Chapter 1: Carrie's Awakening, Tom's Realization

Tom Marvolo Riddle was not happy, not happy at all with what laid before him. After taking just one look at the building he had to enter he knew he shouldn't have let her come here.

"This is the place she is forced to attend for her education, this place is a bloody sham" Tom thought to himself as he watched as couples, well dressed in what looked on the girls to almost be ball gowns and the men in suits walk arm in arm and circle the building. He followed silently, drawing as little attention to himself as he possibly could. Although since he was wearing his school uniform he felt that he didn't stick out too much.

When he entered the muggle school, he found himself disgusted by couples who were obviously drunk and groping one another in the hallways! He knew that Carrie would never degrade herself like these filthy muggles she was forced to surrounded by. He was absolutely livid at the American Ministry of Magic. How dare they leave Carrie here with these foul abominations. But that's how bloody Americans always were, lazy and only willing to help when it benefitted them. Carrie White was the exception and Tom knew for a fact that if she had been born in England she would have been accepted to Hogwarts the day she turned eleven. As he entered the auditorium he found that the dance had been going on for quite some time. The room was crowded. Half was used for the dance floor, the other for tables. Now he just had to find Carrie. As he was about to begin searching a voice tore through the noise of the crowd. "Alright ladies and gents, the votes are in, it's now time to announce this year's Prom King and Queen!" a young man who appeared to be a year or two older than his sixteen years of age opened a small envelope that had just been handed to him.

"For the first time ever, the titles go to a senor and a junior! Put your hands together for Tommy Ross and Carrie White!"At his words, Tom's heart stopped then proceeded to leap into his throat when the spotlight lit Carrie showing her in all her radiant glory. Her long, lovely strawberry blonde hair, reaching just above her hips. It is layered and curled up at the ends. Her warm green eyes that held so much light. Her skin was beautifully pale. She shook as she stood up, and he took in her form. She is petite, looking almost frail, yet strangely, endearingly so! She is beautiful, she is perfect. She looks like an angel, the perfect combination of power and innocence. Her intelligence, her incredible power, and her unwavering loyalty, she is far more beautiful to him then the harlots that practically threw themselves at him back at school. He didn't care how rich or good looking they were, they were all vain, egotistical idiots that did not compare to the beauty and power that Carrie White oozed with. She shined in that moment, her smile lighting up the room. She is breathtaking! He found himself cheering wildly for her, screaming her name, and reluctantly took in Carrie's date as they both took the stage side by side. Tommy Ross had dark brown hair, His eyes were dark brown, and he was tall, of medium build, but obviously physically strong. He wore a white tux, complete with a white button-up dress shirt and a black bow tie. He was attractive enough, but Tom couldn't understand what made all the other girls so jealous of him. He had nothing on the likes of Abraxas Malfoy, and couldn't even stand in the same arena as himself!

He watched with a smile as a pretty girl with dark brown hair placed the tiara on Carrie and gave her flowers. She looked so happy and he felt his heart leap for her who had been forced to suffer so much from these filthy muggles! He, however, didn't like it, not the least bit when he saw Tommy Ross take advantage of the opportunity and kiss Carrie on the lips. Something dark stirred with him! Whilst before he was indifferent to this muggle, he felt an intense hatred for him now. He wanted nothing more than to simply pull out his wand and cast a Crucio on him before finishing with the killing curse. But he restrained himself as he wouldn't ruin Carrie's moment, that would be too cruel even for him and he couldn't imagine hurting her in any way, shape or form. It was then that he saw a blonde in ordinary muggle attire rush in, looking above to the beams just above the stage. His eyes followed her glance, noticing two white ropes hanging down, his heart-stopping when he saw a large metal bucket just above Carrie and her date. The blonde girl rushed to the stage, kneeling just through the stairs.

She was pulled back by a teacher, just as the ropes were being pulled tight. Everything happened from then on in slow motion! He watched as the bucket was pulled, as the red liquid, he knew to be blood by the very smell drenched Carrie head to toe. If he didn't feel enough hatred for these cretins before he felt it now. He was just about to pull out his wand and begin exterminating these filthy muggles when the bucket that dropped the blood on Carrie came untied from the rope and fell bashing her date in the head and killing him instantly. Tom heard Carrie scream and looked up as she kneeled down before her date terrified. She tried shaking him awake but it was no use as she realized that he was dead. It was then that Tom felt it, he knew she was powerful but didn't know she was this powerful. Being the only wizard in the room, he was the only one able to feel the massive amount of magic that had just been unleashed. It literally brought him to his knees. He didn't know it was possible for a witch or wizard to have this much raw power coursing through them. Not even Dumbledore was this powerful. The only person he could think of that could compare to Carrie with the amount of power she held was Merlin himself. Tom then found himself laughing as a wicked smile graced his face.

"Oh these bloody fools had no fucking idea what they had just done" he thought to himself as he stood up on wobbly knees as Carrie's power was still affecting him. Upon finally standing up he looked back upon the stage where he saw her slowly stand up and turn to face all of her abusers. The lights began to flicker and some even burst. It was then that something else besides her power hit him. Never in Tom's life had he felt hatred and malice this pure. It was incredible and he was absolutely thrilled to see what Carrie would do with said emotions. He watched as she raised her arms, he saw little bits of the blood lift off her arms as everyone went deathly quiet.

"Are you seeing this?" he heard a girl's voice say filled with fear.

"Yes you bloody muggle bitch, you should be afraid" Tom thought to himself as a dark smirk graced his face. It was then that the scared girl grabbed her date and turned to drag him away from Carrie and towards the door.

"Come on!" she exclaimed as he told her to wait. Carrie then let out an inhuman scream as all of the lights burst and a massive wind erupted out of her blowing everyone and all of the tables back. Tom himself had been blown back a few feet but his own magic kept him from being blown off his feet. He then saw Carrie push her hands out as he watched that scared girl from earlier fly threw the air smacking face-first into the door which resulted in her face being smashed in killing her instantly. Carrie then threw her hands out to the side closing and locking all of the other exit doors. As the students began to run in a panic as Carrie threw her right arm up and brought down a lamp post that bashed a boy's head in killing him.

Most of the terrified students crowded one of the locked doors and began banging on it. Tom then heard a boy exclaim "To the bleachers!" as they began pulling these wooden stair-like things out from the wall so the could access the high up windows. Unfortunately for them Carrie saw them and with a small growl, she clenched her left fist as the things Tom now knew as bleachers began to close in on themselves once again trapping some of the terrified students in them at their waists. She then began clutching her fist even tighter as the bleachers began crushing the students resulting in them coughing up lots of blood and even parts of their intestines. Tom watches with a sick glee before turning back to his beautiful goddess as she wreaked her vengeance not even paying attention to the fact that he referred to her as his. Carrie then turned her head to the right where she found a boy with a video camera recording her. Tom was about to pull out his wand when Carrie pushes both her hands out sending a table flying into the air and smashing into the boy breaking his neck on contact and killing him. The camera smashing to the ground afterward. Still just to make sure Tom pulled out his wand and cast a spell at it destroying it altogether.

That's when Tom looked back to Carrie noticing a smile had graced her face as she lifted her arms up and activated the sprinklers. She then closes her eyes and held out her arms letting the water wash over her. It was then he noticed that the students now began slipping on the wet floor and falling down. He saw two twin girls dressed in black rushing towards the door. With a snarl, Carrie threw her right hand up and the twins fell to the floor with a scream. They attempted to get up but Carrie pointed at them with her left index finger bringing them back down to the floor. It was then that the other students began rushing over them. Pinned to the floor by Carrie all they could do was reach out and take the other's hand as their fellow classmates trampled them to death.

Tom found his smile growing wider at each death Carrie delivered. Tom then noticed that Carrie had shut off the sprinklers before throwing her arms out to her sides as numerous electrical wires up in the beams undid themselves and broke apart heading for the ground below. Realizing quickly what she was about to do, Tom cast a quick Wingardium Leviosa at his shoes allowing him to levitate himself off the ground as the electrical wires met the water and electrocuted anyone that was standing in them. It was then that Carrie raised her arms again and brought down a few metal beams beginning a fire, followed by a styrofoam crescent moon that quickly caught fire. Students immediately began grabbing one another to get to safety when Carrie noticing then turns to the flaming moon levitating it off the ground with her right hand and with an angry growl hurling it at two of the students trying to escape her wrath. Unfortunately, they dodged it however Carrie wasn't done yet as she lifted her arms up raising the sparking electrical wires that began wriggling like snakes. A girl in a hideous orange dress began to run but Carrie threw out her left hand and began whipping the girl with the electrical wires. Her screams filled the air making Tom sigh in pure happiness. Carrie whipped the girl backward towards one of the many fires she started and Tom watched with gleeful fascination as the girl's dress caught fire which quickly spread up her entire body engulfing her in flames. Her painful screams filled the room and Tom couldn't help but smile wickedly at her demise.

It was then that he turned his attention towards the woman he recognized as the teacher who threw the blonde girl out. Carrie threw out her left hand and the next thing Tom knew, the woman was choking. The woman's hands immediately flew to her neck as she struggled to breathe. Carrie then lifted her hand up, telekinetically lifting the woman off the ground and into the air still choking her. Carrie then sent the wires back out to the wet floor electrifying it. Tom was ecstatic to watch this woman's death play out before his eyes. However, as he looked towards Carrie he saw emotion cross her features which he recognized as guilt and realization. She then pulled the woman towards her and onto the stage letting her go as she fell to her knees and began gasping for air. Tom was confused before he remembered Carrie mentioning a gym teacher. The only person in the entire school that showed her any kindness. Carrie had told him how this woman had protected her when the other girls ganged up on her. Before she could willingly access her powers which she would later begin to access under Tom's tutelage. This woman may be a filthy muggle but in Tom's eyes, she earned the right to continue living.

It was then Tom felt Carrie's power start to fluctuate and grow wild. It was in that moment that he realized that she was starting to lose control of it. He silent began cursing her filthy squib of a mother and the whole American Ministry of Magic for not enrolling her in school so she could properly learn to control the massive amount of power she contained within her. He knew what he had to do. He flung himself forward landing back on the ground avoiding the electrified parts, whipping out his wand bringing anyone he saw try and get near Carrie to the ground with a Crucio before they were electrocuted. Finally, with one last push, he vaulted himself onto the stage where he found Carrie levitating off the ground as the electric wires sparked and swarmed around her as she stared at him dangerously. It was in that moment he noticed her eyes. What was once beautiful pools of green were now pitch black orbs staring back in righteous fury. Even the whites of her eyes had gone pitch black with the power she was exuding.

"Carrie, it's me, Tom your friend" he called out to her as he felt his magic rise up to meet hers. She then began to walk down to him as if she was walking down a small invisible staircase. Upon reaching him she lifted her still bloody left hand up to his right cheek. For the first time ever Tom Riddle felt fear, fear that she wouldn't recognize him, fear that her power would go completely out of control and kill her, but most of all fear that they would lose one another. That thought terrified him the most he found, the thought of losing her, he didn't understand it. As their magic collided with one another she looked up at him. He towered over her by almost a foot with a thin, wiry muscular frame. He has pale skin, hazel-green eyes, short neatly-cut slightly coiffed chocolate brown hair. By his accent, she could easily tell that he is British. As their magic collided with one another it was then that recognition appeared on her face.

"T-Tom" she croaked out as he felt her power going haywire again as he reached out wrapping his arms around her.

"Carrie i'm right here" he assured her as he felt her power increasing rapidly.

"Tom please h-help me" Carrie begs him, her voice so full of pain that it broke his heart.

"Whoever Carrie hadn't gotten the chance to kill yet would die horribly for what they had done to her tonight" he silently vowed.

"Anything, Carrie, you name it and i'll help you with it" he says smiling down at her.

"Help me kill them all" he hears her growl as he pulls her closer. Oh yes, he would very much help her do that. No one but the gym teacher was leaving this school alive, that was one thing Tom would guarantee. It wouldn't be until a few days later when Tom would realize what he was feeling tonight. What foreign emotions had invaded his body and mind. It wouldn't be until those days later when Tom Riddle realized that he had fallen in love with Carrie White.

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