Destination: The Final Chapter

(Note: This is a fanmade Final Destination story, I own nothing but the plot and how death claims his victims)

Chapter one: Gate 180

Molli was laying back in her seat, reading the reviews of her mystery novel series "The Clever Ones". Next to her was her brother Jace and best friend Misty, who loved her published works. So much so, that Misty even asked for Molli to get some film directors to make movies of her books.

"Come on Molli, This is a great idea, You'll make double the money you made from those books!" She said.

"Misty, I didn't make these books to make a cash grab service," Molli said, deadpanning," I made them to show my passion for mysteries."

"Yeah, well, a lot of other people love them, I've even read one guy's review that says he wants to interview you over dinner." Jace said with a smirk.

"EW, Jace, the fuck is wrong with you!?" Molli replied, face redder than a cherry.

"Not in a romantic way, he sounds like he just wants to know how you came up with your little book series in the first place."

"Jace is right, the guy probably just wants to know how you made nearly fourteen books about three people who solve dangerous mysteries" Misty said.

"Guys, come on, You know more than anyone, That I don't like conversations with total strangers." Molli replied.

"So, that didn't stop you from doing a book signing," Misty shot back, "I mean, that one kid practicaly cried when you signed his book while he was hospitalized."

"Yeah, that was pretty sweet, I mean, the look on that kid's face was priceless," Jace added, " You have a knack for this kind of thing."


"No, Fame, I mean, you have a spot on the New York best sellers review and you're only 17 years old, I mean how crazy is that?!" Jace exclaimed.

"Guys, look, I get I'm famous, but it's not that big of a deal to make a movie out of all of my books" Molli replied.

Molli looks out the window and sees a decommissioned plane on the runway. She slowly looks back towards the outlet areas, and notices one of the shirts says ' You might be screwed before you know it' with a design of a screwdriver and a little tiny screw on the opposite side. Suddenly, she felt a cold breeze shoot right through her.

"Excuse me, ma'am?"

Molli looked up to see a black man who looked no older than 25.


" You're the one who wrote 'The Clever Ones' book series, am I right?" He asked.

" Yes, I am, Is…?" She asked before she was cut off.

" Can I ask how you made such a fortune off of a book series that you made since you were 13?"

"Ummmmm… It was just a hobby for me when I wrote them." She answered.

"I can confirm, She was in her room a lot of the time when she was making this series" Jace added.

Suddenly Molli felt the breeze again, stronger than before. She turned and saw a small grease flame come from one of the kitchens, lasting only a few seconds.

"Geez, could they be any less dangerous around here?!" Misty shot.

"Did any of you feel that breeze?" Molli asked, concerningly.

"What breeze?"

"You didn't feel that?"

"Are you ok?" The man asked

Molli looked back around and saw a little kid bashing his toy plane into the ground. A security guard was nearing Molli as she had a look of worry on her face.

"Ma'am, excuse me, Ma'am, Are you ok? Do we need to call a doctor?" The guard asked.

"Molli, What's going on?" Jace asked

Suddenly, the five see a jet liner falling into the building, the rush out but it was too late, the plane had crashed, starting a fire and breaking pillars. The fan of the engine went flying , decapitating a man running away from the crash. A woman was running away from the crash when she tripped on some of the debris and was crushed by larger debris.

The 5 run away towards the stairs until someone pushed away the man into the conveyor belt gears, crushing his head. The now remaining 4 ran towards the stairs, the guard followed until the ground collapsed beneath him, falling into the sharp end of the wing, cutting him in half.

The 3 encounter a woman running towards the stairs. Jace noticed a piece of debris in front of them.

"LADY, WAIT!" Jace exclaimed.

But it was too late the lady tripped and fell onto an open rail.

"Oh shit, fuck this!" Misty shouted.

The 3 rush down the stairs, in a panic, Misty misstepped and fell off the stairs, breaking her neck in the process.


The 2 looked up to see the ceiling cracking away.

"We can't stay here, Come on!" Jace shot at his younger sister.

Both of the siblings rush towards the exit, Jace slips and falls over, Molli stopped at the exit as she saw her brother being crushed by falling ceiling debris.

Molli ran out of the airport, she thought she was ok, until she heard an explosion that sent the front part of the jet onto her.

(sorry this is a short chapter, it took me way too long to make this. Don't worry, more will be on the way soon... hopefully)