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Note I have note watched the "Once upon a Time" episodes in a while so it might not be 100% accurate.

Fight of the Wraith or Dementor

Emma, David, Mary Margaret, and Henry had just entered the sheriff's station where Regina/Evil Queen was being held. Right now, they were trying to figure out how to get rid of the Wraith that is after Regina thanks to Gold.

Emma was still in shock that her birth parents had really been the two heroes from her favorite children's story her dad had told her as a child. After breaking the curse by kissing her son's forehead thereby breaking both the sleeping curse and the curse that was cast over the town. Proving that Henry was right about everything. His adopted mother being the Evil Queen and her family being trapped in a curse. She wondered if her dad knew about this.

Emma was wearing her red leather jacket over a white shirt along with blue jeans and hiking boots. Still strapped to her side was her sword which she and her dad (note dad=Harry and father=prince charming/David) had forged together on the summer be for she went to college. She had kept it in her car, for some reason it always made her feel safe to have it near her. The sword was a hand-and-half straight sword. Her dad would never tell her what metal he used to forge it with, but it never rusted and never dulled. The hilt was purple with a gold ring going across the center with a yellow swan for the pommel. The crossguard made a U shape going up towards the blade. The blade itself was pale white (picture Prince Charming's sword from Once Upon a Time) right now it was in a black scabbard.

"We should just leave you to your fate with the Wraith. It's no less than you deserve for cursing all of us." Said David.

"Please don't, no matter what she's done, she's still my mom. I don't want to see her hurt." Cried ten-year-old Henry. He was looking very scared clutching his storybook tightly to his chest.

Mary Margaret wrapped Henry in her arms and said looking at David, "And we won't. We won't stoop to her level. Now does anyone have any ideas on what to do about the Wraith. We know it will continue to attack Regina since Gold use the things amulet to mark her. We also know it will continue to wreak havoc on the town till it gets what it wants."

Everyone started thinking until Regina gave a sigh. "I know what we can do but you have to take me with you."

"No" stated David firmly.

"Well you don't have much of a choice you need someone with magic, and I don't see Gold offering to lend some. We need to go to my office and get Jefferson's hat. It will create a portal to any land and since the Enchanted Forest is gone, we can send the Wraith there where it will not bother anyone anymore. It needs someone with magic to activate it or the person who created it and I don't think that Jefferson will be willing to help." David looked to the others and saw they had no better ideas. "Good. Now if you'll unlock this cage, I need to go to my office to get what I need."

"Grr...Fine but I'm coming with you, so you don't try anything. We'll all, minus Henry meet in the town hall in two hours." He then unlocks the doors and puts a pair of cuffs on her and leads her out of the building.

Once they were gone Emma looked at her mother.

"I really wish we had someone we could trust with us that knew magic."

"Then perhaps I could be of some assistance." Said an unknown voice.

Startled by someone entering the room without any of them knowing they jumped around Emma's hand going towards her sword and Mary Margaret pulling Henry behind her. The voice belonged to a man that was 6'3 with raven black hair with blood red tips. His eyes looked like they were emerald balls of fire. He was dressed in some strange robe that looked to be made of snakeskin. He also had two swords strapped to his back in an X formation.

When Emma and Mary Margaret saw in, they both gasped. While Henry looked confused wondering who this man is.

"Harry" "Dad" send Mary Margaret and Emma at the same time respectively.

30 mins earlier with Harry:

After seeing the Dementor he thought it might be a good idea to dress for battle. So, getting off his bike he pulled his trunk from the pouch around his neck and set it on the ground. After enlarging it he headed into the Armory. Inside there was a mannequin which held his battle robes. The robes were made of Basilisk skin which he found in the Slytherin vault. The robes offer better protection than steel armor as well as being lighter than casual wearing robes they are also magic resistant. After donning the robes, he went to the other side of the room where his katana and wakizashi laid. After strapping them to his back he exited the trunk, shrunk it back down and put it back in the pouch.

After making sure no one was looking he shifted into his dire wolf form. He then started to sniff out Emma's scent. He had long ago memorized her smell to where he would never forget it. He stuck to the shadows to remain unseen. He first saw her running to a building that looked to be a police station. She was running down the street with 3 people, 2 that surprised him. He had thought that those two were dead.

He followed them into the station and listened to what they were saying. He was surprised by the women in the cells he had not seen her in over 30 years and she still looked the same. When he saw that David and Regina were leaving he went back and hid in the shadows. After they were gone, he shifted back into himself. When he heard Emma's statement about needing someone with magic, he decided to take a page out of the marauder book and pull a little prank.

Stepping out of the shadows he said, "Then perhaps I can be of some assistance."

The three jumps around in shock expecting a threat. But apparently what they saw was not what they were expecting.

"Harry" "Dad" send Mary Margaret and Emma at the same time respectively.

After seeing their reactions Harry gave a great big laugh if the situation weren't so serious he would be on the floor laughing his butt off.

He looked at Emma and smiled and said, "Hello little princess." Then looked at Mary Margaret and said. "Nice to see you again Snow."

"What are you doing here, dad." Asked Emma.

"Um, better question is how are you even alive? Regina told me Cora killed you. And Emma why are you calling him dad?" Cried Mary Margaret.

Before Emma could say anything, Harry started talking. "How about I explain, but first who's the kid."

Emma suddenly gained a nervous and guilty look on her face as she looked at her dad.

"Uh, yeah… Dad I'd like you to meet your grandson Henry." Said Emma.

Harry's eyes widened he looked between the boy and his mother. Then everything started to make since about why she never said anything about her time in prison. Cause if he had to guess by how old the kid looks like he was probably born while she was in prison. Henry's eyes were just as wide as his. "Wait my granddad as well?" Henry asked in surprise.

Harry looks at Henry and gives a smile and says, "Looks like, kid. Well looks like me and you have some 10 years of catching up to do."

Turning to and giving Emma a disapproving look he said, "Okay, we'll talk about why you never told me I was a grandfather later. As for Snows question of how I know Emma it's because I am her adopted father, she knows me as Harry Henry Evans."

"Wait what do you mean by that do you have another name you go by?" Questioned Emma.

"Yes, I have two other names one is my birth name, and another is one I used during my time spent in the Enchanted Forest. Now quick question has everyone here read the Harry Potter books from this world.

After getting nodes from all of them he explained how he is the very same Harry Potter from the books. How his life differed from what was said in the books all his training and his arrival in the Enchanted Forest. He proved this by casting the Patronus charm and out came a silvery white dire wolf as well as a silvery phoenix. The two adults in the room had looks of shock on their faces and the kid had a look of wonder.

"Wow. Ok that tells me who you are now tell me how you are still alive." Said Mary Margaret.

"Alright let's start with why I was working as a stable boy for Regina's family in the first place.


It had been a month since Harry had arrived in the Enchanted Forest. He had traveled to Midas's Kingdom and found out what name would help him blend in, so he became Harry Coulter. He then travels the land searching the land for someone to teach him magic.

He heard that there was someone known as the Dark One, a man named Rumpelstiltskin. But he would only do it if there was something in it for him. Not willing to be in that kind of man's debt he decided to look elsewhere. He heard the Dark One used to have an apprentice that he supposedly fell for. Her name was Cora Mills. Realizing that she would be the next best thing for learning magic he got a job as her family's stable boy. Though he never thought he would find love along the way, but that was before he met Regina.

Time skip two weeks:

He had been there for two weeks and after one week he had found all of Cora's magical items. He had snuck into her office and made copies of all her spell books. Once he read through them, he realized that they didn't explain how to access the magic of this world. So, one night went into her room under the Indivisibility Cloak and broke into her mind to learn all he could from her lessons in magic.

He found his mental barriers really helped because this worlds magic is accessed by emotions. Light magic was controlled by the positive emotions and the Dark by negative emotions. After a while of using the magic calling the emotions for the magic became second nature and won't need the focus on certain types of emotion.

He could not leave right after he was done because if he did Cora would find something suspicious and come after him. He didn't want that, so he decided to stay and work for the family for a while. It was a pretty nice job compared to what it was like working for the Dursleys.

Right now, he was mucking out horse stalls. While doing that he was working on his emotion control. While he was doing that he was unknowingly approached by his employer's daughter. He hadn't talked to her before only seen her around when working the lands.


Harry spun around in surprise and started to get in defensive position. When he saw who it was, he relaxed.

"Wow, sorry. Didn't mean to startle you just came to talk to you." She said with her hands up in surrender. "My name is Regina by the way."

"Sorry had a rough time growing up made it to where surprising me made that person end up on the ground. Anyway, names Harry Coulter, Milady." He said kissing her hand while giving her a smile.

"Nice to meet you Harry I'm surprised that you are still here. Most people who work her only last a week because they see mother's magic and are scared. Why don't you?" Asked Regina curiously.

"Because I grew up around magic and learned that so long as you don't invoke the wrath of a magical person then you have nothing to fear."

"Interesting theory"

After their first meeting they became good friends. Well really Regina's only friend because everyone else she knows fears her mother. They had to keep their friendship a secret from everyone which wasn't that hard because whenever Cora was around Regina had to act like a spoiled rich girl. They suspected her father Henry knew about their friendship, but he never said anything.

During the next 6 months Regina and Harry had gotten closer to where they had started dating. It was strange for Harry as he had not been with anyone since Ginny, and because of her betrayal it made it difficult to the possibility of finding love again.

They kept their relationship secret from Cora because they knew she would not approve of them together. They found out that Henry, Regina's' father had known about them for a while now and he did approve of them. So to let them spend more time together he hired Harry as Regina's horse-riding trainer.

After another year of them being together Harry decided to tell Regina who he really is.

They were taking a ride through the forest where Harry had set up a picnic for them. When Regina saw what he set up she smiled brightly.

"Wow Harry. How did you set this up."?

"Well that's one of the reasons I brought us out here there's some stuff I haven't told about me that I think you should know. First thing you should know is my last name isn't Coulter, it's Potter. And as to how I set the picnic up it's because I am a wizard."

"What I don't understand why would you change your name?" Regina asked shocked.

"Because I needed to blend in, and all of my family names stood out here. And because I am from another land." Harry then went on to explain his life, how he was from a different land called Earth. How he is an immortal wizard and how he came to this land to learn more magic. He saw the look on Regina, and it told him she was a little upset.

"Sorry I did not tell you the truth sooner. But I had only planned to stay for another year after I'd learned everything I could from your mother. But then I met you and didn't want to leave."

Regina suddenly gained a happy look in the eyes and forgave him.

It was five months later that Regina had to chase a rogue horse that was carrying a frightened little girl on it. That was the first time Harry had met Snow White. The three of them seemed to get along well.

It was a month later when Snow White and her father King Leopold returned. It was then that everything went to shit. It started out with the king asking for Regina's hand in marriage. And Snow finding out about Harry and Regina's relationship. They thought all was well when they convinced her not to tell anyone. But it appears Cora had tricked the information out of her.


Harry had just finished proposing to Regina with the ring form the horse saddle and was preparing to leave when.


The door to the stables were flown open and there was Cora with her hands up. Jumping in fright Harry pulled Regina behind him.


"Hello dear." She said smiling but there was a cruel gleam in her eyes.

"Hello Lady Mills." Said Harry nervously.

"Hello child. Now tell me what you two planning are on doing just now."

Regina and Harry looked at each other they realized that there was no way out but to tell the truth.

"Mother I'm sorry but I won't marry the King. I don't love him, I love Harry."

"And I love Regina just as much as she loves me. I know I have already asked her but sincerely hope you will give us your blessing for our engagement."

Cora looked at them both for a while until she brought her head down and sighed. "Well who am I to stand in the way of true love." She said looking at the two of them and smiling.

Harry had a bad feeling but pushed it aside trusting in a mother's love for her daughter as Cora and Regina hugged. Not knowing that Cora did not have her heart and that without it she was incapable of feeling love. Cora then turned to Harry and held her arms out for a hug. Ignoring his instincts, he went in for the hug.

Just before his arms could touch her shoulders, he felt a searing pain in his chest. It then felt as if a lifeless cold went throughout his body. Looking down he saw Cora's hand inside his chest looking up at her in horror, he said.


"No one will take my daughter away from me."

"MOTHER NO." Cried Regina with horror showing on her face.

"What's going on? Why can't I pull your heart out?" Looking at Cora it looked like she was trying to pull something out of Harry's chest but was stuck.

Even though he was in great pain Harry looked at her and gave a mischievous smile.

"That's for me to know and you to not be able to find out."

"Well since I can't kill you, I'll just do something else." Cora then took her hand out of Harry's chest and paralyzed him. She then waved her hand at Regina and knocked her out.

Even though he was paralyzed he could still hear and see what Cora was doing. She was chanting a spell with her hands-on Regina's head. While doing this Regina's head started to glow gold that's when he knew what Cora was doing, she was changing Regina's memories of what had happened the last 15 mins. Cora then went to a spare saddle and transfigured it to look like Harry's body but dead. She then pulled out a glowing red heart and crushed it into dust.

He heard her talking to herself, "If I can't kill him then I will change Regina's memories of what happened tonight letting her think I killed her love. Then she'll fall in line with the path I have set out for her. But first how to get rid of the boy." She spoke that last statement with a thoughtful look on her face.

It was then that Cora saw that Harry was still awake. Walking up to him she smiled down at him cruelly and kicked him hard in the head knocking him out. When the next time came to, he had no idea where he was. He was still paralyzed, and Cora was in front of him and in her hands was his last Magic Bean that was to take him home. It looked like she knew what it was. She then looked at him and throw the bean on the ground a few feet away from them. When the portal opened Cora lifted him up and had him hover over the swirling green vortex.

"I don't know how you managed to stop me from taking your heart. But it does not matter so long as I can be rid of you." She then drops him in and all he is thinking is. Take me to Earth. Take me to Earth.

Flashback End

Harry then went on to explain during the years that lead to him finding Emma. When he was done Emma was giving him a glare that said he was in trouble.

"Wait so you knew where I was from and who my parents were this whole time?" Said Emma.

"Yes, and before you get mad, I was going to tell you on your 15th birthday but then someone ancient magical being came to me and told me not to."

"Who?" Asked Henry.

"The man who hired the author of that book." Harry then told them how he was approached by the Apprentice and told not to tell Emma anything about the Enchanted Forest. "I later did some research and found out he was the apprentice of the very first sorcerer. I would tell you who he is, but he had me make a magical oath to not tell anyone." Though if they think about it, they probably already know who he is they just need his name.

The others looked at the book in surprise. "He told me that in order to save the people from the Enchanted Forest then Emma must not know about her home world until she is ready to break the curse. He also told me that it wasn't my place to tell her, that it was someone else. And from all that has happened I'm guessing it was the kid who did it. Correct?" He received 3 nods

Emma looked conflicted on whether she should be mad at her dad or not. While she would have liked to grow up knowing her birth parents did not abandon her, she knew now that if she had known she might have never been able to meet them. So, she just decided to say.

"Alright I understand. Doesn't mean I have to like it."

"Fair enough. Now can someone tell me why Regina was in a cell and why there is a Dementor after her?" asked Harry.

"Well she was in the cell for her protection as well as ours." Mary Margrett then went on to tell him everything that had happened after his supposed death. How Regina married Snow's father and started learning magic from the Dark One. Then her assassination of the King. Then trying to kill Snow, all the way to unleashing the curse. All because Snow was not able to keep a secret that ended up with Harry supposedly dead.

"Ok, first know that I don't blame you for not being able to not tell Cora about us. Because my guess is, she used the resent death of your mother against you. You had just lost your mother and were a little too young to know the how powerful true love is and thought that the love of a mother and child was the most powerful. As for her becoming evil I can't say I'm surprised. She always had a vengeful streak when someone wronged her." Harry explained.

"What do you mean." Asked Henry.

"one April Fool's Day I played a little prank on her and turned her hair poky-dot pink. As payback I woke up one morning in a pile of mad snakes with my voice muted so I could not talk to them. Thank God she was my girlfriend, or she would have had the snakes be poisonous and left me there."

All four of them had burst out laughing while picturing the scene.

"Back to the point. It means that once she found out about Snow telling Cora about us that she would be mad. And once Regina and Rumpelstiltskin got rid of Cora then he used her anger at you to make her his new student. Because no matter how evil Cora is there is no denying that she is magickly powerful and the Dark One knew that her daughter would be just the same. While she still had her father, Lord Henry, while a good man did not have the strong will to help his daughter resist the temptation to the pull of dark magic. But I know that Regina on the inside is still the kind and caring lady I fell in love with."

While Emma and Mary Margrett looked doubtful, Henry looked happy that there was someone here that was willing to still see the good in his mother.

Emma then went on to explain how Mr. Gold set a Wraith on Regina because she had his Girlfriend locked up in a mental ward while making him think that she was dead.

While Harry still loved Regina, he could not help but feel disappointed in her choices but couldn't really be mad at her cause she was manipulated by both the Dark One and Cora.

"Well now that we talked things through. Let's head to City Hall and take care of the Wraith. But do me a favor and let's not tell Regina I'm alive. While I will tell her we all need to be focused on the task at hand for the time being. I will still help but my face will be hidden in the shadows." They then went and took Henry to Ruby at Granny's Dinner. After explaining everything to her they then headed to City Hall with Harry using the invisibility cloaks hood to hide his face in the shadows.

City Hall- Regina POV

At City Hall Regina is at the center of the room pulling out a black top hat from its hat case and setting it on the floor. At the other end of the room was David carrying three brooms a bottle of alcohol and a lighter.

"Ok we got torches that will hopefully delay the Wraith long enough for us to get the portal open."

"Good. Now where is Swan and Snow?" asked Regina.

Right as she finished asking that the doors to the room opened and entered Emma and Mary Margret. They just got back from Granny's dropping Henry off so he would be out of danger. Entering behind them was a man wearing a black cloak with the hood up making it impossible to see his face all that was visible was his bright green eyes that for some reason looked familiar to Regina.

"Who is this?" asked Charming.

"He is someone here to help we'll do introductions later. Just know that he has Emma's and mine fullest trust." Sated Mary Margrett.

"Ok." Said Charming looking at the man warily while Regina was still trying to figure out why his eyes were familiar to her.

Noticing that she was staring at him the man in the cloak coughed and said, "Ok so what is the plan on defeat the dementor or Wraith or whatever the hell that thing is." Regina thought it was a little weird that he called the Wraith a dementor either he reads to much Harry Potter or it was something else. But by the way the man's aura felt she is leaning more to latter of the choices.

"The plan is for Regina to use the hat to open a portal to the Enchanted Forest which according to Regina no longer exists. We'll send it there and pray that it cannot come back cause if it can I don't know what we'll do." Said Charming sending a glare toward Regina. For some reason when the unknown man saw this, he gave a protective growl.

When Charming heard this, he looked at the man surprised, while Emma and Mary Margrett smiled knowingly at each other. Regina, she felt a sense of protectiveness she has not felt in a while.

When the man realized what he was doing he stopped and shook his head. Before he could apologize to Charming the rooms, warmth dropped to freezing cold in 2 seconds flat. Next, they heard a loud screech, followed stormy winds. The winds were growing stronger until they got strong enough to blow the large oak doors open and flying through it was the Wraith.

Harry's POV

When Harry saw the Wraith, he is reminded of his third year at Hogwarts. Weather the creature is the same as a Dementor he doesn't know. Though he hopes that the plan will work. Because he does not know if the Patronus Charm will work if it is not a Dementor

"Everyone ready?" asked Charming as he lit his broom on fire as well as Mary Margrett's and then they both got into a battle stance. Harry who was standing beside them pulled out both his swords that were strapped to his back. A gleam of light seemed to glide down the swords blades till it blinked out at the tip of the blades. When the light blinked out the blades suddenly caught fire surprising everyone in the room. They decided to ask questions later.

"Ready"" Ready." Said Harry and Mary Margrett together. The Wraith then charged at them they used the fire on their weapons to keep the wraith from getting past them and getting to Regina and Emma.

Harry then looked back and saw that Emma and Regina were trying to get the hat to work. Regina spinning the hat like a top, but nothing was happening. Emma and Regina then started to argue about getting the hat to work. Emma then grabbed Regina's arm and unknown to everyone except Harry and Regina magic flowed from Emma through Regina and into the hat. The hat then stated to spin on its own. Regina looked at Emma in awe and Harry was smiling at her. She is finally accessing her powers. Took a lot longer for her to access them than I thought it would. Thought Harry.

Suddenly, the Wraith sent a large sound wave at the three fighters. The sound wave sent Charming and Mary Margrett to the floor extinguishing their broom torches. Charming was knocked unconscious and Mary Margrett was in as daze. Harry was pushed into a wall and his wolf sword was thrown from his hand the fire on both swords going out and making him dizzy for a second.

When Harry was able to see clearly again, he saw that the Charming's were going to be out of the fight for a while and that the Wraith was slowly making its way towards Emma and Regina. He then put his sword back on his back and drew the Elder wand and charged the soul sucking creature. He saw that he was not going to make it to the girls in time. He did the only thing that he could think of that might work. He yelled out a spell that his werewolf uncle taught him in third year.


Regina POV after the hat started to work

Regina was still looking at Emma in shock that she has magic. While she was staring at her the Wraith had just knocked out Emma parents and was slowly heading towards them. When she saw the panicked look in Emma's eyes she turned and saw how close the Wraith was to them. The then tried to put up a barrier to protect them while the portal was powering up. But for some reason she was not able to access her magic. She guessed that she was out of practice. I'll have to talk to Gold about getting mother's spell book to relearn everything again. She thought.

She realized that the wrath was going to get them before the portal opened fully. She looked around for an escape route but did not see one. She closed her eyes for what she thought would be her last time.


When she heard that she opened her eyes and was surprised by what she saw. Flying and bounding towards the Wraith is a Dire Wolf and a Phoenix made of bright silvery light. As soon as she saw them, she was filled with great happiness she hasn't felt since she was last with Harry.

The Phoenix flew at the Wraith knocking it to the floor and then the wolf jumped on it and pinned it to the ground.

"Hurry up with that portal this spell is not going to last long." Yelled the unknown man while he was pointing a stick that was 15" long and bumped every 3 cm along the stick at the three creatures.

Once she realized that she was given more time to get the portal open she finished what she needed to do she yelled out "let it go."

The man then raised the stick and she guessed released the spell. Right before the silvery creatures disappeared the Wraith gave one final push and when it did it shot straight into the portal. Once it was in the portal Regina started the process of closing the portal, but it will take a minute.

While it was closing the Wraith regained its balance and stated to fly back towards the opening that was closing slowly.

"It's flying back up." Regina yelled.

"No, I won't let it." Said Emma. She then jumped in the portal and grabbed on to the Wraith and used her momentum to pull it down into the darkness.

Right before this happened Mary Margrett had regained her senses and when she saw Emma jump into the portal, she ran towards the portal that was now was wide as three people.

"No! I just got my daughter back I will not lose her again." She yelled jumping in the portal.

For some reason when the man in the cloak saw that Emma and Mary Margrett jumped in the portal he decided to dive in after them. But when he was halfway in the portal closed taking his upper half and leaving his lower half to fall and crush the hat.

"No!" yelled Charming as soon as he saw the portal close taking his family with it. He ran to where the hat and the man's lower half of his body was pushing the man's body thinking he was dead. Though if he had looked, he would have seen there was no blood and that upper half of the man's body was growing back fast.

Charming then rounded on Regina with a determined look.

"Bring them back."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"I don't know how." Regina said starting to get angry.

"Well figure something out."

"I can't because there is nothing to bring them back from."

"I don't believe you." He said he then grabbed her arm and yanked her to her feet. "You are going to tell me the truth now."

Regina's anger finally got the better of her and she was suddenly able to use magic for the first time and then magically pushed him into the wall and the vines painted on the wall came to life and wrapped around his neck.

As this was happening the man's body was now fully regrown. When he sat up and saw what was going on, he grabbed his wand and canceled the spell that Regina was using.

"Enough Regina."

When the magic was canceled both harming and Regina were confused when they heard the voice they looked to where it came from and were both surprised by what they saw but for different reasons.

Charming was surprised because he was certain that the man was dead. He was also surprised that he could use magic and was beginning to be more suspicious of the man.

Regina was surprised because the man now was without his cloak because while his body could regenerate his cloths could not so for the first time since he entered the building his face is now visible. Before her was the man she hadn't seen in a long time and was certain was killed by her mother. When she saw him all the old memories of riding with him on horseback and kissing him under the moon light while hiding from her mother. The great love and protectiveness she felt when he held her in his arms. They all came rushing back in great force that she stumbled back to where she was leaning against the wall.

"How are you alive? Half of you was taken by the portal." asked Charming.

He was ignored because the man kept his eyes on Regina.

Regina whose eyes were wide stared at the man and stuttered. "Ha-Harry."

"Hello Regina. It's been a long time my love."

Enchanted Forest Harry's POV

Harry was laying in the rubble of where the portal deposited the 3 of them or 2 of them as the lower half of Harry is still in Storybrook. With him was the Elder Wand and Half of the Invisibility cloak along with his Phoenix sword as well as the mole skin pouch around his neck. As his body was regenerating, he looked around and realized where he was. He then smiled.

"I'm back in the Enchanted Forest."

End of Chapter 3