Hello everyone and thank you for waiting! It took me a while to think of a new idea and in the end I came up with the idea where Sougo is born in the DCAU universe where there is no Woz, Geiz or Tsukuyomi and he ends up joining the league. He gets close to Kara and as you can see this is my result based off the ideas in my head. So without further ado, here's Chapter 2.

Sougo was looking around in despair as he saw millions of Parademons flying around and millions of monstrous flying contraptions destroying buildings and causing terror and pandemonium. And there standing in the middle of a crater was the source of it all was the New God Darkseid. In his hands he was holding the greatly weakened body of the Man of Steel himself and in his other hand a dagger of Kryptonite which was the reason why Superman was so weak. Seeing his friend so close to death and remembering Batman's last words before his own death, this triggered Sougo's rage to the max and soon his once white Ziku-Driver started sparkling with golden electricity as a dark smoke covered it. Once the smoke cleared, there in its glory was the infamous Oma-Zi O Driver, the same exact driver that once activated would seal Sougo's future. But Sougo didn't care anymore, he had a plan and he was ready to execute it. He walked towards the 'God' and as soon as Darkseid saw the Driver he slightly recognized it but brushed it off.

"So, you have returned to join Kal-El in death. Very admirable." he taunted.

Sougo said nothing but simply crossed his arms together and started screaming in pure rage as the symbol of the Overlord appeared underneath Sougo as lava erupted from underneath. Sougo then said, "Henshin." as he activated the Driver and soon the fated sequence began.

"Shukufuku no Toki! Saikou! Saizen! Saidai! Saikyou-ou! Ohma Zi-O!"

Gold Rings appeared around Sougo and soon in his place was the dreaded and infamous Overlord of Time himself, Oma Zi-O.

Darkseid was amused and attempted an Omega Beam on this new adversary only to his shock for the attack to be reflected back to him as he stumbled in pain. He was now enraged and engaged Oma Zi-O only for the Rider to block every blow with ease and soon fire a punch that sent him several feet back. Growling, he ordered his army against him but soon what happened would shock the New God.

Sougo quickly started a one man army rampage and single-handled every monster on the opposing side with simple backhands or energy blasts. Soon it was just only him and Darkseid again and this time Sougo engaged on the offensive and Darkseid found himself on the receiving end of a beating so badly, it made Superman look tame. The beating was so bad to the point that Sougo started taunting Darkseid.

"What's wrong Mr. God? Are you scared of lil' ol me? I thought you said that Oma Zi-O was nothing compared to a New God." Sougo taunted with a grin under his mask.

"You will pay for those insults Tokiwa! I have studied Oma Zi-O. You should not have this much power!" screamed Darkseid.

"Ah. But that is where you are wrong. You studied the Oma Zi-O of the original timeline before he got erased. I on the other hand, not only have his power but my own knowledge. You underestimated me and now you are going to PAY FOR IT!" said Sougo as he yelled the last 3 words. As he said this, all of his Ridewatches started glowing and soon ones that he had never collected also started to appear and glow. "I not only use his power and mine but the power of every single Rider in existence." The Ridewatches then all were absorbed into his body showcasing his true might.

Sougo then jumped back and screaming once more, he activated his Driver again this time activating its finisher.

"Shūen no Toki! Ohma Zi-O Hissatsu-geki!""

As it announced the finisher, Sougo jumped into the air and getting into position flew down to Darkseid in a deadly flying side kick which struck Darkseid in the chest. This caused the New God to scream in horror and pain as he slowly found himself being disintegrated.

"THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT AN ANT THAT SHOULD TREMBLE! I AM A GO-AAAAGHHHH!" were his last words as he was erased from existence permanently.

Sougo landed down and soon, he looked around and realized he knew what he needed to do. Entering a pocket dimension, he revived Batman and soon the two had a chat.

"So what are you going to do now?" questioned Bruce.

"I think you know what I'm planning to do." answered Sougo.

"Will anyone else remember what happened in this timeline." asked Bruce.

"Nobody will, not even me and I intend for it to stay that way. Darkseid traumitized too many people and since he was erased, it would cause panic and confusion. Also this will negate Oma Zi-O's existence as well." replied Sougo.

Bruce nodded and with a wave of his hand, Sougo rebooted the timeline completely erasing Oma Zi-O's existence completely and everyone's memories including his own.

A Few Days Later

Sougo was relaxing in the Watchtower with his fiance, Kara and the two were just drinking some coffee and chatting until they heard the alarm and Batman's voice.


Sougo grinned at Kara who returned the grin back, and the two ran out of the mess hall with Kara spinning around to change into her costume while Sougo transformed into Zi-O and said, "I've got a great feeling about this!" and with that the final story of this chapter has been ended, but it is not the end for our Time-Traveling Rider.

And that is the End of this Chapter. So I know Oma Zi-O's power is still hard to determine seeing that while he is powerful, he was still debated on how could he contend with other titans. So I did some research and realized that since he had all rider powers, he had some pretty overpowered ones such as Kuuga's Planet Destroying Power, Kabuto's Time Reversal Power, Eternal's Reality Destroying Power, Ex-Aid's Physics Defying Power and so forth. With powers like those, I can absolutely confirm he can deal with Darkseid. With that Chapter 2 has been done and keep on the lookout for Chapter 3.