Thanks to KittandChips for the prompt! The prompt was: How would Vader handle the twins thinking one of them was unplanned and therefore unwanted? Such delicious angst and fluff put this immediately on the list to write!


It was so rare that Vader arrived home before the twins did. But today, he'd managed to sneak away early, and he was home, having just dismissed Miss Laena for the day, waiting for his children's arrival. He was not a traditional father, by any means, but he still enjoyed family time with his young ones. He didn't know what they'd do; perhaps he'd take them on a ride in one of his newest ships. Luke would love that, and Leia might even, too, though she wasn't usually as vocal about it.

Then again, it was a school night. If he was being a good father, he'd sit with them and help with their homework.

The possibilities were endless. He just hoped his Master continued to leave him alone for the evening.

He sensed the twins arriving long before they even arrived on property. Their chauffeur would arrive in the hangar soon, drop them off, and they'd be heading up. He'd surprise them in the hallway, he decided, moving into position. He doubted he'd really surprise them; even untrained, Luke and Leia had a habit of being able to at least know when he was home.

He continued to keep tabs on them until they were in the lift heading for the apartment. He tried to make himself less intimidating, not wishing them to think they were in trouble, and he'd managed what he assumed was a comfortable pose by the time the lift doors opened and in walked Luke and Leia.

They immediately paused, looking at him with...admittedly, odd looks. Then, to his confusion, Leia glared, throwing her bag aside. He was about to remind her to put it away in the designated spot when she stormed up to him and crossed her arms. "So. Which one of us did you not want?!"

Vader blinked down at his little girl, just seven years old, completely surprised by the accusation. Then, he looked up at Luke, reaching out through their bond to try to get more information, only to be flooded with feelings of hurt and sadness. Luke, at least, tried to hide it as he put his bag away in the appropriate cubby.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." He replied, finally, looking back at his daughter. "Explain."

But Leia huffed, and instead of explaining anything, stormed around him and off towards her room. "Fine! Don't answer, then!"

And before he had a chance to react, she'd entered her room, the door swishing closed behind her.

Vader stared after her, even more confused than before, and turned back to Luke. "Explain." he demanded. Usually his son was more willing to offer more information-or at least, he was easier to coerce.

But Luke didn't reply with anything but a shrug. "Nothing. Just girl stuff, I guess."

"Do not lie to me!" He snapped, instantly sensing the lie. "You may not be yelling at me, but I know I have apparently done something to upset the both of you. Now explain."

He expected Luke to cave, especially as he pressed along their bond...but Luke shook his head, and he too, walked past him. "I don't want to know." Was all he mumbled.

It was a good thing Vader didn't have any hair left. He might have started pulling it out. He'd learned long ago that bullying his children into answering him like they were some kind of rebel wasn't the answer, nor was using the Force on them. Parenting books didn't exactly say using the Force on children was bad, but based on their guidelines, he'd made the assumption himself.

Still. It was too bad, especially as Luke too, shut himself in his room.

Vader stood glaring at the doors, wondering how the fun night he'd had planned for them had turned so randomly...angsty. He tried to wrack his brain for anything he might have done to make Leia think he didn't want one of them. Nothing came to mind-as far as he was concerned, he'd shown far more affection to them than he had anyone else. In fact, using a rare free evening to want to spend time with them was proof enough that he more than wanted both of his children. But children weren't logical beings; there was plenty of evidence of that.

He squared his shoulders, deciding which twin to face. Usually the answer was Luke...but this time, the Force seemed to pull him in the direction of Leia's room.

Leia it was, then.

Yet he paused before entering, taking a moment to make sure he was as calm as a Sith Lord could be. Leia, as much as he cared for her, had a talent for making him angry in the blink of an eye. That never ended well when he was attempting to get something out of her, be it information or cooperation on her chores. As soon as he felt like he could handle anything she would throw at him, he entered the room.

Surprisingly, the room was dark. She hadn't bothered turning on the lights. He didn't need infrared sensors in his eye plates to know she was stretched out face-first on her bed, head buried in her pillow. He could very clearly sense that himself, and the emotion coming from her was no longer anger, but...intense sadness.

Again he tried to think of anything he might have done or said and honestly could think of nothing. So, tentatively, careful of the toys left on the floor, he made his way over to her bed. Though he usually preferred to stand, he winced as he sat down on the small child-size bed, his joints groaning in pain.

Something else he'd noticed since becoming a father: children liked it when you got down on their level to talk to them. He rarely did it, but this seemed like the appropriate moment for it, though he still didn't know why.


He wished his vococorder allowed for him to speak gently to her.

She didn't stir. The only response was a muffled, "Go away."

"I will not. Not until you tell me what is wrong." Silence. Wishing he could sigh, he looked up at the ceiling, trying to maintain control of his impatience. "I cannot help unless you tell me what the problem is."

Suddenly Leia sat upright, whirling to face him, and he was startled to find tears running down her face as she shouted, "I know you only wanted one of us, okay!"

That statement did nothing to clear up Vader's confusion, but her tears...Force, he hated it when she cried. He was reduced to feeling helpless, like anything he did would just make it worse. He doubted she knew the effect her tears had on him, and he hoped she never figured it out or he was doomed.

Hell, he hoped the Emperor never figured it out.

"I do not understand what you mean by that. You...can you explain?"

It was so rare that he asked for information instead of demanded it. It seemed to be the right choice of words, however, because though she glared and looked away from him, she elaborated.

"Kenny asked which one of us you didn't want because mommy's and daddy's only plan for one baby."

Vader frowned, still trying to figure out the logic, then when he did, hot fury flashed through him, fury that he had to clamp down on to keep from scaring his daughter, or worse, giving her the wrong impression.

"Kenny who?!"

"Kenny Albrecht." Leia replied glumly. "Is it Luke? He likes more of the same stuff you do."

He...had murdered children before, but he was far less likely to do so now that he had his own. As soon as he was done fixing this mess, he'd definitely be giving Kenny's parents a surprise call. The thought of their faces when they realized who was calling was almost enough to cheer him up.


"Come." He stood, again wincing at the strain on his joints the movement caused. "It would appear this is a conversation for the both of you."

He expected Leia to resist, but she thankfully followed, her head hung as if she were somehow in trouble. He did not miss her sniffles, and each one was like a knife to his chest.

Yes. He would definitely make sure Kenny Albrecht knew never to bother his children again.

They entered Luke's room. Luke, at least, had turned on the light, and he was building a toy ship model, though not very enthusiastically. He looked up when they entered, and Vader felt the normally cheery attitude of his son plummet further.

Vader crossed over to the bed and again sat down, facing both of them. "Come here." He pointed at the spot in front of him. They were so small, even sitting down he towered over them.

They thankfully complied, though Luke shot Leia a look. "I don't want to-"

"You will listen carefully. Both of you. Am I clear?" He waited until they nodded, though Luke did so reluctantly. To even think his children had been so affected by stupid Kenny who was far beneath them-

"It is true that your...your mother and I did not know we were expecting twins." He didn't want to talk about Padme, not ever, but he found his children forced the subject more often than not. He would never get used to the pain it caused him, but if it helped them… "We...wanted to be surprised when you were born. I did not know…" he hadn't yet told them the circumstances surrounding their birth and how he'd almost lost them. He wasn't about to tell them now. "I did not know until you were born. But not for one moment did I ever consider not wanting either of you. In fact, the moment I laid eyes on both of you, I knew you were meant to be mine."

He couldn't help the fierce possessiveness in his voice. They were his. How dare anyone suggest he'd ever want otherwise?!

"While our interests may be different, you and I do share many similarities in our personalities." He told Leia specifically. "I do not need nor want you to like everything I like. You are perfect the way you are."

Leia's lower lip trembled, but she nodded and he sensed her calming down.

"You do not need to know who it was I didn't want because there is no such thing. I want and need both of you." He told Luke. Luke let out a breath, his shoulders slumping in relief.

"This Kenny Albrecht is an idiot...and yes, I know that is not a nice word, but it is true!" He had to be careful what language he use around the twins because otherwise they'd use it at school and he'd get phone calls from their teacher. It was stupid, and he doubted the teacher liked calling him, but there must have been some rule at the school requiring it.

Carefully, he opened up his bond with both of them so they could feel his sincerity and the genuine fatherly affection he had for both of them. He paused, marveling at how bright and innocent they were as they clumsily probed the emotions he allowed them to see. It was clear they didn't understand all of them, being so young, so he bit back his pride, and said, "There is nothing and no one else in this galaxy that I love more than the two of you. Do not ever let anyone make you forget that."

He very rarely ever said the "L" word. It was not in the nature of the Sith to do so. If the Emperor ever found out, there would be trouble. But when there were important moments when he needed his children to understand the severity of what he was saying, he would say what was necessary.

Tonight, it was necessary.

Immediately, the twins launched themselves into his arms, and he held them close as they grasped onto him for dear life, as if they had genuinely been afraid that somehow Kenny's idiotic comment would make him remember he didn't want one of them and give them away. The thought made him clench his teeth, and absently he ruffled both of their hair to calm himself down.

"Now. I am home early. I wished to do something fun with the both of you."

Luke perked up, looking hopeful. "Like fly?"

He couldn't help but smile. "Yes, son. Like fly. Maybe we can pick up some treats on the way home."

The thought of him walking into a treat shop with his wide-eyed children was a bit ridiculous, but if it meant making his children forget about Kenny and his stupidity, he'd make it happen.

"Okay!" Leia grinned. "I want Jogan ice cream!"

"It will be done." He stood. "Now go and get ready. I have a call to make."