As the sun rose above the sky of town of Seabrook, across town, Zombietown, shuddered from the bright new sun.

Seabrook had a mysterious outbreak years ago that caused half of the human population to turn into zombies. The last of the surviving humans had no choice to do certain things for what they thought was their own safety but to build a wall. They believed they would be safer.

That was years ago. The zombies were no longer brain eating monsters. Now-they're awesome!

Wendy's P.O.V

My alarm clock rang very loudly as I slowly opened my eyes. I got up from my bed, I could see through the window that it was already daylight. I smiled not because it was daylight, it was because today is the day that me and my brother get to go to a human school.

I'm excited but yet very nervous. I have never been to a human school before. Me and my brother had to go to a zombie only school. It was no fun. That's a memory.

I continued to look out the window. I heard my brother jumped to knock on the door to get my attention.

"Wendy ,Dad called us for breakfast.",said my brother Zed.

"Okay bro coming!",I shouted.

I ran out of my room to follow him. Me and my older brother, Zed and also my little sister, Zoey were raised by my Dad. My mom on the other hand, was not around when I was young. So, I don't even know her...bu it's okay we still have our father to take care of us.

Dante's P.O.V

I was in the middle of struggling to put my tie onto my outfit.

"Give me I,give me a R,give me a S.",cheered my younger sister, Addison.

I let out a groan.

"Addy would you stop I'm trying to focus!" I shouted.

Addison groaned.

"You know I need to practice for the cheer squad today, right?.",retorted Addison.

She turned around and face me.

"I know, but, don't do it while I try to fix my tie!", I said.

"Here, let me fix it.",offered Addison softly.

She tried to help me put my tie onto my outfit. Instead, she tried to make a joke out of it by putting my tie in the wrong way.

"There you look...", said Addison.

I grunted out "Stupid..."

Addison giggled,

"Plus do you need any help by making sure your wig stays on?" I asked.

"No worries I got it.", she said with a smile.

She left the room. I watched her leave. I turned into the mirror and sighed my sister was born with grey hair that doctors couldn't explain. Our Mom and Dad are the town mayor and chief of zombie patrol.

They were shocked and didn't want to be embarrassed by their friends or family members. My younger sister had to wear a wig, so people would believe she has blonde hair like Our mother does that and drives me insane! I have had countless arguments with them on why can't they accept that Addison is born with something that can't not be fixed!? As for myself you are probably asking,"Do i I have the same condition?,

well yes! Each day Mom and Dad told me to dye my hair yellow so my real color won't show, so people won't freak out. I don't know maybe so I could have a normal life and get a girlfriend or something."Hey Dante you are coming?",'Addison

Yes coming!" I shouted back as I ran out of my room.