Midori Tōrō

Chapter 4

So, someone brought up a concern in a review that this fic would basically be a rehash of canon with Izuku being a Green Lantern instead of getting One For All. I would like to reassure all of you that I have long term plans for the plot that will see this fic veer well away from canon once it is time. I don't want to spoil anything, but if you must know, tell me in a review but be warned that I'll be spoiling major plot developments.

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"Let's see," said Izuku as he went through his bag, "do I have everything?"

[You can relax Lantern Izuku. All of your school supplies are present and accounted for in your bag…just like the last three times you checked.]

"Right, sorry," chuckled Izuku, "I'm just a bit nervous. It's my first day at U.A. after all."

After returning home from the Entrance Exam, Izuku had privately celebrated that he had finally been able to create a fully formed energy construct with his Ring, before going back to training to ensure that he could replicate the feat when needed. His zeal to train was also a way for him to push back the nagging fear that he would not have measured up during the exam and would have failed to pass. However, such fears were quickly put to rest when a hologram message player arrived, through which All Might congratulated him on not only passing, but getting the top score in the entire Exam.

All Might explained that the students participating in the exam were not just being graded on their combat skills in regards to fighting the faux-villains, but also on what kinds of heroes they really were, leading to corresponding 'Hero Points' being rewarded along with the 'Villain Points' given out for busting the robots. As it turned out, defeating the Zero-Pointer Villain so he could protect the girl who had gotten trapped gave him a large amount of Hero Points that, when put together with his Villain Points, gained him the top spot in the rankings.

And now, Izuku was preparing to take his first step towards becoming a hero.

"Now," muttered Izuku as he glanced down at the new student flier he had been given, which notated which class would be his Homeroom, "where is classroom 1-A?"

[I believe it is that one just ahead, Lantern Izuku.]

Izuku looked up and saw that, indeed, there was a large, and I do mean large, door with 1A emblazoned on it just ahead in the hall. Shoving the flier into his pocket, Izuku quickly hurried to the door and paused.

"Well," he muttered to himself, "here we go."

[You seem worried, Lantern Izuku. Shouldn't you be happy you are about to begin your first day here at this Hero Academy?]

"I know," said Izuku, "It's just, I'm worried about what kinds of classmates I'll have. I hope I can get along with them, I mean, I'll be with them for the next few years and I don't want to get on any of their bad sides like I did with that guy with glasses and I know it might be kind of mean but I really hope Kacchan isn't in my class, because he can get kind of scary and was pretty mad that I enrolled in U.A. and…"

[Lantern Izuku, I feel obliged to point out that you are rambling again. Relax, there is no point in fearing this. Stay strong and know that you'll get through it.]

"Right," said Izuku as he put on a smile, "thanks for that. I needed to hear it."

[It's what I'm here for. That, and training you to use the powers of this Ring.]

Izuku nodded and placed his hand on the doorknob, "Well, let's go!"

Pushing open the door, Izuku stepped into the classroom, feeling ready to take on the world.

"Please remove your feet from that desk! Such an act is disrespectful to your fellow classmates!"


'They're both here,' Izuku groaned mentally.

[I apologize, Lantern Izuku. Perhaps there is something to worry about after all.]

"Ah!" exclaimed the boy Katsuki had been arguing with as he noticed Izuku standing in the doorway and walked over, "Hello, I am Tenya Iida from Soumei Junior High!"

"I'm Midoriya Izuku," said Izuku nervously, wondering if he was going to be chastised again by the teen like he had been at the entrance exam.

"I humbly apologize for my words the other day!" exclaimed Iida with a stiff yet formal bow.

Well, that was unexpected.

"You were able to do what I could not and decerned the true nature of the practical exam," declared the teen as he straightened out and waved his hands around somewhat robotically, "not only that, but you finished with the number one score!"

"I-i-it's not that big of a deal," stammered Izuku, noticing that this was beginning to enrage Bakugo.

"Deku," growled the teen, but before he could go any further, he was cut off by the door opening and another student walking in.

"Ah! It's you, the green boy!" exclaimed the student, causing Izuku to turn and see the girl he had rescued during, "I'm glad everything went alright. You really sent that giant robot flying!"

"If you're all going to get chummy, then leave," said a voice, causing the gathered students to look around before noticing a tired looking man lying just outside the door in a sleeping bag that only exposed his head, "this is the U.A. Hero Course, not some social club."

Unzipping the sleeping bag, the man climbed out, revealing a black outfit with a scarf-like set of wraps hanging loosely around his neck. Walking to the front of the room, he regarded the gathered students with a tired yet serious glare, "it took you lot eight minutes to quiet down. In the field, that can spell the difference between life and death."

"Is he…a Pro Hero?" mused Izuku quietly to himself.

[It would seem so, Lantern Izuku. There is an air of experience beneath his outward appearance.]

"My name is Aizawa Shota," said the man, "and for the foreseeable future, I shall be your Homeroom teacher. Now, everybody change into your Gym uniforms and head out to the PE field. It's time for your first lesson here at U.A. A Quirk Apprehension Test."

Aizawa left the room as the students scrambled to gram their Gym uniforms so they could get changed and follow his instructions, and it wasn't long before all of class 1-A was assembled at the PE area, waiting for instructions.

"Good," said Aizawa, "you lot didn't waste any time getting here. Now, we're going to be having a Physical Test like you've probably underwent during your previous years in school, with one exception though: this time, you're all allowed to use your Quirks."

"Bakugo," said the teacher as he picked up a softball and tossed it to the explosive teen, "what was your longest softball pitch in middle school?"

"67 meters," answered Bakugo as he caught the ball.

"Give it a toss and use your Quirk this time," said Aizawa as he stepped back, indicating Bakugo to stand in a chalk circle on the ground, "do whatever you need, so long as you do not leave this circle."

Katsuki nodded and tossed the ball up and down a few times, getting a feel for its weight, before rearing back his arm for a pitch.

"DIE!" yelled Bakugo as he hurled the ball forward while simultaneously releasing an explosion from his hand that propelled the ball even further, before eventually landing on the grass a good distance away.

Aizawa watched as the distance was calculated on his handheld device, "Above all else, we must know our own limits and capabilities, so we can set our standards to measure the growth of our abilities," showing the results to the gathered students, he revealed the Katsuki had thrown the ball a grand total of 705.2 meters with his Quirk, "this will be a rational metric to form the basis of your 'Hero Foundation.'"

The students took this rather well, with several cheering about how fun this was going to be, but Izuku noticed a change come over their teacher, "'Fun' you say?" he muttered to himself, "is that what you think this is? A place to have fun and relax? I thought you wanted to become Heroes?"

"Alright then," he said as he regarded them with a chilling look, "in that case, here's a new rule to let you know how serious this is: the student that scores the lowest in this exam, will be expelled. Immediately."

This brought up them up short and Aizawa continued, "This is the U.A. Hero Course. From here on out, things are going to be serious and you can't treat this as a child's game. Your actions, or inactions, will have serious consequences."

Aizawa outlined the tests as being a softball pitch, standing long jump, 50-meter dash, endurance running, a grip strength test, sustained sideways jumps, upper body exercises, and a seated toe touch test. The students then gathered up and began the tests. With the uses of their Quirks, there were some obvious advantages within the group, with the girl Izuku had saved, dominating the softball pitch by negating the gravitational pull on the ball and earning an 'infinity' score for the test as the ball was left to float out of the atmosphere.

That's not to say that other students didn't have creative ways to make their mark, with, for example, one girl using her Quirk to create a cannon to fire the softball out of instead of throwing it, and a blond boy using a laser he shot out of his midsection to gain distance in the 50 meter dash. This inspired Izuku, and when his turn came, he lit an emerald aura around himself and lifted off the ground before shooting toward the finish line so fast that he broke the sound barrier, causing Aizawa to hold up a score that read '.15 seconds'

Izuku didn't let up though when it came time for the long jump and used a similar strategy, lifting off from the ground and flying halfway to the opposite end of the field before Aizawa called for him to stop.

"You, Midoriya was it?" he asked in an even tone.

"Yes sensei?" asked Izuku as he flew over and landed by his teacher.

"What you did just now," he said, "you can fly all but indefinitely, right?"

"Right," said Izuku hesitantly causing Aizawa to sigh.

Typing into the device in his hand he held it up for the students to see, showing another infinity symbol.

"Seriously?" exclaimed a teen with spiky red hair, "Another infinity."

"To be expected of the top scorer from the Entrance Exam," said another who's Quirk

"Settle down," said Aizawa, "Midoriya, move on to the next test."

Izuku nodded and stepped into the circle again and prepared for the softball pitch test, thinking to himself how best to attain the desired score, settling on doing what he did to pass the Entrance Exam, creating a construct out of Green light around his body shaped like All Might, albeit one not as large as the one he used in the exam, and picked up the ball, giving it a mighty (forgive the pun) throw that sent the ball hurtling into the distance, scoring an 852.3 Meters on the scale.

"Very good," said Aizawa, "now, as for the scores: Minoru Mineta. Please see me in my office. We will discuss your future prospects as a former student of U.A. The rest of you are dismissed for the day…except for you, Midoriya. I wish to speak with you."

Once the rest of the students had dispersed along with a despondent Mineta, Aizawa turned and leveled a glare at Izuku, "Now, tell me why I wasn't able to erase your Quirk."