Death The Man

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Chapter 2: Uncool flirting

Maka's POV

Tick tick tick tock. I'm just sitting here staring at the clock while we all wait for Professor Stein to show up. He's late today, probably grabbing whatever animal that we'll be dissecting today. "This is so uncool. Where is that stitch face?" Soul mumbles next to me, looking as bored as ever. "As far as I know, he's probably gathering the "materials" we need for today" I bluntly reply to my partner. Soul chuckles, knowing well what I meant by materials. The door to the classroom suddenly bursts open, we all expected Black Star to run in, jump up on Stein's desk and start bragging about how he either won another battle, or how he'll surpass god. Everyone seemed relieved when Patty cheerfully marched in instead. Liz was following behind looking flustered for some reason while Kid closely followed.

"Oi, Maka? Aren't Liz and Patty supposed to be walking on either side of Kid?" Soul leaned over and asked me. "True. And Kid doesn't seem to be complaining about it either." Kid was following behind the sisters with a slight grin on his face. "Guess he finally moved on from his little obsession huh?" Soul smirked. "I highly doubt that." I reply as I notice Soul starts to frown. "Um, Soul? Are you ok?" Soul started to grit his teeth and deeply growl at something behind me.

"Hey Maka~" I heard a sing song voice behind me. It almost sounded….. flirty? I turn around to face whatever jerk was hitting on me. To my surprise, Kid was standing there. "WHA- Oh, Kid! Don't startle me like that." I just noticed that he's standing rather close to me, smiling gently. "Oh, I'm sorry. Are you ok? Was worried that I scared the beauty out of you~" A flirtatious smirk crossed his face. Wait…. Am I blushing?"

"Uh…u…ummm, I'm ok. W-what do you mean by b-beauty?" Yeah, I'm blushing. "Oi Kid, back off." I turned back around to see Soul fuming. "Hello Soul, you look rather frustrated." Kid said in his usual serious tone. "So uncool man." What's going on? Soul looks like he's about to tackle Kid. "What's uncool? I can't talk to the precious jewel that's sitting here?" He's smirking again. "I said, BACK OFF KID!" Soul raised his voice. "SOUL! What are you-" I tried to intervene. I got to stop this before things turn ugly. "Stay behind me Maka." Soul stood in front of me like a barrier. "Why should I do that?" Kid asked, still smirking. "BECAUSE SHE'S MINE!"

The room fell silent, all heads turned to my enraged partner. Soul has never, and I mean NEVER shouted liked that before. If my face wasn't red enough before, you should see me now. I'm blushing like no tomorrow. "S-Soul…. Stop!"

"Let's get outta here, I can't look at this guy right now." Soul grabbed my hand and walked me out to the hallway. Ok, now I'm pissed. "WHAT THE HELL SOUL?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" I'm literally shouting my lungs out. I'm sure people in China can hear me right now. "Maka, that is NOT Kid. Did you see THAT?! That symmetrical asshole WAS TRYING TO HIT ON YOU!" Soul and I are practically screaming now. "AND SO YOU ALMOST ATTACK HIM?! WHAT STATE OF MIND ARE YOU IN?!" Soul punches the wall, still yelling. "I WAS TRYING TO PROTECT YOU FROM HIM! YOU DON'T LIKE WHEN MEN HIT ON YOU RIGHT?! I WAS DOING YOU A FAVOR THERE!" A…. favor? "WELL WHAT KIND OF FAVOR DO YOU CALL THAT, HUH SOUL?! YOU THINK THAT I CAN'T FEND FOR MYSELF?!" I can't stop yelling. I usually can control myself, but what Soul did really pissed me off. "I WAS TRYING TO ASSIST IN DEFENDING YOU! I PROTECT YOU FROM THAT JERK, AND WHAT DO YOU DO?! YOU YELL AT ME LIKE I GROPED YOUR FLAT CHEST!"

That did it. The next thing I know, Soul is laying on the floor bleeding out of his nose. I didn't Maka chop him like I normally would when he comments about my chest. No, I straight up punched him. I was so angry that I couldn't control myself. After a few seconds of standing there and resisting the urge to stomp his face into the ground, I speed walked off and out of the academy. "Men are the worst." I said to myself as tears started falling. Soul was right about one thing though, Kid was acting a bit strange. I'll have to see Liz later and ask if she knows what's up

End of chapter 2