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Words could not describe how big of a shock it was for the people to find out what happened in the Chunin exam.

Boruto had disgraced his family by cheating and Lavi had brought glory to his clan.

Many outsiders we're hearing the word 'Bookman clan' for the first time.

There were only two members but the video recording of Lavi with his hammer had gone viral and had blown people away.

That notion they were a civilian clan had gone out of the window by now because clearly, they were no small clan but one of the big clans.

Lavi had hammered his way to stardom and the surviving Chunin exam crasher was currently enjoying his stay at the hands of Ibiki.

As for everybody who took part in the fighting, they were all being bandaged up.

The situation could have been a lot worse for them if Lavi hadn't stepped in.

All those who knew Lavi were silent, maybe it was because of a bruised ego, maybe it was because Lavi successful defend the stadium while they stood around like idiots, or maybe it was because Lavi could now kick their ass.

That small bubble they contained themselves in, where they saw Lavi as somebody who could never infiltrate it had now been breech by him.

All five villages we're talking about him now and none of them could ever remember asking him what his favourite food was, celebrating his birthday or simply inviting him to hang.

They boasted togetherness but in reality, it was always Lavi coming to them and none of them could remember Lavi ever calling any of them his friend.

There was so much buzz around Lavi and the Bookman clan that Lavi had to prepare special calming tea for every meal because his grandfather who was more than a little annoyed by the people trying to break into the property now.

The Chunin Exams had been cancelled, understandable so.

On the day of clan wash day, Lavi was called to receive his Chunin jacket.

So with his uniform, for the first time he went out in jeans with black and strapped patterned shirt on, he used his hammer to move because he didn't want to walk through a mass of curious people.

He entered the Hokage office and his eyes met with Shikadai.

Like, father and son.

"Hi." He said, smiling and stunning the guy. "I know you'll get promoted to. You totally won that match"

Shikadai just stared at him, his handband was in the wash so his hair was free.

The child could see the resemblance to parental resemblance to his Uncle now.

"Want to get some Juice afterwards and gloat to those in the hospital?" he said.

"...sure," said Shikadai surprising him.

"Alright," he said, before going into the room, to see the Hokage, his academy sensei and his Genin sensei.

Everybody was shocked by his appearance.

Indeed his looks could be dismissed as a child but now he was growing into a young man and his father's looks were coming out in his pubescent years.

"Sorry, today is laundry day," he said, to them. "You caught me at a bad time. So where's my vast?"

Everybody stared at him since he looked like a mini Gaara who had an eye patch and slightly different face.

Are you, Gaara Jr!? They all thought.

"For your incredible performance. We promote you to Chunin" said the Hokage.

He gave the vest to him and he channelled chakra into it, making sure there was no seals on it and then he put in on.

Seeing this all three of them realized that the old ways of thought, that the newer generation didn't have because they lived in peace, was still alive and well within him.

Lavi was an easy-going guy but he had indeed grown up ready for a world-changing war to take place.

He then took off.

"Thanks for the honour. I'm going to chill with your son now Shikamaru-sensei" said Lavi, stunning the man.

Then he was gone.

"If Gaara, saw Lavi right now. He would have a heart attack" said Naruto. "He looks like Gaara when we first met"

Shikamaru agreed.

Who knew a loss of headband would reveal how much he looked like one of the few redheads they knew.

Lavi walked out to find Shikadai waiting for him.

"Alright, let's go." Said Lavi.

They jumped out of the window and began jumping from Rooftop to Rooftop, they stopped at a Juice place that Lavi had seen many times and always wanted to try.

The workers looked like they were having a heart attack when their eyes set on Lavi.

You could clearly see Gaara face mixed in there.

They got juice and then they went to the hospital to gloat.

Lavi shocked the hospital staff as Shakadai told him where the injured Genins were.

And he walked in and said. "Hello! Guess who's Chunin now!"

Everybody turned to stare at him, Lavi was now 13 and his baby fat was disappearing.

They had all seen Gaara now so Shikadai knew he wasn't hallucinating when he saw the others reactions.

"We brought juice," said Lavi, before he said. "Well, Shikamaru brought you all juice because we're Chunin together. So we're both the boss of all of you!"

"You look like the Fifth Kazekage," said Mitsuki.

He almost tripped himself something.

"Me, look like the Fifth Kazekage? That's weird" He said. "Nobody has ever told me that before and why now? Everybody else has seen me without my headband. Maybe it's the light?" Before he said. "Wait. I could use this to get free stuff."

He turned around and said. "Shikadai, do you get free stuff? If I said I was your relative, do you think I'll get free stuff too?"

"You'll be arrested for impersonation," said Shikadai bluntly.

"Ah, that's too bad," he said before he said. "Maybe, I'll start selling headshots 'The kid who looks like the Fifth Kazekage'. 5 bucks per picture." He then said with a big evil smirk. "Yes, I'll make a fortune while this lasts"

How did this become money!? Thought everybody else?

Shikidai didn't know what to think hearing his former classmate talk about profiting off his Uncles image.

And with that Lavi had skillfully turned the fact he looked like the man into a joke.

But honestly, he wondered if he should disappear soon, he did have his qualifications now.

Yes, disappear before people saw the second coming of Gaara of the sand and people started stealing anything to get a DNA sample from him.

"Actually, I'm going to do it now," he said. "It is my face." He then leapt out the window.

Later on, Lavi actually went through with it and the 5 villages saw just how shameless, he and his grandfather could be while the man was still in town.

Lavi stuffed his hair behind a wig, he marked a symbol on his head and made the skin around the eye look like the man.

After that day, nobody took the fact he looked like the man seriously and Bookman found himself being summoned to the Hokage office.

It was finally time.

He was not shocked when he saw the greatest Ninjas in the world sat in the room.

Meanwhile, everybody felt that this old man was no ordinary person right off the bat.

So this was the current Bookman head...everybody thought.

Even Kurama was on edge.

"First of all" began Naruto. "I want to congratulate you, on your grandson becoming Chunin. Not many people reach this stage, especially in this age"

"Thank you Hokage-sama," said Bookman. "There was no doubt in my mind that my grandson would become Chunin, one day. Even though he's a moron most of the time, he is still my grandson"


"So..." Began Naruto.

"You want to ask about my grandson hammer right?" He said, stunning them all. "Call it a coming of age gift. Every Bookman receives a weapon specially crafted to each person. The materials used are very rare and only the user can use it. It is made to evolve as my grandson gets older and wiser"

Everybody was stunned.

The weapon can evolve?

"And of course as the current head, how could I not have my own weapon?" he said.

"But you said your clan doesn't specialise in combat," said Shikamaru.

"It does not," said Bookman stunning them. "My clan purpose is to collect data. Everything we do, we do for information. Some data, you simply can't not get unless you have some basic skill. A person who goes around asking for information with no skill, won't live very long even in this age of peace. So if it comes down to it, we will show our fangs. Why do you think I put my Grandson through Ninja school?"

More silence.

"You caught me at a good time, Hokage-sama," he said, to the surprised man. "I want to give you this"

Everybody suddenly looked interested as he unsealed the scroll on his bag and placed the items on the table.

Everybody was shocked to see a Vest and the Konoha headband.

"These are..." Said Shikamaru.

"Their my grandsons," he said, before dropping a bombshell. "From this moment on, my grandson will be retiring his Ninja duties"


Then uproar.

"WHAT!" Was pretty much everybody's reply.

"But the kid, could be one of the greats of the next generation and you want to end his path!?" said one Hokage.

"Do you understand that he can be Junin?" Said another.

"I am fully aware of the difference in the tasks of the Chunin and Junin. That is why my grandson will go no further" he said, stunning them all. "A Chunin can step in to lead a group of Genins if there is not a Junin present. You can also take higher ranked missions so he gets a higher payout. When you reach Junin, you become a Teacher to a fresh group of students. There is a guaranteed salary. The problem right for me is that my Grandson will be put into a leadership position"

Everybody was taken back, usually, people back out because of one major injury or they had more reason to live.

But wanting to continue because you don't want to be a leader?

That is a new one.

"Bookman, this a waste," said Shikamaru. "Your grandson with his leadership skills took down his sensei, Anko and Kakashi Hatake in the Genin exam"

And judging by the Hokages faces, this was a revelation to them.

"Wait, that red-haired boy took down Kakashi?" Said Shikadai mother.

"He used his knowledge of them and the surroundings against them," said Shikamaru said. "Before I saw the report, I was prepping to have my son succeed me as the strategist of Konoha, but Lavi is a much better fit for this position"

And they were all blown away.

For Shikamaru Nara to say he was that impressed with a child who wasn't his son, this kid must be something else.

"Yes, I approved of that method that one time," said Bookman. "But using it continuously as a Chunin or Junin can only lead to sheer devastation"

Everybody was shocked.

"Sure you may see us as bookworms but we have the greatest task to not open our mouths." He said. "What tears the world apart isn't power. It is the knowledge that people sacrifice everything for because knowledge is power. The Bookman Clan knew a lot of terrible secrets and if those secrets are spoken carelessly. A whole nation can fall."

"Then, why do you collect such a thing?" Said Gaara.

"Because we have to understand the world, it is in our blood to seek knowledge," said Bookman. "We are walking libraries. Our bloodline allows us to not feel the need to spill those secrets. We are the best Secret keepers in the world."

They were all silent.

"And besides putting my Grandson in danger," he said. "And why my clan won't fight in the Ninja world, is because we don't agree with what happened with the fourth war"

They let him continue before they all assumed the Clan was rooting for the moon lady to finish them off.

"We especially, don't agree with the fact you not only let people who should be executed walk free but they now have families of their own," he said, dropping a bombshell on them all.

Naruto face changed.

"We know full well what Sasuke Uchiha did and yet this man was pardoned and even has a family. He is even called a Hero" said Bookman. "I've seen the libraries. You all made sure to hide it well, but the monstrosity that Clan carried is still here and the worst person was Sasuke Uchiha. Do you think saving the world magically makes up for the years of evil? If you truly thought so, you would have released that information and trusted the public to not end the Uchiha Clan. Everybody in this room knows that the only reason why Sarada Uchiha exists is because the infection Hokage, felt like his feelings were far more important than the slaughtered people crying for justice"


Stunned silence.

Naruto was wide-eyed even Kurama.

"Am I wrong?" Said Bookman. "The only word to describe somebody who keeps chasing another who wants to hurt him and end his home, while he drags his friends into it. Can only be called a buffoon. The Bookman clan like to work with intelligent people not sacrifice their lives for a Buffoon who can't even make a simple shadow clone with a demon fox helping out. Strike one"

Everybody was shocked.

"Strike 2," said Bookman. "Your buffoon self gave the okay to work with the war criminal Orochimaru. The very person who's horrific experiments have gone so far, that he needs to kill somebody for their body every 3 years or he would vanish. You even went as far as to let one of his experiments become a Ninja of the Leaf. I'm sure the people of Konoha wouldn't take this well if they knew"

Everybody stared.

"Strike 3," said Bookman. "You, Naruto Uzumaki are nothing without the Kyuubi no Yoko in your stomach. You are a lie. Name one Ninja move you have that doesn't make use of Kyuubi Chakra? You never learned to use a tiny amount of Chakra, so all you do is Chakra bomb. If you didn't have that thing inside of you, you'll be the laughing stock of the whole village. Everybody in the Ninja world only knows that power, they don't know how useless you would be without that fox. I would have torn into Gaara of the Sand, but he has proven that he is still strong even without his tailed beast. He is made to be a leader. While you, just Chakra bomb your way to the top, you humiliate the name of Hokage. The Hokage name is given to the person who is qualified both mentally, physically and spiritually, it's a shame what this generation of Hokage has become"

Everybody was silent, their minds had dropped working.

"Let's get down to the facts," said Bookman. "Your father is the Fourth Hokage. Your mother was the fourth tailed beast former carrier. Your genes were incredible even before you took on Kurama. Once your parents died, the Third Hokage, personally took care of you as a child to the point he gave you a house and allowance. Your first proper technique, you stole from a forbidden scroll which the Third Hokage should have executed you for but instead, he let you keep the move because your Minato son. Your own academy sensei, singled you out and personally treated you to food and gave you the strength to pull your first proper move off. Your genin teacher was Kakashi Hataka, a legend on the battlefield and trained personally by your dad. The first strong moment you had? You burrowed Kurama power. Then you met a Seninn who took you on a 3-year personal training course. This is the same man who was trained by the Third Hokage in his prime. Everybody who trained you was a legend or somebody. You would have been better if you found out about that fox and train to be good without it but you decided to Chakra bomb your way and receive for a power that was never yours in the first place"

Naruto couldn't say anything.

"You didn't get here on your power. You were destined to be in that seat from birth and you're using it to make the same mistake the First and the third made" he said. "I don't care about this Villages future or the worlds. But if you think you can drag my Clan into a war, run by you muffins then stick to the Nara Clan. We will never ally ourselves with people like you"


The man turned around and just before he left he said. "And Gaara of the Sand. Lavi, my grandson. He's your biological son. You didn't need to adopt to have a legacy, you've had a legacy for 13 years. If you don't believe me, ask your mother, she knows. Why else would the sand follow Lavi?"

And then he left, he appeared back at the mansion, Lavi had packed up everything, including the books.

Then both of them vanished, revelling they were clones.

The real them were already far from Konoha and had no intention of coming back.

However, they had covered the place with Lavi fingerprints because even in this world, nobody could track somebody with fingerprints but they could confirm parenthood through comprehension.

48 hours later and with Gaara permission, the true came out.

It was revealed that the old man had been telling the truth, Lavi was indeed Gaara biological son, he was Shikadai cousin.

The village hadn't been imagining it.

Gaara has somehow produced an offspring and that offspring was raised as the future Bookman leader.

The village went into uproar and the news spread wide and far and it was met with jokes.

It was funny because the most famous asexual man in the world now owned child support to the head of the Bookman Clan.