A/N: Written for the WA Drabble Challenge. Word count by MSWord.

Chapter 1: Chasing Memories

It had been forever since Puck had a decent meal. How was he to know that such delicacies were so rare? Nothing came close to the sensation when he accidentally nibbled on his siblings' wings. More, he wanted more after just an innocent collision. His sibling even laughed at first. The sound became louder when he moved on to bites.

Never had he heard such a beautiful sound before, it motivated him to continue. His sibling vanished but he wanted to experience that sensation again. He was still hungry and wanted more. Another sibling flew in and screamed.

He chased.

Puck flew into a mage's tower seeking anything to relive a memory. All his attempts to relive the past failed. His father and mother were too strong and swatted him away, he never even got a single bite. Next, he tried one of his own species, but they didn't sing the same and didn't taste the same. It was hollow. Maybe, it was the age, but that wasn't it either. They couldn't sing like his siblings had and the taste was lacking. It wasn't perfect.

There had to be something here. Mages had spells and spells at least entertained him.

They couldn't touch him since he could freely shift between his home plane and the current one. He used this to great effect in his endless quest to relive the memories so long ago. One time he found a captive female faerie dragon. It was then he learned not even his own offspring could sate his craving, not even ones that lived for a few years.

The mage arrived just like usual trying to protect their trivial items. Soon enough the tower would be on fire and Puck would be gone. A fireball flew towards him, and he shifted away.

Where was he? This wasn't his home or his plane. He was floating around in space in a cage. His eyes could make out the two-gold price tag on the cage's front. What foolish mortal, he was certainly worth more than a mere two pieces of gold!

A cry from his left and his right caught his attention. He blinked several times to see if he was mistaken, but there were two enchantresses. Identical copies of each other. If there were two copies of her, would there be another one of him? How would he taste? Delicious?

Puck giggled hysterically.