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How long have I been floating here? he couldn't help but ask as an alien woman was defeated before his eyes quiet a while ago.

The village that was destroyed was recovering slowly and everybody was hailing Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki as hero's.

He floated to who knows where and eventually came across sand.

There was an old cloaked figure randomly walking in the sand.

What is this guy doing? He thought.

Having watched this guy for a day, it became clear the man had either lost it or was doing something.

" The Fifth Kazekage Chakra is so rich in the sand" mumbled the old man.

Fifth Kazekage?

As in Gaara of the Sand?


How did he know that?

The man bottled some sand from underneath h, before finding a nice cave, the shade protecting the old man from the heat.

"I finally have all the ingredients" said the old man, taking out the bottle and around his waiste was..

Wait a minute.

Was that?

It was.

A flake from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki horn.

Who was this old man and why did this guy remind him of a book he read a long time ago?

"I'm not going to be here forever, I need a successor" said the old man. "My knowledge can only be accessed by my kin. This knowledge can not be lost"

And than the old man slit his wrist and draw a seal from his blood, out came a chakra blocking shield that went around the cave.

"Now, to put all these together" said the old man, knowing what he was about to do was going to cause a commotion if certain people know what he was doing right now.

He dripped more blood, poured the sand onto it and put the flake on top of it before he began doing hand signs.

He said something and something came bursting out of all three ingredients.

The light revealed itself to look very similar to the Fifth Kazekage as a child.

If Gaara saw this tiny child, the calm and collected man would have done a double take.

But the boys eyes were dead, there was no soul there.

The man started speaking and saying. "I call upon a soul to take this body. In exchange, I will teach you the knowledge of this world"

And it was like the pits of hell had been unleashed because suddenly the soul that was alone heard a rubble.

Thousands of souls were coming to their location.

Maybe it was his desire to live again that made him start running towards the body.

Who knows when he would get an opportunity like this again.

He ran while a horde of souls were cursing him out and trying to over take him.

But one soul had to be in this body.

He felt like he was going to faint when he slammed into and scary hands were trying to claw at his feet.

The dead eyes came alive and so did, he.

He finally saw the old man's face and yelled.


The old man looked surprised before knocking him on the head.

"Who are you calling, Panda!" Said the old man.

This old man looked exactly like Lavi Bookman grandfather but a bit different looking.

The soul rubbed his now lump sided head.

"It looks like I wont have to teach you to speak" said the old man. "Just teach you respect"

The soul pursed his lips.

And than the old man gave him a Banda to wear around his head and an eye patch.

"Keep these on. " Said the old man. "This banda has the sign of our clan on it and this eye patch will consume all the excess Chakra your emitting. One day, you'll learn how to use all of it but right now this will only hurt your body and you won't live long if the power continues to grow."

The feeling of the eyepatch going over his eye was like being in a vacuum cleaner.

"Now, I'll name you Lavi" said the old man. "Lavi Bookman. My grandson. Well be heading to the Leaf now, since this is where history is currently surrounding. I hear the hero of the Leafs wife is currently heavily pregnant"

Meaning, his task was to get close to the children of the hero's and record anything noteworthy they did.

"Now put this hood on. Your supposed to be 4 months old. I will have to carry you since youll be too slow for me" said the old man showing his back and he got on.

The barrier came down and with speed no old man should possess, the man rushed through the sand and onto normal land.

But the horror of the war hadn't completely cleared up yet, every once in a while, they would come across a memorial stone or a pile of corpses.

It was sickening and would make anybody lose their lunch or cry for the lost souls.

But he had, had time to see it all.

They made their way to Konoha only to meet a mile long line of people at the gate, apparently they weren't the only ones who wish to live in the village housing the strongest Ninjas to ever come into existence.

It looks like they would be here for a while.

2 hours later, they got to the front.

"Hello" said the guards.

"Hi, my Name is Bookman" said the old man. "And this is my grandson Lavi Bookman"

Lavi decided to peer over the old man leg like a idiot.

"Were actually from the Bookman Clan" said the old man. "Were the only two left, sadly. The fourth war really did a number on my clan. This boy lost his parents and his eye. We were wondering if we can stay here. Stay here were the little one can be protected by big strong people"

"Panda" said Lavi before giggling like a child but on the inside he was dying.

Meanwhile the guards were stunned, a clan wanted to move in?

"Our clan isn't very strong" said Bookman. "All we do is keep records of anything major that happens in the world. I thought it was time to settle down"

The guards looked at each other, the old man made sure to keep mentioning they were a clan.

Because clans got a higher chance of getting a home in Konoha, their value was much higher because they had a blood line.

"Well, we can find you a house but you must register your self with the Hokage" said one of them.

"I see no problem with that" said Bookman before they allowed them to go by, a ninja of course escorted them to their new home.

The old man large black eyelids, almost bold head with a white pony tail and pointy ears, made them stand out.

They were both clearly foreigners and Lavi with his chubby legs struggled to catch up.

Nothing warms a females heart than seeing a toddler try to keep up with adults.

Lavi felt his face go red when he heard 'Awww he's so cute', 'Look at that baby'.

I'm not cute! He thought.

He used to be a grown man with ladies marvelling at his manliness.



They finally got the house.

The house was nowhere nearly as big as the Uchiha compound or any major Clan compound but it was certainly bigger than a civilian house.

They got settled in, using a sealing scroll which wasn't out of the ordinary for even a random Genin to have.

Even an adult civilian could do it after a few excerises.

The old man got out a bookcase and after another much to the ninja surprise, soon a simple living room had turned into a library.

It wasn't going to stop and the ninja watched the whole house just fill with books, no wall was left empty.

The ninja tried to take a book only to receive a massive electric shock.

"Only a Bookman can access the books" said the old man. "Information should not be looked at so easily, it has the power to destroy and save lives, don't you agree?"

The Ninja said nothing, but the feeling that these books were extremely important didnt leave the man.

When everything was uppacked, both of them were taken to the Hokage office to get registered.

Kakashi Hatake, the 6th Hokage, the only Hokage to be forced into this position against his will by the former Hokage sat in the special chair and looked at the old man and child before him.

"There is nothing really outstanding about us" said Bookman to the Hokage. "We just have the power to record events. Our bloodline really can't be used for offence. Our job is merely to protect and preserve knowledge. We can not offer the village loyalty because if we feel like our knowledge is in danger, we will leave. But we are the best keeper when it comes to keeping information. We are the only two left of our Clan. One day, I will pass and this boy will be the only member of the clan. I wish to teach this boy the clan values in a safe environment."

Kakashi looked at them.

An old man and kid with an eyepatch.

His instincts were telling him, it would be a huge mistake if he turned them away, now.

But not offering Loyalty to the Leaf...

No matter, the younger generation decide the future.

"Alright, I'll allow you to stay" said Kakashi. "If... Lavi, was it? Wishes to enter the Ninja academy when hes older, he may do so"

"Nobody knows the future" said Bookman and than they were allowed to go.

They walked out like normal people and it was no surprise that there were ninja watchdogs already following them or circling their compound.

A bunch of Ninjas hide their fingers because of the shame of trying to take a book.

Bookman used a seal to activate a barrier around the compound so nobody could enter and exit as they pleased.

The many frequent trips to the library did not go unnoticed either or the barrier around the compound.

However, other than the thirst for knowledge there really wasn't anything alarming about them.

It wasn't until Lavi was supposedly 5 months old that the news that the hero's wife had given birth to a son made the rounds.

But only Lavi know how terrifying this old man could be, the old man know the name of the child before the rest of the population.

A new book was started named 'Boruto Namikaze Uzumaki chapter 1' it not only had the date and time of the boys birth but it revealed that the old man wanting to see the boy to pay respects excuse was complete bs.

Bookman had the baby's image down on paper and a yet to manifest eye ability.

Every day, the man spied on the child from the compound and Lavi felt hella uncomfortable doing it.

It wasn't long for the children of hero's to start having play dates with each other and meeting.

Even Bookman knew that it was impropriate to go and try to enter almost 2 decades of friendship between the children's parents.

So instead the Bookman kicked him out of the house to make friends with the other civilian children.

This would be training to get along with people and than the children of hero's.

Ninjas watching the compound were shocked to see a child get sent flying by his grandpa, but it seemed he was okay after he landed and walked around with a stupid grin on his face.

Children this young don't really get watched because they didn't even have proper chakra channels yet so the best they could do was do make believe.

Lavi was a massively loud kid, who was energetic even for a child and had a knack of annoying the hell out of adults.

It was tiring but he know if he dropped it, they would see that his visible eye was far older than it should be and kids with those eyes, get a huge amount of attention from powerful adults.

So for many months, he begged his grandpa not to kick him out because he was tired but the man did so anyway without fail.

Slowly, the village began to focus more on the day, the hero's children grew old enough to go to the academy.

It wasn't as if Lavi showed that he could climb a tree using Chakra, he was nothing more than an ordinary child.

Naruto took the mental of Hokage and Bookman recorded the date.

There was also news that each child of the hero's was a genius in their own right and began training way before their days of the academy, people were especially talking about the genius that was the now Hokage son.

They wouldn't shut up about it and from what he was forced to see, the boy wasn't taking the fact everything he accomplished was treated as something to be expect from him, very well.

And than came the day the whole Village was waiting for.

Lavi was dressed as if he was from Sunagakure and for the first time the children of the Hero's saw him.

They saw him arguing with his grandpa.

"I'm not buying your Bs, Panda! Admit you want to meet the Hokage! You've kicked me out of the house many times before and you didnt give a crap!" Yelled Lavi.

"Shut up, you brat!" Said Bookman giving him a knock to the head.

"What the hell?" Said Sarada Uchichi.

When the Hokage arrived, Lavi had a massive lump on his head that all the kids were staring at.

It was almost a blast from the past for Naruto to the point it was scary.

But than they all noticed that Boruto, the Hokages son wasnt here.

How could he not show up?

But than they saw an unbelievable sight.

A single train flew out of the sky and crashed right into the Hokage moment, right into Naruto Uzumaki, recentally build face.

When the train collided with it, you could tell it hurt the man massively and out came none other than Boruto.

That was another blow to the man, seeing what his own son had done to the statue he dreamt for many years to obtain.

The adults were stunned, the kids were amazed.

So the main character finally arrives huh..

.Thought Lavi.

What style.

And scene!