Devil May Cry © Capcom

Hey, Listen

Jason M. Lee

Eva couldn't help giggling at Sparda's complete fascination, ear pressed to her swollen abdomen. She had suggested borrowing a stethoscope, but he refused, wanting to hear for himself. He spoke of avoiding females - devil and human - when they were carrying for various logical rationales, yet here he was.

Lady didn't hide her soft smile as Dante and Nero pressed their ears to her large belly, enjoying how utterly enamored they were. Sláine offering his stethoscope had been promptly rejected, both wanting to listen for themselves. Dante talked of avoiding pregnant females for a variety of reasons, yet here he was.

A/N: Follows "Nibble, Nibble", after "Waraizome." From the official Inktober 2019 prompt, "ripe".