Chapter 3: Comeuppance

Puck savored the bite and the terror his copy felt. Finally, he found what he was looking for! He was going to savor this moment despite his copy sending him elaborate pleas, begging him to help him escape this place.

They probably could if he tried, but the thing he searched for, for so long was now finally his. Bite after bite gave him a feeling of bliss. That bliss suddenly turned into nightmares when he lost control of his body again. His body continued eating even when he was full. All he could do was watch instead of enjoying.

Tears fell down his eyes as his body went about eating another copy of him. He wanted this to end. The copy mentally contacted him. "You must be new here. This only gets worse." She sounded female. No, she was female, but she was also him. An alternate universe.

"How do we escape?"

"We don't." Her voice sounded devoid of hope. "You will eat, you will throw up. You will dance for the Underlords as they want. Welcome to paradise. You were looking for what I was, weren't you? I tried necromancy. That didn't match the memory I was chasing."

Puck could only watch in horror as his body did whatever the Underlord wanted. He never heard of that term before, not even once in his life. The worst thing that happened so far was when the giant metal hand threw him into the sky. His body convulsed and the versions of himself he devoured before stood before him.

"Help me escape, please," Puck pleaded. That copy was offering him intricate plans just moments before he devoured him whole.

"Why would I? The terror in your voice makes me smile. Maybe next time I'll have the chance to eat you."

Puck lost track of how long it has been. He couldn't really control his body, but certainly felt everything that it did. His body mindlessly ate copies of himself and threw them up whenever the giant hands tossed him into the sky.

He didn't imagine that another Puck eating him would feel this good either, as he was devoured bit by bit. What awaited him after was his spirit chained to the plane until that Puck threw him up. They were playthings for the invisible Underlords, and he wanted to escape.

But no Pucks he met even wanted to try.