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Harry's P.O.V

I don't know how this happened. You see Aunt Petunia sent me a letter telling me that I needed to come home for spring break. Which was very odd considering A) she never sends a letter and B) they never wanted me in their house in the first place. I asked Dumbledore if I should go or not and his response made me even more wary. He told me I needed to go as if it was something important that was going on, maybe more important than the fact that Voldemort was out there and Umbridge and the Ministry weren't doing anything to help.

After talking to Dumbledore, I went to the Gryffindor common room and headed to the dorms to pack what little I had. I walked back down to the common room and saw Hermione on the couch studying and Ron playing Wizards Chess and complaining to Dean about Snape. Can you blame him though, Snape is a total git. Walking over to Hermione I got Ron' attention, who got up and started walking towards us after giving Dean a muttered good-bye.

"Hermione," I said, catching her by surprise, "we need to talk, like right now." She looked up from her book, as Ron sat down beside her, looking confused probably wondering what exactly was going. Finally she responded "What's going Harry, you didn't get in trouble with Umbridge or Professor Snape again? Did you?" She asked. "Yea mate what's going on? You seem troubled and serious all of a sudden" Ron added looking a bit concerned.

I sat there trying to find a way to explain it to them, not knowing what their reaction would be. However I realized that no matter what that they would understand because that's just who they were. They were my mates, my brother and sister in all but blood. "No Hermione I'm not in trouble, at least I hope I'm not. Ron you're right, I am troubled right now, along with confused," I responded. Then I explained to them about the letter, Dumbledore's odd response, and my own confusion. They were confused at the end but also worried too. "So what are you going to do Harry?" 'Mione asked. "I guess I'm gonna just have to go Mione. Dumbledore thinks I should and something deep down is making me feel like I should. Maybe something bad happened, or maybe they're leaving for good and just want to say good-bye. Who knows but I'm gonna damn well find out" I said, with more confidence then I felt.

After that we dropped the conversation, and went to the dorms for bed. The next morning we said our good-byes at breakfast, before I headed down to the train with everyone else who was heading home for spring break. Next thing I knew I was asleep and having a weird dream. I was in this big round room with these tall ass people with animal heads ranging from falcons, to cats, alligators, hippos, and more. They seemed to be talking, but the thing is I couldn't understand what they were saying, it was like they were speaking another language. One thing seemed clear though, I was one of the topics they were talking about, if I were to go by their pointing.

Next thing I know I was up and off the train, waiting for the Dursleys on the other side of the platform. I remember the Dursleys picking me up from Kings Cross, and next thing I know I'm on a plane to New York, specifically Brooklyn. As soon as the plane touched down in Brooklyn I felt drawn to some place, and I had no clue as to why. Now I know why and I regret finding out why.


We were walking inside of Dudley's new school when I felt drawn to a locker. I don't know why exactly the Dursleys let me go with them, probably because they didn't trust me to stay home alone in their new house, but I don't plan on asking why. When I went to the locker I heard a voice in my head. " Turn the knob left to 13, then turn it right, skipping 0, and stop on 32, then turn left and stop on 33," The voice said, which had freaked me out considering it was a voice in my head. Which, considering my link to Voldemort, wasn't good at all, but for some reason I felt like I could trust the voice. I took a chance and did as the voice said. To my surprise the locker opened, and inside there was this weird amulet that looked like a tower or bone of some sort.

I picked it up to look at it, but after picking it up I passed out. I opened my eyes and saw four people from my earlier dream. They all had animal heads, a dog of some sort, some type of bird, frog, and a frog with a palm sticking up from it's head, and three of the four were male. They were talking about something, and from the sound of the voices there was only one girl.

"Um hullo, where am I and who the heck are you all?" I asked interrupting their conversation. They all turned their attention to me, which let me admit it freaked me out badly. The one with the jackal head, who I'm guessing was a man opened his mouth like he was going to answer however the bird headed one interrupted him. " Well first I guess we should introduce ourselves. Well I'm Isis," she said pointing at herself, "and that's Anubis, Kek, and Heh," she finished,pointing at the jackal guy, the frog dude, and the other frog dude with a palm sticking from his head.

"As for your other question. You're in a dream-like vision, and we're here so we can explain somethings to you," Anubis, the jackal headed man, said. "Things like what? Hmmm? Like why I'm in some bloody room that is supposedly in my head?"I asked after looking around and noticing that we were in a room of some sort and I was on a cot. "Like why you people are here when it's supposedly my head? And what exactly are you people? You look human but you have animal head, so what the heck are you?" I asked, finishing my stream of questions.

They looked back and forth, trying to figure out who was going to answer me, when in the end Kek stepped forward. "Well where to begin. What we are is Egyptian gods," he said answering my last question, " and as for why us four are here well that's simple. You see Hadrian, Heh and I are your parents, and Isis and Anubis have chosen you as their champion."

A/N: Kek and Heh are not my own characters. They are actually part of the Ogdoad, which were primordial deities worshiped in Hermopolis