It was 3495 BBY two hundred years after the first galactic war and coruscant being sacked by Darth Malgus. The final touches were being made to the Jedi temple. While everything was looking up for the order a young boy who goes by the name of Mike is a young Padawan in training to become a Jedi Knight.

Mike is studying in the library reading Jedi archives. He is studying on how past Jedi succeed in passing the Jedi trails. He feels a hand on his shoulder.

Mike looked up quick feeling a little startled from the contact and sees it's his master. "Hey, Master Theo any news from the council?" Mike asking his master. "The council is wanting for us to go on a mission to Nar Shaddaa to try to negotiate with a crime syndicate called the blood brothers and have been attacking Republic vessels to steal cargo."

Mike looking at his master being puzzled at the request, "Master I don't understand not to talk out of turn but how come we don't let the Republic take care of it? We should still be rebuilding the temple."

Master Theo knowing that Mike had a dislike for the Jedi being so involved with the Republic even after the Galactic war was over.

"Alright I'll go." Mike thinking about it for a moment and would never let his master go alone.

Mike and Theo were aboard a Republic vessel heading toward Nar Shaddaa.

A young girl with hair length hair is battling another girl on Dromund Kaas under Darth Brennen's supervision. The girl El had always bested her competition but could not ever bring herself to kill another person like this.

El beat the other Sith acolyte and she heard a voice near her, "now kill her finish what you have started." El having deep thoughts about it but ultimately deciding not to again. She turns off her red lightsaber. Darth Brennen coming over and shocking her with force lighting.

El almost being used to this since this happens everytime she doesn't kill her opponent. After the electrocution stopped Brennan coming over closer to her lying body on the ground. "One day you will do what is necessary for you will die one day when I don't need you anymore but luckily I do still have some use now go back to your cage!"

El hearing the thunderous order from her master returned to her prison like cage the Darth Brennen always keeps her in. El looking down and tests escaping her eyes for she missed her life as a youngling under the Jedi and had just been a Padawan for only a month before her Jedi master was killed by Darth Brennen and captured to be forced to be his apprentice.

'I hate him so much I wish I could kill him I would do anything to have that moment to erase him from the Galaxy.' El thought to herself.

Someone opened El's cell to find her Master with a smirk on his face. "El, you will go on a mission for me to Nar Shaddaa there's a crime syndicate by the name of the blood brothers and they have Republic property that we can use against the Jedi.

El knowing not to say no to her master agreed to go with a nod. El getting in her ship but knows not to run away since she has a chip inside her body that Brenner can track her down personally and if she tries to remove it she dies.