Chapter 1 Izzy Falls Down The Stairs

Izzy's POV

One day I was running inside the hideout even though Jake told me not to run. Though I never listen. I kept running until I didn't look where I was going and then I fell down the stairs I was still falling still falling still falling, until I heard something break. And then I started to cry in pain.

Cubby's POV

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, until I heard a loud crash downstairs. So once I was done brushing my teeth I called to Izzy to see if she's all right.

"Izzy it's Cubby are you okay down there?" I asked her.

"Cubby, get Jake please." She said to me.

So I went to our room and called to Jake.

Jake's POV

I was just in our room playing on my iPad until cubby yelled my name.

"JAKE!" He yelled my name while I was in the middle of playing a video game on my iPad.

"Almost had it." I said to myself.

"Cubby what's wrong?" I asked him.

"Izzy downstairs fell crying."


"Izzy fell down the stairs."

"Cubby, what are you waiting for don't just stand there call 911."

So I went downstairs and Izzy was crying.

"Izzy what's wrong you okay?" I asked her.

"No Jake, I think my leg is broken." Izzy said to me.

" Izzy, don't worry Cubby is calling 911 to bring you to the hospital." I said to her.

" I don't want to go to the hospital Jake." Izzy said in refusing on not going to the hospital.

"Izzy you got to go you said you think your leg is broken, then we're going to have to take you anyway." I said to her.

"Jake the ambulance is on its way." Cubby announced.

" Thanks Cubby." I thanked him.

"Jake I don't want to go to the hospital I'm scared."

"Izzy I know you're scared, and I get that, but you really need to go I'll go with you I promise everything will be fine." I said to her.

"Are you sure Jake are you literally going to be with me?" She asked me.

" Of course I'm going to be with you Izz you're my girlfriend.

"Okay I'll go to the hospital." Izzy said and agreed.

After we arrived at the hospital, Dr. Lynch came over and said.

"Well if it isn't my old patient Izzy green it's good to see you guys again." He said to us with a happy smile.

Dr. Lynch, can you give me an x-ray of my leg, to see if it's broken or not?" She asked the doctor.

"We actually have something new it's called an X-ray camera it's like a regular camera where are you taking pictures but it takes pictures of a broken things inside your body." He said to us.

"Cool!" We said at the same time.

So after Dr. Lynch took a picture of Izzy's leg, we saw that it was definitely broken."

" Izzy, were you running around the hideout?" I asked her.

" Yes Jake I'm sorry."

" Izzy please be careful next time."I said to her.

"Okay Miss Green, you are going to be in a wheelchair, and your also going to bring these crutches home with you." He said to her.

You are going to be in a wheelchair for three weeks and also you are going to be on crutches for another 3 weeks." The doctor said to Izzy.

"I think I'm better with the crutches and I refuse to use a wheelchair." Izzy said while refusing to use the wheelchair.


"YES SIR." she said while Dr. Lynch and I helped her on the wheelchair.

"okay I'm on the wheelchair." Can we go home now?" Izzy asked the doctor.

" Yes you guys can go home and Izzy, next time don't run inside The Hideout." Dr. Lynch reminded Izzy.

" You got it DOC."

"Oh I almost forgot Izzy you are also going to be in a cast for your leg as well." Dr. Lynch said to her.

"Thank, Dr. Lynch." Izzy said to the doctor.

Jake's POV

After we got home from the hospital, Jake was pushing Izzy's wheelchair in the sands of Pirate Island.

" Hey Izzy, I want you to not walk on your broken leg okay." Jake ordered Izzy.

" Yes Jakey you got it." Izzy said to him.

"So Izzy do you want something to drink?" I asked her.

" May I have some cold water please Jakey." She asked me.

" Coming right up my love."

"Cubby keep an eye on Izzy till I get back with her water." I asked him.

" Sure think Jake." He said to me.

So I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water for Izzy.

"Cubby, where are the glasses?" I asked him.

"Check the first cabinet Jake." He said to me.

" Thanks, Cubby!" I said to him.

" Anytime." He said to me.

So after I got Izzy's water, I went back to give Izzy her water but, she was trying to get out of the wheelchair.

"IZZY ROSE GREEN!" I screamed at her.

"Whoa!" She said when she almost fell but I caught her in time.


" I'm sorry Jake... I... Just... Hate. Brining in... This... WHEELCHAIR."

she said to me while she was crying.

" I know Izzy but, you need to be in the wheelchair for three weeks." I reminded her.

Izzy's POV

It was now lunch time and I had a plan to get out of this wheelchair that I don't want to be in. When Jake isn't working I'm going to get up a little bit but when he turns around I pretend to not get up.

"Lunch time." Cubby announced.

"Yoho I'm starving." Jake said.

"Me to Jakey." I said to him.

"Hey Jake can you help me with the lunch?" Kirby asked him.

" Sure buddy." He said to him while walking to the kitchen.

Sweet now it's my chance to get out of this stupid wheelchair.

I saw a chair so I tried to get ahold of it, push myself up, but once I got a hold of the chair I heard Jake's voice.

"Cubby this lunch you made is awesome!" Jake said to him.

"Aww coconuts it was nothing I love cooking for you guys." He said to him.

"Oh shit he's coming." I said to myself in a little panic.

" Izzy what are you doing?" He asked me.

" I was just doing some booty push ups." I lied to him.

"See Jak 10 now that's what some good booty push ups anyway what's for lunch."

I said to them.

"Macaroni and cheese with salad you are acting so weird this afternoon Izzy." Jake said to me.

" Well maybe I am acting weird but in romantic weird way." I said to Jake.

"Izzy why are you acting weird?" Jake continued questioning me.

" What your girlfriend can't be weird." I ask him.

" Maybe you can be weird most of the time Izzy but this is the most weirdest thing you're doing right now and it is creeping us out please don't weird us out again." They both asked to me.

" Okay I promise for now on I am not going to be weird can we eat lunch now?" I ask them

"sure Izzy." Jake said to me.

Jake's POV

When the sun went down it was almost bedtime so I decided to carry Izzy up the stairs and into her bed because her leg was still broken.

"There you go Izzy." I said to her when I laid her on her bed.

"Thanks, Jake." She said to me.

"Hey Jake?" Izzy called for me.

" Yes Izz!" I answered her.

"Do you think, my leg well heal up in three weeks?" She asked me.

"Izzy, why would you ask that? " I asked her.

" I don't know, it's just that I'm worried about my leg Jake what if it never heals quickly, what if I have to go back to the hospital and they cut off my broken leg, and I'll just to be walking with one leg. Jake, I'm scared." Izzy he said to me while she was crying.

"Izzy, come here." I said to her when I putted her on my lap.

"Shhhh shhhh it's okay it's okay Izzy I'm here." I said to her while I was cradling her in my arms.

"Hush little Izzy don't say a word Jake's gonna buy you a mockingbird. If that mockingbird don't sing Jake's gonna buy you an engagement ring."

Izzy has fallen asleep on my chest, I didn't want to put her on the bed so I just kept her sleeping on my chest.

While I was stroking her cheek."

Jake's POV

So I disited to put my sleeping Izzy on her bed gentle and I also putted a pillow for broken leg. Then I started to yawn because I was tired so, I laid my head next to her and slept with her that way she doesn't have to be alone when she's asleep.