Devil May Cry © Capcom

Finagle or Murphy

Jason M. Lee

Beryl squeezed her eyes shut, biting down on a strap as Lady tightened the bandages around her definitely bruised ribs. The red-head mentally noted further modifying her rifle for easier carrying would be a very good idea. Lady's bruises reminded her of the fading scar on her collarbone even if it didn't react as strongly to demonic power anymore. Speaking of, she watched Lucia help a grimacing Trish carefully pop her shoulder back in, the Protector having bandaged her own ankle after twisting it.

"Well, it could've be-"

"Finish that sentence, and I'll show you 'worse,' Trish," Lady interrupted waspishly.

A/N: From the official Inktober 2019 prompt, "injured".

"Murphy" obviously refers to "Murphy's law", for the adage of "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong".

"Finagle" is for "Finagle's law", which might be a bit more fitting given its adage of "Anything that can go wrong, will—at the worst possible moment".