I went home.

I told my parents about the story word for word.

They put me to bed immediately.

It was noon.

How could they?

There was nothing I could do but fall asleep.

When I woke up in the middle of the night my parents were talking with people downstairs.

"We need to get rid of those flowers, that history needs to die." My father said.

"We've tried, they just come back the next day."

"Anybody who goes to cannot return, What could happen to my child if they go there and find that they can't get out?"

"We'll bury the flowers."

I lay awake for the rest of the night.

The monsters needed to be avenged.

I lay awake until the small hours of the morning when I snuck out with my camcorder and my vhs.

I would kill myself in order to tell them it was a mistake…

I was determined.

And so I found myself near this hole I found on .

Time to die for justice…

I threw myself in with a marigold in hand.

Landed near death on the ground…

I heard footsteps…

I called for help

"Are you Okay?" A voice asked.

I whispered disbelief under my breath.

and my name.

"... That's a nice name."

"My name is Asriel."

My heart broke at that moment. I had thrown away my life for nothing.

And so it began…