I believe Maleficent never regret that she raised Aurora, because she all knew were protecting Moors, and being Aurora's mother before she married and went to live with Phillip. I want to believe that it's not too late for Maleficent to go live her life. There will always be conflict, and war as long as the livings exist, but at same time I want to believe it's never too late to start again.

In the new morning of the Moors, the fairies flew back to their homes, and the Dark Faes start to building their nest with Maleficent watching everyone from the cliffs.

"What's next?" Borra asked.

"Go live our life" Maleficent replied.

"You're leaving?" Borra asked in shock, "But the people need you. They need a guardian. "

"They already have," Maleficent replied. "All of us will always have each another, and the war is over. Everyone deserves a chance to start again, "she explained, "To live the life that we choose, no what we have to choose."

Borra sighed. She is a warrior, she should be making a hero sacrifice for the people. But she was right, anyway. He thought as he looked at the children. Everyone deserves a chance to start again.

"I have someone who is ready to go everywhere with me," Maleficent added, and looked at her raven before looking back at the Borra "Everything will be fine, trust in your people. "

And that was her last words before she left with Diaval.

Fireworks sparked in the sky, and the villagers clapped happily. The festival made its name across the country, even Moors as Maleficent sat on her tree house, watching them.

"Are they having a party or something?" Maleficent asked.

"It's Phoenix Festival" Diaval answered, and Maleficent raised her brow, "Fireworks Fair"

Maleficent nodded, and looked back at the bright village that surround by fireworks.

"Do you want to go?" Diaval asked, "Some fairies went there too."

"Won't they be afraid?"

A firework burst into a flower shape, and the children hopped in joy as Maleficent cast another fireworks. It's true, the villagers were very afraid and confused at first, but to her surprise, they later welcome her, and started to relax around her.

"Miss. Maleficent, Can I have a dragon shape firework, please? "A little girl asked.

Maleficent cast a bird shape fire in her hand, and flicked it up into the sky. It flew up high until almost invisible before it exploded into a dragon.

Phillip entered the balcony as Aurora still working on her knitting in their bed. And then suddenly, there was a knock from the door. Aurora opened the door, and the soldier bow his head.

"Princess, Maleficent is in Ulstead."

"Really?" Aurora asked excitedly. "Where is she?"

"Aurora" Phillip called.

Aurora followed Phillip to the balcony, and he offered her his binoculars.

"Look." Phillip smiled and dodged his binoculars to Aurora.

She looked at the village, and found her mother dancing with Diaval with handheld fireworks in their hands. They looked so happy, and villagers seemed to accept the fairies too. This is the first step ... a baby step.

The horned fairy riding a boat with Diaval in the next morning, and enjoyed the breeze as it was playing with their hairs. They strolled on the beach, and then received Aurora's invitation from a guard that approached them at the shore.

So they visited the castle, and the door pulled open. Beastie rushed into her mother's arms, and then gave Diaval a hug later.

"I missed you two" she said with a smile

"It's good to see you both again." Phillip added, and Maleficent nodded at him.

"And this time we have marble forks" King John said excitedly, and gestured the table, "No more irons.".

They laughed, and sat at the table. This time Maleficent took the seat near thee cat to make sure it won't attack Diaval, making it look at her stiffly in fear. This cat is a mess, she thought, but why wouldn't it be? It was raised by Ingrith. She looked at it again, and think.

"Kitty" she called, and tossed a small piece of fish.

It jumped, and eat the fish before it look back at Maleficent with love, and rubbing it's head on her legs. She looked at it, and chuckled.

"I like your braid" King John started the small talk as he looked at Maleficent.

"Thank you, your majesty. I'm sorry if it's against the protocol I didn't know that we will-" Maleficent replied, but he cut her off.

"It's okay" King John replied, "I'm too lazy to wear my cape too." He chuckled.

"Totally relate." Maleficent replied, and gestured her simple black dress.

Phillip finished his wine, and cleared his throat.

"Actually there's a reason we invite you both here" Phillip said to both Diaval, and Maleficent.

"It's supposed to be a royal announcement, but we want to tell our family in private first." Aurora added.

"Alright." Maleficent replied.

"Lay it on us." King John added.

Aurora, and Phillip looked at each other nodded before they turned back to their family, and said.

"You're all gonna a grandparent."

Maleficent left the castle with a big smile on her face as Diaval dances his way from the castle to the bridge that connects the two countries. Soldiers looked at them awkwardly, but they barely cared. So Maleficent joined in the dance with Diaval as they walked their way home. Making laughter for the soldiers.

They woke up next to each other, and live without so much thought. Just let the time to guide them.

"Today I'll give you a day off," Maleficent spoke to her raven, and he tilted his head in confused, "There's something I have to do on my own. You don't have to worry. "

Diaval nodded, and flew out to catch the morning breeze.

In a tomb that was not far from Stefan's old palace. Maleficent landed in front of a grave and sighed.

"Hello," she started. "I don't want to talk with you, but I want to apologize for the pain that we caused for each other." Maleficent began, "Everything that happened to your daughter, and your wife ..." She sighed, and turned to look at other grave beside Stefan's, "I'm sorry ... You will always be my first love, we've grown up together. It will always be a painful past, and I done with letting it hurt me, and the people I love." Maleficent confessed, "I want to move forward with everyone… So rest well… Both of you," she said and looked at both graves. "Our daughter is in good hands now, she will be fine. "

She curtsied them willingly with a smile before she flew away in the same brown dress that she wore on the day Stefan cut her wings.

"Never felt so relief in my life," she explained as she, and Diaval sat on the roof of a lighthouse at the edge of the waterfall, "I mean, I know I have wings, but something's always held me back, but after I finally said that word. I felt beyond weightless. "

"That's Good." Diaval replied, "I'm happy for you."

She nodded and looked at the moon at the edge of the sea that reflected the water.

"It's the best week ever," she said with a smile. "My life is finally settled."

"Mine too," Diaval replied, "At first, I was very scared of being around Dark Faes." Maleficent looked at him, she is also a Dark Fae, "They are grand, and I'm ..." he sigh and gestured himself head to toe. "I'm like a puppy in a horse pack."

"It's not bad." she commented, "I think it's already good now...everything," she added, and blushed a little bit, "I think I want -"

"To turn me in a Giant RAVEN?!" He asked excitedly.

"What!? No!" She answered." I will give you a free form magic, actually. From now on, you can be anything you want to be. "

"Cool!" He shouted, and stood up. "I can't wait to transform into a griffin!" He laughed and danced around before he quickly to sat down after he almost slipped.

And then a memory strike him.

"But wait, it's that a spell for the fairies to use after ..."

He was too afraid to ask, and she was too shy to directly say it too. So all she did was nodded shyly. But even without any words, he knew her well enough to know what she meant before she stood up and offered her left hand.

Right now, the story might be a bit out of the original concept of 'Women don't need a man', because Maleficent is a iconic representation of strong female, and warriors, but recently, I had a chance to read the novels and watch the first film again.

I noticed that in almost her entire life, she never actually gets to live the life that she choose. Her parents died since she was young, she grew up among the warriors and war. And when it seemed like it was over after King Henry retreated, Stefan cut her wings. She then spent time trying to heal both her body and her heart before she cursed Aurora out of anger just to later became mother xD.

So if she wants to marry, and don't think it's a bad thing if she marries someone because she loves him, not because she need him, but because she wants to share her life with him.