In the dressing room of Ulstead Castle. Maleficent sat in front of the dressing table as Aurora was styling the bride's hair.

"It's done." Aurora smiled after she put the last flower into her mother's hair.

"How do I look?" Maleficent asked after she turned to face Aurora.

She still wore her red lips like always, but her eyes were sparkling brighter than every pearl that Aurora has seen, and with jasmine sprinkled on her curly hair… She is the truly an angel.

"Like a beautiful bride," Aurora replied.

"And the ring is ready." Phillip added and gestured the wedding ring basket.

"Thank you for lending us the place," Maleficent replied.

"It's our pleasure" Phillip answered before the knocking sound came from the door.

So he walked to open it, and let the women have a chat.

"Is the bride is OK?" King John asked after Phillip left the dressing room to talk with him.

"Yes, just a little excited," Phillip replied.

The king nodded, and handed his son a set of keys.

"Our private home," King John explained, "Our first generation bought it by the river. My father gave me the one copy when Ingrid was pregnant with you. I tried to get the smith to make the other one, but it came a little late." He chuckled, "But at least if there's any day you both are tired, you can go there anytime."

Phillip nodded and hugged his father.

"It's so strange." Maleficent sighed.

"You'll be fine," Aurora answer.

"I know. Before you married Phillip I've been worried about that day for 20 years, but …" She sighed. "After I woke up the next day. Everything is still the same. It's so strange."

"I understand, godmother," Aurora replied and looked down at her round belly. "I'm not sure it's a boy or a girl, but I can say that I'm ready to do anything for this kid ... He or she is not even born yet, and I started to worry about it. "

"That's parents thing, beastie. I worry about you, you worry about your child." She added and pointed at Aurora's belly. "Totally normal."

Aurora nodded, and rubbed her tummy.

"Since I was little, I kept asking myself who am I?… Like, where I came from? Who are my parents? Did they don't want me?" She sighed, "Til I met you, and Diaval, that's when I realized that it didn't matter." She smiled. "I am wanted, and beloved, and I will share this feeling with my child. "

"Good." Maleficent replied. "That's my promise to you," she added. "Since the day I almost lost you, I promise that I will never let you feel unwanted." She said confidently before realizing that there was something she need to apologize. "I'm sorry I said I don't have a daughter. I hunted your feelings many times." She confessed, "Did I made you think I don't want you?".

Aurora shook her head. "I know what my mother's like," she answered, and both of them laughed.

King John gave another set of keys to Phillip, but this one is made of marble.

"Don't forget to give Diaval, and Maleficent as well." John added, "I know they just marry today, but I can't wait to hold the little one!" he chuckled excitedly before the door pulled opened, and Aurora peeked out.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Nothing!" Both of them replied in quick.

"The bride is ready."

Balthazar, and Diaval stood at the wedding arch along with the guests that were waiting for the bride to walk out of the castle. He tried his best to ignore the mocks such as: "He is not worthy of her", or "He is not even a fey", which they're right. He's just a raven, but when the music was finally played, and the gate was opened…it's all worth it. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and he's glad that he's a raven…her raven.

Phillip led the line as the ring's bearer as Aurora walked the bride down the aisle. There're no words in the world that can describe how beautiful she was in her silver wedding dress that decorated with stars, and white laces.

He noticed that she was shaking a little under her long-sleeved, but it's okay… He did too. Aurora handed her mother to him, and moved to stand next to Phillip.

"G-Good Morning" he wanted to kill himself, can't he think of any better words?

"Good Morning" she chuckled lightly and took his hand.

He can't take his eyes off of her at all, Phillip handed them the rings, and they wore it on one another's fingers.

"You may kiss the bride," Balthazar said before Maleficent pulled him to a kiss.

Their first kiss… The guests cheered, and clapped before his body glowed, and turned into a black Phoenix with a small deer horn. Maleficent laughed transformed into another phoenix.

"Hip hip hooray!" The fairies, and the Dark faes cried as two phoenixes were circling each other in the sky.

They landed back on the ground, and transformed back into their normal form. Maleficent chuckled after she saw a tiny horn on her husband's head.

"Nice horns" she commented.

"Really?" He asked shyly and touched his horn.

Maleficent nodded, and pulled him into a hug. Aurora smiled and laid her head on Phillip's shoulder. Her parents are finally married. Phillip cuddling his wife, and looked at father as he carried a goat. I hope they will love each other one day, he thought before turned back to look at the guest who waited for Maleficent to toss the bouquet.

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