough level to hire the best law firm in the city. Given the publicity this is also going to get because of the petition, I reckon the best law firms on Remnant will be chomping at the bit to take this case. Winning it will give them the kind of media coverage they can only dream of. And better still, they wouldn't even be working with terrorists. They'd be working for a doctor maligned and mistreated by the system, paid for by well-wishers and concerned citizens."

As long as it worked. Jaune couldn't believe how angry he felt when he'd heard she'd been arrested. Immediately, thoughts of storming the nearest police station had come to mind. Reckless and angry plans that would never work, and that he was glad Sienna had stopped, but still! She'd done nothing wrong. They'd exposed a hospital involved in the worst shit, potentially saving lives along the way, and the city's response was to go after the doctor that helped them.

Even now, it didn't feel like it was enough to just set these petitions off and leave her. He wanted to do more – to act. That's a bad idea, though. We might put her in a worse position legally if we try and break her out. That's as good as suggesting she's working with us. As much as it sucked, she was probably better off playing by the law and letting the legal teams help her out.

"There's the other Goliath in the room." Sienna said. "The brothels."

"Ugh. Don't remind me." Jaune cupped his face with one hand and breathed out sharply through his fingers. "I talked to Ozpin, and he said he didn't have a choice but to hand it over to the council. I'm thinking that means we don't give them anything in the future."

"You want to completely withdraw your support?"

"What? No, it's not that. It's just… what's the point if they're not going to act on it?"

"Exposure." Sienna replied. "Condemnation. Every time we hand over actionable information and the council fails, their reputation takes a hit. You're doing more damage to them trying to help than ignoring them."

"That won't make the people forced into prostitution feel any better, will it?"

Sienna paused. Sighed. "No. You're right. I'm sorry for suggesting it. There's only one thing we can do then, isn't there?"

"Save them ourselves?"

"Absolutely." Sienna looked his way, eyes crinkling happily. "You really can't stand to sit back and do nothing, can you?" The compliment caught him off guard and blood crept up his neck. Sienna laughed at it. "Adam was much the same, you know. He couldn't sit back and see injustice taking place. The only problem is that his methods of dealing with it were far blunter."

"A-Ah. Well." Jaune swallowed and broke eye contact. It wasn't like he was some grand hero. Anyone would feel disgusted at the thought of people being forced into this. "Let's just get this sorted with. I don't want them trapped there any longer."

"On that note, I received an interesting message from a certain CookieMonster…"


The effective leaders of the White Fang – the council, high command or whatever they wanted to call themselves – sat around a fold-out picnic table in the middle of their warehouse. Jaune sat between Sienna and Ilia, with Yuma and Trifa sitting as far apart as they could, Perry and Deery off to the side and Bane kneeling on the floor and somehow still being as tall as them. Tukson was absent working his store, while Sun was high on drugs that the doctors had promised him would work off the nasty crap he'd been given. He'd gone back to Beacon to sleep it off, calling in sick from lessons.

"I say nay." Yuma said, making to slam the table with a hand but pausing on receiving a glare from just about everyone there. The table was rickety as it was, and their drinks were bound to spill. "Beacon already failed once. We shouldn't work with them again."

"Ever?" Trifa asked. "That's setting a precedent."

"Maybe not forever, but at least for a job or two. Make it clear they're sleeping on the couch for a bit."

Perry and Deery nodded, and even Bane rumbled some agreement. Yuma's suggestion wasn't a bad one by any means, and Jaune as sorely tempted with that himself.

"On the other hand-" Ilia began.

"Ilia." Yuma snapped. "I swear to any god listening if the next words out your mouth even hint at Blake, I will tie you to a bed and throw you in the nearest lesbian club."

Ilia blushed up a storm but didn't stop. "I-It's not only that! I was about to say that this isn't Beacon trying to work with us. It's Team RWBY. They're already said this is going behind Ozpin and the Council's backs."

"They appear to want to make amends." Sienna said. "The sentiment I got from CookieMonster is that she feels personally responsible for the suffering these people are still in." Sienna tilted her head to regard Jaune. "Much like you do."

He winced. Talk about a low blow. CookieMonster had to be Ruby, and he liked Ruby. She was just so genuine, which meant that she was probably genuine here and really did feel bad, and oh no, now he was feeling sorry for her. Impartial. He had to stay impartial.

"If the White Fang and a Beacon team worked together to fix this before the police could, that'd be a huge blow to the Council's authority." Trifa pointed out. "They'd be a laughingstock."

Yuma hummed happily. "Tempting. Very tempting."

It really was. Jaune wanted nothing more than to push the council's nose down into the muck and rub it around. Maybe that was vicious, but they'd cornered him on the tv show and then arrested an innocent person just for working alongside them. There's no way they wouldn't arrest me as well, even if I tried to leave the White Fang. Screw that.

"There is Rose to consider." Deery said. "Honestly, she might steal a lot of our thunder if she comes along."

"What do you mean?"

In answer, Deery brought out her scroll and searched for a picture, then reversed and aimed it at their faces. On it was a poster in red, with Ruby's face on the middle, looking up and to the left a little. Above and below were the words: Ruby 4 Mayor.

"This is selling online, along with t-shirts with her face in black and white on. She's becoming an image for rebellious teenagers everywhere. There isn't a dorm room that doesn't have her picture somewhere in it. People are tired of politicians and town leaders who look like they've just come out of an archaeological dig. As the fossils," she added.

Good for her. Though he got what Deery was saying. People might look at this and think it was Ruby's plan instead of theirs. They'd share the kudos for what was realistically eighty per cent their work. On the other hand…

"That'd really piss off the council, wouldn't it?"

Yuma smirked. "I can see it now. Young activist willing to work with White Fang for greater good while old order sits back and does nothing. Deery's right in saying she'll steal our thunder, but we might be able to steal a little back. If we tie her to us then it starts to look like we're partners. Or you and her are," he said, pointing. "Two younger people working together to change the world for the better. Out with the old and in with the new."

"Do I count as old in this example of yours?" Sienna asked icily.

"U-Uh. No ma'am. You're the picture of youth!"

"It also helps that like it or not they're stronger than us." Trifa threw in. "This gang has to know we'll be coming now that they've been alerted to the fact we're interested in them. They'll have beefed up security just in case we try and do just what we're talking about now. They might even have brought in a huntsman or two. Simply put, we could use the backup."

"Well said." Jaune paused for effect. "All in favour?"

Every hand went up. "Aye!"

"Then we are decided. Operation Cookie Muncher is in effect."


"This is a bad idea."

It wasn't, Weiss reflected. Bad did not begin to describe Ruby's plan. If someone had wanted to write the opening line to a joke, it might have started with, `a huntress, a white fang member and a Schnee walked into a bar…` and while they were not in fact entering a bar, a nightclub felt close enough.

The Club – because why bother naming things? – was empty on a weekday. The bouncers took one look at them, a second look at Yang and then backed away. Weiss wasn't even marginally surprised Yang would have such a reputation. She was bad enough when someone annoyed her in class but add alcohol and she was probably a ticking time bomb.

"I repeat." Blake said. "This is a bad idea."

"I think the words you're looking for are `I have repeated` and `ten thousand times this morning`." Yang said. "We get it. You don't like the White Fang. They're evil. We know. You're biased."

"I'm biased? You spend all day on their fan site!"

"It's a forum."

"Same thing!"

"Can we not?" Ruby whined. "We have people to save. Jaune trusted me with stopping people being forced into slavery and I failed."

Weiss was quick to nip that in the bud. "You didn't fail, Ruby. The opportunity was taken out your hands by the headmaster on order of the Vale Council. You can't hold yourself responsible for what other people choose to do."

"Definitely." Yang agreed. "Didn't even look like Ozpin wanted to."

"I still feel responsible." Ruby said. "I had a chance to save them, and I didn't. Would any of us feel it was okay if we let a village fall to Grimm just because we were ordered not to stop it?"

Of course not, and Weiss did feel bad for the people in this situation as well. It almost had to be true now that the White Fang had been proven right about the hospital. Loathe as she was to admit it, their information so far had been spot on. Also, this branch of the White Fang didn't act like the others did, which was the only reason she'd agreed to come along and didn't fear for her life.

"They're over there." Blake hissed, pointing to a table in the corner.

"How do you know?" Yang asked sarcastically. "Is it the masks? Is it the fact they're the only people in the club?"

Ruby ignored her sister's antics and made her way over to the table. The White Fang were out in force, though Weiss noted the large one that had attacked her before was again absent. The only ones unmasked were Jaune Arc and Sienna Khan, and Sienna pointedly didn't look in Weiss' direction. Ultimately, as much as she might now have been involved with Arc, she was still responsible for many of the kidnapping attempts on her family before. There was no love lost there.

"Thanks for meeting us." Ruby said shyly. "We're sorry about what happened…"

"We fully intended to storm the buildings and bring them those inside to justice." Weiss explained, preferably before Ruby could topple over from guilt. "The chance was taken away from us before we could even begin. We had no idea that would happen."

"I've been told as much." Jaune Arc said. "We won't say we're not unhappy, but it's not really your fault. A lot of our anger at the moment is coming from the doctor we asked for help being arrested."

"That's a crock of shit if I've ever heard one." Yang interrupted. "I signed the petition. We all did. Even Blake."

"Why did you have to say even Blake?" said girl questioned angrily.

"Thanks." Jaune Arc smiled and gestured for them to sit. "That means a lot to us. We put one of our own at risk to test that place. He's sleeping off the effects of it and we're all worried about him. We don't want to leave these other people trapped in such a bad situation though. The reason we came to you in the first place was because we couldn't be in two places at once and we wanted to fix both problems."

Admirable. Weiss did not doubt that was their goal, though a cynical part of her did wonder how much of it was genuine concern and how much was pandering to the public. An even more cynical part of her wondered if that mattered at all. As long as the people in need were helped, who cared for the deeper motives behind it? The Council, ostensibly, but she wasn't interested in them.

"We've been able to track where they're moving the victims to," Jaune said. "We're worried that now the eyes are on them, they might try and cut their losses. Get rid of them."

Ruby sucked in a breath. "You think they'd kill them!?"

"We don't know how ruthless they are. They might just set them loose and walk away, but they might try and smuggle them to another Kingdom and sell them. Or maybe they'll drive them out into the middle of nowhere and dump them in a village, warning them never to return. We don't know how good, bad or whatever they'll react to this, but we don't want to take any chances."

"Waiting for the police investigation will take too long." Sienna said. "Even if they do finally get their warrant, it will only spark the gang to cover their tracks. There's a traitor somewhere in the system. Hardly surprising. For every officer there will be a clerk who has read over the case. Any one of them might be taking bribes. No matter how much they want to help, they won't be able to. That's why we need to act, and quickly."

"Is this going to be another sneaking in job?" Yang asked. "Because I tell you now, I am not letting my sister pretend to be either a hooker or someone looking for one. I'm not sure any of us could."

Weiss certainly couldn't, not with her reputation. She could just imagine the headlines of Weiss Schnee coming to Vale and picking up prostitutes in back alleys. It was amusing to imagine her father's reaction, but only for a moment. He'd blow a gasket if he survived the immediate shock.

"We're beyond investigating on this." Jaune said. "The fact they're stonewalling the police is proof enough for us. We need to act fast before they move locations. That means we're hitting them first and finding our proof after."

Risky. Very risky. "What if there isn't any?" Weiss asked.

"The White Fang will take responsibility for the mistake if that happens." Sienna said. "I doubt it'll be an issue, however. Underpaid sex workers are the least of their crimes. Even if we don't find them, we'll surely find enough other things to incriminate them."

"Our main goal is the victims." Jaune said. Ruby and her team nodded. That was their objective as well, and thankfully most of the White Fang seemed to be in agreement. "In addition, we want you girls to help us in terms of anti-huntsmen combat. If they have anyone there beyond our skill that we can't deal with. You won't have to fight normal people unless you want to."

And if they were as innocent as they suggested, they really shouldn't be hiring huntsmen as security guards. That was always frowned on because of how rare huntsmen were, and how important it was they guard the Kingdom and outlying villages against Grimm. A huntsman or huntress relegating themselves to security work was practically a scandal. It was taking all the education, much of it paid by taxpayers, and using it to line your own pockets. That wasn't to say it didn't happen, but those doing so were usually retired, either by age or crippling injury.

"What if the police show up?" Blake asked. "We're not fighting them."

"You won't have to. We'll run and we only ask you don't stop us. In fact, we'll mostly be fighting in self-defence tonight." Jaune grinned. "By legal definition, self-defence is fighting to either defend yourself or to prevent a crime taking place, using necessary and reasonable force. That'll count here. If people don't get in our way, we don't harm them. If they try to stop us rescuing the victims, well, we fight to defend them. The police are neither so we don't hurt them. Ideally, we want to hand the victims over to them to be looked after. That should be enough of a win to recover their reputations."

"You care for that?" Weiss asked, surprised.

"The police haven't done anything wrong really. They're trying their best. It's not their fault they're held back by the Council and whatever moles are in that long ass chain of command. The last thing we want to do is make people think the police can't be trusted." He glanced their way. "Or Beacon. You guys keep the Kingdom safe."

Slowly, Weiss nodded back. He made good points and whatever issues he had, there was no reason for any faunus to dislike huntsmen. Grimm were a threat to everyone after all. "It's your call, Ruby," Weiss said. "We've said what needs to be said. You're team leader."

"Hm." Ruby nodded. "I… We're in. We're doing this."

"Don't I get a say?"

"Shut up, Blake," said Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Jaune and Sienna in unison.

Next chapter will be in three weeks as discussed above.

Next Chapter: 12th October

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