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Chapter 51

Jaune woke up dreading the ceremony and that feeling hadn't lessened any over the last few hours. Whomever said imagining people naked to calm down could take a hike too, because he'd not at all felt calmer on imagining Sienna, Glynda Goodwitch or Peter Port naked. Two of those were because of different reasons than the third. That he was with Goodwitch and Port was reason for shock enough, but headmaster Ozpin had arranged for them to meet under promise of truce at the event hall several hours before the interviews themselves.

To his surprise, Beacon's teachers were rather jovial about it all. "Ha Ha!" Port guffawed and wrapped a meaty thick arm around Jaune's neck. "To think I'd have the leader of the White Fang within my grasp. What say you now, villain?"

"Um. I'm not the leader. She is."

Sienna waved.

"Alas, I would rather not have my darling partner get the wrong idea. She does so love testing how far she can push my body and aura before breaking," Port said, sighing and releasing Jaune. "I am a happily committed man. My darling Tsune is a loving partner – a faunus like yourself," he added with a coy wink. "Trust me, lad. Once you go faunus, you never go back."

Jaune did not know how to respond to that. Meanwhile, Sienna snickered.

"Anyone looking to spend their life with Tsune certainly deserves to be committed," Oobleck said. "Preferably to an asylum. Bartholomew Oobleck." He shook Jaune's hand and then Sienna's vigorously. "And may I be the first to congratulate you on recent affairs."

"A-Ah. We're not married." Jaune said.

"What? I meant the paradigm shift within the White Fang and your success. Remarkable stuff. I teach history, you see. Never could understand where all this prejudice come from – you're supposed to learn from the mistakes of the past, not repeat them. Either way, I could not support your current ideals more. Wonderful. Simply wonderful."

"Thank you." Sienna said. "The hard work is all Jaune's."

Don't lump this on me! Jaune thought with a quick glare. A lesser man would have taken it as a compliment but he knew full well why Sienna was doing this – she wanted to escape having to speak! The damn smirk on her face made that clear.

It was nice to know Beacon approved of them, however. Call it silly at this point but he still had a lot of respect and admiration for huntsmen. It was nice to know that was reciprocated in some way. It wouldn't stop them coming to blows if things went wrong, but hey, at least it wouldn't be personal.

"The headmaster will be here later," Glynda said. "He wanted to come greet you but matters of a political nature have demanded his attention. And his immediate presence."

"The council?"

"I can neither confirm nor deny." Her sarcasm was thick enough for him to get it. "But if it were then it wouldn't be anything they could change anyway. This ceremony is the prerogative of the hosting academy – it is independent of any political control."

Bartholomew Oobleck quickly launched into a long and one-sided discussion about how that came about and why, which essentially boiled down to that some distant political figure abused it in the past, the other kingdoms reacted negatively, and the rules were changed. Oobleck seemed intent on explaining the ruler's motives however, along with the geopolitical ramifications and how it altered laws no one had considered problematic before.

"Fascinating." Sienna lied. "I see you take history very seriously."

"Absolutely. To not make the same mistakes as were made in the past we must first understand why those mistakes were made. Any half-hearted explanation will only muddy the waters."

"Yes. Yes. Very interesting, Bart." Port strode into the conversation. "Have you met our student representatives for today? Of course you've met Miss Rose." He gestured to two girls entering the room, the smaller of which froze like a deer in the headlights when she realised she was being pointed to. Jaune grinned and waved. "And our second is the delightful Pyrrha Nikos. Incredible fighter and very skilled. A woman after my own heart!"

The second was tall with red hair and green eyes, dressed in brown and bronze armour with a small amount of red cloth hanging from her waist. She offered them a polite, if vacant, smile and came over alongside Ruby. "Hello," she said. "Good day professors."

"Good day? Nay, my dear, it's a talking day." Port sighed. "Those are never good."

The girl giggled. Ruby appeared to agree with Port. Then again, so did Jaune.

"Miss Nikos is from Mistral and a capable tournament fighter." Glynda explained. "It was almost inevitable she would have to speak here today. Did Ozpin inform you of the risks, Miss Nikos? You are aware that speaking here might be taken as some to be tacit support of the White Fang and their actions. Ozpin said he would give you the chance to back out if you didn't wish to risk it."

"People will judge me either way professor. The headmaster did warn me, but if I choose to speak then I'll be supporting and if I choose not to, then people will say I'm against it and hate all faunus." Her smile became just a little tired. "That's how it always is."

"That's the media, lass." Port took a surprisingly sympathetic approach. "You shouldn't let yourself be dragged down by things you can't control. Chin up now. Your teammates know the truth. Who else matters?"

"True." Her smile returned. "Thank you, professor…" Her attention slid to Jaune and Sienna again and a complicated moment passed. He wasn't sure what she thought of them. Pyrrha Nikos hid it well. "Hello."

"Hey." Jaune raised one hand. He supposed they'd met technically at Beacon's dance, but it hadn't been much of an interaction. Team RWBY were the only students he really knew. Them and Coco and her team. "Uh. Sorry if we've made today awkward. We didn't really plan this either. Ozpin came to us."

"We have no interest in using you for your name or fame, girl." Sienna said. "Nor in using you at all. Jaune is here to speak and be heard. Nothing more."

"I've heard that before…"

"Hmph. Surprisingly paranoid, aren't you?" Sienna chuckled to herself. "Very well. Actions speak louder than words – you'll see soon enough. No one in the White Fang has any designs on you. Except perhaps Ilia."

Jaune elbowed Sienna's side. "Don't be mean. Hey Ruby."

"H-Hey Jaune." Ruby waved nervously. "Sienna."

"Hm? Hello there, little rose." Sienna placed one hand on her hip and said, "You weren't this nervous around us before. Has something changed?"

"Oh nothing. Just, ha ha, you know, about to die." Ruby glanced at the stage as if it contained a hangman's gallows. "Ha ha. G-Going to die. Need to run."

"You nervous about speaking as well?" Jaune asked.

"Nervous!? Me!? No! Who's nervous!? Not me!"

Sienna's smile turned deadly. "I know a way to calm down. Want to hear it?"

Ruby's eyes widened. Jaune's did too. "Ruby no! Don't!"

"Just imaging everyone naked." Sienna said. "It's the best advice. Just imagine everyone you can see completely and utterly naked."

Ruby Rose's big silver eyes grew even larger. Her attention slid from Sienna to Pyrrha, to Port to Oobleck, to Glynda and then to him. Jaune imagined he could see her childhood innocence shattering into a million pieces. Ruby's eyes rolled back and Pyrrha almost stumbled in catching her. Sienna Khan burst into laughter.

"Damn it, Sienna…"


The crowds had already begun to gather. So, too, had the security.

General Ironwood was doing a remarkable job of pretending Sienna and he didn't exist. It was incredible how he managed to stalk around behind the scenes both without acknowledging them, but also without looking like he was going out his way to avoid them either. It was as if two parallel universes had met in the middle and they were on opposite sides. Sadly, Ozpin was not.

"We have protestors from both sides looking to turn this into a riot!" he snapped. "I knew this would happen, Ozpin. We have people waving placards in support of the White Fang and others calling for their arrest. If those two groups aren't kept apart, they're going to clash."

"We can't deny either entry, James. That would be as good as picking sides."

"The fact you want them here at all already shows you have." Ironwood paused and sighed. "The best I can offer is a barrier. I'll divert soldiers to form a waist-high iron picket, then stand along it to block people off. That's still highly dangerous. My men are armed and armoured, but that doesn't mean they can withstand a rampaging mob. If protesters from either side break the barricade, it's going to get bloody."

"I understand, James. What do you suggest?"

"Tear gas."

Ozpin didn't look happy.

"I'll not deploy it unless it's absolutely necessary but having it visible should prove an effective deterrent. If push comes to shove, we'll start with smoke grenades. Sometimes the smoke and the possibility is enough to make people back off. If not, I think stinging eyes will be preferable to broken bones. Don't you?"

"Yes. I'm afraid so." Ozpin sighed. "I'll trust you to do what you must, James, and to go as easy on the people as you can."

"Of course I will. They're Valean citizens. Can you imagine the political fallout even the slightest brutality on our part would cause? I'll be treating them with kid gloves, but my main concern is that we're too soft." He paused and looked past Jaune and Sienna without acknowledging them. "If we had more time, I'd build a more substantial barricade between both sides. At least the media will be on their best behaviour." He scowled. "They had better be. Excuse me, I'm going to speak with the Ace-Ops. They will be guarding the stage and acting as bodyguards should anyone try to rush it."

He moved away, still without acknowledging him or Sienna. Ozpin chuckled and came over to do both, shaking their hands and welcoming them. "Thank you for agreeing to come today. I know it can't be easy or pleasant but I truly do believe exposure is the best way to dull the edge between James and you."

"It's fine." Jaune shook the offered hand. "We're just glad someone like you is willing to give us a chance. The Vale Council is still calling us criminals."

"Technically, you still are." Ozpin said. "Vigilante laws are troublesome like that. Huntsmen simply see things differently. We're expected to step in and prevent crimes where we can, so most of us aren't so locked into the idea that the state should be in control of policing. To us, you interfering to solve crimes is seen as an everyday thing. It's not controversial at all."

"Why doesn't the council come down on you then?" Sienna asked.

"Oh, they do. Regularly. You simply don't hear about it because it's not in the public interest." Every year there are more and more discussions about how to limit the power of huntsmen and huntresses. Some of those are necessary, I'll be the first to admit. We are unnaturally resilient and powerful compared to the average person. A two-tier legal structure is an unfortunate necessity. Other times, it is nothing more than paranoia. It's difficult for the Council. They are expected to lead and to control, and yet one of the first things they learn is just how uncontrollable we can be. No amount of policing or investment will help them deal with huntsman-trained figure like Roman Torchwick or the Grimm. Those are huntsmen problems and it chafes at them that they must wait helplessly for us to come and deal with it." Ozpin chuckled and dipped his head. "No one likes feeling helpless. Not mistreated faunus, regular citizen or entitled politician. We're all the same in the end."

Sienna grunted. "You'll forgive us if we have less sympathy for the entitled politicians over the suffering faunus."

"Of course. Of course. I'm simply explaining their reasoning. In an ideal world, we would all be equal – and I include huntsmen and civilians in that as much as I do human and faunus."

"For a world like that to exist you'd need to be rid of the Grimm." Jaune said.

"Indeed." Ozpin's eyes were sparkling now. His lips curled up and he raised his mug. "Perhaps we can work together on that once this is all over. When the need to fight for faunus rights is through, I hope you will join me in the next war. One against a far less ambiguous foe."

"We're not huntsmen." Sienna said.

"No. But you are influential. I would love to see more faunus students in my academy – in all the academies. Better still, I would take great pleasure in establishing a fifth academy in Menagerie. The world can never have enough huntsmen and huntresses."

Sienna perked up at the idea and Jaune couldn't blame her. The four academies were indicative of the four major kingdoms. He didn't think it was a rule that a kingdom had to have an academy to be recognised, and it was doubtful the others would be recognising Menagerie as that anytime soon. At least not officially. Having an academy would go a long way to unofficially recognising them, however. It would theoretically mean that they could become hosts for the Vytal Festival and wouldn't that be a huge win for the island nation.

"I… I will have to liaise with people," she said quickly. "The White Fang does not rule Menagerie no matter what Atlas believes. We are allowed to exist there, nothing more. But I'm sure the true leaders of Menagerie would jump at the chance. Grimm are a threat to all peoples."

"I could not agree more, Miss Khan. It pleases me greatly to see we're on the same page." It really seemed to as well. It shouldn't have meant so much to him – surely no one liked the Grimm – and yet Ozpin looked positively thrilled. "As a huntsman and headmaster, my only goal is protecting humanity from the Grimm. This rift between humans and faunus is, if you will pardon my Vacuan, a pain in my arse." Jaune and Sienna laughed. "I will gladly help you in ending it if it means we can focus on the Grimm as united peoples."

That sounded like a dream come true.


General James Ironwood wished for the first time in his life that he smoked. He'd never seen the point in becoming addicted to something so transient and harmful, but he'd heard it did wonders for stress and he could have used that right now. Instead, he busied himself in barking orders and leading his men. Harriet and Elm were already setting up metal railings, while Marrow had been outfitted with a megaphone in case things turned dangerous. Over so many people his Semblance might only last a few seconds, but those seconds would be important. It would be enough to mount a defence and it might even be time enough for some of the rioters to wonder what the hell they were doing, come back to their senses and stop. It was always amazing how much a second to think could change someone's mind.

"James." Ozpin was back. Ever the peacekeeper, he'd apparently done his duty with the White Fang and was now here to play diplomat toward Atlas. "I hope you are not too upset at what I've done."

"Upset enough. This is a whole lot of work you've dumped on my plate. And for what? To accommodate terrorists?"

"No. To put a stop to it once and for all so that we might focus on the real threat."

Salem. James grimaced at the reminder, not that he'd forgotten. "You're too focused on your long-term plans sometimes, Ozpin. And for you, long-term means the next few hundred years. It makes you blind to things happening right in front of your eyes. Mark my words, that will be your downfall sooner or later."

"That is why I keep trustworthy individuals like yourself and Glynda at hand. To warn me when I am not seeing what is before my eyes."

"Then you're not seeing this. You see inequality, you see suffering and humans and faunus divided – and you're right." Ironwood said in what would have been a devastating political move anywhere else. Atlas policy was to never admit to things like this. "Of course you're right, and it's disgusting, I'll be the first to admit. You know damn well I don't care. I think faunus are incredible assets, especially in night ops. The problem is that you think this is all some silly, little mistake and that people will realise what they've done, open their eyes and change. That's what it seems like to you. And that's because you treat us like children."

"I do not-"

"You do!" Ironwood snapped. "You may not realise it, but you do. You see us as young, immature and prone to mistakes. And maybe we are. What else can we be when we don't get to live for hundreds or thousands of years. Our lives are brief, Ozpin. Ten years to us is a long time. A hundred is too many for most. It's been, what, eighty years since the Great War? That must feel like nothing to you, but it's so long that most people today don't remember what it was like. They don't understand how bad it was."

"Neither do you." Ozpin said politely.

"I know. I wasn't alive then and that's my point. You're judging everyone from the standard of a person who's seen everything. You know this rift is pointless because you were there before it happened, but that's not how others see it! They don't see a people divided. They don't see a problem. They see faunus attacking innocent people. They see what the White Fang did, and they can't just forget that because to them it was a recent and huge part of their history! While to you, Ozpin, it was a blip. It barely even registers to you because you don't see the last ten years as a significant period of time."

Ozpin appeared to struggle with the concept, though to his credit he did accept that ironwood might have a point. "What do you suggest I do then?" he asked. "I won't simply let this nonsense continue."

"Then don't. Try and fix it – I'm not against that. But accept that the White Fang have done terrible things in the past. People have died, Ozpin. You may see the protesters out there calling for their arrest and think them childish or racially-aggravated, but what if I told you some of them had lost family?" Ozpin's eyes widened. "The White Fang were not always this peaceful. You know that. Jaune Arc can try as he might to rebrand them, but you can't wash that much blood off your hands. If he truly wants change, he must do it free of the White Fang's name. Until then, he'll forever be tarnished with the White Fang's atrocities."

"I… I see… I had not…" Ozpin closed his eyes. "I had become so accustomed to loss and death that I perhaps overlooked how severely it might weigh on people. I apologise. You must think me inhuman."

You are inhuman, James thought. But it's not your fault.

"Anyone's mind would be messed up living as long as you have, Oz." James clapped his hand on the man's shoulder and shook it. "As long as you're aware of it, you won't go too far wrong. Hopefully." He laughed. "Anyway, I'd best get back to this. I wouldn't put it past some people to try and harm Arc. Both racists wanting him dead but also fanatical faunus wanting to spark another war."

"That would be terrible. Are you prepared for such an event?"

"Of course. Aside from troops on the ground I have a battleship in the air and other assets on standby. There will also be yourself and several huntsmen by the stage, so no one should be able to rush him down. Glynda will be there, won't she?" At Ozpin's nod, Ironwood said, "Good. If nothing else, she will be able to slow anyone down. Aside from the crowd, my biggest fear is a huntsman."

Not necessarily a criminal, though you could never be sure. There were far too many huntsmen who made a little extra on the side taking contracts. It wasn't technically illegal. Those contracts typically came from legitimate companies like the SDC and were for things like clearing land of Grimm in preparation for a mining operation or outpost being built. There were always other ones, however. Rumour and scandal had it the SDC had once paid huntsmen to clear out a faunus village that wouldn't move away for them to make a mine, and there were always stories about jilted celebs or politicians benefitting from the sudden and inexplicably violent death of a rival or ex-lover.

Those could have been random attacks and were usually claimed as such, but not everyone was made infallible. For every hundred brave huntsman and huntress, there was one like Marcus Black – a famous, if very dead, assassin. Ironwood once had the displeasure of arresting one of his own students who, while he hadn't killed someone for money, had intentionally failed to protect them from Grimm on a convoy job. He would have gotten away with it too if not for camera footage catching him walking away from a scene where someone was screaming for his help amidst the roars of Grimm.

Disgusting. James had never been angrier and had personally made sure the one responsible would never again see work in Atlas, once he was released in thirty years' time. That can't happen here. I won't let it.

"Clover!" he barked.

"Yes sir?"

"Have your teams scoured the rooftops? Is there any sign of a shooter?"

"None, sir. And yes, they are up there right now. We've also calculated which buildings would have a clear view of the stage. I've had our people check every window. It's taken time but I guarantee you the only ones with a clear view of that stage is us."

"Good. I want our best people between the crowds. You see so much as a thrown bottle and I want the one responsible escorted out. I don't care which side it comes from. Have all the magazines been replaced?"

"Yes sir. Rubber bullets and non-lethal electro-batons. I personally went over every member of the team – they're equipped with smokes, tear gas and flashbangs only to be used in an emergency."

"Keep muzzles down. The last thing we want is to be seen as an invading force."

"It would be good if we had some Valean soldiers to stand with us." Clover said. "Make it clear we're co-operating and not taking over." Under his breath he added, "If Vale had a military, that was."

"Ha. You're preaching to the choir, Clover. If only. No, it's only us and that means we must work twice as hard to keep our good reputation. Fortunately, I have complete faith in all of you here today. You've been handpicked for a reason."

"Sir." Clover saluted proudly. "We won't let you down, sir!"


Time to face the music.

The crowds were split left and right – the left was smaller, angrier, booing and hissing as he was welcomed and invited to speak by Ozpin. People cheered from the right, for a moment so loud they drowned out the naysayers. The problem was that when they went silent so they could hear him, the people against him were back to being loud and rowdy. They were singing a song as well. Or trying. They were off-key and two different songs were trying to be sung, one about "reaping what you sow" and another more modern pop song. It didn't have any clever message to it, but they were just trying to drown him out.

That wasn't going to happen considering he got to stand in front of a wooden pedestal with far too many microphones stuck to it. He'd never understood why that was a thing on TV, but now he could see all the leads and wires feeding into little recording devices dotting the podium and understood why. Of course the various news stations would want decent recordings. They'd have to deal with the noise from the crowd bleeding in otherwise.

His speech had been sent over to Sienna from the White Fang's newest advisor, Ghira Belladonna, who was set to arrive in two days' time. Jaune would have rather he showed up sooner but travel was what it was. He'd read through the speech and liked what it said either way. The man knew his way around words.

Now, it was his turn to try and convey that.

"Everyone!" he spoke. Half the crowd silenced. The other did not. "Humans, faunus, everyone caught between. We don't always think of those people…" More boos, more heckling. Jaune fixed his eyes above it and continued. "For every person on one side of the divide, there are those caught in the middle. Children of mixed-race marriages, siblings split by faunus features and communities forced to choose when they would rather live in peace. The Vytal Festival represents one such community. Huntsmen," he said, turning to look at Ruby, Pyrrha and Ozpin. "Huntsmen defend all equally; they risk their lives to protect everyone from the Grimm without asking for anything in return. Huntsmen can be human or faunus. You won't care when the Grimm are barrelling down on you."

"Monster!" a woman shrieked.

"Go back to Menagerie!" a man roared.

Jaune took a deep breath. "The Vytal Festival was created to foster cooperation between the kingdoms. It was created as a sign of peace – but it is also used to show us what the future protectors of us all are capable of. To remind us of what a huntsman is, what they give up and how hard they fight. People pick their sides in the tournament. They support Atlas, or Vale, or Mistral or Vacuo, or they pick their favourite champion – be they famous." He indicated Pyrrha. "Or be they someone who inspires you."

Ruby eeped adorably.

"But I don't see it that way. I don't see it as competing sides and I'm sure that's not what the original intent was. Surely, the original goal was to remind us of what can be achieved if we unite. Amity itself stands as a symbol of co-operative work between all four kingdoms, and as much as you might support your academy, its students come from all kingdoms and all walks of life. Beacon does not discriminate and only take from Vale, nor does Atlas discriminate and only accept humans. They take all who are good enough – a meritocracy that has proven its success in the very fact that our Kingdoms remain safe and free of Grimm."

The crowd were dying down. Even those against him were quiet in their confusion. That was probably because he hadn't said anything pro-White Fang. Ghira had been clear that he shouldn't. Make this about you and they won't listen, his letter gruffly explained. No one wants to hear the White Fang lording it over them. Those who support you do so already and those who don't won't be swayed by fancy words.

But they could be surprised. They could be taken off-guard.

The very fact they were invited and talking at all was already a win for the White Fang. He could have talked about lemons and oranges and it wouldn't have changed that, so why not instead talk about Beacon? Huntsmen? Good versus evil? Take out the ambiguity and leave the audience with no choice but to either agree with him or tacitly side with the Grimm. That was why they were so confused and worried now. They weren't shouting or waving their signs because to disagree with him now would be dumb. It wouldn't make sense.

"That is why we support the Vytal Festival." Jaune said. "It is why we support huntsmen and academies, and why even at the worst of the White Fang's old reign, those were never targets. Never! If anything, the academies stand as the perfect examples of what we hope for – what we dream of. Establishments where people are judged not for how they look, not for what they believe in, bit for what they can contribute. And to those who claim that cannot work, that it would never work, I ask you to look at how it has worked here. This is your proof."

Applause. Scattered. One-sided. Not drowned out by anger.

"And I would like to encourage everyone to enjoy the festival, to take pleasure in it, and to support not just your favourites or your kingdom, but every man and woman taking part. To cheer them all on equally, because each one of them deserves that praise. To me, to us, they are heroes – and that is indisputable!"

Cheers, hands raised and the stamping of feet. Even those in the crowd who despised him were clapping – more polite applause than supportive – but it was proof that they could be open to new ideas, that they weren't just people to be ignored and cast aside as racist, narrow-minded, or wrong. They were people just as much as anyone else were, and they had their reasons. Wrong reasons in his mind, but ones they believed in. Jaune nodded to them, bowing his head in polite respect. He hoped they saw it as such.

Inside, his heart was beating wildly. This was a success. It had to be. He felt on cloud nine, his speech winding down and no one able to disagree with it. I did it. He looked over to Sienna, who smiled wildly back at him. He'd only gone and bloody well done it. Ozpin was up on his feet, clapping with his cane pinched between his elbow and chest. To him, a speech on how everyone needed to unite against the Grimm must have felt like a gift from heaven.

I'd like to see the Council try and argue everything I said here is wrong…

As the applause rose and Ozpin moved forward to take centre stage again, a loud noise erupted. People flinched and heads ducked, the crowd's applause ripped into silence in an instant. Jaune stood still, confused, and alarmed as he looked out over the audience. Had someone fallen? Had some piece of machinery or a structural part of the stage broken? Had that crashing sound been a bottle thrown at the stage?

People were pointing. Screaming. It took him a second to realise they were pointing at him and when he did, he looked down at himself. His white outfit, chosen by Lisa to evoke a dashing appeal, was wet. Maybe something was thrown at me, he thought, reaching his hand down to touch the red liquid pooling, and running down his chest and stomach. His hand came back up with his fingers dripping.

Sienna screamed his name.



The horrified audience rushed down and out of view, drifting hazardously as his view was replaced with a still shot of the open sky. Clouds drifted lazily far above, fluffy and just a little hazy. It was peaceful.

Now… if only… everyone would stop screaming…

Jaune's eyes drifted shut.

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