Takes place directly after the episode "False Positive" and revolves around an OC I created, Madeline Parks. Everything else belongs to Dick Wolf and NBC.

Madeline Parks smiled at Jay as he walked out of her house and then closed the door behind him, sighing. This visit had been a rough one. Jay had had a case in which two nine-year olds had been murdered and he was the one who had discovered the body, just as he had discovered Ben Courson's body all those years ago. And of course, it had brought him back to what Phil Rodiger had done to him. Hate when things like this crop up for him, she thought to herself. She had been his therapist back when he was a kid and while she technically wasn't his therapist anymore, she didn't mind talking to him when he needed it. After all, he trusted her and that meant a lot to her. So, yeah, she was going to let him in every time he came to her, no matter what time it was. His visits weren't a regular thing and when he did visit, it meant that he was overwhelmed and at the point where he could do something stupid if he didn't talk to someone. And if keeping him on even keel meant being awakened at three in the morning, she'd just deal with it. She let out another breath as she rubbed her face with a hand. Ugh…she needed sleep. But the lack of sleep was worth it if it had kept Jay from breaking. He was one of the strongest people she knew and she was going to do everything in her power to keep him that way.