Chapter 4: Death's retribution

Molli, Jace, and Misty were sitting on the couch at Misty's house. Molli couldn't stop sighing from how terrifying death's design was. Jace stood up and walked away to go to the bathroom.

"Why is this happening," Misty asked, "What have we done to deserve this?"

"Misty, please, we all feel dreadful about this."

"But It doesn't make sense," Misty said," Why are forced to die, no questions asked!?"

"Misty, I wish I could tell you but…."

She was cut off from a news report talking about the airport incident.

"A new record breaking four hundred seventy people are confirmed dead from the McKinley airport disaster, not among them, were eight survivors who removed themselves from the airport before the disaster occurred, FBI and CIA are restricting access to any records of the incident, due to the case being incomplete and evidence being little to none at the current time…"

"So they're just gonna keep this quiet?!" Jace asked, walking back from the bathroom.

"So far, yes…" Molli replied.

"Fucking bullshit, Why can't we just stop this from happening!?" Misty snapped.

Molli thought about Misty's words and a lightbulb popped into her head.

"That Coroner, he told me Death didn't like cheaters, maybe he knows something about this!"

"What would that guy know about death itself?" Jace asked.

"Well, it's better than just sitting here and doing nothing!" Molli exclaimed.

Misty gets up and walks towards the door.

"You better be right about this Molli."

McKinley medical center

The trio walked up towards the entrance, Bludworth looked like he was waiting for them.

"William Bludworth?"

Bludworth looked towards the trio, smiling his devilish smile.

"Molli Shostine, I'm surprised you made it, I thought I would have to clean up after his work with you."

"That's…. Creepy…" Misty piped.

"Please, follow me…"

The trio walk with Bludworth into the morgue, looking creepy and dreadful.

"Might I ask why you came here?" Bludworth questioned.

"Before, when you told me Death didn't like cheaters, you meant he doesn't like people who prevent their demise, right?" Molli asked.


"So can you tell us how we can stop all of this?" Molli asked.

"How do we prevent these crazy accidents from killing us?!" Jace piped.

"I'm sorry, but when it comes to death, there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps, and no escapes."

"Well then obviously you're wrong, we did escape death…" Misty interrupted.

"But only for a few precious moments, death had to draw a new design because of what you three and those others did."

"So then tell us how we can stop death, we can't just keep intervening forever" Molli exclaimed.

"... Well then perhaps if you were to intervene with three people's deaths in a row, the chain may break, but only when the next person will die…"

"So, just save three people before they die?" Jace asked.

"Why three in a row?" Misty asked as well.

"Well, tell me when you know…." Bludworth replied.

Bludworth walked away, leaving the three to question what they heard.

"What a dick… got nothing but cryptic answers…"

"No…. We got what we came for, now we just have to find Nichole, and the right book…" Molli said.

The three walk out of the hospital.

"So, in order to stop Death, we need to intervene three people's deaths in a row… but how would we know when and where their death will occur?" Misty asked.

Molli gasped as she remembered what Nichole said about her occupation.

"Nichole said she works as a butchery manager."

"Ok, so we know where… but how is she gonna die?" Jace asked his sister.

"In one of my books, a girl died after she was too late to stop an intruder breaking in and stabbing her in the head!"

"So, we head for the local butchery?" Misty asked.

"If we wanna get a head start and stop death's design…" Molli answered.

Greene street butchery

"So let me get this straight, I'm next?" Nichole asked.

"Yes, but we can stop all of this if we intervene three times in a row on Death's list," Molli replied, " Please you have to believe us…"

" Look, even if Death had a plan, why would he work in a certain order?" Nichole asked.

Molli shrugged.

"Well, I think you have the wrong person…"

"LOOK OUT!" Shouted one of the butchers

A cleaver flies into the air and embeds itself into Nichole's face. The three teens look in horror as Death claimed it's second victim.

Half hour later

Molli, Jace, and Misty sat over near the window of the butchery, a look of both horror and dread filled their faces as police and FBI surrounded the butchery.

"Ok, first it was the airport, then the construction site, now here," the officer said, " You're connected to these 'accidents', just tell us, did you kill her or not?"


The officer looks at the writer with a suspicious look.

"No officer, we didn't, she had another feeling about Nichole, so she came to warn her" Jace replied.

"Well then, I'll be watching you three…"

(Sorry it took me so long to write this, I've had some very difficult times due to family life, and the fact I wanted to finish DW: TRF(Doctor Who: The Remnant Files) I promise to finish this when I can.)