Midori Tōrō

I noticed that there was a severe lack of active fics in this category, so I decided to make one myself using some concepts from Emerald Blade by SaintInfernalNeos. I will be taking some liberties in regards to the DC universe canon material on Green Lanterns and their Rings in order to keep this fic running smoothly, but don't worry, I won't go completely off the rails.

Disclaimer: DC Comics owns Green Lantern and Kohei Horikoshi owns Boku no Hero Academia.

Sector 1120: Deep Space

Deep in space, amidst a swirling nebula, two beings cloaked in glowing auras were locked in heated combat, blasts of yellow and green energy being hurled at each other while solid constructs made of said energy provided support around them.

"It's useless Votan," said one of the figures, this one clad in yellow with red skin and two tendrils extending from his chin, "The Sinistro Corps will have your ring if I have to pry it from your corpse!"

The now named Votan, a humanoid figure with blue skin and red eyes that was clad in green armor, dodged several yellow energy blasts before retaliating with his own green blasts in the form of several drills, "Kiran, you and your master can kiss my ass! Ring, emergency protocol Green 52 Zeta!"

An emerald colored ring on the green-clad figure's hand began to glow with power before releasing a blast of energy that ignited the gas in the nebula around them, creating a massive explosion. When the explosions ceased, the yellow clad figure was floating unconscious while there was nothing left of his opponent other than his emerald ring, which promptly vanished in a blink of light as it flew off with incredible speed.

Sector 2814: Earth

Millions of lightyears away, in the nation of Japan on the planet Earth, a young boy with green hair was sitting alone on a swing set in a children's park with a dejected look on his face. The boy's name was Izuku Midoriya, and the reason for his despair was this: all his life, young Izuku wanted to grow up to become a Professional Hero and save people in need, just like his idol, All Might, the Symbol of Peace, but that all changed several years back. You see, for one to be a Hero, they need a Quirk, a special power developed randomly by about 80% of the Earth's population, but Izuku was different. He had gone to get a checkup with his mother due to his Quirk taking a while to manifest, but the doctor had given them some bad news.

It seemed that Izuku lacked the genetic trait that humans had evolved to gain Quirks, making him among the Quirkless minority. He didn't let that get him down though, as he still strived to become a Hero, but he had become an object of pity and ridicule from many of his peers, with many of his former friends becoming bullies that made his school life quite difficult, and it was those actions that led him to be sitting alone in the park.

Looking up at the sky, Izuku saw a shooting star and decided to make a wish, "Please, help me become a Hero."

Almost as if it heard him, the light changed directions and began to fly towards the verdette, causing him to scramble to get out of the way as a tiny object flew into the ground, creating a small crater upon impact. Crawling to his feet, Izuku carefully made his way over to the object and, to his surprise, saw that it was a ring that seemed to have been cut from solid emerald with a strange symbol set into it, emitting a glowing green light. Curious as to what this strange ring was, Izuku carefully reached out a hand to pick it up, and was surprised when it shot off the ground and placed itself upon his right middle finger.

"Wh-what the heck?!" he exclaimed as the ring's glow seemed to increase and envelop him.

[Suitable match found.]

"What was that?" exclaimed Izuku as he turned to try and find the owner of the mysterious voice he had heard, "Who's there?"

[Please state your name.]

"M-M-Midoriya Izuku," stammered Izuku nervously.

[Greetings Midoriya Izuku of Earth, you have been judged to have the ability to overcome great fear. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps.]

"Who are you?" asked Izuku before looking at the ring and noticing a symbol carved into it that resembled a lantern, "Are you the ring?"

[Correct, Lantern Izuku. What you are hearing is the thought impressions of the deceased Lantern Votan, programed to act as a guide and training tool for a potential successor.]

"What are you?" asked Izuku.

[This unit is known as a Power Ring, capable of channeling energy from the Emotional Spectrum of Will, characterized by the color Green. As a member of the Green Lantern Corps, you have been selected to wield this power.]

"But what is the Green Lantern Corps?" asked Izuku, wanting to know more about this group he had been seemingly drafted into.

[The Green Lantern Corps is a Galactic organization of Peacekeepers led by the Guardians of the Universe from the planet of Oa.]

"So they're heroes?" said Izuku as a flicker of hope began to blossom in him.

[Indeed, Lantern Izuku. The purpose of the Green Lantern Corps is to safeguard the universe and to preserve peace, so by this planet's definition, they are indeed Heroes.]

"What can these rings do?" asked Izuku eagerly, his dreams of being a hero gaining new life, "Are there any limitations on their power? What are their capabilities and weaknesses?"

[A Green Lantern Ring operates on Willpower, Lantern Izuku. Nearly any feat is possible if your will is strong enough.]

"Anything?" exclaimed Izuku happily and he suddenly found himself floating ten feet off the ground, "I can fly!"

[Yes, Lantern Izuku, flight is indeed one of the abilities granted to the members of the Green Lantern Corps. However, before I explain more, you will need to retrieve your Power Battery from its pocket dimension to recharge this unit's systems.]

"How do I do that?" asked Izuku as he looked at the ring.

[You must recite the Oath of the Lantern Core, Lantern Izuku. I am transmitting the words into your memory now. Please hold up your Ring and recite the oath.]

"W-wait!" exclaimed Izuku, "At least let me get home first! Mom will be getting worried."

[Very well, Lantern Izuku. This unit sees the logic in your request, but do hurry. The charge within this unit will only last so long.]

Izuku blinked and he promptly dropped onto his butt as the energy that was allowing him to fly suddenly cut out.

[…as I said.]

Izuku sighed and began jogging back towards his house. His mother said she would make his favorite tonight and he didn't want to keep her waiting.


After a delicious meal of Katsudon cooked by Izuku's mother, Inko, the verdette sat on his bed, having locked the door to his room, and prepared to recite the Green Lantern Oath that had been beamed into his mind.

"Right," said Izuku to himself as he held out his hand with the ring on it, "how did it go again?"

[The oath has been imprinted in your memory, Lantern Izuku. You just need to recite it.]

"Right right," sighed Izuku, "here we go. In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight. Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might, Beware My Power, Green Lantern's Light!"

A bright emerald light erupted from the ring, filling the room with its radiance. The light then began to coalesce and form into a solid object, taking the shape of a lantern that floated in front of him, bathing Izuku with its light.

[Congratulations Lantern Izuku, you have successfully summoned the Power Battery. This unit is now operating at 100%.]

Izuku gingerly reached out for the Power Battery and noticed something off. He had been wearing a black jacket and pants earlier, but now his hand was covered by a green gauntlet. Looking over the rest of himself, he was surprised to see he was now wearing an outfit consisting of a set of emerald armor over a dark green jumpsuit with glowing green highlights and an emblem on the chest that bore the same lantern symbol as his ring, giving the outfit an almost cybernetic look.

"Wh-what is this?" exclaimed Izuku upon seeing his new outfit.

"Izuku, is everything alright up there?" asked his mother from downstairs.

"Everything's fine!" exclaimed Izuku, not wanting to have to explain all of this right at the moment.

"If you say so," said Inko, "just remember to get enough sleep. You have school tomorrow."

"I will," Izuku called back before glaring at the ring on his hand, "why am I wearing this outfit? What happened to my clothes?"

[Upon reciting the Oath of the Green Lantern Corps, you were clothed in the uniform of the Corps. You now are an official member of the Green Lanterns of Oa.]

Izuku looked over his new outfit and had to admit that it would make an awesome Hero Costume. He had all but given up on his dream of entering U.A. and becoming a Pro Hero, but with the powers the ring gives him, maybe there was still hope.

"Ring," said Izuku, "are you able to train me in the usage of these new powers?"

[That is the primary function of this A.I. This unit can teach you how to harness your power until it becomes second nature to you.]

"Well then," said Izuku, "we have work to do."


It had been a few weeks since Izuku had first recited the oath and claimed the powers of the Green Lanterns, and through training, he had begun to understand just what he could do with the emerald energies of his ring. Through practice, Izuku had learned to manipulate the energy he could project to create barriers, shoot destructive bolts of energy, and even fly. He had gotten quite good with flight and shooting energy blasts from his ring, his creation of solid-light objects like shields and constructs wasn't progressing as far as he had hoped.

He had also been working on his physical conditioning at the Ring's suggestion. His conditioning and stamina weren't good, and he knew that he would need to improve if he wanted to keep up with any criminals that he had to fight in the future, especially if there came a time that he would have to act without relying on the aid of his Ring. It wasn't easy, but he had begun to develop a visible muscle tone, and though he wasn't on the level of any star athletes or such, he was much more than the weak little kid that had first found the Power Ring.

Izuku was currently attending another day at Aldera Junior High, and, with the year winding down, the teacher was having a discussion with the students about their plans for their coming lives as High Schoolers. He had recently watched a showdown between rising star Pro Hero Kamui Woods, and a purse snatcher criminal with a Quirk that transformed him into a monster, though he was a bit disappointed when a newbie Hero, Mt. Lady flew in for the takedown and used the incident to steal glory and make her debut.

Putting those thoughts aside though, he had recorded their data in his notebook as he always did with Pro Heroes, and now sat patiently in the classroom as the teacher talked on.

"Since you're all third years, it's time for you to think seriously about your future," said the teacher, "I'll pass out handouts for your future plans now, but you're all pretty much planning to go into the hero course, right?"

The classroom erupted into cheers, with the students all eager to take the glory road, even going far enough to let loose some of their flashy Quirks.

"Yes yes," chuckled the teacher as he quelled the ruckus, "you all have wonderful Quirks! But using your powers at school is against the rules!"

"Oi Sensei," laughed a spiky haired student, "don't let me in with these bunch of losers. I'm the real deal but these guys will be lucking to be a sidekick to some busted deal lister."

This was Katsuki Bakugo, childhood friend turned bully and tormentor of Izuku Midoriya nicknaming him Deku as a sign of disrespect, user of a powerful Quirk that had explosive effects…literally. His Quirk allowed him to secrete a nitroglycerine-like sweat that gave him the ability to create powerful explosions as will.

The teacher checked his notes as the rest of the class, minus Izuku, objected to the insulting comments that had been sent their way, "If I recall correctly, you wanted to attend U.A. High, Bakugo-kun?"

"That's right," scoffed the explosive teen, "I aced all the mock tests, meaning I'm the only one here that has a good chance of getting in. The rest of you side characters watch, I'll surpass even All Might and take the spot of number one Pro Hero."

"Oh right," said the teacher as he read his notes, "Midoriya-kun, you're intending to go to U.A. as well."

There was silence for a moment before the other students erupted into laughter, causing the verdette teen to flush in embarrassment.

"Ha!" one laughed, "You can't expect to make it at U.A. without a Quirk!"

"Like you could ever make it, Midoriya," said another.

"No," said Izuku, "they abolished that rule. I could be the first."

"What do you think you're talking about Deku," growled Katsuki, "you're not even at the level of the rejects here. You're a Quirkless loser, and there's no way that U.A. will want anything to do with you when they can have me."

In another life, Izuku would have tried to justify his attending and convince his former friends that he could still be a hero, but here, he KNEW that he could do it. Izuku knew that, because of the powers his ring gave him, he didn't need a Quirk. He'd keep pressing onwards with what he had been given. And thus, he just remained silent, prompting Bakugo to huff and turn away as the teacher tried to regain control of the class once again.


Due to him not provoking Bakugo, things passed smoothly for the rest of the day, and Izuku soon found himself walking home, taking a shortcut under a bridge to save time. Suddenly though, a shadow enveloped him and it was only the Ring's automatic response putting a shield around him that kept a slime villain from smothering the boy.

"Hahahaha!" laughed the villain with a Sludge Quirk, "you'll make the perfect disguise. A medium sized skinsuit!"

Izuku struggled to bring up his Ring and blast the villain, but the panic from being practically smothered was interfering with his powers.

[Lantern Midoriya, fear levels are at a dangerous point and are inhibiting the Will energy you can produce. Calming down would be advisable.]

'How can I just calm down in this situation?' thought Izuku as he tried to fight, but couldn't move.

"Texas Smash!"

Suddenly a blast of air pressure struck the two of them and tore the sludge villain off of Izuku's body, his shield dissipating once the threat was over. Looking to his savior, Izuku managed to catch a glimpse of a familiar muscular silhouette standing there with a smile that he'd recognize anywhere.

"Hahaha," laughed the man, "everything's alright now. Why? Because I am here."

"All Might…?" gasped Izuku, before he passed out due to the attack and rescue being a bit much for him to take in.