Midori Tōrō

So, I'm sure there are those of you out there that wonder if I'll bring in Rings from the other Lantern Corps and give them to other characters like how I gave Izuku the Green Lantern ring, but I can say that I'm not sure about it. I know who would some of the rings, but I also feel that it would make those that were villains too powerful. If someone can give me an idea that would allow me to pull this off without making things to crazy, then I might put it into work, and in that regard, I am willing to have cameos of other DC characters.

Disclaimer: I own neither series.

Izuku began to regain consciousness as he felt someone tapping his cheek, and he slowly began to open his eyes. As his vision came into focus, Izuku saw a figure leaning over him as with a concerned look on his face.

"Hey, you ok there kid? Thought we lost you for a second."

Izuku's eyes widened in shock as he realized that his hero, The Symbol of Peace, the top ranked Pro Hero, All Might, was leaning over him and slapping his cheek to wake him up.

"ALL MIGHT!" exclaimed Izuku as he shot upright. Unfortunately, this meant his head slammed into the Symbol of Peace's face, which felt like hitting a brick wall due to all that solid muscle, "Itai."

"Careful there, kid," said All Might as he stood up, "sorry about back there, I didn't mean for you to get caught up in that. I try to keep bystanders safe from my fights by paying better attention, but those sewers were difficult to navigate and he kind of got away from me."

Izuku just silently gaped at him, in shock about meeting his idol face to face. All Might took that as a positive sign to continue and stood tall, giving Izuku a thumbs up.

"Still, you were a big help back there, distracting him long enough for me to take him down once and for all, so thank you," laughed the Pro Hero as he pointed to a pair of 2-liter soda bottles that held the sludge form of the captive villain.

'All Might,' thought Izuku in shock, 'he's standing right in front of me…in the flesh…right here!"

[If I may, Lantern Izuku, you might want to say something. The silence is getting awkward, even for me.]

Izuku shook his head to snap himself out of it and began to quickly search his schoolbag, "Oh, right! An a-autograph! Where should I…right! In that notebook!"

Izuku quickly dug through his bag and pulled out his current Hero Notebook, flipping through it to find an empty page for the Pro Hero's autograph, but, to his surprise, there was already the words, 'All Might' scrawled across two pages with a cute little doodle of the Pro Hero smiling with a thumbs up.

"HE ALREADY DID!?" exclaimed Izuku in surprise at seeing the autograph.

[I believe that was obvious, Lantern Izuku.]

Ignoring the deadpan remark from his Power Ring, Izuku hugged the notebook to his chest, "Thank you so much, I will treasure this forever."

"Ha ha ha!" laughed All Might before standing tall, "Well, I must be going now. I need to deliver this villain to the proper authorities."

"Wait," exclaimed Izuku, "so soon?"

[I can't imagine that it's a surprise. Heroes as you've described have much that they need to take care of.]

Ignoring the deadpan comment from his Ring and turns desperately to All Might, who was preparing to leap off, "Wait, there's something I really need to ask you!"

"Thank you for your continued support!" yelled All Might as he leapt into the sky, but as he flew through the air, he noticed an extra weight hanging from his leg.

In his desperation to talk with his idol, Izuku had moved without thinking and grabbed onto All Might's leg, leaving him dangling from the limb as he held on tight.

"Oi, I think you're taking this fanboy thing a bit far!" said All Might.

"I have an important question to ask you!" yelled Izuku, not really afraid since he could fly with his ring.

[About that, Lantern Izuku, this unit's charge is at a dangerous level. You will not be able to use its power until after recharging. And it is not advised that you do so in midair.]


"PLEASE DON'T DROP ME!" Exclaimed Izuku, now holding on for dear life.


"Good grief," sighed All Might once the two of them had landed on a building's roof, "that wasn't a very smart move kid. Knock on the door and the people that live here should let you in, now I need to be going."

"Wait," exclaimed Izuku, "I want to ask you something…"

"I don't have the time!" All Might cut him off as steam began to emit from his body.

"But it's important!" insisted Izuku as more steam flowed off the Pro Hero.

"I need to leave!" insisted All Might as the steam began to shroud him from view.

"Wait!" said Izuku as he looked at the ground, "It's just, I've always wanted to be a hero, but I'm Quirkless. So…can a Quirkless person like me become a hero like you?"

The verdette's words made the Hero pause, but before he could give an answer, he felt something happening to his body, like someone letting the air out of a balloon, 'Crap I'm out of time.'

Izuku didn't hear a response, so he looked up to where the Pro Hero stood, but instead of the tall, proud, muscular figure that the public knew and loved, he saw a haggard, skinny, man with sunken features and bony limbs standing amidst the clearing steam.

"EHHHHHHHHHH?!" exclaimed Izuku in shock, "What's going on?! Where's All Might?"

"I am All Might," said the man in a resigned voice.

"But, but," stammered Izuku as he stared at the gaunt man that claimed to be the Symbol of Peace.

"You know how people suck in their gut at the pool in order to look cool?" asked the man, getting a nod from Izuku, "It's kind of like that."

"But All Might is the Symbol of Peace!" exclaimed Izuku, "He…you're…always standing strong with a fearless smile."

"…fearless smile, huh?" said the man ruefully before sitting down and pulling up his shirt, revealing a hideous, twisted scar on the side of his body, "Five years ago, a fight with an enemy did this to me. My respiratory system was nearly destroyed and my stomach had to be surgically removed. The many surgeries I had to go through caused my body to waste away into what you see before you, limiting the use of my Quirk to three hours per day."

"Five years ago," murmured Izuku, "was that when you fought Toxic Chainsaw?"

"You do your homework kid," chuckled All Might, "but no, this incident was never made public per my request, because the public could never know that the Symbol of Peace was reduced to such a state."

Lowering his shirt, he fixed Izuku with a serious look, "The Symbol of Peace who saves people with a smile, must never be daunted by evil. You called my smile fearless? My smile…is my way of hiding the immense pressure and fear I feel."

All Might sighed and looked down at his gaunt and bony hands, "A Pro Heroes must always be ready to put their lives on the line to help others. Without a Quirk to protect you, that's practically a death wish."

"It's not wrong to dream, kid," said All Might as he stood up, "but you won't make it as a Hero without a Quirk to back you up."

The Pro Hero walked over to the rooftop door, opening it, before pausing, "If you still wish to help people, then consider a job in law enforcement. People may look down on Villain Custody Officers, but their work is indeed admirable."

With that, All Might left the rooftop, leaving a dejected Izuku with his thoughts. The teen had wanted to be reassured by his idol that his dream could be a reality, but he had had his dreams shot down by the Symbol of Peace and he had learned a surprising truth about him as well.

Disheartened, Izuku made his way downstairs and headed through the streets to get back to his neighborhood. As he walked, he reflected on all the work he had put toward becoming a hero: his creation of his Hero notes, his training with the Ring, all of it. According to All Might, it was all for naught. As he passed by an alley, he saw a large crowd of civilians had gathered, probably to watch several Heroes take on a Villain, he even spotted Pro Heroes Backdraft and Death Arms, but strangely enough, none of the Pros seemed able to take action.

Curious, Izuku moved closer and pushed his way through the crowd to get a better look, and what he saw sent a chill down his spine.

There, thrashing in the middle of the alley, with what seemed like another captive within its mass, was the same Slime Villain that All Might had captured earlier.

'But how?' thought Izuku, 'All Might captured him and…!'

Suddenly he remembered. When he had leapt to grab onto All Might's leg, he must have knocked loose the bottles containing the trapped Villain, and now it was free to attack, and it was all his fault.

Unknown to all those watching, a certain Symbol of Peace was also present, watching the struggle, wishing he could help, but knowing that his time limit had expired.

'All I can do is just stand here and watch!' All Might thought angrily as he gripped the area of his body that was covered in scars, 'I'm pathetic! If only I hadn't used up my time limit!'

"Why aren't the Pros doing anything?" asked one person near Izuku as he fearfully watched the Villain struggle.

"Didn't you hear?" answered another, "The Villain has a hostage. Some kid with an Explosion Quirk."

This caused Izuku to stop cold as he snapped his head back around to look at the Villain, and sure enough, revealed by an explosion that blasted some, but not enough of the slime off, was the struggling form of Izuku's classmate, Katsuki Bakugo.

'Kacchan!' thought Izuku.

It was a moment that would change young Izuku's life forever. In that instant, his body simply took action without him worrying about the consequences. Running forward, Izuku rushed past the Pros that were keeping the crowd back and, ignoring their protests, he made a beeline towards the Slime Villain, intent on rescuing his friend.

'What do I do, what do I do?' thought Izuku frantically as the Villain noticed him and lunged at him, before remembering something from his notes on Kamui Woods, 'Right! Page 25!'

Swinging his bag off his back, Izuku hurled it at the charging Villain, the pack smacking him in the eye and distracting him long enough for Izuku to rush in close and begin to claw at the slime encasing Katsuki.

"DEKU!" yelled Bakugo as he managed to fee his face, "Why are you here?"

"I don't know," said Izuku as he continued to fight, "my body just moved on its own."

'I have to do something!' thought Izuku frantically, a thought that was echoed in a certain Symbol's mind.

'I can't just stay on the sidelines!' thought All Might, 'Not when there are people in danger!'

Steam began to pour from the Pro Heroes body as he watched Izuku continue to struggle, and his muscles began to twitch.

"Get lost!" yelled the Slime Villain as it used Bakugo's Quirk to release an explosion that sent Izuku flying into the wall of the alley.

'I can't give up,' thought Izuku, 'I won't give up! I will SAVE HIM!'

Desperately, Izuku pointed his Ring at the Villain and marshaled his will, "In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight! Let You Who Worships Evil's Might, Beware My Power GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!"

Instantly, Izuku's Ring was fully charged, and it released a pulse of emerald energy that struck the Slime Villain, blasting it off and away from Katsuki, allowing the teen to fall to his knees, gasping for breath. Izuku rushed forward to help Katsuki to his feet, but this left him open as the Slime Villain pulled itself together and attacked the two teens, forming its body into a wave of sludge that was aimed to crash down on them.

"You brats!" yelled the Villain, but suddenly a large figure landed between them with his fist reared back.

"DETROIT SMASH!" yelled All Might as he punched forward, releasing a shockwave that not only splattered the Slime Villain across the walls of the alley, but blew the clouds out of the sky, clearing the sky, "You boys fought bravely, but it's alright now, because I am here!"

The civilians watching cheered as All Might stood tall, the police gathering up the slime in a containment unit to be transferred to prison, and nobody noticed the steam coming from his body or the red stains on the corner of his mouth.


The other Heroes had wrapped things up after that, and Izuku had gotten a stern dressing down for his reckless actions and for rushing into danger, and now he was continuing on his way back to his house. He was nearing the street he lived on, when a familiar figure jumped out in front of him.

"I AM HERE!" exclaimed All Might, causing Izuku to jump back in surprise.

"All Might!" exclaimed Izuku, "Wh-what are you doing here."

"I wish to offer you an apology," said the Symbol of Peace before reverting from his muscle form to his civilian one, "I told you that being a Hero meant that you must be willing to put your life on the line, but when it came down to it, I found myself a hypocrite, unable to practice what I preached. When I saw you rush to rescue your friend, my spirit was moved, and when you used your Quirk, I knew that you would become a great Hero. In fact, I wish to offer you something. I wish to make you the inheritor of my power and my legacy."

"What are you talking about?" asked Izuku confusedly.

"You see," said All Might, "the Quirk I wield is special. It can be passed down to others like a mantle of power and responsibility. After seeing you act, your body moving without thinking in order to save others, I believe you have proven that you will become a great Hero. Your Quirk proves as much as well."

Izuku was silent for a moment as he took all this in. Slowly he raised his head and met the gaze of his idol with a serious smile, "I am honored…but you're wrong."

"I beg your pardon?" asked All Might.

"You said that my Quirk showed that I can shine bright," said Izuku, "but the truth is, I don't have one."

Holding up his hand, Izuku showed All Might the Power Ring on his middle finger, "The powers I possess come from this Ring. Using it, it can seem like I have a Quirk, when in actuality, I'm Quirkless, but that's alright. I'm going to prove that I can be a hero. That is why I must decline your generous offer. I'll show everyone that I can be a hero without a Quirk."

This made All Might smile as he put a reassuring hand on the teen's shoulder, "Of that, I have no doubt."

As Izuku walked away, All Might's smile remained as he watched the teen, a nostalgic feeling in his chest, one that reminded him of when a certain Hero offered him the same chance to shine bright, seeing the potential that All Might now saw in Izuku. Potential that shone bright enough to illuminate the blackest night.