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"Bijuu, summons"


Konoha, almost 8 years since the Kyuubi attack, 6PM

An orange clad boy was walking through the village. Blue eyes, sun-kissed blonde hair, whisker marks on each cheek and an ugly suit. That was definitely, the pariah of the village, Uzumaki Naruto. He was going back from the ninja academy with a big smile on his face even though looks of hatred were directed at him.

Nearing his run down flat his thoughts were directed to his birthday in three days. Since the incident when he was four years old, the Hokage would let him stay with his family for a few days so nobody would harm him. He would surely come this evening or tomorrow morning to get him.

Looking around his thoughts drifted to the villagers around him "They will see one day that they can't harm me anymore. Just a few more meters and will be able to throw this stupid smile away from my face. Why would I be smiling when every morning I have a giant scar on my torso to remind me that they would gladly kill me if they could?"

Walking up the stairs he noticed that something was strange. He could hear nothing from his building. No talks, no tv on, no screams, nothing. He went carefully to his flat thinking that the door would be bashed in, but it was closed just like when he left. Something was amiss though. The slip of paper that he always put between the door and the frame was on the ground. That meant that someone entered his house.

Deciding to open the door, he put his back on the wall near his door, stretched his hand to the knob and opened the door. An explosion rocked the building and sent him flying to the ground. He was lucky that he didn't open the door normally or he would be missing his arm right now.

Still dizzy he tried to stand up and then he saw it. A pipe was in his chest. He looked at it and fainted on the spot blood pooling around him.

Unknown location

He woke up in something looking like a sewer. But he was sure it wasn't in Konoha. He has already been here for a brief moment four years ago when he had gotten his scar. Last time there was a voice calling to him but before he could get near it, he woke in the hospital.

This time wasn't different, a voice was calling to him, but it seemed to be in distress. He decided to take a look. The closer he got the more feminine this voice was getting until he came before a huge golden gate. There was a red-headed woman clutching the bars screaming at him.

"Naruto! Naruto! Thank goodness you are here. Fast I will explain everything in a few moments but right now we are in a crisis. You were hurt and are probably dying right now. I can heal you, but I need you to take off the seal that is keeping my powers at bay. It's the talisman on the gate, fast rip it off!"

Naruto was perplexed. What was she talking about, he was here not hurt or anything? No, he was hurt he had this pipe lodged in his chest after the explosion. If it was true what she was telling he would risk his chance. He took the talisman seal and was ready to tear it off. But before he could do anything a hand grabbed his own and has pushed him away from the gate.

"Minato… You don't understand! Your son is in grave danger I need him to tear it off or else he will die!" the redhead screamed at the man. Wait did she just say. Son? This man would be his dad? And Minato? The only person to bear this name in the village was the Yondaime. As he looked up, he could see the face of the man. It really was the Yondaime Hokage. Wasn't he supposed to be dead?

"I won't let you trick us, Kyuubi. I won't let my son just take off this seal." said Minato. As he was going to just block out the woman another one appeared. Another redhead but her hair was much lighter than the woman's behind the bars.

"She isn't trying to trick you honey, she is telling the truth. Naru-chan is really hurt outside." She said

"Kushi-chan?!" "Kushi-chan?!" Minato and the Kyuubi said in unison.

"Yes, it's me Minato, Kurama. But first we need to do something." before anyone could do anything, she ripped the seal herself and the gates opened. "Kura-chan please help our son"

"Of course, Kushi-chan" said Kurama as she flooded the pipes in the sewer with her chakra. In the outside world the pipe began to disintegrate, and the wound started healing.

Minato and Naruto tried to say something wrapping their heads around what has transpired but before any of them could open their mouths the now named Kushina spoke.

"I think you need an explanation. I never told you about my relationship with the Kyuubi because the walls have ears and eyes in this village and if it got out, we would have been in danger, now dear I think we should all introduce ourselves to Naruto here. Let me begin I'm Kushina Uzumaki and I am your mother."

"I think you know who I am by now, Minato Namikaze and I am your father. But you must know me as Yondaime Hokage"

"This might be strange, but I am the Kyuubi, my name is Kurama"

Naruto had enough at that moment. Yondaime is his father, the woman before him is his mother and the other one is the Kyuubi. He couldn't compute any of his thoughts anymore, so he just fell on his butt and started rocking back and forth.

After a few minutes he composed himself and started asking questions "Where are we? What is the Kyuubi doing here? Why she's a woman and not a 50m high fox? Are you sure you are my parents? The Sandaime always said that I was just a clan less orphan? How are you both not dead?"

"We are in your mindscape Naru-chan, when you were hurt your consciousness was sent here. About Kurama-chan it's going to be a long story so just sit and let us tell you" and thus the story of his birth began. How a man ripped the Kyuubi out of Kushina and how he forced Kurama to destroy the village. To finish how they sealed her. With that Kushina finished "And now we are here. But what do you mean clan less orphan? We told the Sandaime to hail you a hero of this land because after all you saved this village."

Naruto darkly chuckled and started taking of his clothes revealing the scar that went from the top to bottom of his stomach. It was jagged and not well sutured. "You see I never was the hero you wanted me to be. I'm the pariah, the scum and demon of the village. This was the gift the villagers gave me with a cracked bottle for my 4th birthday. I guess I have to thank the Kyuubi here for healing me when that happened" said Naruto

"You don't need to thank me Naruto-kun. After all I was the reason, they hurt you. By the way you can call me Kurama, Kura-chan if you want." When she said it Naruto finally got a closer look at the woman. She was around her thirties, around 165cm tall. Even with her small frame she held a regal and powerful aura around her. Anybody could see the power seeping through her red eyes. She was wearing a white kimono with just a purple sash to hold it around her body. Her face was that of a kind yet stern queen. She was almost as beautiful as his mother.

"Still thank you anyway, without you at this moment I would've been dead more than a few times knowing that my fast regeneration was due to your help." He said with a small bow to her.

Next, he turned to his parents and opened his arms as to hug them. They bent down to hug him as well. He touched their faces, they were so joyful that their son was forgiving them, but then he got a better hold of their heads and slammed their heads together.

"I had to check if your heads were as empty as they sounded to be. You guys were stupid thinking that they would hail me a hero. You left a newborn alone with the reason the village was destroyed thinking he would be seen as the savior." Said Naruto as his parents could only look at him in shame as he has shown them their short comings but as he finished, he came to them and hugged them this time for real.

"But I understand why you have done it. You had to do it. That's why I forgive you. Though the villagers are another thing I won't forgive them they've done the unspeakable. Now Kura-chan come here as well. Mom told us that you were almost family so join us."

As all of them were cuddling Kushina told Naruto to change his mindscape a bit since he was the law in here. He concentrated and the effect was beautiful. The ankle-deep water was transformed into lush green grass, the pipes with his chakra into multiple creeks and rivers. Seeing Kurama he forced a simple yet cozy house for her since she wasn't locked behind the bars anymore.

"Thank you…" said Kurama as she couldn't comprehend what happened. She was the source of his pain yet here he was giving her a place to live in this beautiful scenery. "But why would you do that I was the source of your pain all these years and now you give me such a beautiful gift?"

"There is nothing to forgive Kurama-chan. It wasn't your fault as it's not mine that you are trapped in here. And after all you are family since you were locked in my ancestors for so long. I should at least make your stay bearable"

As Naruto pronounced his words something wet hit his nose. Looking up he could see Kurama crying not able to speak. He caressed her head having seen the parents do this to their children and continued "Shhhh now, the tears don't suit such a strong woman as yourself."

After a few hours of talking, the chakra that kept Kushina and Minato inside Naruto started to fade away. They said their teary goodbyes and began to float away getting more and more transparent. But just before they would vanish, an ominous presence appeared inside Naruto's mindscape.

It touched both Minato and Kushina pumping something inside of them as they regained color and fell anew on the ground. Looking up Minato knew instantly what it was. The Shinigami. Deathly pale face with red horns and white hair, he couldn't forget this sight from 8 years ago.

All of the occupants in the grassy fields were forced to their knees just from the sheer amount of power it was exuding. Feeling it was enough, the Shinigami reined his power so they could breathe normally and opened its mouth.

"Do not fear me, I didn't come here to take any of your souls today, on the contrary. Kami has struck a deal with me that concerns all of you that by proxy you can't refuse or negotiate. Do not ask questions before I'm finished. The deal is simple, Kami, my superior made me release and let the souls Kushina and Minato stay with their son for a small amount of time"

It was strange the Shinigami didn't specify what the deal was and why would Kami want Naruto to get his parents for a bit. Seeing the questioning looks the Shinigami lifted his hand to halt their questions and continued his tirade

"The Kami wants your parents to train you, young Naruto. A calamity is coming to this world and you need to stop it, that's why he gave you the best teachers for around six months. The second thing is that Minato has the second part of the Kyuubi's chakra inside him and without it, Naruto wouldn't be able to access the full power that was given him at birth." As he said that he grabbed Minato and Kurama's hands and transferred the Kyuubi's yang chakra into Kurama once again.

Kurama never felt so powerful since she was torn apart 8 years ago. She opened her eyes for others to see that instead of two red eyes now she had one red and one golden. Naruto needed some explanations though, after all he wasn't as versed in this world's knowledge as the Shinigami, a few centuries old entity of power and two veteran ninjas.

"Sorry to interrupt but I don't understand what are you talking about, what two parts? Why are they so important that they need to work together?" he asked, and the Shinigami glared at him for a second and answered

"I told you no questions until I am finished but I will forgive you since I was talking what appeared to be nonsense to your young mind. The two parts of chakra that were separated were the Yin and the Yang. Your father didn't know that when he ripped the Kyuubi's chakra in half. What you had was the Yin part, it's the dark part of your chakra, coming from the mind and powering what you call jutsu. The second part is the Yang which was sealed in your father. It's the body's chakra, representing the light in you. Without the both parts it cannot be mixed in right proportions giving you a huge handicap. You see Kurama could heal you only a little since she had barely any yang chakra within herself that's why she needed to open the seal. But she couldn't heal you just like that, she used the unfiltered corrosive yin chakra to disintegrate the pipe that was lodged near your heart. That's why you need both of these chakras to use it at its full potential."

Rewinding a few times what was said Naruto finally nodded his head showing that he understood and showing to the Shinigami to keep going

"There is only one but, the power Kurama possess could feed the dark side of your mind that you tried to hide under your smile all along. It would transform you into a rampaging beast, a berserker that would harm anyone around you, ally or foe. That's why I'll give you a favor and let you battle your dark side" before Naruto could say anything the Shinigami put two fingers on his forehead and Naruto eyes flipped and his body tensed up.

Unknown place

Naruto found himself on the ground alone in some strange valley. Getting up he could see himself with a sad smile and the same red eyes Kurama had. "So, the Shinigami sent you here to battle me to gain control over me. So how are you going to do it, head on? Trying to think on your feet? I am you; I know your thoughts, you won't be able to outsmart me." Dark Naruto said.

That made Naruto think, if he really knew his feelings and thoughts then an open battle or an ambush wouldn't work. But when he started to think he heard someone crying deep in his head. He concentrated on the voice he heard it was of a boy, not any boy it was himself crying in his bed to sleep. He could hear dark Naruto's thoughts as well. He opened his eyes with a look of pithy directed at his dark side.

"I'm sorry, I've burdened you with all of this and closed you off behind this mask of happiness. I was stupid doing the same thing the villagers did. I dumped all of my hatred and negative emotions on you. I will not battle you. The Shinigami said himself that you need both the Yin and the Yang, in this case I am the Yang and you are my Yin. I accept you"

Dark Naruto smiled at this and started to disappear as Naruto said that. The dust that he created went to Naruto's heart and an echo sounded throughout the valley "Thank you".

Naruto's Mindscape

The Shinigami lifted his fingers off Naruto's forehead. Naruto himself has fallen to his knees closing his eyes.

"Have you conquered your dark side young Naruto?" pressed the Shinigami

"No" this answer put his entourage in a somber mood "I accepted him, he was me, my dark side or should I call it my Yin side. You said it yourself Shinigami-sama the yang cannot exist without the yin. And that's my proof." He opened his eyes that were just like Kurama's. His left eye was red, and the right was golden in color showing that he could access both of the chakras without going mad.

"That's even better, hahaha, normally you shouldn' be able to access the yin since it would consume you and would only work as a stabilizer for the yang. But you consumed your own yin making you accept the Kyuubi's yin. Now I understand why the Kami chose you"

Did he just receive a praise and a laugh from the entity that governed the macabre of this world? Yes, he did, and it was the best thing he could ever imagine as his birthday gift.

"I don't have much time left to speak with you. I will ask the three of you train Naruto as much as you can. I can only give you six months of this reunion. I will come back then to tell you about the rest of the deal that the Kami made. Do not fret it's nothing extravagant but it won't be easy. As a parting gift will let you know that the ANBU that were supposed to watch you are dead and replaced with strange people. Beware of the cross"

As he said that, the Shinigami disappeared leaving everyone dumbfounded. Did they really get some time with each other even if it was only in his mindscape? They could work with it, but they had more important things to do right now.

"Naruto-kun you need to exit your mindscape right now, no one came to your help, even if you are healed outside you are still unconscious, you can't go back to your apartment since it's in shreds. Fast you need to find a hideout. We can communicate with your thoughts." Said Minato Naruto just nodded and concentrated on going out.

Once he was out, he looked at himself. His clothes were in tatters and he had a gaping hole were the pipe pierced his flesh. Looking around he wanted to dash straight to his hideout in the village but remembered that the ANBU that were watching him were replaced.

He thought about it for a second but couldn't find an answer. If he went to the streets someone would attack him, he wasn't strong enough to go even a kilometer inside of the Forest of Death without being clawed by a 5m bear. And he couldn't risk someone knowing his location.

Before he could boil his brain by overthinking Kushina gave him a solution "Naru-chan close your eyes. I will transfer you the knowledge about the Shunshin no Jutsu. You said that the Hokage normally would pick you up during your birthday. You could Shunshin inside his office, that way you would gain protection without revealing your hideout. Beware though, even if you know how the jutsu works you haven't practiced with it yet so you might hit something on the road. Maybe it won't be bad since you would look even worse when you appear in his office."

That was a sound idea, get protection from his Ji-chan and at the same time get the answers he wanted all of his short life even if he already knew them. It would at least feel good to not be lied to anymore.

He gathered his chakra, did the tiger seal and teleported to the Hokage's office. He hit some walls on the road but nothing he should mind right now. He found himself just in front of his Ji-chan and some other man. He looked at him and saw a cross shaped scar on his face. He remembered the last words of the Shinigami "Beware of the cross". He opened his mouth and said "Ji-chan I need help" and he passed out from the hits he took on the road.

A few hours later

Naruto woke up on the couch in the Hokage's office. He rubbed the drowsiness from his eyes and have seen the Sandaime hovering over him. "Hey, Ji-chan everything okay?" he asked trying to make the old man smile to no avail.

"Naruto-kun thank goodness you are awake! What happened to you? I was so scared when you appeared in my office all battered up." The Hokage was almost shouting, distressed seeing the state in which his surrogate grandchild was.

Naruto gained a mature look that was unfit for a child his age "I will explain everything, but it should be private. You should dismiss your ANBU and maybe look on the ceiling near the door". Hiruzen waved his hand to dismiss his ANBU and directed them to the place Naruto guided him to.

It was strange when an ANBU fell from the ceiling when Hiruzen threw a kunai in there. The ANBU in question had a blank mask and when it was removed there was a seal on his tongue. "Can you tell me how you knew there was someone in the ceiling that even myself didn't detect."

"I will explain everything. Now you should probably sit down for this because it won't be easy to comprehend. So, it all started today when someone put an explosive in my flat and almost blew me up." He said with a calm voice as if he was talking about the weather.

"Someone did what!?" the Sandaime asked

"Before I continue. Do you want to tell me something?" Naruto asked looking longingly at the photo of the Yondaime.

Catching up to what was going on Hiruzen did a few hand seals to cast a silencing seal on the room "I understand that I cannot lie to you anymore Naruto-kun. I will be blunt…" Hiruzen recounted the story of Naruto's life in shame. When he finished, he was ready to get screamed at or for Naruto to blow up, but he didn't.

Naruto lifted himself from his seat, went to his grandfatherly figure and hugged him "Don't worry Ji-chan I forgave you already. You protected me already well enough during my birthdays. Even if sometimes I got harmed you shielded me from the worst." He went back to his seat and continued looking at Hiruzen with a smile "Though just for your information, have you lied to me once again I would probably start my plan EE. That's for emergency escape. I knew that one day I could be forced out of here, so I prepared myself. Now it's time for you to learn something since there are some holes in what you told me"

Thus, Naruto told the old man about Kurama, showing him his eyes. About how he met with his parents and the Shinigami himself. "… and that's how I felt the man up there with the Negative Emotion Sensing given to me by Kura-chan. That's why I need to ask you for a six months training period out of the academy. Anyway, I wouldn't learn much from there since anyone, but Iruka-sensei wants to sabotage me. If you don't believe me ask for my assignments."

Without thinking much Hiruzen answered "Granted. I will arrange everything needed and see through your grades and papers. Anything else that you would need Naruto-kun?" It was a no-brainer for the old Sarutobi. If what Naruto said about his parent's ability to transfer jutsu knowledge to the boy was true than in a few months and with the right regimen they would have another powerhouse youth like Itachi.

"Yeah, could I sleep at your house since my has blown up?" Naruto asked with his usual looser behavior while scratching the back of his head "Oh and Tou-chan wanted to make a deal with you. He wants me to be supervised only if in name because it would be strange if I would improve drastically without a teacher. As payment he would tell you how to defeat this." Naruto said showing the tower of papers on the desk.

"Yes, you can I will find someone after your birthday. Now tell me what's the secret!" screamed Hiruzen almost lifting Naruto by his clothes.

"I don't know what that means but he told me to show you this" Naruto said with a sense of panic and made a cross seal. Hiruzen only sat down looking at it first he showed a smile, then he started laughing and then crying and laughing again and crying again. This sequence repeated for at least 5 minutes until Hiruzen crossed his fingers and shouted Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Many copies of himself popped up and started doing his work.

He stood up and took Naruto's hand and turned his face to the boy "Now Naruto-kun let's go to my house. Try using Shunshin on both of us. Don't worry I will guide us out of the harm's way, that way you will understand how to turn properly with the Shunshin."

As they arrived at the house Naruto was spent for the day and asked if he could go to sleep right away. As the sleep has taken him Hiruzen watched him from the door with a somber expression "Such a young child with such a huge burden. He will be eight in three days and he already has a plan if the village wanted him gone"

Time skip 7 days

The worst time has passed for Naruto with Hiruzen and his family. Since his wardrobe was destroyed, he asked for some clothes as his birthday gift. Now he was wearing black shinobi pants with black ninja boots, on the top he had a black long-sleeved shirt with a turtleneck that served as a mask if needed with an orange Uzumaki swirl on his right arm. (AN: Imagine Kakashi's shirt without his Jōnin vest)

He didn't waste his time since he had only six months to master what his parents knew or at least a part of it. His dad said he wouldn't be learning the Hiraishin. It wasn't a technique in his mind anymore. It was a weapon of mass destruction. He was scarred by the nightmares when he remembered what he did with it. He wanted the jutsu to disappear with himself. That's why he never made a scroll to learn it.

Anyway, when they have seen what this new chakra of the Kyuubi could do they knew he wouldn't need it. The yin chakra was corrosive and if he coated a body part with it, he would burn and dissolve the thing he touched. The problem was that it burned him as well. To a lesser degree but still the burn would be dangerous.

On the other side the Yang chakra strengthened him many times as well as healed him. He could still remember what happened when he coated his fist with the golden flame and punched a tree for the first time. A perfect indentation of his fist was left in the wood. A feat that even some chunin couldn't do.

Nonetheless this strength came with a price of him becoming fatigued much earlier even if he was the incarnation of stamina. That's why his tenants forced on him a monstrous regimen that would prepare him for future battles.

His father transferred his Hummingbird Style into Naruto. A style that relied on speed and fast killing of the opponent. No mercy was given to the enemy just a fast death. Anyway, Naruto didn't need a heavy hitting style since he could use the Yang chakra to outpower the opponent or the Yin chakra to slowly eat through his opponent if he couldn't get a fast finishing blow. Literally.

His mother gave him her sword style, The Hidden Dragon Style. It was then that Naruto understood the profession he was forced to take would lead him into a world of violence and bloodshed. It did something that Naruto wasn't sure was possible. With the use of chakra, it could transform anything into a blade. From his hand to a simple twig. Anything could become a sword in his hands.

Kurama couldn't impart him much since her fighting style was that of a 50m tall beast. In short not suitable for a human. She only gave him the knowledge about her chakra and how to use it effectively.

In short Naruto had a lot to practice since even if he knew the styles in his mind his body wasn't ready for them. They required muscles that everyday life didn't solicit. They decided that right now the best would be for Naruto to learn how to use the basics of his taijutsu and the Empty-Hand Stance of his kenjutsu as well as the control over the Yang chakra.

Right now, it was almost midnight and Naruto was coming back to his house that he repaired with some shadow clones that he Henged to look as simple carpenters. Looking around he saw a woman on the ground holding her side that was bleeding profusely and three men over her.

"The snake bitch is at last where she is supposed to be, on the ground. Now before you die, we will have some fun" one of them said with a sneer. The woman on the floor didn't want to die like this, humiliated and soiled. "Someone please save me" she cried in her mind since she was too proud to show it.

"Naru-chan please help her. These men want to do unspeakable things to her." pleaded Kushina

"No" answered Naruto "I know what they want to do to her. I already helped her once and do you know what happened when I went in to save her? She ran leaving me alone against three adults that beat me up so hard that even Kurama-chan had to heal me for three days because of the amount of broken bones." He said that with anger in his voice.

"Please Naruto-kun help her, I understand that you hate the fact about what happened last time but please save her. Don't let her die like the trash soiled on the ground raped by her own villagers." Kurama pleaded with Kushina

"If something happens like that time, I will show you all what happened 4 years ago, so you guys understand why I hate the villagers." Naruto reluctantly obliged and pumped the Yang chakra in his legs engulfing them in tongues of golden flames and sprinted at the group.

Before the man could touch the woman on the ground something golden flashed in front of his eyes. Naruto swept the woman and put her 20 meters further from the place seeing she had a kunai lodged in her side he decided to hasten.

He put up his mask just in case and turned around thankful that there was barely any light to illuminate his blonde hair. He turned around and have seen what were the "eternal genins", people that were over 20 years old yet never had any success on the field and either stayed genins or died on the missions.

The luck was on his side he pumped even more Yang into his legs and arms and rushed at them knocking them out before they could even see his face. He put them all in the trash and sprinted to the woman.

She was barely conscious because of the blood loss but before she passed out, she told Naruto where she lived. He could heal her with the Yang chakra and even if he brought her to a hospital, they would think he was the one who did it. He grabbed her arm and Shunshinned them to her home.

Quickly thinking on his feet, he took of her trench coat and her mesh. He had a grim expression looking at the wound. Even if he healed her with the Yang chakra the kunai that was in her has been old and rusty leaving bits of metal in her lungs. She wouldn't live long if it stayed there.

He took out the kunai and started using the Yin to disintegrate all of the metal and rusty bits of the kunai. He burned himself to a high degree because he had to control precisely the chakra and the only way, he could do it was by taking the toll himself. When it was done, he started sealing her wound with the Yang. She was in the clear now.

Looking at his hand it lacked skin at many places and hurt like hell, but he didn't have the possibility to use any more Yang or he would pass out himself. So, he just took a towel and bandaged it for the night. Leaving her home, he closed the door and Shunshinned to his house to get some sleep.

Next Morning

The woman from the previous night awakened groggily without any pain in her side. She remembered now. She was saved once again by the Uzumaki brat. She concentrated on her surroundings and have seen two figures over her two and only friends Uzuki Yugao and Kurenai Yuhi.

"Anko what happened to you? We were so scared when you didn't come last night" said Kurenai

Before Anko could understand everything that happened last night, she said "Uzumaki brat". The beauties in her house gained angry looks on their faces and before Anko could tell anything more both of them Shunshinned to the said Naruto.

Naruto woke up when someone smashed into his door. His had still had burn marks because Kurama didn't want to risk giving her host any damage by forcing any Yang chakra. He looked up and have seen the two women. One had unruly black hair, red eyes and a strange dress. The other was in a standard ANBU gear with a katana drawn and ready to kill.

They both shouted at him "What have you done to Anko last night you bastard?" and lounged at him. He evaded the kunai from the black-haired woman, but he has put himself in the strike of the purple haired woman.

Her katana pierced his stomach, but a strange golden flame appeared around the wound. "See never should have helped her" he said to his tenants that were in a state of panic. Naruto however grabbed the offending katana and plunged it deeper making it come out the other side.

This was a painful tactic, but it gave him the way to grab the attacker and try to pummel her with the Yang enhanced fist. It didn't work as the raven-haired woman started the seals for a genjutsu. At the same moment Anko came through the door and shouted "STOOOOOP!" but it was too late Kurenai has already put the boy in the genjutsu.

Yugao took the sword out of his gut but the flame sealed the wound not leaving any trace. The boy however started spasming knowing he was already in the Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu. Anko ran to him trying to stabilize him so he didn't harm himself while spasming.

"Anko what are you doing? He harmed you last night, didn't he? Let him rot in the genjutsu." asked Yugao

"Kurenai lift the genjutsu. You guys fucked up big time. He saved me last night. I will explain later but now lift the fucking genjutsu up before he bites off his tongue." Ordered Anko and Kurenai could only do what she was told.

The spasms stopped and 30 seconds later Naruto came back to reality with an angered look directed at the three women in his apartment. "Great next time that one of your friends is about to be raped I will remember to not help her if getting stabbed and put into a nightmare is the thank you. Maybe I should even call a bar so everybody can enjoy. Sincerely fuck you. Now get out of my house. I would tell you to close the door, but you dimwits bashed it in."

"What do you mean raped?" gulped Yugao seeing the blood dripping from her swords.

"Haven't I told you to get out? Well if you insist, ask your friend there what happened last night. And maybe the night 2 years ago." He said disgusted by the three women. He could feel shame in them, but he didn't care.

"I was drunk again last night and these three eternal genins ambushed me. They stabbed me in the side and were going to rape me. Just before they could though Naruto here rushed in and saved me, again. I guess he brought me home and healed me even though I don't know how." Said Anko angry at her friends who held their heads down looking at their feet with Yugo trying to hide the blade behind her.

"What do you mean again Anko-chan?" asked Kurenai but Anko didn't want to answer this question to which Naruto rose back to his feet

"You see when I was six the same situation happened though that time, I didn't have the strength to beat them or defend myself. Thinking I have the backing of a ninja who just needed the distraction to counterattack I did it." He paused there shooting a glare at Anko "Well she needed a distraction to run away leaving me to get beaten almost to death. But hey I guess I should be happy that she didn't join them seeing how your group says thank you"

"We are so- "they said in unison but were stopped in their tracks by Naruto

"Yes yes sorry, keep it to yourselves. You showed how thankful you are already I don't need to know how sorry you are, I had enough things lodged in myself today. I changed my mind. Can you stay here because I need to find a new door and don't want anything more destroyed today." As Naruto stomped out of the house and Shunshinned somewhere.

"We fucked up big time didn't we. Let's hope he doesn't tell Hokage-sama or else we are neck deep in shit." Said Yugao.

"Yes, we did, but he won't do it, the Hokage won't be able to do anything to us since we are all Jonin or ANBU and the council will protect us. It won't matter." Said a sad Anko

Only Kurenai had a blank look on her face. The kid pushed a sword through himself all alone and was beaten to death at least few times if she remembered right. She forced him to see something even worse with her genjutsu.

"He is 8 years old. We didn't even think what we were doing. I subjected an 8-year-old to torture with my genjutsu" finally Kurenai opened her mouth sick with herself

With Naruto

"Are you happy now? I knew that would happen in the end. If not for Kurama-chan that would have been an instant trip to a hospital. Oh, wait the hospital would have let me die."Said Naruto to his mother and Kurama.

They couldn't even tell that they were sorry. Naruto has done something good and the world smacked him for that on the head.

"Once I install this new door we are going to train, I need to be stronger so situations like these won't happen anymore. I can't even tell the Hokage. He won't be able to do anything. The council will sweep the entire thing under the rug."

He neared his house with the wooden board in his hands. No need for a new expensive door. It would be destroyed anyway. Not paying attention to the three women inside he summoned a clone to help him replace the door.

He put on the last bolt and turned around to them "Can you please tell me why the fuck are you still here? I have my door on, no need for you three trying to coax me into being sorry by doing my bed and cleaning my blood off the floor."

"We want to know how you healed me last night and why is your hand still burned when you healed the stab within a second?" At this Naruto looked at his hand that he forgot from this ordeal and pumped the Yang chakra inside. The flame engulfed it and a few seconds later it was as new. "Like that and I burned myself trying to disintegrate the metal bits that were lodged inside Anko's side, if I remember her name right."

The guilt on their faces was now clear as water. He burned himself to the point his skin was non-existent to help their friend and they tortured him. Nice. "If you want to know more you can go ask the Hokage" he finished with a smirk. They couldn't unless they exposed themselves.

"Now out I think you girls did enough this morning." They couldn't argue anymore so they quit his flat and went on with their lives disgusted by themselves. All of them but Kurenai who wanted to know something else

"What have I made you see in the genjutsu?" she asked

"For fuck's sake you really want to know. Then sit down I will tell you what happened four years ago and let you imagine what have I seen in your genjutsu" he said with Kushina and Kurama listening intently since he never told them what exactly happened

"That night some sick fuck decided to see if I really was human, so he took kunais and crucified me to a wall. Then he took some broken glass to be sure that it hurt as much as it could. He opened me up and started looking what I looked like inside. He made everything to keep me awake the entire time. Four straight hours of cutting and inspecting. The trip to T&I would be more pleasant for a four-year-old." He chuckled darkly as he lifted to show the nasty scar. Something normally impossible for the Kyuubi jinchuuriki.

Kurenai looked as she was going to puke. Back in her days every academy student were forced to see what was going on in the T&I to prepare themselves. They were only shown the light version of the section but still left many of them scarred. Yet this boy in front of her said it would be pleasant to be in place of the prisoners that were tortured.

She got up and with tears going out of her eyes she quit the house. Finally. Naruto could go at last to the training ground in his hideout to train.

Next day

Naruto got up today without anyone barging through his door. It was a good day until an ANBU sporting the same purple hair as the woman who stabbed him yesterday came to him. "Hokage-sama wants to see you Uzumaki Naruto" she said and Shunshinned with him to the office.

Naruto was greeted by the Hokage and his clones inside. The grandfather looked at him and said "Good morning Naruto-kun. I chose someone for your guardian. I think you can relate with her in some way. Now please let me introduce you Anko Mitarashi" Naruto gained a scowl at the name and when the 20 something year old entered the office his scowl deepened, and her face fell, still ashamed.

"I refuse Ji-chan"

"But why she is a jonin and can teach you very well with your other teachers"

"We have a conflict of interest. If you want to know, you can ask her yourself." The Hokage turned to her and motioned for her to speak

"It would be better if my friends Yugao and Kurenai were here." He asked instantly for them to come in. When they did their faces fell seeing the blonde inside thinking that he snitched on them.

"Now can someone tell me why three of my jonin kunoichi have a conflict of interest with an eight-year-old?" Hiruzen was getting impatient

"Yesterday, I got drunk and some eternal genins tried to rape me. Naruto here saved me and healed me while burning his hand. He left me only in my bra that's why when I woke up Kurenai and Yugao thought he was the one to do something to me and…"

"And Yugao stabbed Naruto while I put him in the Hell Viewing technique." Finished Kurenai awaiting the wrath of the God of Shinobi.

She wasn't wrong when the Killing intent made all three of them go down on their knees with Hiruzen showing a furious face. "You three imbeciles, you are at least old enough to know that a prepubescent boy isn't interested in women. Tell me how you imagined him doing something to her with his dick only serving only to pee at the moment." He roared at them

"Naruto-kun are you okay, I can't imagine what have you seen in the genjutsu" Hiruzen went back to his Ji-chan mode still forcing the kunoichi to the floor.

"Let's just say it was worse than four years ago and leave it at that. Don't worry Ji-chan you know I have a high pain tolerance" that struck a chord in the women. They have seen it yesterday when he pushed himself on the sword.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun but you know I can't punish them; the council wouldn't allow it. But I have an idea." The Hokage chuckled darkly letting the women stand up "Uzuki Yugao, Yuhi Kurenai, Mitarashi Anko. You have a new long-term mission. You are to train Naruto Uzumaki for the next 6 months. Normally the pay would have been a monthly S rank but as punishment it will be only an A rank for each of you."

"Now Naruto-kun you should begin your training right away" he told Naruto who quit the office with a smile getting another three powerful teachers instead of just one

"Okay everybody grab me we are going to Shunshin so nobody can follow us"

Unknown location with Naruto

They were brought inside a strange underground lab of some sort. Before Naruto could show them, what was where he was halted by the questions.

"Where are we?"

"We are in a secret lab of a guy named Orochimaru. He researched something called the cursed seal here. Real nasty stuff. Though I think I have a way to take it off, maybe not right now but maybe in a few weeks" he trailed in his rumblings

What he didn't see were the faces of the girls, first it was disgust at the name of the Orochimaru, then sadness at the mention of the cursed seal to elation when they learned about the possibility to take it off. Anko couldn't wait and fired her questions

"How can you take it off? The seal master of this village tried and could only seal it off."

"The same way I disintegrated the metal and rust in your wound. What will you hear now is an S ranked secret. You can talk about it, but it will throw you and everybody you know in prison or straight to execution. You sure you want to know?" he asked seeing the glint of hope in her eyes. Then he remembered when he has seen Anko almost naked she had one of the prototypes on her shoulder.

"Yes" they answered

"Okay it's a long story so make yourself comfortable" and thus he began his story about the explosions and what ensued "…that way I could disintegrate the seal on the chakra level. The problem is that I don't have the necessary control over Yin to do it without disintegrating my whole hand."

Now they understood why he missed some skin on his hand yesterday. And they understood the sacrifice he made for her. Anko looked him in the eyes and bowed "Thank you. I never said it but thank you for the last time and this time. I never thanked you."

"Lift your head Anko-sensei. A simple thank you would've been enough. Now shouldn't we start the training senseis?" Naruto told with a scratch to the back of his hand and spawned ten clones.

End chapter 1

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