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Wings of Freedom

Chapter 1

The air was eerily quiet as the sun set over the great barrier known as Wall Maria, and was blotted out by a massive billowing cloud of steam.

The quiet was broken however, by a boy's sobs.

Not far from the wall, on the bank of a long stream, a boy with blond hair, sat on the ground in his soaked clothes and gripping a hat tightly as he stared at it and sobbed. The boy's name was Armin Arlelt, and the hat had belonged to his grandfather.

Armin was in shock as he sat there and cried. His grandfather was dead but Armin couldn't remember how, he couldn't remember anything, and he was only vaguely aware of people shouting at him. Armin was simply too stunned to process anything, he simply couldn't except that his only remaining blood relative, was gone. But then...


Armin's head was tossed to the side as he was suddenly and painfully brought back to reality and he felt blood start to leak from his lip. Armin blinked a few times as his senses came back to him, and then he looked up to see his friends, Mikasa Ackermann and Eren Jaeger. Both of them had terrified and desperate expressions but Eren's was even more so and blood was dripping from his fist.

Armin realized that Eren had punched him "w-what...what's going on-" Armin stuttered but was interrupted by Eren picking him up off the ground "come on Armin, snap out of it! We need to move!" Eren yelled and started dragging Armin away with Mikasa right on their heals. Armin's mind race as he was practically dragged away what's going on? I don't... Armin thought as he was dragged along, but then suddenly gasped as the memories came back to him. Armin then looked back with horror, only to see that it was true. The boat they were using to escape Shiganshina, was now smashed and Titans were swarming it and eating the people on board while they escaped. That was how Armin's grandfather had died. When that abnormal Titan came running at them at full speed and jumped on their boat, and brought more Titans with it, Armin's grandfather had distracted them so he and his friends could escape.

Armin was about to go into shock again, but Eren's hand, painfully clamping down on his wrist, kept him grounded. Armin then clenched his teeth and looked away from the boat and tried to ignore the screams of the people getting eaten as he yanked his hand free from Eren's grasp and kept running, I'm not going to die here. Not after grandpa sacrificed himself for us Armin thought as he ran.

But, amidst all the chaos, no one noticed the air, high above the clouds, warping and shimmering. The air in that spot seamed to mix with a rainbow of colors and swell like a bubble, ready to pop. Then the warp busted and shot out two creatures like a cannon.

The creatures both let out ear splitting roars as they tumbled through the air, clawing and biting at each other. The first creature was a Dragon. A large reptile, with snow white scales, but the spines on its back and the scales on it's belly and paws, were crimson red. However, the white scales were covered with blood and dirt, and several gashes tour through the natural armor, leaving the majestic creature looking beaten and ragged, and it's saddle looked as though it was hanging on by a thread.

Atop the magnificent beast, a boy in his teens, stood up in the saddle. The boy had pale skin, a long skinny face and messy, crimson red hair. The boy's eyes were heterochromatic, with his left a deep emerald green, and his right a steely silver, with a scar running over it, though the eye it's self was undamaged. The boy wore steel armor, but it was shredded beyond recognition and covered in dirt and blood, his and his enemies. The boy's face was also cut up and covered it dirt and blood, some of it still leaking from his face, and his hair was matted with it.

The second creature was identical to the first, but it was made entirely out of black smoke and shadows and it spewed unnatural, black fire at the others. And atop this abomination, stood something that was once a man. It was a Shade, who's skin was even paler then the boy's, but his eye sockets were as black as his greasy, long, raven hair, and his eyes were blood red and he wore tattered black robes. The man looked like a rotting corps and he held up his hand as he chanted in an Ancient and powerful language and he threw a black fireball at his targets.

The Dragon dodged as best she could, but still gave a roar of pain and anger as the flames graze her side and her Rider grunted in pain as he too felt the flames against her scales. The Dragon then maneuvered around herself and spewed white flames at the Shade and his mount, to little effect, and the shadows that formed the beast simply reformed once the flames died down.

The Dragon roared with rage "curse these abominations!" the Dragon yelled with her mind. The Dragon's Rider placed a hand on her neck "easy Thalia. No matter how much we may what it, shouting him to death won't work" he said. Thalia snorted in response "well Ruaidhrí, I don't see you contributing anything" the Dragon shot back and Roy groaned, he hated being called by his full name, and Thalia knew it. But the Dragon soon realized that his name wasn't the reason for his discomfort, as she felt intense pain flowing off him. Thalia looked back to see the scar over Roy's eye starting to glow red and extending down his face and neck, and down his chest.

Thalia whined a little as she saw this. The closer they got to the Shade, the more the cursed wound he inflicted on Roy would resurface and debilitate her Rider. Roy noticed his Dragon's gaze as he gripped his chest "I'm fine, just focus on flying" he strained out and the Dragon had no choice but to obey as more fire came at them. Roy's eye turned bloodshot as the scar got worse, but he powered through it and scanned the area for anything that could help them. He knew the only way to stop the Shade was to get in close and stab him through the heart, but even if he could get that close, he might not be able to pull it off in his condition.

Roy looked down at Thalia's saddle bags and his face hardened over with determination. They couldn't afford to fail, and so Roy kept looking, and that's when he noticed the cloud of smoke and steam, and his mind formulated a plan "Thalia, I got an idea" he told his Dragon as she dodged more fire. Roy then sent his plan to Thalia mentally and the Dragon's red eyes, shot wide "no, it's too risky" she protested, but then another fireball grazed her side "do you have a better idea" Roy shot back and Thalia was quiet for a moment "alright, but be careful" she relented and dove into the steam.

The Shade laughed as he fallowed them in "fools! You cannot escape!" he yelled after them as he dove into the cloud and was blinded by all the steam. The Shade looked around frantically, but saw nothing and so stretched his mind out to search for them and the Shade's eyes shot wide as he found them flying right at him. The Shade's mount ducked a claw swipe and lashed out with it's own and Thalia roared in pain as the claws dug through her scales and into flesh and her saddle was ripped a little, but the Dragon managed to flip over the Shade and shoot off in the other direction. The Shade gave a menacing laugh as he turned and chased after the Dragon "you have no hope of besting me you worm!" the Shade laughed, but then the Dragon gave the closest thing to a smirk, she could muster "I don't have to" she replied and the Shade looked at her in confusion, and that's when he noticed that Thalia's saddle was empty.

The Shade realized his mistake too late, and screamed in pain as a white blade, wreathed in white flames, burst through his chest. The blade shown like polished steal, with a material like ruby, flowing up the blade in flowing patterns and shined like polished glass and runes in the same language the Shade spoke before, glowed along the blade, as if it had just come off the forge. The cross guard and pommel were inlayed with emerald, and text was written in English on the cross guard, displaying the swords name "Wyvern".

The Shade looked down at the magnificent blade in his last moments, then back at the Rider standing behind him, with his right eye clenched shut in pain and his free hand clutching his chest "go to hell" Roy spat at the Shade, his voice sharp as his blade and cold as the death it wrought, and the Shade gave one last scream as he burst in an explosion of smoke and shadows and a cacophony of inhuman screams echoed out as the spirits that gave the Shade his power, escaped.

Roy's scar faded back to normal and the Shade's mount gave a final roar as it disappeared and Roy fell. The Rider sheathed his blade and twisted in the air so he was facing down and he braced for impact, but not with the ground. Thalia then swooped in and caught her Rider on her back. Thalia looked back at her Rider "are you alright?" she asked and Roy grunted as he gripped his side "better, but not good. I'm just glad I got that bastard back for what he did to Ari and Vorlin" he answered and Thalia wined a little at the mention of her mate and his Rider "they would be glad that we avenged them...and your eye" Thalia added and Roy reached up and traced the scar "an eye for an eye. My debt is repaid...to both of you" Roy muttered as they flew.

Thalia dipped a little in the air, as her own injuries started to catch up with her. Roy snapped out of his musings and looked to his Dragon "I got you, just find a place to set down" he told her as he started looking over Thalia's injuries "I'll do my best" Thalia replied as she angled towards the ground. As Roy was working on Thalia's wounds, he noticed one of the saddle bags was ripped and his breath caught in his throat "oh god no" he muttered as he quickly checked the bag. Thalia noticed Roy's distress "what is it!? what's wrong!?" she asked with worry. Roy didn't answer "Roy! what is it!?" the Dragon demanded and there was another long pause "It's gone" Roy finally answered, numbly "what!? What's gone!?" Thalia growled, growing more concerned, but Roy was once again silent "ROY!" an actual roar accompanied Thalia's scream and Roy finally snapped out of it "THE EGG!" he answered and started looking frantically over his Dragon at the ground.

Thalia froze in the air and hovered for a moment. Then she let loose an agonized roar that was heard for miles around. Thalia turned and started scanning the ground, with even more frantic movement then Roy "we have to fine it!" Thalia screamed, but a thousand sharp razors, jabbing at Roy from every angle, made him look down with shame "we can't" he forced out and Thalia turn her head to look at him with rage "WHAT!? how can you say that!?" she yelled at him. Just then, a strong wind blew through and Thalia yelped in pain and fell out of control for a few seconds, before catching herself and grunting in pain and exhaustion from the exertion.

Roy grunted too as he righted himself in the saddle "that's why" he said and slumped forward a little, in pain "we've been running for nearly a month strait, with little to no sleep, food or water, and fighting the whole way. We're not in any condition to search for the egg" Roy explained. Thalia looked back at him with sad and conflicted eyes "but the egg..." she started with desperation "is nearly indestructible. We will come back and find it" Roy assured her. The Dragon looked down with depression "alright" Thalia said in defeat and started looking for a safe place to land. Roy placed a hand on his Dragon's neck "we will find it Thalia. We will" he tried to reassure her, to little effect.

And so the pair searched for a place to set down, while below them, a large red stone, with silver veins, was swept down a river, towards a group of three lost kids.

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