Writing this because it didn't sit right with me that none of the regulars checked on Jay's well-being knowing what they do about Ben Courson and the Rodiger family and this what I think should've been said as well as Jay's confrontation of Voight. Takes place at the end of "False Positive" and belongs to Dick Wolf and NBC.

Hank's eyes flickered as he watched Jay take another sip of the Scotch. The kid was on edge, not that he really blamed him.

"So uh…this case probably brought up some bad memories for you," he stated and the younger officer cleared his throat. Not in the mood to talk about this, he thought to himself.

"I'm good, Sarge," he responded. Had he been rattled? Absolutely. But it didn't mean that he hadn't kept his objectivity. Truth be told, he had been relieved when no one had said anything to him. He didn't like it when people hovered. He never had.

"If that changes, you'll let me know?"

"Yeah of course." Voight nodded in acceptance.

"Good." Not sure I believe him, but prying won't get me anywhere, the older man mused. Yes, he was aware that the detective wasn't happy at the thought of what he had done, but to be honest, he truly hadn't had any other choice. Crawford had boxed Intelligence into a corner with that software and there was no way in hell he was going to let the jackass jam Halstead up when things had gone South. But he wouldn't tell him that since he didn't need that crap in his head. He and the others had acted in good faith on information that they had thought was accurate. Got a feeling that Crawford used the tech as a way to discredit the unit, he mused to himself. And if that was the case, he wasn't going to let Crawford do it. Better men than him had tried and he wasn't going to be the one to take them down. Jay finished his drink and then cleared his throat.

"I'm uh-gonna go. Thanks for the drink." Hank nodded as the younger man headed for the door. "Halstead." Jay turned to face him. "You may not always like my methods, but just know, I-"

"Got my back. Yeah, I know." Jay nodded and then walked out. Hank sighed and poured himself another glass. He wasn't sure if his talk with Jay had done any good, but he had at least tried…