How had I come to this point?

I asked myself… staring into the hole in the mountain.

And so I remembered my reason. And the reasons for that reason.

Chapter 1 Questions

I lived in a village on an island just under the A in Atlantic. In the village square there are golden flowers. The day I smelled those flowers for the first time, is the day this all started.

Me and my parents were going back home after a long day of shopping at MalWart, the local supermarket, on the way home I stopped to smell the flowers. They smelled like sugar sharp with pollen. My parents called for me "Honey! We need to get home before the groceries unfreeze!" They called. I followed.

I was curious about why there were flowers in the square and nowhere else on the island.

So I asked

"Mom, why are there flowers there?"

She responded "They were planted by the church at a celebration."

'Why plant flowers at a celebration?'

"Why didn't they do something else?"

My mother shrugged."I don't know go ask the church"

We were home, I had nothing better to do, so I decided to follow up on it. After dinner I was put to bed like the nine year old I was.

I fell asleep full of righteousness.

I don't remember the following morning that well I assume I ate breakfast brushed my teeth and chatted with my parents.

What I do remember is that it was a day that the church bell rang. I arrived at the church at around 10:00am and had to wait an hour for the services to stop. When people started walking out I started asking questions.

"Why did the church plant flowers in the square?" I asked a woman caked in black clothes?

"They're a thank you" I didn't really understand.

The woman went on their way.

Next I asked a man decorated in white clothes and a tall white hat. "Why say thank you with yellow flowers?"

He responded "In Mexico the common Amarillo(yellow in Spanish) flower is representative of Death"

He took a pause. "We planted them to say thank you to the Lord for peace for our SOULS" he walked away followed by seven people in cloth hats that looked like they had a white rectangle stuffed on the forehead. Mom told me later that they were nuns. They look more like somethings than that…

I wanted to find out more so I went to the Library.

I don't know why flowers were so important to me.

The Library was quiet. "What are you looking for dearie?"

The old librarian asked. "I want to know more about the flowers in the square."

The Librarian frowned. She took a look around and guided me to a book on the farthest shelf.

"This is what you want."

I took the book out. It was one of those picturebooks that I sometimes got read out of.

"Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS."

It showed a picture of a white fluffy thing in a contradictory dress and a caveperson person who looked like me. I turned the page.

Monsters probably didn't exist. They were just imaginary.

"One day, war broke out between the two races."

"After a long battle, the humans were victorious."

"They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell."

"The humans celebrated, thankful, that their SOULS could be at peace."

That was the same thing the preacher said.

"They planted yellow flowers as an offer to GOD."

My question was answered somewhat until winter came and the fog rolled in.

That's when the flowers stumped me again.