Death The Man! The unseen side of Kid's being

A/N: Well well well, look who's back! I feel like its been forever since I did anything Fanfiction related. This is a little story my mind has worked up and wants to share with the world. As for my other story (The Luigi's Mansion and Soul Eater crossover one) I'm putting it on hold. I recently read through it and realized just how underdeveloped the story is. I'm going to redo the entire thing eventually, but it'll be awhile before I get to that. So in the meantime, enjoy this little fanfiction in where Kid mysteriously shows his alternate personality (NOT CANON TO THE MANGA OR ANIME). Enjoy😉

Chapter 1: It may have happened overnight

Liz's POV

It was a bright, sunny morning in Death City. Oh, who am I kidding it ALWAYS is bright and sunny here. Not to mention that it's Blazing hot too! Luckily we have air conditioning in Gallows Manor. Anyway, it's a Saturday and I'm just groggily sitting here at the counter drinking some tea. Not many people know this, but I just LOVE Tea! My sister doesn't really know it either. Right now Patty is relaxing on the couch watching a documentary about giraffes (go figure) and Kid is still upstairs sleeping. Either that, or he's ogling about his symmetry again. As much as I love Kid-…. Wait, no I admire Kid (don't get the wrong idea ya pervs!) His obsession with symmetry is overwhelming. Patty doesn't mind it because….. well, she's just Patty. I however find it quit annoying. Usually people would ignore a person who's like that. If he was with us back in our street thug days, he'd be called weird. He might even get bullied for that. I swear to god, if anyone were to hurt kid, I'D SHOW THEM HELL! …oops, sorry, I got carried away there. But you get the idea, hopefully. Not like I care. Anyway, I'm just enjoying my drink when I hear someone open the fridge door.

Looks like sleeping beauty is up. "Morning Kid" He looks over to me and smiles. "Good morning Liz" he then shuts the fridge door after grabbing some orange juice. Kid has developed an obsession for orange juice lately. He says he doesn't really know why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that if you cut an orange in half, it's still symmetrical.

"Sleep well?" he asks me. "Eh yeah. It's not easy when Patty snores though." Kid chuckled a bit at that. "Is that so?"

Kid has had a growth spurt recently. He's now as tall as I am, and His build even improved. His shoulders are broader, his abs are more developed (Don't ask how I know that. That one's a long story) and his voice is a little deeper- …..wait, WHAT?! Since when did his voice get deeper?! Wait, am I BLUSHING?!

"You okay Liz? You look a little shocked at something." Dear god…. That voice, IT'S SO DREAMY- crap…

He then smirked a bit mischievously "Is my symmetry having an affect on you?"

That almost sounded a bit flirty. Wait….. IS KID FLIRTING WITH ME?! Since when does Kid even flirt? He never flirts. In fact, he never grins like that. What happened to him? Did something happen overnight?

"It may have" I heard him say. "Huh?" It's almost like he's replying to my thoughts. "It may have happened overnight" CRAP! I said that out, loud didn't I. "Hey Kid, where's the batteries? The TV remote died." Patty appeared out of nowhere, I didn't even hear her walk in. "They're in the drawer over here." I then noticed a pink tint on Patty's cheeks. I think its Kid's voice, It's definitely one that I'm sure girls would get swooned over (His fangirls would be screaming right now if they were hearing this) I think I'm blushing again now. "Uh….. ok… hehe…" Patty giggled nervously. "I need to go shopping today for some supplies, I'd appreciate if you to could come along. You know, to sustain the symmetry?" Kid asks us in his all too well-known seriousness. "Yeah! I love adventure!" Patty was practically bouncing off the walls at this point. "Yeah, sure" I replied. I'm still not fully awake, but I guess some time outside the manor will wake me up. "Although, the symmetry may not be the only reason why I'm asking you both" He grinned again. Patty and I are blushing again. "Heh" Kid chuckled a bit.

Alright that settles it! I'm having a talk with Kid after we run errands. I need to know what's up with him. He's not a flirty type. Something happened overnight, and I'm going to find out.

End of Chapter 1: Tell me what you think😉