The Messenger watches as Randy and Howard say goodbye to each other due to the former having to move to Japan.

While the fact that the chosen Ninja going out of Norrisville indefinitely would be normally disastrous, this time isn't one of those. The Sorcerer has been defeated; his Chaos Pearls sealed; McFist lost his reason to kill the Ninja and the Sorceress is still trapped in the Land of Shadows.

One day, menaces that the mundane won't be able to deal with will return, but now, peace has returned to the 800 hundred year-old city.

No, what happens now has to do with the ancestral cradle of ninjutsu and the future home of Randy Cunningham.

If his inquiries are in the true, the Norrisville Ninja may have more trouble in the future and need all help possible.

The Messenger brought out his phone to call an old acquaintance, one who will hopefully take his time to prepare for the inevitable.

"This is Kaeru Sushi Shop, in what can we help you?" sounded an old man's voice in Japanese from the other side of the line.

"Even the weakest of carps can overcome the most furious of waterfalls…" cryptically said the Messenger in Japanese too.

"... and transform into the mightiest of dragons." replied the voice "How are you, Chuck? I doubt you would call for nothing."

"Hanzo, Norrisvile's Ninja is moving to Japan." The Messenger, or Chuck, went to directly to business.

"...That's problematic." sighed Hanzo "Wait, wouldn't that leave the city defenseless? If the Sorcerer were to be free…"

"The Sorcerer and his power have been dealt with once and for all. And his allies are now either indisposed or inoffensive, there's no urgency to prematurely select a new Ninja."

"Color me impressed. I would've never thought that evil would be defeated in this generation." Hanzo replied "Nevertheless, having a foreigner Shinobi unaffiliated with the Good or Evil sides in Japanese grounds is something the council would not overlook. Those damned traditionalists are control freaks no matter if the person in question carries the duty of a guardian of justice since ancient times."

"That's why I'm calling you." Chuck let out a smirk "He is going to Asakusa, Tokyo, and attend Hanzo National Academy."

"... You wouldn't have had done something with that, right?" Hanzo replied suspiciously.

"Of course not, it's all a coincidence. A coincidence we must capitalize on. I fear that the Ninja may face his greatest trial yet. And don't get started on the rumors of Bad Shinobis rising and the recent concentrations of Yoma."

"I'll do everything I can to help. I'll make Kiriya know about this. Good luck, Chuck."

"To you too, dirty old man." Chuck snarked.

"I may be dirty but everyone knows who the oldest one here is." Hanzo chuckled before hanging up.

The Messenger sighed. He's done everything he could. All would be left in hands of the Norrisville Ninja and his future Shinobi allies.

"Ninja, take care. Your greatest battle is just around the bend."

AN: I'm beginning some Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja fics, especially when I remembered about them thanks to Rougedragon's review in That's not Bruce. I'll try to return to there, I have mostly planned that one out.

I couldn't believe there aren't so few crossovers between RC9GN and other ninja-themed series like Naruto, so decided to mix with another ninja series: Senran Kagura.

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