Once Illyria had been a god. Her power beyond absolute even the fundamental forces of the universe bent to her will. But now that life was gone, stripped from her when she was slain by her enemies. She had been resurrected but reborn into the world in a leser body, a human body. Now only time remembered her, only it still recognised her authority and obeyed her commands. Now she was so weak a group of mortals were able to overpower and capture her. Mortals that believed they had the right to insult like this, just because she wore the form of one of them. The husks of these Watchers had the audacity to sap her essence, reducing her to even less than her already depleted state. Once Illyria had been a god, now she was almost nothing.

The attack had caused her to lose consciousness. When she awoke she was surrounded by interlocking metal bars, she was entrapped in a cage. She grabbed at the bars trying to pull them apart, escaping should have been easy given her enhanced strength but she was evidently still weakened as the bars wouldn't give. Though the area outside the cage was darkened she saw a flash of movement cross across her vision beyond the bars.

"Who are you? Why have you dared imprison me?"

The figure approached from out of the darkness, growing close enough for the pale light emanating from its eyes and mouth to illuminate the rest of its face. Although the figure shared many of the same features as the other revenants the desecration of its face was less severe, leaving it more recognizably human. Perhaps it had died more recently than the others before it's resurrection or maybe it had drain more energy to restore its form. It spoke.

"You are Illyria, last of the old ones, god king of the Primordian age. We learnt of your resurrection and return to this world and now, by the order of the Watchers Council we are going to undo it."

"You mere flies think you can execute me."

"The time of your people is done, Illyria. We are the authority now, we are justified in our actions and moreover we have the resources to carry them out."

As the revenant finished another two joined him, dragging a large ornate chest along with them. They opened it and the same blue green light as the Darkfrost shone out from within. The speaker pulled out the contents, revealing a large crystal embedded in a clockwork mechanism as the source of the light.

"This is the Pruinae Loch, This device allows us to redirect the flow of any mystical energy. It's how we maintain our resurrection. But for you we have a very different purpose in mind. You don't belong in that body Illyria. As such we can use the Loch to siphon you off into another vessel which we can destroy, permanently.

He said and as if to illustrate the point he pulled a magic looking urn from the same chest.

The undead watchers withdrew back for her cage and began working on the device readjusting the gears and chanting spell words from their books. This gave her time to devise a way to escape, although how long she didn't know how long. She examined her cell again looking for a weakness to exploit. Some areas had rusted but not enough to create any structural faults, clearly the cage had been there some time besides the rust, vines and creepers had grown all over it. Maybe that was it, she had the ability to commune with vegetation, perhaps they could aid her. But would they recognize her, recognize her authority? Nonetheless she had to try, she had no other option. She reached out and touched one of the vines and closed her eyes. Slowly thoughts from its simple mind poured out into her. Her mind reached out touching every part of it from the roots to the tips, asking all of it for help. The roots ran deep but so did its memory, even in her time there were organisms as basic as plants. Perhaps some tiny ancient part of it remembered her as one of the vines tips slowly but surely threaded itself into the lock. Maybe time wasn't her only faithful and enduring companion after all.

Eventually the revenants finished with their work as well, the light from the crystal had changed to a deeper and darker shade of blue, now primed to work on her. The lead and most human looking revenant walked back up to her cage. He approached the door, pulling a key from his pocket to unlock it. Before he could register the vine which had wormed its way into the keyhole, Illyria kicked at the door causing its metal bars to slam into the dead Watcher's face, catching him by surprise. She took the opportunity to make a break for it sprinting past the rest of her undead guards. Before she could make it to the safety of the trees one of the revenants lunged at her pushing her to the ground. She tried to break free of his grip but was kept down by his enhanced strength. Suddenly a flash of silver shot through the air and a familiar knife was lodged in her assailant's neck. As its eyes grow dim and its muscles limp she was able to push him off herself. She looked over at the source of the projectile seeing Faith with Wesley close behind her. More revenants soon arrived trying to cut off their escape and all three of them entered the fray to fight off the new arrivals. Faith quickly retrieved her knife from the corpse and used it to reduce several others to a similar state. Illyria fought hand to hand dispatching a couple herself. Wesley concentrated on using his magics to protect against the arcane projectiles the revenants hurled at them until spotting the glow of the Loch.

"Cover me!"

He yelled diving past several enemies to reach the loch. Illyria and Faith followed his instructions attacking the ones closest to him keeping them occupied. He picked up the device and twisted the largest of the dials causing the crystal to glow brighter. He pointed the device at the most human like of the revenants. The reanimated watcher reacted instantly, his body convulsing as a stream of energy flowed like water from its mouth and eyes arching across the air towards the crystal. Soon all of it had left his body and it hovered swirling around the loch, the revenant lay drain his body returned to the more corpse-like and less human appearance of the others. Wesley then pointed the device towards Illyria and the deep blue energy surrounding it shot out and flowed into Illyria. She felt her essence return to her each drop of it bring her closer and closer to the divine state of her true self, Illyria the proud god king of the demon age. As the final vestiges of her power poured back into her she found herself restored to the most of herself this crude human form could. Her powers restored to their former level, she channeled them into the act of slowing and eventually freezing time around her. The actions of those around her stilled and balls of energy hung in mid air as she raised her arms forbidding the endless march of time from creeping any further. Knowing the effect wouldn't hold for long she grabbed Faith and Wesely dragging them free of the melee and into the safety of the rainforest, making good her escape.